Wednesday 27 June 2012

Briefly Back To The Seventies.

First of all, I would like to thank Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess and Geoffrey the garden gnome, for kindly allowing me to repost their magical and oh so enchanting wedding.  I also wish to thank them for allowing me the exclusive photo rights and not giving into the monetary offers made by 'Better Gnomes and Gardens'.

I recently did a posting titled, Magical Macaroni Memories., where I mentioned how a box of macaroni cheese brought back thoughts of my youthful days of the seventies.  In that posting, I received a comment from Julie at the following site,  Empty Nest Insider .  Julie and I quote, noted the following, "I would love to see pictures of you from back then!"   Also had this comment from Dixie at, dcrelief , who stated, "Too bad you didn't post a photo of you and Rob, that would have been a blast from the past, eh?  Peach fuzz sideburns and all."  And who could forget Joylene's comment from over at this site, Joylene Nowell Butler, who recollected, "Oh Gary, I'm back there with you, only without the fuzzy sideburns."  Unfortunately, I have few photos to look through in regards to my days when I was young and part of the "disco inferno" that was sort of the seventies.  I could not find one of my dear buddy, Rob.
However, I did put up a photo of me that has caused a 'feverish frenzy' on 'Farcebook'.  Yes Farcebook, everyone's favourite social 'notworking' site.  So below here is a photo of me in 1974 at my parent's house in Vancouver.  I was a fairly fresh-faced twenty one year old dude. I am about to go to a wedding as the best man.  Which does make me wonder.  If I was the 'best man', why was she marrying him? 
Yeah, I know!  Despite the fact I look like one of those guys from an X-rated seventies movie and had several dubious producers beg me to play a starring role amongst a star-'studded' cast, I refused.  Heck, I haven't even watched such a film, I state convincingly.

Thursday 21 June 2012

The Second Anniversary Of The 'Wee Folks' Wedding.

June 21, 2012, marks the second wedding anniversary of Fidelina the beautiful fairy princess and Geoffrey the garden gnome. May we relive the joy of that most special and enchanting of celebrations. Below is the reposting. The events that led up to the wedding and the link at the bottom, takes you into the land of magic, where no judgement is ever made. Indeed, where stigma is an alien concept. Savour the wonder, the allurement of it all. Immerse yourself in such sweet innocence.

Today would be a day of magic, wonder and inspiration.  For today was the 'wee folks' wedding.  A joyous celebration of the deep, powerful love of Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess and Geoffrey, the garden gnome.  The above photograph is Fidelina posing with her sister bridesmaid, Venetia, as they make final preparations in anticipation of the event.

Above is a photograph of Teagan, the best gnome, and of course, Geoffrey, the happy groom.

The wee folks were a bit reluctant to have the wedding in the day time.  Yet, the day and the starting time were symbolic of the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.  As if by magic, the ceremony commenced and the sun hid behind the moon.
The wee folks would be most honoured if you have a look at the photographs from their wedding.  The wee folks wedding, a profound statement that true love conquers all.

Clicking on the link below will take you to this truly magical wedding.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Dreams Of Beams.

I reckon it must really tickle when you get beamed.  Imagine this in a future possibility. You get teleported from one place to another and the tingling sensation makes you giggle. Then you realise you've landed in the transporter chamber of the Starship Enterprise. You stop giggling and finally compose yourself.  It makes me realise that the expressions, "in bits", "beside yourself", "shattered" and "all over the place", are going to be somewhat literal in the space adventures of tomorrow.  And yep, teleport your kids cause you "love 'em to bits!"

Oh yes I've had a dream
It seems it was a dream of beams
Of tractor beams
Of parallel beams
The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Beam
And I think to myself about astral travel
Where the dream of beams
Might unravel

Bea-ea-ea-ea-eam, beam, beam, beam
Bea-ea-ea-ea-eam, beam, beam, beam....

Friday 15 June 2012

Music Transports You.

Music transports you. Takes you on journeys to moments in time. Memories of good times, bad times, happy times and poignant times. Music captures and freezes the thoughts of the past. Etched forever in your mind.  You hear a song and you are there. The remembrance of childhood dreams, of first love, of love lost and learning to love again. The storybook of your life are written in the feelings of the music.

I remember that moment so vividly. A snapshot, a memory in the photo album of my life. My then wife and I were driving by a local park on a warm and sunny spring day. She spoke to me and the confession that she was having an affair, shook me, rattled me, brought tears to my eyes. This would be her first affair. This would be the first step down in a battle with my own personal hell. Her second affair nearly killed me.
And the song playing on the car radio as she spoke those chilling words, was the one in the video above. A haunting song. A song that reminds me of where I was in my life and how well I'm doing now. 

