Wednesday 10 August 2011

And Tomorrow?

And tomorrow?   The sun sinks into the western horizon.   The flames of  desperation, of sadness, torment and pain, burn the fragments of society, burn the hearts and souls of so many, in this 'green and pleasant land'.   And tomorrow?  What of tomorrow?

I sit alone in my garden.  Listen to the gentle wind swirling through the trees.  I gaze at our magical moon and the tears of feeling so helpless, so hopeless, trickle down my cheeks.  In a darkened room, lies my son.  My son, tired from another day of going nowhere in a nowhere land.  With sleep, I pray he finds a few precious moments of freedom from the pain.
I am but one man, one man who will do his utmost to make this world a better place.  It starts with the understanding that a positive environment starts from within.   In turn, I extend this positivity to my son and the rest of the world.
May we embrace a better way and be here for each other.  We can and we shall make a difference.  For this must be our legacy to our children.  We can give a gift of a better tomorrow, for all living things, on our precious and fragile planet.  In peace, compassion and kindness, Gary.


  1. A better way. I think we all have to be on the same page as what we think is "a better way." Only with united minds can we then pass the better way to our children. Thank you for the post Klahanie.

  2. Hi Manzanita,
    Absolutely. We need to unite in a common cause to bring about a better understanding.
    It's the least we can do for our children where many have felt neglected and devalued.
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    With respect, Gary

  3. It appears to be a demented world right now but underneath it all there are those of us who still care about humanity. We shall rise again. In the meantime, I have been praying for your son and holding good thoughts for him that he find meaningful and gainful employment soon.

  4. Oh Gary, I almost despair these days. Then a sweet, calm post like this makes me remember it's not always like this. And yes, we'll be sad and confused and outraged, but that will pass and we'll carry on as we always have done. We'll work toward something better. We always have, we always will.
    In hope,

  5. Dear Gary,
    I too hope that we can find a "better way" for people like your son. It is, I feel, truly devastating for some young people in today's Britain.
    And, as the riots across England unfold, it can be seen just how angry and frustrated some people are. Most seem to view these people as a "feral", mindless and criminal "mob" and would like the police to bring out the water cannons and plastic bullets. But, while one can't condone the use of violence or the wanton destruction of people's property, I feel such happenings reflect an angry unrest in our country, and the failure of David Cameron's so-called "big society".
    Indeed, the Tories seem to have a nack for bringing people to such fury. It took Thatcher only two years to inspire people to riot. It's taken Cameron only one.
    I share, then, in your hoping for a better tomorrow for you, your son and all those so disaffected that to get their voices heard they feel the need to act in such a way. I feel very strongly that we all deserve at least the possibility of hope, but it seems some are even without that.
    Just to add, finaly, that for those who beleive the rioters to be just a mindless, crimninal bunch who are just opportunistically using these conditions to steal and cause mayhem, why don't such things happen in Knightsbridge, for example? Why do such things occur only in poorer, disadvantaged areas? For me, there must be deeper socio-economic reasons.
    But, let's hope some light can be brought back to what Shakespeare once called "that sceptred isle", and give people like your son some hope for a "better tomorrow".
    Yours in empathy,

  6. How sad, Gary, that all people don't think in this way, thanks for that. x

  7. Hi Delores,
    Thank you and your thoughtful words will ring true in the hearts of those who realise that we can and we shall rise against the injustice of the few, the privileged, who disregard the plight of the vulnerable.
    I am touched by your prayers for my son and I extend those prayers to the 'underclass' who have been neglected and abused by an indifferent government policy.
    In peace and respect, Gary.

  8. Hi Laura,
    Yes, my friend, we live in such sad and worrying times.
    Thank you for your uplifting comment that reminds us that we shall carry on, undaunted, determined to right the wrongs in an indifferent world.
    In peace and goodwill, Gary.

  9. I agree I just didn’t realize it until now. I strive to be better in everything I do, that involves making a better tomorrow for my family and friends.

