Saturday 24 March 2007

Satisfaction, Skateboards and Solar Lamps.

Satisfaction. "Hey, hey, hey, that's what I say." Well any reference to a certain song by the 'Rolling Stones' is out of the way.
My eighteen year old son has a great time on his skateboard. I know he gets tremendous satisfaction out of mastering a new trick. "Hey dude! watch this move!" yells my son. I see the look of contentment on his face. I sense the satisfaction in his accomplishment. "Well done son ,well done!" I praise him because I realise the significance of what he has achieved. He is pleased and I am pleased for him.
I get satisfaction from the reassuring glow of a solar lamp. I have become a bit of a collector of solar lamps (not sure if their is a name for such a hobby.) I have started to accumulate so many of the glowing lights that I reckon I'm close to competing with Blackpool. It has reached the point that I anxiously await a call from Air Traffic Control. "Mr. Adanac, would you please rearrange or remove your solar lamps. Pilots flying into Manchester Airport are confusing your garden with a runway."
Late at night I wander through my illuminated garden. I look at the way the gentle light from my solar lamps glow upon the plants. Inside me 'glows' as I cast my eyes upon the little beams.
It is such a simple pleasure to be out there and observe the wonders of my glowing 'sanctuary.' Yet this simple pleasure is another statement in my continuing journey towards a more positive life.
My son gets satisfaction from skateboarding. I get satisfaction from my solar lamps. We both have our ways of expressing satisfaction. We have both discovered contentment in our interests. That is, well and truly, satisfaction.
I thank you for your time. Kind regards adanac67.

Sunday 18 March 2007

The Happy Medium

Ah, the happy medium. Or even, the happy extra large with fries. What is the happy medium? How do we find the right balance in our lives?
I get most dismayed, to put it mildly, when I encounter rude and inconsiderate people. I am under the impression that some people consider manners to be some form of weakness.
Many a time I have been subjected to 'acquaintances' who were not interested in me but how they could benefit from my hopefully good-natured temperament. I was that desperate for 'companionship' that I allowed people to take advantage.
I knew I could not let this contine to happen. I had to distance myself from an indifferent and dismissive negative environment. The irony in this was that by eliminating these people I became even lonelier. However, it was a positive type of lonely. I could now focus my attention on redefining my life.
The benefits of my new focus have begun to pay dividends. The rarest of 'creatures', a genuine visitor, darkened my doorstep. He did not ask for a favour, he did not want to borrow anything, he did not ask for money. What he offered was true friendship and sincere empathy. How refreshing to have a mutual respect conversation.
So I strive towards finding a happy medium. I must not be suspicious of genuine kindness. I must realise that not everybody has some sort of 'hidden agenda.' Their are people who share my ethos of sincerely caring for others. I am truly inspired by the kind and compassionate people who are entering my life. It fills me with hope. I am discovering the happy medium. It brings me that one step closer to a more positive life.
I thank you for your time. Kind regards adanac67.

Friday 9 March 2007

One Man and His Shovel

Greetings Friends-
My garden. One man and his shovel. The 'Lawn Ranger' rakes again.
Over the last few weeks I have ventured out into my garden. It was time for the annual preparation of getting the garden ready for the warmer months.
The big problem has been the removal of spreading roots from an overly enthusiastic tree. This meant removal and relocation of my forlorn looking specimens. It was time for these plants to breathe again. It was time for renewed freedom.
Upon the replanting of these specimens, I noted how much 'happier' they apppeared to be. It was almost as if they sensed a feeling of much-needed rejuvenation. Now they were checking out their new territory. This was their space and now it was time to grow.
I looked around at all my established plants. The ones that had not been invaded by unwanted roots. Each one, strategically located. Each one, having its pride of place. They seemed content, they had staked a claim in the 'great outdoors.' All the plants in the garden represent positive energy in my peaceful and reassuring 'sanctuary.'
I created my garden. It was lovingly crafted out of a plot of land that was chaotic squallor. It is my 'statement' to the world and to myself. In my garden I have a sense of my own spirituality. I feel in harmony with nature. Indeed it inspires me to embrace healthy thinking and healthy behaviour.
Undaunted, through all seasons, one man and his shovel created a place of inner and outer peace.
I thank you for your time. Warm regards adanac67.

Wednesday 7 March 2007

'Molehills out of Mountains'

Greetings Friends-
In my pursuit of living a more positive life, I have had to confront my negative environment. Indeed I have attempted to make 'molehills' out of negative 'mountains.' It is a battle with my opposing forces.
I try to remain optimistic. Focusing on a belief, that if I allow myself to be positive, then my goals will be achieved. I like to think that if I perservere, my dreams will be realised.
In the background lurks my negative adversary. It is that 'chatter' in the back of my mind that questions all my ambitions. "Why bother? You are destined to fail. I will sow the seeds of doubt into your thinking process."
On too many occasions, I have let my negative-self question all my attempts. Leaving me with a sense of impending doom. It all relates to fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection. Fear of leaving my 'comfort zone.'
Ironically, my comfort zone has become very uncomfortable. That is a good thing. I knew I could not continue living the life of a recluse. So now I protest against my negative-self. I need to be involved in living again. I want to be able to share my life with others. I hope others will share their lives with me.
I will make molehills out of mountains.
I thank you for your time. Kind regards adanac67

Thursday 1 March 2007

So Far Apart..So Close Together.

Greetings friends-
This is my tribute to my Family in Vancouver. You know I have been through some challenging times. You understood how lonely and isolated I became. Yet, you have always provided me with encouragement and support. You were and are my 'lifeline.'
When I had almost given up you stood beside me and helped me question my negative environment. Why should I let my guilt 'imprison' me? Why should I be stifled by past events that had overwhelmed me? You handed me 'my key to freedom' and I have nearly escaped. What's past is past. I move on. I have given myself permission to get on with my life. I have rebelled against my negative 'master.' The 'revolution' has well and truly commenced. Long live the revolution!
So to my Mother, Donald and my two supportive Brothers. I dedicate this blog to you. We may be 8 time zones and 6000 miles apart. We may not see each other as much as we would like. Yet I realise the positivity in all of this. For yes, we are indeed so far apart, yet we are so close together.
I thank you for your time. Warm regards to you all.