Thursday 22 June 2017

The Community Of Humane Humanity.

For the past three weeks, I've started this post, erased the words and started again and again...

I was going to tell you what had transpired in regards to the bursitis in my right elbow.

And another tragedy would happen in Britain.  Yes, Britain, "this green and pleasant land".  A land tested and tormented to an insidious breaking point.  I'd start to type again and another tragedy would befall this beleaguered, fragile land.

Each heartbreaking incident has deeply impacted ever fibre of my emotional being.  Floods of tears have cascaded down my cheeks.

So much pain. Some perpetrated by acts of terror. And then there was the horror of the apartment tower.  

It made the physical pain I'd experienced, for just over eight months, pale into insignificance.  Yes, through the passage of time, a further evaluation by my doctor, it has turned out that I will not be needing surgery.  My right elbow is almost back to normal.

My elbow situation is but a sideline issue in regards to the overall ethos of this post.

For through each tragedy I've witnessed, there has been a tangible sense of a real, loving community. A gathering of humanity.  All united in a solidarity that gives them, gives you, gives me hope through the hell.  People from all walks of life, the rich, the poor, the black, the white, the Muslim, the Christian, the Jew, the atheist and the agnostic, embracing, crying together, being there for each other in a peaceful defiance to what could, but never will, tear us apart.

All different.  All equal. We must not let hatred, through ignorance, breed further hatred and ignorance.  Let us celebrate humanity's diversity.  Let us learn from each other, in peace, in love.

Extremism, in all its ugly forms, will never, ever defeat us.