    I never thought about making the world better for others, especially others that aren’t close to me.

    But I think I see it now, at least I see the beneficial side effects about putting other first… it will come back in the end.

  10. Hailing from the "States", I'm not living amidst the current conditions in our motherland. However, I can comprehend the unrest, as it smolders just beneath the surface here across the ocean. We, too, have a society that has become so skewed, only a select few have thoughts for a bright future. Our young people are facing what their parents never faced - a lack of hope and opportunity.

    Gary, as usual your skill with words transports your readers to a place of peaceful, yet emotional, contemplation. We feel what you feel - I dare suggest perhaps even those who did not feel as such prior to reading this post as well! Best and brightest of wishes for you, your son, and all those struggling to make sense of the insanity currently considered "reality". Those who care and are committed to good will unite, and will undoubtedly overcome the negative, selfish few who are causing the crisis. Peace and smiles, Kim

  11. Gary, I've been thinking of you and your son as I watch the news and what is going on in England with the riots. Give thanks that you have raised your son with the fortitude to handle the extreme frustration and disappointment he is dealing with. If only everyone had a parent as filled with peace as you are...these sure would be much nicer times to live in.

  12. I want to say something comforting, but words are not my specialty. Just know our thoughts are with you and your son.

    Thank you for the enlightenment of your words

    Bert and My Vickie

  13. It's a helpless feeling not being able to click a button and make life better. But collectively I think we do have power. I think there's power in good thoughts as well as bad. I think I may be helpless but I'm sending positive thoughts anyway. Positive thoughts and prayers for everyone, starting with you, Gary. And your son. Wishing, praying and hoping for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow with even a glimmer of hope.

  14. Hi Gary .. so true - we all need to give a better way and future for us all .. your son is lucky with his father .. may he learn much - and importantly may you both be happy.

    With many thoughts .. Hilary

  15. We must have hope! Hope and positive feelings and more hope!!! Hope is good!! Hang on to this!! Healing hugs to your and your son and lovely Penny! Take care

  16. When there is no's best to build a beehive. Bee's come with a potent stinger, fertilize gardens and happen to make honey; an elixir for all sorts of ills.

    Also, imagine the hours of distraction. I'm a believer in distraction while I'm sifting through the process of hopelessness and pain. Once again Gary, you've reminded us all of the power of determination and positivity in the face of hardship. Thank you friend.

  17. even in the darkest of our hours, there are the reminders of light... the constant and ever-present reminders there for us... the magical moon... hanging there in the sky... constant... bright... silent... and also moving through its cycles of brightness and darkness but even in the darkness still shining. the tears we shed glisten in the moonlight, and stream down our cheeks to the soil to water the seeds of hope again.

    peace and gentle thoughts be with you and your son.

  18. Dear David,
    I had typed out a lengthy comment in response to your thought provoking reaction and, wouldn't you know it, just as I was about to publish my comment, 'blogger' closes down for some maintenance.
    So here goes, yet again. David, I have to concur with what you articulated so well. Oh yes, I 'sugar coated' my posting, but beyond the coating, does indeed lie a brutal truth.
    Although, of course, we do not condone the actions of the rioters, I do understand the frustrations, the feelings of hopelessness and desperation so many are experiencing and yes, not only the youth of this troubled country.
    David Cameron's "Big Society" has been a farcical, abject failure. Indeed, the coalition government is a heartless farce, run by idiots who have no concept of the plight of so many. So, in their 'wisdom' they target the poor, the vulnerable, those desperately trying to secure some gainful work. They remove work schemes, cut back on library facilities and wish to further eradicate vital social resources. I would say that David Cameron makes Maggie Thatcher look like an angel.
    Not all those involved in the riots fit into the convenient stereotypes this evil government that caters to the 'fat cats', would have us believe. There has been an underlying current of anger and frustration in the country and other places, for some time now. And no, we can never, ever agree to rioting, but sadly, I can see why certain people would react that way.
    Thanks David. Your balanced account is very much appreciated.
    In peace and hope, Gary.

