Wednesday 3 August 2011

Home, Home And The Range.

I've delighted you, beyond your wildest dreams, by posting about such fascinating topics as rubber gloves.
If you're really bored, have extra time to waste, instead of checking out those really important bloggers, there is a link included to each photo reference.  So here you go, if you want to read some additional crap written by shy and humble me :  Rubber Gloves.   If you don't want to read this part of the posting, may I suggest you scroll way down to the photograph that has to do with the title of this posting.  I think you will figure it out.  It's way, way down there. I've been tempted to do one of those way too long postings that has loads and loads of pictures.  You know the type of blog, where you scroll down and down and down...pick up on a couple of key words and leave a comment based on those couple of key words.  That way, even though you haven't really read the posting, it almost seems that maybe you sort of , kind of , did.  Happy scrolling......

And 'non-stick' frying pans.  And the link to that 'must read' posting.  That would be if by some unbelievable reason you haven't read this masterpiece of mayhem, before : Non-Stick Frying Pans.

Perhaps reading, or most likely rereading this posting.  I would say it's probably the coolest article I ever wrote : The Talking Fridge.   

And who would not want to discuss which way your 'ass wipe', 'bog roll', also known as 'toilet paper', should be placed on the toilet roll holder : Bog Roll. 

Or the practical wonders of the great British central heating radiator : A Heated Debate.   

Then there was this posting that told you all about the fact that I can actually, sort of use my washing machine : Airing My Clean Laundry.   

Finally, yes finally, now that the very out of character self-promotion has concluded and you may have scrolled down to this part, that's if you're actually still here, I wish to announce to you that I have a shiny new fan oven, complete with shiny new stainless steel pots and pans.
I love my shiny new oven, or cooker, or stove, or range, or whatever the hell you call it.  Oh yes, I've twiddled its knobs and stared at the lights.  I was amazed at just how quickly the ceramic hob heated up.  It really was an element of surprise.

Here is my beautiful new oven with a tranquil blue glow being cast upon it by the gentle ambience of my kitchen lighting and a flash bulb.  So inspired by this vision that I started listening to the music of Beethoven.

If you are still here, please don't grill me over basting, I mean, wasting your time.  In this photo you may have suspected that there had been a power surge caused by some alien 'Mothership' hovering nearby my home.   That would be somewhat reminiscent of an early scene of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.  However, although you may think that, based on this nonsensical posting, that what's left of my brain has been abducted by aliens, I can assure that it's just the oven heating up in preparation for me to stick something in it.
Oh gosh, innuendo alert.  Warm wishes and a pot-bellied stove, your way, Gary, yes, shy and humble, Gary.


  1. Nice post, it was definitely funny, thx.

  2. Ooh! A fan oven! I remember those. One thing about moving this side of the pond is that we found we'd time-warped about four decades back in kitchen and laundry engineering.

    Happy cooking!

  3. I came, I read, I snorted, I snickered. Oh Gary....running a household is a complicated thing indeed. Dish water that dissolves rubber gloves is a tribulation. And why is it that as soon as you are immersed in dish water up to your elbows your nose starts to itch. Teflon fry pans are the devils spawn. The minute one starts to stick I pitch it because otherwise the teflon starts flaking into what you are cooking and since you eat what you cook you are now eating teflon which is good if you don't want your food to stick to your ribs I guess. Gurgling groaning fridges give me the willies especially when the lights flicker at the same time. (Hubby tells me my lights flicker all the time) I really don't care which way the TP hangs as long as someone actually replaces the roll. I don't think I'm going to trade my central heating for your rads any day soon. I'll just hang my clothes in the basement and hope for the best. Congrats on the new stove...I hope it doesn't start talking to you.

  4. What a beautiful stove. It looks like something from Aliens. Very fancy, and such pretty lights. I like it!

    You are my favourite funny man, Gary. Thank you for bringing such a bright light to a sometimes dark existence.

