Thursday, 25 August 2011

Are Friends Electric?

"You know I hate to ask...but are friends electric?"   You might be familiar with that song, "Are Friends Electric", by Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army, which came out in the summer of 1979.   The song got me  thinking about my friends out there on "Electric Avenue".
Some might take a scientific view of whether friends are indeed electric.  You know, the kind that touch you on a cold winter's day and give you a bit of zap.  Talk about your friends giving you static.
I know, ohm my god, watt am I talking about?  Does it have anything to do with 'current' affairs?  Well, in a way, it does have to do with the current and the flow of electricity that drives my computer.  It has everything to do with the comfort I receive from those I have gotten to know out there in the vast and varied world that lies beyond the glow of my screen.
I am but one man, who through a series of sad, heartbreaking and traumatic events, woke up one day and found himself to be a lonely, isolated recluse.  A scared man, barely coping, barely functioning.  So, what keeps me going?  What determines I face another day with renewed determination?  It's the love I have for my son and for our precious dog.  It's the overwhelming kindness and compassion I have been graced with from comments and emails.   Ah yes, my electric friends.  Friends on the other side.  The other side of my computer screen, who reach out, and for those few precious moments, I am no longer alone.  Thank you.


  1. Oh yes, friends are electric. They are a power, they give light and warmth... they also fail sometimes, and when they're back up you're relieved and excited. Yes, I'd say they are electric. Thank you for staying current.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Indeed, sometimes they short circuit and blow a fuse. And then there are times they have a power surge and light up our lives :)
    Thank you for you current comment.
    Or as the 'electric' monk chanted...'ohm....'

  3. Hi Y'all,

    I love the way you give new vision to humans and their lives. You and Penny show new insight into what would be a boring everyday force. My Human and I take the end result for granted all too often.

    Thank you,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Gary, you are KING of puns!! Friends are definitely electric...unfortunately, some folks who you thought were "friends" end up causing you to short circuit or blow a fuse, thereby causing them to fall out of the friend circle - so your analogy works well both ways! And I definitely think that the reason you have found so much kindness and support is because that is what YOU give to other people. In short, you're GOOD PEOPLE!!! And I sincerely hope that things turn around for your son - been watching the news and seeing the state of affairs in the UK regarding unemployment - and man, that has got to be a tough road for your son to negotiate. He's lucky he's got you for his dad. Best to you both!

  5. Dear Gary,
    Now, don't get me going. When I read your post, a single, solitary tear did drip down my (even if I say so myself) rather handsome face, somehow emblematic of the loneliness, and yet also joy, that I feel sometimes myself when receiving kind comments on my own blog.
    All I can say is, then, that I empathise with both your situation, and your gratitude at having friends like me to make you feel, erm, all warm inside.
    From your eclectic, intellectual giant of a friend,

  6. Howdy Hawk aka BrownDog,
    We, Penny and I, thank you kindly for your thoughtful comment. We are touched and honoured by the interaction that we share.
    A big thanks to you and your human.
    In kindness and a positive light, your way, Gary

  7. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks, my dear friend. Ah yes, a bit of AC/DC analogy.
    I do try my very best to be interactive and be of comfort and support to others. And for sure, in turn, I have been blessed with the interaction that comes from good folks such as your kind self.
    Lately, due to my worries over my son, I've been rather out of the loop. Thanks for your wishes for my son and for me. Like so many places, we are experiencing a brutal economy dictated by ruthless, immoral and hypocritical pricks. In fact, speaking of electricity, there's a few politicians who need an electric prod shoved up their smug asses!
    Thank you Michelle.
    In peace and goodwill, your way, Gary

  8. Dear David,
    And my eclectic, electric friend, who I also have the sheer delight of knowing in 3D reality, I know how much it warms your heaving heart to receive well deserved accolades on your wondrous, thought provoking, complete with big words that most mere mortals have never heard of, site.
    I knew you would understand this rather hastily typed out posting. So hastily typed, I'm not even sure what I wrote about. Was it any good, I wonder...
    David, no words could ever fittingly describe the outrageous joy, that I, so unworthy of knowing you, feel.
    Kind regards and and army of tubes, your way, Gary

  9. My virtual friends have come to mean a lot to me too isn't a day without them. Fire up the computers, let the sparks fall where they may.

  10. I have lots of electric friends. This was a cool post and I like the ideas behind it. More than just being electric...that they also energize you.

  11. Hello Gary:
    It is very, very true that, unlikely though it may seem, one does build real friendships through the blogosphere which do have the capacity both to endure and progress. We have found, as you must have done also, that whilst one reads and comments on some blogs there is, for whatever reason, never any more than that whilst on others, and these are a large majority, one really does develop a personal relationship. These relationships are, in our opinion, to be highly valued.

    As one becomes older, one does realise the importance of people in life and great kindness can come from all manner of different directions. Whilst coping with leukaemia and the treatment of this most alarming of illnesses, we have been so very touched by the very generous expressions of kindess which we have received not only from friends we have who we see, but also from so many in the blogosphere. They are a great comfort.

    So, Gary, be true to yourself. You have your son, your dog and countless friends and followers who value you for what you are and for the insight which you give onto life and which in turn enriches the lives of those around you.

  12. Hello Gary,

    You are my new electric friend :-)

  13. I think I would be lost without my electric friends. With positive thoughts for your son and yourself x

  14. Electric friends light up my life, always put a shine on my step and bring brightness to all the dark corners!

    Yay! Hugs to Penny and hope your son is ok! Take care

  15. Hi Gary,

    I definitely get a positive charge from the bright energy that emanates from your writing!

    You are a genuinely kind and giving person, as well as a poignant writer with a gift for word play. Let your light keep shining brightly. Even when the electricity shorts out on your computer, you are not alone.

  16. Electric friends are there to energise you and in turn you energise them. You are the spark that lights the world around you. Our energy burns from your inspiration and it is a continuous loop of electric energy, so we inspire one another. :O)

  17. Hi Gary .. great way of putting it - so wonderful to get to know you .. and I feel that I've seen the change. Brilliant your son keeps you inspired, creatively busy and happy to share life .. now Penny is another matter - she lives for everyone.

    As you say electric friends are great aren't they .. in fact they've done more for me in the last four years than family or friends have done!

    There's certainly a 'light up your life' aspect to blogging .. even if we occasionally unplug - by design, fault or sheer stupidity regretfully in my case sometimes!

    Cheers - enjoy the bank holiday if the rain stops sometime soon!! Hilary

  18. Yes, friends are electric. Thank God! You've made a difference in your son's life, in penny's life, and I dare say mamy many others. I know I'm always anxious to read your posts and come away feeling lighter, brighter, or just plain better. Thanks, dear friend.

  19. Hey Delores,
    My virtual friends have been the electronic tonic that has helped keep me going :)
    Take it easy, eh

  20. Hi Michael,
    For sure, the energy we receive from each other creates a positive circuit of unity and genuine caring.
    Thank you, my electric friend.
    In kindness, Gary

  21. Hello Jane and Lance,
    Thank you for your heartfelt and very candid comment.
    Yes, just like you two, I have, over the course of my blogging, built up some very special relationships that have had a profound impact on my over all sense of better well being for all concerned. I value, sincerely, those that I interact with. In fact, I have got to know kind, decent folks from all walks of life and cultures. This electrical communication, I honestly believe is bringing a new awareness, a new appreciation for our brothers and sisters out there in the great blogging community. We are learning from each other and that can be a most powerful resource for the betterment of us all.
    My dear new friends, electric and beyond, I had no idea that you've been coping with the alarming and debilitating illness of leukaemia. I applaud you for, despite this, finding the resolve to delight with your superb articulation on your site. It's inspiring and touching that you have received such support from not only your friends, but your friends who cheer you on from the other side of your computer screen. You have my utmost respect.
    I always strive to be true to myself. Right from day one of my blog, my goal, my ideal, was to be a part of something I knew was going to be of positive consequence in my life. I try to convey positivity, support, caring and encouragement. In turn, I have been blessed with overwhelming positivity, support, caring and encouragement. My dear friends, we are all in this together, sharing and caring, making this a better world.
    With peaceful and respectful thoughts, your way, Gary

  22. Hello annieoatcake,
    I'm most grateful for that. I was moved by that profound video you posted up on your lovely site.
    And speaking of oatcakes, I live in Staffordshire, where the mighty oatcake is a part of the culture.
    Delighted to make your acquaintance, my new electric friend :)
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary

  23. Hi Teresa,
    I know I'd be lost without the positive interaction of decent people such as your good self.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am truly grateful.
    With much respect, Gary

  24. Hey Old Kitty,
    For sure, electric friends light up my life and apparently, Debbie Boone's :)
    And, my lovely electrical friend, kind 'cats' such as you, brighten up my life.
    I have passed on your hug to a rather confused looking Penny :) My son is resilient and I stay positive for him. Thank you for your kind wishes.
    Hope you and Charlie have a brilliant long weekend, eh.
    All the best, Gary

  25. Hi THE SNEE,
    Thanks Rebecca, that's very nice of you to say. I always get some positive delight from your zany satire postings :)
    I'm very heartened by what you have noted. Of course, I have the great honour of getting to know the thoroughly kind and decent lady that writes THE SNEE. The interaction and the encouragement we share has been a most thoughtful and profound experience. And you know, just like me, you are never alone. Long may this circuit of genuine friendship, continue.
    Hope you and your loved ones have a most peaceful weekend.
    In kindness and some British light bulbs, your way, Gary :)

  26. Hi Madeleine,
    Quite right and in its own way, my posting is along the theme of your last posting. Our circuits, within circuits of friendship and support, generates the positive spark that charges each of our lives.
    Long may we continue to inspire each other and embrace the ideals of a more compassionate world. Thanks Madeleine.
    With respect and goodwill, your way, Gary

