Saturday 31 May 2014

Two Billion Dollars.

We get a lot of American news in Britain.  I'm very aware of the National Basketball Association, the NBA and lately, the situation with the Los Angeles Clippers.  I also recall how upset I was when the Vancouver Grizzlies moved to Memphis and the Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder.  If you're not aware of the story in regards to the Clippers, further info can be found here : Steve Ballmer buys LA Clippers.

The LA Clippers were put up for sale when the NBA banned the owner, Donald Sterling, for life due to racist remarks he made in a recorded conversation.

Former Microsoft chief executive, Steve Ballmer, has purchased the Los Angeles Clippers for two billion US dollars.  Considering that Donald Sterling bought the Clippers for twelve and a half million US dollars in 1981, which were then located in San Diego, that's one hell of a mark up price.

This got me to thinking what would I do if I had two billion dollars.  Obviously, I cannot buy the LA Clippers.  Maybe I could go buy the Memphis Grizzlies and return them to Vancouver.  Seems only right. After all, basketball was invented by a Canadian named, James Naismith.

Now then, what would I really do with two billion dollars?  I would donate it to charities to look after the homeless, the rough sleepers, many of them veterans who returned to their countries only to be neglected. Veterans suffering on the streets with the hell that is their memories.  I would give money to help create work and give those most underprivileged the opportunity to sense the self-esteem they crave.  I would forward on money to causes that are trying to eradicate puppy mills aka puppy farms.  Yes, I would give it all away.  The thought of the dying child given the chance to live a life of dignity, a gift from my heart.

Our governments are accountable and they should be actively leading by example that compassion, not corruption, is the way forward.  Then again, our governments are too busy sticking their greedy snouts in the public trough.   Will their immoral outrage ever end?   Probably not as they target the most vulnerable in society to pay for the blunders of the incompetent fortunate.

Two billion dollars spent in an act of anonymous altruism.  I would sleep well in the knowledge that I tried to make a difference.  Peace of mind is priceless.

What would you do with two billion dollars?

Saturday 24 May 2014

The Moon, Sponsored By....

Have you heard about this announcement?  Japan, in a joint venture with Singapore and the USA, is set to launch a powdered can of sports drink with the rather different name, "Pocari Sweat", to the moon by October, 2015.

Because I can't be arsed to go into detail, I'll let the video below sort of explain what the heck is planned.  And yes, to update this post, I think people on our planet should be concentrating on helping out our most vulnerable in society.  
Are you over the moon, or maybe on the moon with this marketing strategy?  What do you think about placing advertising on the moon?  Think of the possibilities. You might get your own blogging rocket and set up a billboard on the moon.  A billboard announcing your latest blog hop, blog fest, a link to your blog, your latest cover reveal, your most recent book, your book's blog tour or maybe have a really big bold billboard making mention of some alphabet challenge.  It would also be highly recommended that your billboard is not located on the dark side of the moon.  

Why stop there?  You may or may not ask.  An enormous Mars chocolate bar on Mars.  One chomp out of that chocolate-coated crap and the Martians will be so sick they wont bother invading planet Earth. You might say why would they want to invade planet Earth.  A very good question.
This is Uranus.  Complete with rings around Uranus.  Uranus is one of the "gas giants" in the Solar System.  

Here's a possible advertising billboard on Uranus.  

Sunday 18 May 2014

Awards, Links And Questions, Questions, At The End.

Way back when, back on February 27 and back on March 3 of this year, I received the following award, the, "Dragon's Loyalty Award", from these two lovely ladies, Bish and Tina.
Okay, let's go over the um, rules.

Rule number one :   Display the award on your blog.
Rule number two :   Announce the award with a post and thank the blogger(s)
Rule number three : Present the award to some other bloggers.
Rule number four :   Dazzle anybody who might read your blog with seven incredibly interesting things about yourself.
Rule number five :    Break the rules.

There is one rule that states I should pass this award onto a whole bunch of bloggers.  Once again, I don't feel right forwarding on awards any more.  It does cause dilemmas and I don't want to publish this and then think, why didn't I include that blogger.

I will, however, try to dazzle you with seven incredibly interesting things about myself.

1.  I've run out of incredibly interesting things to say about myself.  Hard to believe, I know.

I want to thank Bish, who can be found here : Random Thoughts, for passing on this award to my shy, humble self.  Bish also has a book out titled : Anansi and Company: Retold Jamaican Tales, which you can check out at the link that's at the beginning of this sentence.

And thank you, Tina.  Tina has a wonderful, varied blog.   Not only that, she's one heck of kind, caring lady. We have a lot of good natured banter for which I'm grateful.  Tina's blog can be discovered here : Life is Good.

Thanks again, both you lovely ladies.
Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar and I, her favourite fictional human, received the above "Bonefied Blogger Award" from that adorable duo, Sir Poops and Hair Ball.  Those two fluffy bundles of doggy joy said such nice things about Penny and I.  We were truly honoured to be recognised.

Penny, before she went for yet another well deserved doggy nap, asked me to pass on a special message to Hair Ball.  "Hair Ball, you are one hot dog and I reckon we should go for a sniff around in your garden.  If you know what I mean!  xx"  So there you go, a message from Penny :)

You can check out Sir Poops and Hair Ball, right here : Two Fur-Peeps and A Writer You can also check out their human Mummsy, Shelly, at this site : Secondhand Shoes, A Novel

Thanks again to Bish, Tina, Sir Poops, Hair Ball and Shelly.

Some extra news!

You may have wondered where Eve Gaal's blog is. The site you might be familiar with, "The Desert Rocks" has been replaced by this site : Intangible Hearts.  I know Eve would love you to visit her site.  Eve also has a book titled, "Penniless Hearts."  You can get further info about her book, here Penniless Hearts

I also want to make further note of where Delores' blog is now.  Her blog can be found right here : Under The Porch Light

And for your consideration, here are some blogs I wish to bring further awareness.

Rob at : The Slightly Eccentric Diary of Rob Z Tobor...  Rob, sometimes zany, sometimes surreal, sometimes serious.  Rob is still doing that alphabet challenge I wont mention.  Well, sort of doing it.

DAVID at : Blah Blah Blah Yackity Smackity, does a most informative blog, complete with upcoming movies.  He also seems to rather like Dr. Who.

"Lotta Joy" at :  WITLESS RELOCATION PROGRAM, is somebody I'm guilty of not visiting as much lately.  I got caught in a commenting loop.  I will rectify that.  Lotta Joy also has a book out which you can have a check of here Treadwell.

Then we have our good friend at this blog : The Blue Grumpster. . .well usually.  I like this blog a lot. Never know what next Blue shall present you with.  A clever, witty, thoughtful blogger.  If you have a moment, would you please check him out.

To conclude, I make mention of Julia Hones, who can be found at this blog :  My writing life.  Julia is very comprehensive in her writing.  Her knowledge, her research, is most obvious.  Julia also does poetry which is most assuredly thought provoking.

Good grief!  This posting is way longer than my usual postings.  If you skipped down to here, I shall ask you some questions.  Know anybody else who asks questions at the end of a post?   Hey, that's another question!

Checking out Bish and Tina?
Friends of Sir Poops, Hair Ball and Shelly?
Going to visit Eve's newer blog?
Gonna' find your way to Delores', Under The Porch Light, site?
See what Rob is so Slightly Eccentric about?
Check and see if DAVID is in a Tardis along with his Blah Blah Blah.....?
See what a lotta joy, Lotta Joy is?
Have a visit with the Blue Grumpster?
Time for a nice visit to Julia's blog?
Do you eat chips with your fingers or do you eat them separately?

Sunday 11 May 2014

BlogAir: The Mystery Flight.

When I got an email from BlogAir, the blogger's favourite airline, offering a free mystery flight, I couldn't resist.  Never mind some amazing alphabet challenge road trip, which can be found here: Who's Ready for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip? The A to Z., this would be an air trip! 

I received my free ticket and boarding pass in the post.  With great anticipation, I headed off to Upper Lower Piggy Bottom International Airport.  I checked in with only my carry-on luggage as stipulated.  No extra baggage required.  "Passengers for BlogAir mystery flight, please head to boarding gate one." stated the male voice over the loudspeaker.  Considering Upper Lower Piggy Bottom International Airport only has one boarding gate, it was easy to find.

I sat in my allocated seat by the window.  Predictably, my window seat had a great view of just the wing.  Somehow, seeing a wing put me at ease.  I was so hoping that somebody on the other side of the plane could also see a wing out their window.  

I started talking to the lady sitting beside me.  "Are you excited about this mystery flight?" I asked her. "Oh yes!  I surely am! 
Being on this mystery flight has given me some inspiration for April Fool's Day, 2015 and the entire month of April, 2015" she replied. "Really?  Dare I ask what that means?" I stated.

Then she started rambling on and on and on....

"A is for Airplane!
B is for BlogAir!
C is for Cabin Crew!
D is for Delta Airlines!
E is for easyJet!
F is for Fairchild FC-1, a braced-wing monoplane, circa 1926!
G is for......"

"What are you doing?" I asked.  "Just getting ready for next year's A to Z!" she responded.

BlogAir mystery flight went to several airports.  Finally, the plane was full.  I sat there and listened to a cacophony of confusing chatter.  A whole plane load of people mumbling on about the letters of the alphabet.  Time to put on the complimentary headphones.  Oh no, the alphabet song is playing over and over and over again, on the complimentary headphones...
"Attention please!  This is your pawlet speaking.  Penny the pawlet. On behalf on the entire crew, we hope you've enjoyed the BlogAir mystery flight.  We'll be landing at Blogbank International Airport within the next thirty minutes.  Thank you for flying BlogAir, the blogger's favourite airline."

We proceeded through customs at Blogbank International Airport. From there we were directed onto buses that would take us to our final mystery destination.

We entered a gigantic convention centre about a ten minute ride from the airport.  We all settled down in our seats.  Everybody around me was still ranting and raving about the alphabet!  Make it STOP!!!