  5. Hello Gary:
    We have, we think rather artfully, clicked on all of the links and worked our way down very, very slowly so as to give the impression, if you have the means through modern technology of checking, of having read each and every word.

    And now for a comment. We have scrolled through our pre-selected comments [so useful and avoids the bore of having to think of something to say] and have narrowed it down to these:

    Lovely pics!

    Great post, Gary!

    Yea, love it, man!



    Please feel free to pick which you feel is most appropriate and delete the others. We have deliberately not included 'Love your blog' as we feel that we have possibly been over using this one recently. Shame, but there it is.

    And now to the cooker. Well, Gary, as you may or may not be aware, we do not 'do' kitchens in any form whatsoever. However, that is not to say that we are not impressed with this shiny, all singing, all dancing, gleaming, back-lit, doubtless hugely expensive, piece of equipment. We wish you many, many joyous hours slaving over a hot stove.

  6. Hi Gary, I just wasted ten minutes of my life reading (again!) all those old posts and admiring my comments, some of which I had forgotten.
    There's nothing wrong with recycling old posts if they were good to begin with.
    Have a nice day (30 centigrade and humid in London).
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  7. Cats have a great way of cleaning their bums after they poo!! They sit their bums on the carpet and slide across it.

    Seriously. Ask any kitty owner.

    This is in reference to your loo roll (Lou Rawls! LOL!) post!

    Take care

  8. Hi Gary; The oven looks absolutely wonderful. I'm glad you finally have it operational. So tell us my dear what was the first thing to be baked in your new found friend? It looks a bit from what I pictured when you described it to me. Anyway, enjoy! You deserve it.

  9. Very jazzy new stove--and very funny method of leading us all to it. Now, of course, the burning (though hopefully not burnt) question of the hour is what did you cook in it the first time???

  10. From the wine cellar of Sir Tom Eagerly:
    You know Gazza that sometimes I don't know what your charming blog is going on about - but don't worry, it's probably me.
    I'll just have another magnum of Domaine Romanée-Conti. It's a lovely little claret. Actually it's definitely me.
    Cheers, old thing!

  11. Congratulations on your new appliance, and your impressive range of writing and comedic talents! Now that I have burned up so much time reading through all your links, I can only feel that I have a good understanding of what British central heating systems are really like - and have thoroughly enjoyed this as opposed to the work I'm supposed to be doing! Your heating system, by the way, reminds me of the boiler radiators of old days in Chicago. They never "radiated" out beyond a few inches, either!

  12. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks and I'm heading over to your site. I've got a lot of respect for someone who is pursuing their writing dreams.
    Take care, my friend.

  13. Hi Ian,
    Ah yes indeed. Fan ovens are, I think, so much better than a conventional oven.
    Thanks Ian and have fun with the 'pot-bellied stove' and pounding your clothes with a rock by the creek, eh :)
    Take care, eh.

  14. Hi Delores,
    My goodness, what a detailed account you have so kindly and thoroughly submitted.
    Rubber gloves are part of an evil conspiracy to sell more rubber gloves by making sure they conveniently break up at the most inopportune of times. Which is usually any time.
    Or why is it that as soon as you put on your rubber gloves the phone rings?
    'Non-stick' frying pan companies should be sued for misleading advertising. Go to court with the offending frying pan, complete with the egg that will never, ever, come off. Well, I guess it would come off if you used explosives or perhaps a bit safer, a chisel.
    And the thing with fridges is that each one has its own unique belching and burping sound. I was delighted when I replaced my fridge and listened to what sounded like a squealing pig having rampant sex. Hang on, how would I know that...
    Of course, never mind which way the 'bog roll' goes on. Staring at an empty roll and realising you're out of 'ass wipe' 'arse wipe', leaves you in a state of panic and...ummmm...what do you do next?
    I really miss forced air natural gas heating. It was a great way to circulate my own natural gas around my Canadian home, eh.
    Thanks for the congrats on my shiny new stove. It has started talking to me No wait, it's the fan in the oven....