Music transports you. Immerses you in the highs, the lows, your cares, your woes. Sense the moment and know that music and the passion that is your life, are intertwined. My friend, I leave you with the above song.   

Sunday 10 June 2012

Flame Academy.

I've noted that in my previous posting that the lady holding the Olympic Torch, Rhian Morley, very kindly left a comment.  I am most grateful for her doing so.
So to set the record straight in regards to the flame being extinguished and nothing to do with flatulence, here is the video of Rhian as a torch-bearer.  Once again, well done Rhian and may the true spirit and ideals of the Olympic Games, bring forth some positivity to our beleaguered world.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

What Do We Blame For The Lack Of Flame?

The above photo was taken at Hanley Park in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire on Wednesday, May 30.  And yes, the big gold thing is not some sort of baseball bat, but actually is the Olympic Torch. The gentleman posing with the Olympic Torch is my good friend, Stephen.  Holding the Olympic Torch is Rhian Morley and she was one of the Torchbearers on the journey from Chester, Cheshire to Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.  Rhian was given the opportunity to run with the Torch through Stafford, Staffordshire because, as stated by her nominator, "I cannot think of anyone more deserving.  Rhian regularly works with a local amateur theatre company outside of work, working with children from 4 upwards to adults.  Rhian has also done a number of things to raise money for a variety of charities over the last few years, including climbing Snowdon, running the race for life and the great north run and supporting team members through sponsorship drives.  More recently raising over £1000 for a member of retail staff who required a stairlift installed in his home to support his last few weeks as he was diagnosed with terminal cancer."
Okay, now back to the photo.  I know, you may have noticed that the flame has been extinguished.   I'm not exactly sure why.  However, there are at least two possible reasons as to why the flame is out.  Could it be that the guy standing behind Rhian and Stephen is holding his nose because the lady beside him passed wind and blew the flame out?  Or perhaps, due to safety reasons and the wafting flatulence, the flame was put out?  With such a potential explosive situation, I think it might well of been the latter.
If you so wish, further information about the Olympic Torch and the route it's going through Britain, can be found here:   Olympic Torch Relay Route  

Saturday 2 June 2012

Pawsitive Promotion.

Hi there, yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.  In between being hounded by the 'puparazzi', I thought it would be a super pawesome idea to pawmote, sorry, promote some blogs that Gary and myself believe deserve more recognition.
My human, who I so kindly allow to live with me and I, have been blessed with much interaction on this site.  We are profoundly grateful for that.   We truly embrace what we believe are the ideals of a sharing, caring dogging, sorry, blogging community.  And so, we would like to bring further awareness of these amazing bloggers who you might not be aware of.  It would be appreciated if you went and paid them a visit.  Thank you.

1: All Consuming   A clever and varied blog that we have recently had the great pleasure of interacting with.
2: THE SNEE   Rebecca, at this site, writes a very inventive and most satirical blog.  Well worth a visit.
3:  A Day in the Life   Our friend David writes a very intelligent, thought provoking blog.   The general ethos of David's site is to bring further awareness of mental health concerns and eradicate the unfair stigma still surrounding mental health issues.
4:  Soundoff   Our friend Heather has a passion to write and demonstrate positivity through some very challenging times in her life.  If you have never visited Heather's site, would you kindly go and say hello.
5:  In search of a Russian oligarch    GEM, has left England and has started an adventure in Russia.  Superb writing and superb pictures can be noted on this excellent site.
6:  Chaos and Kairos     Chris is an excellent writer.  We know she is on a new journey of discovery in her life and we wish her well.  Highly recommended blog.
7:  Austanspace   Laura is a prolific blogger.  Witty, thoughtful and topical.  We know that Laura has had a challenging past year.  Yet, despite this, her positivity radiates.  Worth a visit.
8:   dcrelief   We have had the great fortune of interacting with Dixie for quite some time.  A talented writer and artist.  Dixie's site is worth your while to go and visit.
9:   To Discover Ice   Our friend bazza writes a highly informative blog that expresses his wide range of interests.  He writes about everything from science to artistic masterpieces.  If you have never visited bazza, please have a look.
10:   Prufrock's Dilemma   Susan presents a blog of cultural, visual and musical delight.  We have learnt a lot from Susan and for that, we are truly grateful.

So there you be.  A selection of noteworthy bloggers that my human and I, Penny the Jack Russell dog, would like to see gain the recognition they merit.
We are all a part of something very special within the blogging community.  All different, all equal, rejoicing and learning within this wondrous diversity.
Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx