Monday 31 March 2014

The Alphabark Challenge, 2014!

Here, have a smooch 
From this lovable pooch
No A to Zed
It fills me with dread
So mark
And hark
Here's the Alphabark!
"A" if for "Arf!"
I'm having a laugh
"B" if for "Bark"
Sometimes I snark
"C" is for "Chihuahua"
Hello, how are ya? 
"D" is for "Dog"
A pawblished blog
"E" is for "eekPawblishing"
If that's your thing
"F" is for "Feline"
Having a whine
"G" is for "Gary"
How very scary
"H" is for "Howl"
Without a scowl
"I" is for "Insect"
A bug I detect
"J" is for "Jack Russell"
The dogs that hustle
"K" is for "Klahanie"
Pawmoting I see
"L" is for "Loon"
A Canadian tune
"M" is for "Metrosexual"
Such a transport ball 
On all things Metro
Didn't you know.

Halfway through 
Just for you
The Alphabark Challenge
My friendly revenge.

Friday 28 March 2014

Google! What Are You Doing?

A number of us having been experiencing problems signing in to Google Friend Connect.  I have been having this issue for nearly three weeks and of course, Google cannot be bothered to respond to this issue.  When you try to sign in, follow or even unfollow a blog, you may have been getting this message, "We're sorry...
We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later." 

I have noticed a workaround for this issue within a Google Forum. It takes me about two to three attempts, but I have been able to follow back a couple of bloggers who linked into my site almost three weeks ago.

Go to your Dashboard.  Where you see your Reading list.  Click on "Add".  
This will take you to the above option.  Go to the blog you wish to follow.  Copy and paste their URL into the space for adding the URL.  Then click on "Follow."  Up at the top middle of your page you will note the word "saving".  You might then get the following message, "You are already following the maximum number of Blogs (300). Unfollow some other blogs first"  Of course, if you cannot sign in, how could you unfollow.  I repeated the "follow" over again if I got the above message and it then worked.  You should then be able to go to the other site and see your picture icon on their blog.

I appreciate this is a ridiculous workaround to the Google Friend Connect issue.  Google have been totally disrespectful in not addressing this issue.  If you have been having this problem, good luck.  I hope this works for you. 

You may well have noticed you cannot comment on this posting.  I should of mentioned that I switched off comments so I could try to catch up commenting on other blogs.  Sorry for any confusion.  I think I'll just blame Google.  

Friday 21 March 2014

Blog Fests And More Jests!

I want to thank Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar for taking over the blog while I've been having strange dreams about the alphabet in reverse.

Penny has got me to thinking.  Yes, I've been known to occasionally think.  I realise that a number of bloggers are engrossed with all things relating to blog hops, blog fests, blog tours and a bizarre fascination with the 26 letter alphabet.

Thus, once again, I offer you some more blog hoppety suggestions.  Do with them as you wish.

How about a blog hippety hoppety for the animals in our lives?  No, I'm not referring to your partner, if you have one.  Of course, I'm referring to this.
Yes indeedy do, a blog hop dedicated to just how much our loving animal family members mean to us.  You might adore an aardvark.  You may be blessed by a bulldog.  Perhaps, you're charmed by a cat!  And logistics aside, you might even have zeal for a zebra.  Yes, note the A to Z alert!
This would be a blog fest where we go and leave the comment, "Great Post!  Thanks for Sharing!", to those drive-by bloggers who leave the comment on our sites that states, "Great Post!  Thanks for Sharing!"
You could really get into the flow with this one.  Think of all those times you let out a sneaky fart and tried to blame the dog.  Or the time you thought it was going to be a safe fart and you got a bit of a surprise.  Remember how you then tried to dash to the toilet hoping the folks at the biggest posh social event of the year hadn't noticed your unfortunate accident.  You might even mention the time you let one rip in the elevator and got out on the next floor, leaving those still inside to ponder and give suspicious looks to their fellow elevator passengers.  

A fun-filled, flatulence festival for fascinating, finicky, forthright, frenzied, frantic functions. 

Please try to keep, "The Fart Fest Blog Hop", fairly short.  A maximum of 300 turds, um words.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Alphabet "L"!

 "Z - Y - X - W - V - U - T

S - R - Q - P - O - N - M - L - K

J - I - H - G - F  and E

D - C - B  and A

Now I know my Z - Y - X's

Wont you sing this song of perplexes......"

"Gary!  Wake up, human!"  "Huh!  What happened, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar?"  "Gary, you were dreaming about the alphabet, but you were mumbling it backwards!"

"Oh yeah, now I remember, Penny......I dreamt I was in alphabet hell!"  
"I recall wandering into "The Alphabet Store." in Leek, Staffordshire.  In the store were a bunch of bloggers frantically searching for ideas for the "A to Z Challenge" that starts on April Fool's Day.  Suddenly, the group of bloggers noted me, Penny.  Like a frenzied mob, they started chucking letters of the alphabet at me.  Somebody yelled, "Take that, A!" I got buzzed by a bee, I mean "B".  I didn't see the "C" which conked me on the cranium.  I dodged the letter "D".  By the end of the alphabet onslaught, I managed to catch a few Zeds or Zees....."
"I thought the dream had ended, Penny. Then I drifted into the land of "O".  O no, I thought!   At least we've got the alphabet dream down to just one letter.  Uh oh, SpaghettiOs!"
"Penny!  Then the dream got much worse..."

Even though my human and I would never um dream of doing the A to Z Challenge, just to be ironic, here is the link for you if you're contemplating joining the challenge, Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2014)

My human, Gary, has gone back to sleep.  Probably catching a few more Zeds or Zees......

Friday 7 March 2014

Penny's Pawsitive Pawlitics.

Gary asked me to write this blog
He seems to be in a bit of a fog
He's wanted to write
About his plight
Assessments galore
More and more
Had a face to face
At our place
 Wont leave him be
The stress I see
Punish him for being ill
They seem to get a sadistic thrill
So in bed he lays
 Some kind of daze
Yet beyond the haze
I know he'll see much better days.
A warning to the British regime
We have a dream
Animals will rule
That will be cool
No more corruption
Causing disruption
In the hearts of the poor
We even the score
A revolution
We will be free
You will see
Houses of Pawliament
We will be sent
On peaceful missions
Without the tricks
I'm the next Paw Minister
Nothing sinister
The fashion
Love the passion.

Saturday 1 March 2014

A Premium Bond.

I've been completely overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I received in such profound ways on my last posting.  I'm deeply grateful.  Such response is clear demonstration of the caring, sharing ideals we embrace.

Ideals that reinforce the determination to make real change in our world.  Those who would have the audacity to try and suppress, only make us stronger.

For the past four years I've been one of many victims in Britain.  Situations, no matter where you live, you might relate to.  The vulnerable, the sick, the disabled, the mentally ill, have been targeted by a ruthless British government.  They have done their utmost to be positive energy saboteurs.  This, with the new awareness of their evil, will cause their despicable actions to be remembered at the next general election.

I dream of a world where compassion replaces corruption.  Compassion is not a weakness, but a beautiful strength.

We have a premium bond.  We bond together in this new hope.  A premium bond that will pay dividends to our children.  A legacy of looking after this fragile planet, our fragile people and our fragile wildlife.
Friday evening.  February 28.  Sunset over Leek Library. The Nicholson Institute.