  15. Hi Joylene,
    Gosh, you're right, it's a beautiful stove. Very spacey and trippy, eh. I love to stare at the lights and play the music of Beethoven in background..
    I know this was a silly posting, but I'm thankful if it can bring a smile to your face. You're a kind, decent lady :)
    Take care, eh

  16. Hello Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    Right then, before I start one of my long, meandering, disjointed, nonsensical replies, I was wondering if you like take turns leaving comments. Or do you, take turns doing sentences or paragraphs? I do this by myself. Well, not exactly true, sometimes, the true talent on this shy, humble and unassuming, rather unknown blog, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, replies to comments and even does postings, so I can have a break. Do you folks like run-on sentences?
    Now then, I shall now commence and later on, I shall endeavour to check out your blog and see if you are up to like a zillion and two comments....
    All my site meters have indicated that you checked out my other postings that were referred too in the posting. That was very kind of you and thanks for boosting my site up to a whopping ten hits for the day.
    Jolly decent of you to just leave some pre-selected comments. I'm almost sobbing uncontrollably at your very nice and sincerely thought out responses :)

    "Lovely pics!" Thanks!

    "Great post, Gary!" Thanks!

    "Yea, love it, man!" Thanks!

    "Cool!" Thanks!

    "Awesome." Thanks!

    I have kept them all, because I'm touched by your effort to convey such powerful sentiments.

    And I don't mind, in the slightest if you had wished to use an overused statement that you have delighted other bloggers who are, no doubt, superior to mine, anyway. So, "love your blog" would have been just fine. It would have made my heart sing with joy that must-read bloggers such as your good selves, would have bestowed such a compliment on lil' ol me.
    You don't 'do' kitchens? Oh well, I guess I shall have to fit in the new kitchen cabinets, myself. My shiny new oven, yes, a fan oven, is much more efficient than a normal oven. You can cook stuff at lower temperatures and reduced times, with better, more even results. My oven has an 'A rated' efficiency. I reckon you are thrilled with that info. And yep, it cost a whole load of British pounds.
    And speaking of ovens, must go cook something. I'm feeling somewhat Hungary and my oven will Brighton up my life :)

  17. Hi bazza,
    Delighted that you wasted 600 seconds of your life rereading those silly postings. Of course, my main aim was to get you to admire your witty and almost thought provoking comments. Ah memories.
    Yep, a bit of recycling, or blatant, very out of character, self-promoting. Must go and trawl through my other posts and see if any are actually worth slapping back on here.
    I had a fantastically awesome day, thank you. What with this hot weather, I went out and thrilled my adoring fans by wearing shorts..
    Take it easy, eh.

  18. Howdy Old Kitty,
    Yikes, a bit too information about what you do to the carpets at your human's place. I mean, you're a cat, right? LOL eh :)
    Every time you hear a Lou Rawls song, I wonder what you will visualise.
    Poo take care, I mean, do take care.

  19. Hi Heather,
    Yes indeed, the oven is 'good to go' :)
    The first thing to be baked in it was a pepperoni pizza. One guess who the pizza was for :)
    Thanks Heather and, as you know, I really needed a new oven.
    Bake care, eh

  20. Hi Susan Scheid,
    It sure is a jazzy new stove and it cooks some funky food.
    I reckon some folks did some serious scrolling to get to the actual posting :)
    Nothing got burnt. No setting off of the fire alarm. And yes, it was a pepperoni pizza which was devoured by a very hungry young man. Which means, it wasn't me.
    Thanks Susan.
    Kind regards, Gary

  21. Hello Sir Tom Eagerly,
    You know, Sir Tozza, I haven't got a clue what my charming blog is going on about, either.
    Sir Tozza, I always knew you were a lovely little claret.
    Cheerio, old boy.