A hushed silence and amazement came over the alphabet audience. Up on the stage was Penny the pawlet now addressing us as her alter ego, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

"Welcome my friends and thank you for being a part of the mystery which now will be revealed.  Welcome to "The Alphabark Challenge, 2014!" tribute ceremonies."   .

Wednesday 7 May 2014

A River, Live-Streaming To You.

It gives Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar and I, great pleasure in helping with the announcement of River Fairchild's latest book release.  It's official release was May 5, which means, it's out right now.  Actually, below this picture of the book cover, it states its out now! 

A Dragon’s Lament, book 2 of the Jewels of Chandra series is out now!


Magic is real. So is betrayal.

David enters the Fire Kingdom and events shift from bad to worse. He learns a shocking truth about the dragons, a truth destined to block his efforts to retrieve the lost magic of Shaylar from the ruling Council. After a cave-in and injuries force a rescue, David finds himself more isolated than before as personal concerns scatter his trusted advisors and the wizard who led him there abandons him.

The head of the dragon Council negotiates separate deals with both David and his father, sowing further discord between them. David's close friend, Lothan, disappears into the caves and doesn't return. A group of dissidents kidnap Wilks, the child empath David is sworn to protect. With no options left, he accepts the Council's demands to help them in their centuries-old conflict, risking a war which might kill them all.

Even if David manages to win, there's no guarantee the dragons will let him leave the region alive. They don't want the Kingdom of Shaylar to rise again and will stop at nothing to see it remain a pile of dust.


River Fairchild is somewhat odd, brandishes a dry sense of humor, owned by several cats. Lives in a fantasy world. A fabricator of magic. Makes stuff up and spins tales about it. Believes in Faerie crossings and never staying in one place for very long. Speculative Fiction wordsmith. The secret to her stories? Spread lies, blend in truths, add a pinch of snark and a dash of tears. Escape into her world. She left the porch light on so you can find your way down the rabbit hole.


Purchase Links :

Amazon US   A Dragon's Lament (Jewels of Chandra)

Amazon UK   A Dragon's Lament (Jewels of Chandra)

Smashwords  Smashwords Reviews-A Dragon's Lament (Jewels of Chandra)

Barnes &Noble  Barnes & Noble-A Dragon's Lament, Jewels of Chandra series, book 2

Apple Store  Apple Store :A Dragon's Lament, Jewels of Chandra series, book 2

Other links can be found at: Seasoned with Words: Books

Also available in paperback

River can also be discovered here :

Blog : Seasoned with Words

Hey River, much success with your latest book.  Kind regards, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!  And not forgetting kind regards from me, Gary :)

Friday 2 May 2014

The Alphabark Challenge, 2014! Reflection Pawst.

"A" if for "Arf!"
I'm having a laugh

"B" if for "Bark"
Sometimes I snark

"C" is for "Chihuahua"
Hello, how are ya? 

"D" is for "Dog"
A pawblished blog

"E" is for "eekPawblishing"
If that's your thing

"F" is for "Feline"
Having a whine

"G" is for "Gary"
How very scary

"H" is for "Howl"
Without a scowl

"I" is for "Insect"
A bug I detect

"J" is for "Jack Russell"
The dogs that hustle

"K" is for "Klahanie"
Pawmoting I see

"L" is for "Loon"
A Canadian tune

"M" is for "Metrosexual"
Such a transport ball 
On all things Metro
Didn't you know.

"N" is for "Noodles"
Oodles of noodles
You stick them in water
Just like you ought ta
And what have you got
One silly noodle stuck to the pot

"O" is for "Ogopogo"
Way to go, go, go
Canadian lake creature
Is what we feature
Ogopogo can kick Nessie's rear
Take that, you Loch Ness dear

"P" is for "Poodle"
Which rhymes with noodle
Doggy jumps through hoops
And you scoop its poops

"Q" is for "Query"
Hi pawblisher, deary

"R" is for "Rivet"
Don't you forget
The noise of a frog
Over there on a log
There you go
I toad you so

"S" is for "Sasquatch"
Go have a watch
Don't say, "Big Foot"
Or you might be kaput

"T" is for "Toadstool"
How very cool
No, not that load
Not a stool from a toad

"U" is for "Unread"
Start over, instead

"V" is for "Vacuum" 
Instead of a broom
Knowing my luck
My vacuum wont suck

"W" is for "Weird"
Oh, how they cheered
For the Alphabark
That's having a lark
Not lark as in bird
Haven't you heard

"X" is for "Xerox"
Photocopy your cocks
Place your butt on the screen
How very obscene

"Y" is for "Y am I doing this?"
Am I taking the p**s?
Look below
And you will know

"Z" is for "Zest"
My good-natured jest
I did this with Zeal
How do you feel? 

The above, a recap
That makes you clap.

Sadly, my friend
We've come to the end
That sums it up
From this lovable pup
Just one last thing
I do bring.
The reflection pawst
From your cordial host
The Alphabark Challenge
My friendly revenge.