Thursday 28 August 2014

"Life is Good."

It has been a frantic, hectic time for me.  During my moving to a brand new home, my interaction within the blogging community has been sporadic at best.

It will be like this for about another month. Yet life has been put into perspective. Despite my struggling to cope, I know I'm blessed and grateful for all I have.

On Saturday, August 23, you might be aware of the passing of our beloved friend, Tina Downey.  I had the inspiring honour of interacting with Tina via many an email.  Even exchanging of emails as she lay there in her hospital bed.  Tina and I had much good natured banter.  Her, a co-host of the A to Z Challenge.  I, the ironic opposer of the A to Z.  However, I was truly touched by her sincerity, her compassion for others.  A remarkable lady who made an impact on my heart.

In this often cynical world, Tina embraced the name of her blog.  Yes, "Life is Good" and Tina savoured every moment.  To her family, her friends and from me, Tina will always be loved, never forgotten.

If you haven't had the chance to leave a comment on her site, here is the link : Moving on...on behalf of Tina Downey

I know there will be a number of dedications that will come to light.  Here is one that I would ask you to be so kind as to check out : Sunflowers for Tina - September 8, 2014 #LifeisGood #A to Z Challenge

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Time To Cope With A Telescope.

I said I'd try and catch up with commenting on other blogs.  Total fail on that.  My humble apologies.  

Since my move from one place to another place, it's been a stressful, chaotic mess.  Doing it all, virtually by myself, has caused me to be most absent from the world of blogging.  It appears it's going to be a stressful, bureaucracy beyond belief, load of crap, for at least another month.  I'm exhausted, both physically and emotionally. 

I know how much you've missed me.  I will endeavour to inform you of what transpired with my move in about a week's time.  

During the hectic farce that has been moving, I had to go to hospital for a discussion about my ongoing male-type issues.  No, not typical dude constantly moaning and thinking about sex every six seconds. I'm talking about waterworks problems.

The urologist has told me they're going to make arrangements to have me come in and have a "telescope" prodded down my urethra. 
The above illustration may be the sort of "telescope" the urologist meant.

Based on my experiences during moving, I visualised a telescope something like the above being shoved down my tormented trouser snake.  

The above telescope will have the capability of having an up close view of the rings around Uranus. 

Time to cope with a telescope
Maybe yes or maybe nope
Where's there's a willy, there's a way
So they say
I hope 
I cope
With the telescope.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Our Movements.

Where am I?  Ah yes, I seem to have experienced a movement.  When I actually have more time, I would like to share my movement with you.  No, not that type of movement!  I'm referring to the movement of my belongings from one location to another location.  To the movement of my son's belongings into a temporary location until his own place is ready to be occupied on August 18.  To the movement of Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar who is staying with me for one week.  

I've gone beyond busy as my movement entailed attempting to organise a double movement.  Getting my son sorted, along with all the bureaucratic miscommunication, has left me totally exhausted.  

Yes, speaking of movement, there has been a lot of crap involved.  I feel jet-lagged and considering I'm still in the same time zone, that makes it doubly weird.

I shall now try and do some catching up in blogsville.  That and unpack a box.  Further details of the most stressful movement ever in my life, shall be published shortly.  The positive thing is that I'm very proud of how well I coped while those around me were freaking out.

While trying to somehow get back into the blogging community flow, I've switched comments off on this blog post.  

In the meantime, if you would let me chew on your fingernails, that would be greatly appreciated.
This is a sneak preview view from my new home.