  22. Hey Kim,
    Why, thank you kindly. I do my best to inform you of such highly interesting topics. I'm flattered you would take the time to check out my vitally important to your life, information regarding such things as the proud, the mighty, the legendary, great British central heating radiator.
    I can understand that the British heating system would remind you of the old boiler radiators in Chicago, 'that toddlin' town'. No, that type of radiator is pretty useless, as I well know. However, on a cold day, I know where to find Penny and her friends :)
    Take care, eh.

  23. You lost me at "rubber gloves". I got all horny and had to wash dishes.

  24. Hello Static,
    Excellent. There's a couple of burly guys with rubber gloves waiting at airport customs, just for you...

  25. Dear Gary,
    As ever, your ability to infuse the quotidian (yes, it's that word again!) elements of life with wit and inventiveness never ceases to amaze.
    And that sure is one lovely cooker. Or range. Or whatever. Fan assisted, you say? You must be moving up in the world, Gary. Next you'll be getting a "Smeg" fridge. At which point you'll become too posh for me, and, unfortunately, I shall have to disown you as my hirsute freind.
    Wishing you all the Very Best, and a nice roast chicken, your way,

  26. Hi Gary .. well loads of lead ins there .. delighted you have a new cooked .. it certainly makes a difference .. and home messes are a pain - end of story! Perhaps I should live in the woods .. no - not today .. it's bucketing with rain .. and my bucket would have a hole in it - to let the rain through! ..

    Happy cooking and happy new dishes with those shiny pans ... cheers Hilary

  27. This post actually made me laugh. You have such an excellent way with words!
    Hope all is well!
    Take care.

  28. Hello Gary again:
    We have arrived, hot foot, from having responded to your highly entertaining comments which have delighted us greatly.

    We should have been here a little earlier, had not our progress been somewhat delayed with a minor technical problem - i.e. complete loss of the internet. Happily this is now resolved.

    Now, Gary, we fear that we may have totally, unintentionally, misled you.For this, we apologise profusely in advance.

    For to answer your questions we should never wish it to be thought by you, or anyone else, that we were writing any of this ourselves. No, no, dear Gary!!!!The posts are, of course, masterminded by our Press Officer and simply submitted for approval and to be rubber stamped by ourselves [we do take it in turns to wield the stamp] and the comments and replies are dealt with, efficiently we hope, by our extensive typing pool [numbering in excess of 82 at the last count]. Of course, we do read 10% of what is written for quality assurance purposes and to maintain the personal touch!! We do hope that this answers your questions in enough detail to match the reply which you gave to us.

    Hope the oven isn't playing up!!!!

    When are the CPs with the CD arriving?!!!!

  29. thank you my friend this is by far the best post i'v read all day had me giggling

  30. Dear David,
    Ah yep. As you will now realise, thanks to my phoning you and delighting you with my fascinating words of wisdom aka 'bullshit', that I was eagerly anticipating you using your favourite word, 'quotidian'. So, thank you ever so much.
    And there are elements of life and elements on my shiny new cooker. Thanks for thinking I'm inventive. Some might think I've finally given in to the chatter of the 'wee folks' who have tried to guide me to a better life, a better way.
    Actually, good sir, my previous cooker was also a fan oven. Would not settle for anything less. Great idea about getting a 'Smug', sorry, 'Smeg' fridge. Although I would be slightly devastated to have you disown me. I would get over it, in time, which would be, oh about thirty seconds, give or take.
    Thanks for the roast chicken, David. It was indeed a fowl gesture. Kind wishes and a poster of Colonel Saunders, your way, Gary.

  31. Hi Hilary,
    There was a bit of meandering and wasting of people's time within my rather yawn-inducing posting.
    It's very exciting to have a new oven. And home messes and cats on carpets....
    I'm thinking of living in the woods. Sleep in a cave and become a total hermit. At least that way, I wouldn't have to worry about being hit by water that was coming down in buckets...
    Thank you for the happy cooking wishing. My pans are so shiny that I can see my reflection in them. Wow and gosh :)
    Cheers eh,

  32. Hi Nas,
    I'm glad this post actually made you laugh. Now then, in so far as my other posts that tried to come across as funny...well..hmmmm..:)
    I do like to have a bit of fun with words. Nothing like a few pots and puns :)
    All is fantastically wonderful, my friend. Hope your awesome self is feeling peaceful and contented.
    In kindness, Gary

  33. And hello again Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    I greatly appreciate your wonderfully articulate and charming responses to my comments on your site, which of course, is a gathering place for those who realise the sheer mastery of your thoughtful and intellectual musings. In turn, you grace and flatter me with a return comment on my extremely unknown and waste of time, blog. I thank you from the top of my heart.
    I was aware of your loss of the internet and your frustration in not getting back here, sooner. However, you could of shouted over your comment and I would have gladly typed it in for you. Anyway, I'm thrilled and yes, like the rest of the world's population on the internet, we breathe a sigh of relief that you are back online to amuse, bring joy and wonder, to your ever growing legion of adoring and starstruck fans.
    No need for your apology. You have come through under such difficult circumstances.
    My suspicions have been confirmed. I knew that any blog as wondrous as yours must be masterminded by a Press Officer, which basically leaves you to takes turns with the rubber, I mean, rubber stamp. I also had a hunch that you would have a dedicated team of typists tapping tunefully thoughtful themes...Gosh, I reckon there are folks queued up to be typist number 83. And you read 10% of what is written. That much, eh. Still, I suppose that percentage of reading makes it seem you are exuding a personal interaction with your eager readers. Well done and a huge bravo. I'm very thankful you have supplied me with such a detailed answer to such a vital question.
    The oven is playing Beethoven and and it's singing is well within 'range' of the human ear and wayward hedgehogs...
    The CPs with the CD are outside your place, right now. And just when you thought your life couldn't get any better, the CPs will be singing outside your place, all through the night..sweet dreams...

  34. Hey becca,
    Thank you, my friend. Nothing like a giggle and perhaps wondering if the Mothership is ready to take me back to my other home in a galaxy, far, far away....

  35. I'm personally hoping for the Mothership to transport you away. I know when you get back it's going to be a very strange post, indeed. Not to say that this post wasn't strange, mind you; it just 'felt' normal. (can I say that?)
    Please give my best to the talking fridge :)

  36. Howdy Dixie,
    Here it is, almost three in the morning, in lil' ol' England and I'm replying to your super duper comment, y'all. Are you impressed?
    I'm looking forward to being taken away on the Mothership. Taken to a magical and wondrous place where I will be embraced by new admirers who will be amazed by the sheer mastery of my wit or wisdom. Then again, I will probably be taken away on the Mothership and have them poke and prod my body with strange pointy instruments.
    This post is strange in a normal kind of way for me. And yes, you can say 'normal'. Whatever normal is :)
    The 'talking' fridge says, 'Ice think you are really cool' :)
    Kitchy, kitchy-koo to you, Dixie.

  37. Hello Gary [again]:
    How delighted we are to read [or have read, you will understand] a further reply to our comment. The CPs are, even as this is written, hard at work, or voice, to the extent that the typing pool is becoming just the teeniest bit distracted. Take your eye off the ball for a second and.....! Whips will have to be cracked!!

    We are so glad that the oven continues to be music to your ears. We imagine Beethoven's Ode to Joy whilst that all singing and dancing fridge of yours is ploughing through Fauré's Requiem. And the sink? Schubert?!!

  38. Hi Gary,

    You highlighted some of my favorite funny man posts! And now, I finally got to read "Non-Stick Frying Pans". I used to be a pot snob. Misguided thinking led me to believe the more expensive, and well-reviewed, the pot, the longer it would last and the easier it would be cleaned. WRONG! Now I buy the cheap ones. and use them as solar lamps when I'm finished to make me feel good about myself. The mice and crows seem to like that too. Happy cooking, and thanks again for a much needed smile!

  39. What a splendid looking stove where you can work with your shiny pots and pans. A repairmen once questioned why I didn't ave a stove with bells and whistles. He couldn't raise that question with yours.

