Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The 'Wee Folks' Peaceful Summer's Night.

Twas such a peaceful summer's night.  A rarity of fine weather had shone down that day in my sleepy English garden.  That glowing orb, the star that lights our skies, had slipped away to horizon west.

And there they were.  A gathering of 'wee folks', smiling, rejoicing on such a peaceful summer's night.

Amongst the moonlit blossoms and leaves were Geoffrey the garden gnome, Fidelina his beautiful fairy princess wife and their child, so symbolic of the magic, the power of true love, Einahalk, the wee folks, wee lad.

The wee folks live in a magical world where no judgement shall ever be passed.  Where the wonders of life and the beauty around is seen through the clarity of an open mind.  No stigmas, no labels, no stereotypes.   They can teach us to celebrate the diversity of life.  Rather than fear what we do not understand, we must realise, just like the wee folks realise, we are all different, yet all equal.


  1. What a wonderful world to live in. Would that we could all come and live in your garden with the wee folk.

  2. Mighty wisdom in wee folks. I second what Delores said; how lovely it would be to live in your beautiful garden! We can dream and strive for a day when our world is as such.

  3. Hello Gary:
    For us, possibly the appeal of this fairy kingdom is, as you remark here, that it is a world in which no judgment is made and, furthermore, where there can be no misunderstanding or animosity and, as importantly, where everyone is treated equally. Such Utopia!!

  4. Hi Gary

    I have to leave. Sorry. Nothing personal, just my negativity is too strong.


  5. Dear Gary,
    Ah, the return of the wee folks. How I've missed them.
    Seriously, though, Gary, what have I told you about taking those illicit substances, after the imbibing of which, the wee folks seem to miraculously appear.
    No doubt, if we looked inside your brilliant, but troubled mind, we would see little wee folks dancing around to a merry tune.
    With Very Best Wishes, and some LSD, your way,

  6. Wouldn't be so cool that as you walked away, they all came to life, scurrying about in wee folk fashion?

  7. OMG! Geoffrey left my garden 10 years ago to get some fags and I hadn't seen him since...!!!

    Gary, thank you for making me smile :-)

  8. The world of the Wee folk is certainly lovely and peaceful. Perhaps are problem is that we're always thinking big.

    M Beth

  9. Ah, nice. Now I'm looking at my garden differently. Except for the bugs ... I'm not a big fan of creepy crawlers. But your garden looks lovely. And the Wee Folks look happy. Yes, we're all different but equal. Nice sentiments.

  10. It's good to see the wee folks safe and happy in your beautiful peaceful garden.

    Take care

  11. Glad to see the wee folks are still out & about, and enjoying a few rays of sunshine.

  12. Hi Delores,
    Quite right and the 'wee folks' would like you to live in my garden and watch them dance, well usually dance, in the rain. Summer? What summer? They wonder and I wonder....
    Cheers Delores :)

  13. Hi Kim,
    Absolutely, the 'wee folks' love the idea of a Canadian and an American dancing and singing with them in my beautiful garden :)
    Wouldn't it be nice if we could embrace the ideals of the wise and wonderful wee folks.
    Thank you, Kim.
    Magical wishes, your way, Gary

  14. Hi Jane and Lance,
    These occasional stories in an ongoing series by the 'wee folks' have always had the theme of love conquers all and that we are all different, all equal in the diversity we share.
    Utopian thoughts, your way, Gary

  15. "The wee folks live in a magical world where no judgement shall ever be passed."

    The wee folks are sage, indeed!

  16. Hi Wild Animal,
    I'm very pleased to see you. I thought you had stopped blogging, but I have found out that you have put up another raw and painful posting.
    For what it's worth, I know, all too well, the debilitating impact that negativity and an overwhelming negative environment can have on our lives. Actually, a lot of my life has been subjected too crap that seems beyond my control. I know you can relate to this. I know about bullying, being stigmatised and labelled. I know what it feels like to be picked on because I've been a vulnerable, easy target. I also knew that those who have the audacity to bully me were insecure and weak people who wanted to feel better about themselves.
    So yes, I put up some 'escapism' postings that I hope will help me in my pursuit of positive therapy. Please believe me, you are not alone and I admire your honesty.
    In kindness and goodwill, your way, Gary

  17. Dear David,
    And the 'wee folks' thought it only right that they delight you with some more glimpses of their wondrous and magical world.
    My kind and concerned buddy, the only substance of any stimulation this old dude partakes in is a bit too much caffeine. Other than that, I'm high on life, maaaan.....
    The 'wee folks' miraculously appeared because this was about the only opportunity I've had all summer to get some photos of them. With their permission, of course. The rest of the 'summer', they have apparently been huddled under large psychedelic mushrooms.. No David, I haven't been nibbling on said mushrooms...
    There are some wee folks dancing around in my troubled mind, David. Notably the ones with mental elf issues.
    With very best wishes and a Pink Floyd CD, your way, Gary.

