Sunday 27 July 2014

The Garden In Seasons.

In just over a week, I shall be moving to a new home.  A fresh start with new adventures and opportunities.  The garden I leave behind, created out of squalor, truly a legacy of what can be accomplished when your heart tells you so.
An autumn view.  Gazing out the living room window, I marvel at the trees, at the leaves, emblazoned in colourful splendour. 
Autumn and the remnants of summer, blend together in the harmony of change
Penny, beloved Jack Russell dog, watches over proceedings.  Leaves fly about the garden in resplendent whirlpools that whoosh from spot to spot.
The winter.  Layers of snow draped upon the trees.  Noises are muffled as the snow gently drifts and crunches underfoot.
Mr. Snowman smiles.  
The wee folks rejoice as glowing orbs of snow gently float around them.

Penny the snowplough.
Snow and ice-encrusted wind chimes.  Nature's music in the midst of winter.
Spring arrives.  Even the wee folks want to help hang up the laundry. 

The dawn of misty spring morn.
The wee folks getting ready to rake up the excess autumn leaves and mow the spring lawn
A sunny July morning.

A curious fox strolls across the garden.
A late summer's eve as the magical lights doth glow.
Night has descended.
Summer lights on the patio.

In amongst the night time flowers, behold Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess, her husband, Geoffrey the garden gnome and their adorable son, Einahalk. 
With the radiance of a magical lamp, the wee folks gather round to sings songs of peace, of love.

A summer's afternoon.  Penny protects the wee folks.
All is good in Penny's world.

The summer moon.  Like a droplet of light from the leaves.
Looking towards the west.  I stare out into the heavens.  A sense of serenity.

There be wonder in the enchanted garden.  A garden, an oasis, a sanctuary for my thoughts.  Now I shall leave the garden behind.  Memories treasured of what I've done.  Inspiration for the now.  Inspiration for the new adventure in my new home.

I hope to see you there....

Saturday 19 July 2014

Good Morning, Rainbow.

It was just gone five on the Friday morn
A sprinkling of rain welcomed the dawn
The rising sun reflected the rain
The emotions I felt, hard to contain
Solar rays kissed the skies
Filled such colour in my eyes
A rainbow or two
A magical view.
Then came the dream
The rainbow stream
Of flowing thoughts
Of hopeful reports
A symbol of change
Time to arrange
That brand new start
That sings in my heart.

Sunday 13 July 2014

A New Adventure Trail.

I've been in the mood for exploring the local area.  I went to the major park in Leek, Staffordshire, named Brough Park.  I discovered a trail.  Where would the trail lead to?  What might I see?
For the first five minutes I was enclosed by trees and bushes. Then, to the left of me, a lush green landscape was revealed.  
Directly in front of me was the trail that leads to an adventure for another day.
Back to the view on the left.  The sun continues its westward journey.   
The adventure trail for another day.  A blue-tinged pathway of intrigue.
And beyond, way beyond the trees you see above the pond in the previous photos, to the north west, a gently whirling windmill.

I turned back.  Back to my car.  Back to the home that I shall be leaving in early August.  A new adventure trail for my son, for Penny, our beloved, cherished dog.  A new adventure trail for us all.  Each adventure trail, a definition of who we are.

Each of us has a trail, a pathway, that journey.  Sometimes the pathway will have potholes.  Yet, with each pothole, we climb out, we learn, we carry on.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Embraces Horizon.

A short stroll from home.  
A field to roam
The evening glow
Of wonder I know.
The remnants remain of the setting sun
Embraces horizon, emerges as one
The balance of nature speaks to me
I learn to see
No sorrow
A revelation
A destination
The sun will return
A lesson I learn
Beyond the fears
Beyond the tears
There is hope
Together, we cope