Friday 27 May 2016

Blogger Interview With My Alleged Human....

Hi there, yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

This is the fastest pawst I ever pawsted.  I've noted that my human dad, Gary, has been interviewed over at the adorable human, Chrys Fey's, must read blog site.  I wonder what he's been rambling and ranting on about?  Please, if you haven't already visited her site, be gentle with any comment you leave.

Thanks and here is the link to Chrys' site :

Blogger Interview with Penny's Alleged Human, Gary aka "klahanie"

Pawsitive wishes,


Tuesday 10 May 2016

The Alphabark Challenge, 2016! And Then Some!

Hi there, yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!  I do understand that you've been waiting and waiting and waiting, to the point of uncontrollable frenzy.  Yes, that's correct, you've be dreaming of that alternate challenge to that A to Z thingy. Then again, maybe you got so mired in the alphabet, that everything you see and do now relates to the alphabet.  You might need an alphabet detox!

I do realise that I was going to put up this pawsting on May 1.  The situation is such that my human, Gary, being so dog-tired, has needed my constant attention.  I do worry about my human dad.  I was going to pawblish something brand new.  Instead, I'm going to cheat because I need to keep looking after Gary.  So here goes with a past pawst and then some! 

"A" if for "Arf!"
I'm having a laugh

"B" if for "Bark"
Sometimes I snark

"C" is for "Chihuahua"
Hello, how are ya? 

"D" is for "Dog"
A pawblished blog

"E" is for "eekPawblishing"
If that's your thing

"F" is for "Feline"
Having a whine

"G" is for "Gary"
How very scary

"H" is for "Howl"
Without a scowl

"I" is for "Insect"
A bug I detect

"J" is for "Jack Russell"
The dogs that hustle

"K" is for "Klahanie"
Pawmoting I see

"L" is for "Loon"
A Canadian tune

"M" is for "Metrosexual"
Such a transport ball 
On all things Metro
Didn't you know.

"N" is for "Noodles"
Oodles of noodles
You stick them in water
Just like you ought ta
And what have you got
One silly noodle stuck to the pot

"O" is for "Ogopogo"
Way to go, go, go
Canadian lake creature
Is what we feature
Ogopogo can kick Nessie's rear
Take that, you Loch Ness dear

"P" is for "Poodle"
Which rhymes with noodle
Doggy jumps through hoops
And you scoop its poops

"Q" is for "Query"
Hi pawblisher, deary

"R" is for "Rivet"
Don't you forget
The noise of a frog
Over there on a log
There you go
I toad you so

"S" is for "Sasquatch"
Go have a watch
Don't say, "Big Foot"
Or you might be kaput

"T" is for "Toadstool"
How very cool
No, not that load
Not a stool from a toad

"U" is for "Unread"
Start over, instead

"V" is for "Vacuum" 
Instead of a broom
Knowing my luck
My vacuum wont suck

"W" is for "Weird"
Oh, how they cheered
For the Alphabark
That's having a lark
Not lark as in bird
Haven't you heard

"X" is for "Xerox"
Photocopy your cocks
Place your butt on the screen
How very obscene

"Y" is for "Y am I doing this?"
Am I taking the p**s?
Look below
And you will know

"Z" is for "Zest"
My good-natured jest
I did this with Zeal
How do you feel? 

The above, a recap
That makes you clap.

Sadly, my friend
We've come to the end
That sums it up
From this lovable pup
Just one last thing
I do bring.

 Not quite the end
My human friend
If you did the alphabet
Without regret
Well done to you
This be true
Yes, the A to Zed
Something I dread
Or pawhaps the A to Zee
If you're a Yankee
Seriously though
What do you know
I nearly pawmoted
Duly noted
The alternative to the alphabark
Oh no, it's back to snark! 
Here you go
To end the show
A rufflections pawst
From your lovable host!