  40. I need a talking refrigerator. And pink gloves. Nice to hear you, Gary. 'Tis I the self-proclaimed princess wishing you a happy Friday!

  41. Hi Gary

    I enjoyed this so much as I got to read some of your earlier posts that I might not otherwise have come across. "Bog Roll" LOL!! Very witty and entertaining.

    Take Care


  42. Hi there Jane and Lance Hattatt.
    And again, I'm struggling to find appropriate adjectives to describe the euphoric ecstasy, as in, an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement. Indeed, my illustrious new friends and your dedicated team of titillating typists, I would have replied sooner, sadly, can you believe it, my internet crashed at the crucial moment I was going to formulate one of my much sought after replies to a comment.
    I'm devastated to know that the CP's have been such a distraction to your typing pool. I'm guessing the CP's were doing a rousing rendition of 'You've got to fight for your right to paaaaarty!...' by those legends of Crap, I mean Rap, The Beastie Boys. And yes indeed, "Whips will have to be cracked!!" I note you didn't mention anything about leather or handcuffs or snorkels, for that matter.
    Yes, the oven continues to bring music to my shy and humble ears. In fact, I attempted to make some baking products to the gentle sounds of 'Roll' over Beethoven', by Electric Light Orchestra and not the Beatles version.
    Okay, try to show off with your artsy fartsy culture. The fridge is singing and dancing to 'Ice, Ice Baby', by 'Vanilla Ice', not a posh fridge, you understand.
    And the sink has gone down 'Memory Drain', by singing that Gene Kelly favourite, 'Singing in the Drain..'

  43. Yay, it's THE SNEE,
    Hi Rebecca,
    Awe thanks. So you will realise that I wasn't really self-promoting like some of those really funny, incredibly popular, must-read or else they will get super pissed off if you don't go and praise them and adore them, type bloggers :)
    Yes indeed, Rebecca, don't ever get 'stuck' into thinking that those expensive 'non-stick' frying pans are going to be any better. Great idea using the old ones as solar lamps. I'd try the same thing here, but solar lamps of any description, over here, in lil' ol' Britain, are a lost cause. Plus, when we do get the occasional bit of sunshine, those damned birds shit on the solar panels and screw everything up.
    I have mice and crows in my garden and they speak with an English accent. Thanks for the cooking wishes, my friend. And, seriously, I'm glad you've been smiling. That's a most positive result.
    Have a peaceful and pleasant weekend.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  44. Hi Manzanita,
    Yes it is and if you didn't already realise, to totally awe you, if you click on the oven photos, the photos will enlarge and fill up your whole screen with my sparkly new oven :)
    My oven has bells, whistles and two separate timers. Impressive, eh.
    Take care and thank you.
    With respect, Gary.

  45. Greetings Samantha,
    I suppose if you did get a talking refrigerator it would converse with you en Francais or if it was bilingual, a bit of 'Have an ice day, y'all! ' I bet you look quite the princess wearing a pair of pink gloves :)
    And wishing you a happy Friday and a glorious weekend, princess.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  46. Hi GEM,
    I'm really pleased you took the time to read some of my previous postings. I really do like to have a good laugh amongst us and I'm very appreciative of your flattering compliments. Thank you.
    Bog Roll, indeed!
    Take very good care of yourself, GEM.
    In peace and kind wishes, Gary :)

  47. Hi Y'all,

    The house where my Human grew up had hot water radiators. She said she used to put her clothes on it the night before so they'd be warm in the chilly morning.

    Her non stick fry pans are cast iron that belonged to her grandmother.

    Licks and rooos to Penny.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  48. HI!
    I always enjoy stopping by ~ your writing always makes me smile!
    Your bog roll post was quite informative {learned a bit about British} and oh yes, it was FUNNY!