  18. Hi R. Jacob,
    Ray, my friend, they scurry in a hurry in my garden. One of them actually whistles at me when I walk by.

  19. Hello annieoatcake,
    Geoffrey says hi and sorry he didn't say goodbye before he left. To clarify, Geoffrey went to get some cigarettes and never returned to annieoatcake's garden :)
    I'm very pleased this made you smile. Thank you.

  20. Hi GigglesandGuns.
    They certainly live in a lovely and peaceful existence.
    I think more of us big folks should take the time to reflect upon the simple things in life we take for granted.
    Thank you for your very nice comment.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  21. Hi Joylene,
    Hey, you might like the British creepy crawlers. Them again, maybe not.
    My garden looks lovely considering the lack of sunshine. Did you know that during the month of August we have had 25% more rain than normal and 25% less sunshine than normal, here in lil' ol' England? Gosh eh.
    The 'wee folks' are trying to tell us we are all different, all equal. Nice sentiments, indeed :)
    Take care, eh

  22. Hi Old Kitty,
    It was nice to see them, at all. Especially considering all the rain we've had.
    Hope you and Charlie had a most excellent long weekend.
    All the best,

  23. Hi Ian,
    Indeed they did. And a few rays has been just about it. Bet you miss the British weather. Then again, probably not.
    Take care, eh

  24. Hi Susan,
    For sure, the simple, wondrous wisdom of the 'wee folks' are an example to us all.
    Thanks Susan.
    With magical wishes, your way, Gary

  25. Magical! I want to see the night-time pics too ;O)

  26. Hi Gary,
    My apologies for not commenting much lately, I always visit, but sometimes find it hard to write?!
    The `wee folks` can teach us all a thing about how to live in harmony with everythig around us, we should listen, before we cannot hear them anymore!
    In peace, my friend.
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  27. Beautiful Gary. I love the sentiment and as we have so often discussed, who needs labels? Live in peace and acceptance. Everything else will follow.

  28. The Wee Ones are looking super-cheerful in your fine garden, Gary. And the green foliage with bloody cherry red bloom is really just lovely. I didn't know that you could keep a plant that healthy. Just kidding. I'm always kidding, you know that, right..Let's live our lives with the wonderful wisdom of this post in mind. =)

  29. I love the wee folk. =)

    Glad I've finally gotten around to my rounds in the good ol' blogosphere. I've missed it here too. Your blog is a real gem, Gary.

  30. Hi Y'all,

    My Human and I love it when you do the posts on the "wee folk". Those pics look so peaceful.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  31. Oh, I've missed your magic while I've been gone!

  32. Hi Madeleine,
    And such as been our summer that the solar lamps in my garden are on in the daytime? :)

  33. Hi John,
    I appreciate you kindly visiting and a comment is an added bonus from your good self :)
    Quite right, my friend. We should listen to the wee folks and understand that we must, like they do, live in a world of non-judgemental harmony. A world where we respect all living things.
    Cheers, Gary

  34. Hey Heather,
    Indeed, my dear friend, we embrace the same ideals. It's always a source of encouragement having such meaningful conversations with you.
    A world without stigma or labels. What a world that would be. What a world we can realise.
    In peace and respect, Gary

  35. Hi Shanaz,
    The 'wee folks' are singing and dancing to a merry tune in the knowledge that you have left such a lovely comment :)
    We've had plenty of rain, but the lack of sunshine has made me wonder how my garden has stayed so blooming brilliant.
    Well, my kidding type friend, the day we truly all live in world where the vulnerable no longer feel fear, will be the day the wee folks will know their example has truly been understood.
    Thank you, Shanaz.
    Positive and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary :)

  36. Hey LilPixi,
    And the 'wee folks love you:)
    You, my 'electric friend', have been sorely missed in blogland and I'm so glad you have submitted a posting. I shall endeavour to leave a comment on your blog, fairly soon. Welcome back to blogland, eh :)
    And LilPixi, thank you.

  37. Howdy Hawk,
    The 'wee folks' are delighted y'all would come and visit. Y'all sure can see how peaceful they are in them thar photos :)
    See y'all over at your site....

  38. Hi Nancy,
    And a magical welcome back to you. I'm sure it's nice to be back in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest after your adventures down in California with your son:)
    In peace, Gary

  39. What a charming post! Like something out of a Shakespeare comedy. So light and breezy! Congratulations.

  40. Greetings nothingprofound,
    Why thank you kindly for thinking it's a charming post. Much obliged.
    Although no comedic intentions involved within their story, I've no doubt that Mr. Shakespeare would be delighted to see his name mentioned within your thoughtful comment.
    Thanks for the congratulations, my esteemed friend.
    With respect and goodwill, Gary


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