Tuesday 12 July 2016

Not A Pawlitical Pawst.

Hi there, yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!  Once again, I'm taking over this blog site because my human dad, Gary, can't be arsed, is still really lethargic when it comes to putting up a blog pawst. I shall do my very best to come and visit your blog.

A whole bunch of pawlitical stuff has been happening over the last few weeks in the UK.  A lot can happen in a week in pawlitics.  Lately, it seems a lot can happen in five minutes in pawlitics. It's all very distressing and worrying.  Thus, my human friend, this is not a pawlitical pawst.  Not even any mention of a pawed pawlitical announcement.

I want to tell you a heartening, pawsitive story. My human brother, Tristan, went on a week's holiday to Cyprus with his partner, Sue.  Tristan asked his dad, my human dad, Gary, if he could water their garden plants while they were away.

Behold, a couple of hanging baskets in their garden!

Of course, this being the British summer, the slightly warmer part of the British winter, my human dad, Gary, only had to water the plants once during the week Tristan and Sue were away in Cyprus. Yes indeed, it rained almost the entire time they were away.  He went over there when the rain had eased off to a torrential downpour....

I recall when Gary used to have a really beautiful garden.  He'd ask Tristan if he would like to help with the gardening.  "You must be kidding!", would be Tristan's response.  

Now Tristan just loves a bit of gardening and is so proud of how well his flowers are turning out.  He was thrilled that dad took some photos.  Sue is such a calming, pawsitive influence on Tristan.