    I love your post on the fridge too... it is particularly relevant for me this week. I spent the week at my father's house helping him resolve his refrigerator problems...
    My father's old fridge was just too tired to keep things cool. It too, had its own language ~ and I swear it knew exactly when to chime in with a gurgle or grunt. I used to say that it was my mother adding a comment to our conversations...the sounds were that perfectly timed!
    Dad ordered a stainless one, but the handle was on the wrong side and couldn't be switched as with others. So, it had to be returned. I don't think my mother liked the color ;o)
    Dad now has a white one ... so far, it's on the quiet side.

    Thanks for the blog fun :o)
    smiles to you,

  49. Howdy Hawk,
    We still hang our clothes on the radiator during the cold winter months. And it's an inviting place for Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, to snuggle up and stay warm :)
    Ah yes, cast iron frying pans. They work real good.
    Penny thanks you for the licks and roos and wishes y'all a real nice weekend.
    Take care, y'all.

  50. Hi Maria,
    Thank you so much and it's always a delight to visit your uplifting and inspirational blog :)
    Delighted to inform you of British terms and I'm really pleased you thought my posting on the mighty 'Bog Roll', was funny.
    And it's very apparent that you know all about fridges and the way each one has its own unique way of 'talking'. I do hope that the white refrigerator cooperates, acts cool and doesn't 'speak' too loudly. And, predictably, the door on my fridge is on the wrong side. I really should swap it around, but I'm just too lazy and besides, the fridge may protest a bit too much :)
    Thank you for such a nice comment, Maria.
    May you have a most peaceful and pleasant weekend.
    In kindness, Gary

  51. ROFL, I suspect you've been sniffing the cleaning chemicals that disintegrated your Marigolds! Perhaps you should try bicarbonate of soda mixed into a paste with water it is amazing for cleaning even very dirty ovens. Your new oven looks much nicer than my crappy old one that only half works. :O)

  52. Hi Madeleine,
    How did you know I've been sniffing cleaning chemicals? Gosh, I really should be more careful :)
    And thanks for the cleaning advice. However, and ooh look at me, my oven is a self-cleaning oven. That should be interesting to watch my oven clean itself.
    Cheers Madeleine.
    Gary :)

  53. My last oven was supposedly self cleaning. I mentioned to the sales chap that mine didn't seem to clean itself and that I had yet to see its little hands appear complete with marigolds and cleaning fluids to do the job. His answer: "Well what on earth are you cooking?"
    I bit my lip as I wanted to say "Something a darn site more interesting than what you do, obviously" instead I gave him an exasperated look and walked away! :O)

  54. Hey Madeleine,
    Oh my, not exactly a helpful response from that sales chap. I suppose the best thing is to not cook anything in your oven and do like I do and just stare at the pretty lights.
    I think I'd be mighty amazed if my oven suddenly said, 'right that's it! Stand clear, I'm going to clean myself :)

  55. Hahahahaha, I'm falling aout at you 'oven love' here, you get a new oven glove too because it rhymes. I know of this love you speak of, I purchased my first ever brand new stove last year. Previously they were all second hand, which was fine but not very exciting. Enjoy it all whilst tis shiny, it won't be for long lol ;) x

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I'm not in glove, it's just a silly phase I'm going through...Tis still shiny, fair maiden. Okay, it's shiny after I finally get a chance to clean it. It's so easy to clean and the windows on my fan oven can be removed and cleaned properly. Gosh and happy new ovening to you! :)

      Your starstruck fan,

      Gary :)

  56. I admire a man who can take super photos of a shiny new stove (complete with alien lighting) and still rock the pink gloves.

    1. Wow Lynda,

      That worked. Slap up an archived posting on Farcebook and yay. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this very archived post.

      That shiny new stove will soon be in my son's new home. Where I'm moving to already has a shiny new stove with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, lighting. I'm typing in my holy pink gloves! :)

      Thank you, Lynda.

      Gary :)


I do try to comment back to each commenter individually. However, I might have to shorten my replies or give a group thank you. That way, I can spend more time commenting on your blogs. Thank you and peace, my friend.