  19. Hi Carole,
    It is indeed sad. Some might consider me unrealistic idealist. Yet, I know we can make a difference to make this a better world, for the vulnerable and those who have been subjected to an unjust and selfish world.
    Hugs your way, Gary x

  20. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you, my friend. You are spot on. It starts out by creating a positive environment within and extending these positive wishes to our family, our friends and beyond.
    For sure, if we attempt to make the world a better place for others, then it will be a better place for ourselves.
    We can get back what we give out. And positivity breeds positivity. That's one hell of a result.
    Take good care.
    In peace and respect, Gary

  21. Hi Kim,
    There is a sense of the resentment that bubbles under the surface of your restless nation. A nation, much like this one, where the 'haves' have more and the 'have-nots' have even less, while the bureaucratic greed mongers get rewarded for incompetence.
    As I know, all too well, from our interaction, the plight of the youth and indeed, the plight of many, regardless of qualifications, are perceiving a bleak and hopeless future. It's time to redress the balance and restore the hope of those who have been subjected to an unjust, indifferent world.
    Thank you for your kind, thoughtful and supportive comment. I do hope that any cynics or those in privileged positions, who may read this posting, realise that we must all be in this together, in a sharing, caring, more positive world. The future of our children, our planet, depends on this.
    Thank you for your bright thoughts for my son. May the loved ones in your lives and all those who are being overwhelmed in what seems a futile future, unite in a common cause for good and the knowledge that we are all different, all equal.
    Peace and smiles, your way, Gary

  22. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you so much for your comment that makes me feel very proud that I've done my utmost to provide my son with a warm, understanding and loving home. Sadly, a lot of the youths that have been rioting, I know are craving some affection, some attention, from their families. After all, that's where a more positive environment, begins.
    Very uplifting comment and may we all give our loves ones the love they really crave.
    In peace and hope, Gary

  23. Hi Bert and Vickie,
    Your words resonate with comfort and reassurance. For that, I'm very grateful. Thank you for your positive wishes regarding my son. May he and all those other vulnerable folks in this world, find some peace and comfort.
    With respect and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary.

  24. Hi Joylene,
    Thank you, dear friend. Quite right, together, if enough people embraced the power of positive and peaceful thoughts, we can make this world a better, fairer place, for us all.
    I thank you so very much for your positive thoughts and prayers for me and my son. And, in turn, we send positive and peaceful wishes to you and your loved ones and to all those who are feeling alone, isolated and helpless. We can, just by thinking positive thoughts for our brothers and sisters, realise that the glimmer of hope, can burn brightly and peacefully.
    In peace and positivity, your way, Gary

  25. Hi Hilary,
    Thank you and may we embrace that better way for the future of this fragile and precious planet.
    I'm thankful for your kind words and I'm determined to embrace a happier way for all of us.
    In peace and goodwill, Gary

  26. Hi Old Kitty,
    So very true. We must all hang on to those feelings of hope and positivity. A positive revolution for good.
    Hugs and warm thanks to you and the gorgeous Charlie, from Gary, his son and of course, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.

  27. Hi THE SNEE,
    Dear Rebecca, what a sweet analogy and may we Bee happy in the honey of a better reality.
    And like you, dear Rebecca, I'm a firm believer in positive distractions. May you, may I, may all of us, embrace the power of positive hopes and wishes in these most challenging and austere of times.
    In peace and hope, your way, Gary

  28. Hi Joanne,
    And it's always darkest before the dawn. Yet again, my dear friend, your thoughtful, poignant, beautifully descriptive words, embrace the ambience of a brighter, more positive possibility, which we can, with the power of good, make a wondrous reality.
    Our tears do indeed glisten from the glow of a gentle moon and those tears will make the seeds of hope, blossom into a kinder, more compassionate way, for you, for me and for all that reach out and hug a loving world.
    Thank you, Joanne, for your gentle thoughts, for me and my son.
    In peace, hope and friendship, Gary

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