Friday 23 December 2022

The Wee Folks Festive Message, 2022.

Behold.  After a two year absence, it is time for us, the wee folks, to bring to you, once again, the very essence of our positive ideals.

Greetings, tis I, Geoffrey the garden gnome.  The loving husband of Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess and proud father of the boy child, Einahalk.  

And the reason for our two year absence?  We have been looking after our human friend, our human brother, in your big world.  For Gary, over the last two and a half years, has had three major operations.  Our human brother was diagnosed with cancer.  He survived.  Our human brother has had two other major operations that have left him frustrated, scared, desperate.  In fact, since those other operations, he continues to be in extreme pain.  The medical profession, in your big world, have told him there is nothing else they can do. 

That's where us wee folks are playing a vital role in his determination to get better.  For we immerse him in the wonder, the magic, the inspirational love, that we gladly bestow upon our fragile human brother.  He understands.  He willingly embraces our values of an all different, all equal reality.  Despite such relentless pain, he will get better.  For our human brother is truly inspired.  From medical to magical.  

Now, let us inspire you, our human friend in the big world.  We know, since early in the big human year, 2020, that you have been going through a terrible time.  A terrifying time that has seemed relentless.  It might have felt like you were living in some sort of black and white horror film.  The colours, the brilliant colours, may well have become a fleeting memory.   

Come with me, come with us.  We reach out to hold your hand.  We hug you.  No more black and white.  No more gloomy, ominous clouds.  Let the colours of the rainbow absorb into your heart, your soul.  Believe.  Yes, you can sense the dawning of your indisputable awakening.  No more broken wings.  

Ah, a glorious July day in your human year, 2021.  Gary and ourselves lived in a remote English village for a year and a half.  The views are exhilarating.  Note the splashes of colour.  If you look real close, you will see us. 

Beyond the garden.  Out in pastures green.  Poppy, the talking horse, on the left and her friend, Flicker.  We have a spiritual connection with horses.  When you think about it, horses have a spiritual connection with humanity.   

During gentle summer rains, we huddled together in happy contentment.  The sound of rain.  A soothing symphony.  All part of nature's orchestra. 
And on a warm night in the summer of the big human year of 2021, we celebrated the simple joy of watching the glowing solar lamps. 

Soon, very soon, we would drift off to a gentle sleep.  A gentle sleep under a blanket of scented, radiant flowers. 

We now move on.  Due to Gary's ongoing health situation, we packed up from the remote village of Whiston.  Living in such a village, although a place of stunning beauty, we understood that our human brother must start anew.  We all moved back to the quaint English town of Leek in your big human time of September, 2022.  

Here we are indoors.  A gathering of joy, of hope, of love that transcends all boundaries. 

I feel such unbridled joy in the knowledge that my boy child and my wife, love me as I love them. 

In our new home, in Gary's new home, back in Leek, we gathered around the beckoning fireplace.  The festive season is upon us.  Time to reflect.  Time to continue to reach out and show our concern, our caring, our love for you.  For you and all the folks in the big human world.

We miss Penny the Jack Russell dog.  Yet, her spirit will forever live on.  Gary and his son, Tristan, cherish her memory.  Play, Penny Play.  Play with your friends in the fields of freedom on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.        

The sun sets on the sleepy little town of Leek.  Our message to you is simple yet profound.  Celebrate just how remarkable you are.  Stay well clear of those who only look for the bad in you and ignore the good in you.  Celebrate that all different, all equal world you wish to be so. 

The interaction between our world and your world, grows with every passing moment.  With every beat of our hearts, your heart.  

The new beginning is on the horizon.  A fresh, hopeful start.  The big human year of 2023, has almost arrived.  Indeed, together, in determined strength, in unity, we will make this a year of peaceful triumph.  Sense it.  The jubilation.  The colours of the rainbow are returning.