  27. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks and its been a delightful and informative time getting to know your kind self.
    My son has been the dominant focus in my life. Even more so, during the last two years, when he needs me to be there for him and give him all the love, strength and encouragement I can muster. His resilience during these awful times, has inspired me. Penny, bless her, the true star of this blog, is clear demonstration of non-judgemental love to all of us.
    If it wasn't for the spark of hope that is transmitted from my electric friends, I'm not sure if I could have carried on with the determination I still possess.
    Blogging can light up the world to a new and better way. And sometimes I unplug, switch off and return, grateful in the knowledge that my electric friends are there for me. Just like I endeavour to be there for them.
    Well, guess what? Just looked out my living room window and what a surprise, it's raining....
    Anyway, hope you have a lovely long weekend.
    In kindness and thoughts of sunny weather, your way, Gary

  28. Hi Joylene,
    Thank you for such a lovely comment. I have tried my very best to make a positive difference in my son's life and well Penny, just give her some time to write up some of her wise and wonderful words, and you've got a result.
    I'm truly thankful that I've hopefully made a difference, for the better, in the lives of people who grace me by visiting my site. I know I'm energised by visiting all those bloggers out there who have become a vital part of my life. And Joylene, my dear friend, you and your warm, genuine support, has been more vital to me than you may have ever realised.
    Here's wishing you and your loved ones a most peaceful weekend in beautiful British Columbia.
    With much respect and good wishes, your way, Gary

  29. Wow, that's a deep concept, Gary! I guess that's your magnetic personality showing.

  30. Hey Ian,
    Or ohm, perhaps my electromagnetic personality showing, eh :)
    Have a great weekend on Vancouver Island.

  31. Love the song and love the concept of this post...especially the references to electricity. I love anything to do with voltage. :)

  32. You are definetly well-connected!
    And you currently have ample friends who are not revolting.
    Sometimes I think I'm too hot for the room.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  33. It is amazing how many people care isn't it! All the best, ray

  34. I adored Gary Newman (and Eddie Grant, for that matter). Am also quite fond of my electric friends. :0)

    Very best wishes to you, your lovely boy and Penny.


  35. Dear Gary, you are my electric friend. An awesome one too. I don't see you physically but whenever I turn on the computer which is powered by electricity and if my land line works fine and that my internet bills have been paid, and once I log on to farcebook, there I see you with your super exciting status updates and if I'm lucky, I get to read witty stuff that you write on blogspot. Thank you for being my electric friend! :)

  36. Yes they are!
    It’s what makes life so wonderful: sharing and feeling appreciated drives me to be better.

  37. Hi Static,
    It's one of my favourite songs and brings back some memories of when I first heard it at the World's End pub in Chelsea, London.
    I want to thank you for the hilarious interaction we share on another site. And with a name like 'Static', it also seems to fit in rather nicely with the posting.
    Cheers, Gary :)

  38. Hi bazza,
    Or is that 'buzzer'? Nice plays on words and I think you should be plugged because of this.
    And if you are too hot for the room; may I suggest you stand in front of an electric fan.. Down to 'earth' wishes, your way, Gary

  39. Hi R. Jacob,
    There's a lot of genuine, caring folks out there. I sense the 'rays' of positive energy :) Thanks Ray.
    Have a peaceful weekend and happy drawing.

  40. Hi Suzanne,
    Saw Gary Numan on the Jonathan Ross show and he's still got it. And Eddy Grant, I've suddenly got that song buzzing in my brain.
    I appreciate your kind wishes to us and of course, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star :)
    Take care of yourself and happy writing, my electric friend :)

  41. Dear Shanaz,
    Well, I consider you a super awesome electric friend :) Probably a good thing you don't see me physically. Don't know whether you could take seeing my gorgeous self, eh :)
    However, thanks to all this electrical stuff happening,we get to do all this positive interacting. I realise how vital my thrilling updates are to you on Farcebook and thus, here goes, I shall be posting up another super exciting profile update, fairly soon. Stay tuned :) I shall try even harder to actually write something witty on my blog. The 'comedy' bloggers are not amused by my crap.
    Seriously, yes seriously, it means a great deal to have you as an electric friend. I'm blessed to know you.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend in Malaysia.
    Kind and current thoughts, your way, Gary :)

  42. Hi Jeff,
    Quite right and I've witnessed the support and encouragement you receive on your excellent blog. I admire how you have put up different versions of your writing and asked for honest feedback. Great stuff!
    Happy writing and take very good care of yourself.

  43. I didn't know the song, but I love this phrase, "electric friends," and I love the use to which you've put it most of all. I was recently trying to describe the richness of my community of "electric friends" to someone and would have loved to use that term. Instead, I resorted to the old Jimmy Stewart movie, Harvey, which just doesn't quite do justice to what this is.

  44. Beautiful!
    Electric friends are indeed special. When they're on they can make your day. When they're off it your turn to reach out and charge them up.

    M Beth

  45. Hi Susan,
    Ah yes, of course, that old movie 'Harvey' with Jimmy Stewart. That would be the one where his best friend is an invisible rabbit.
    I know that through the wonders of technology, we can reach out to the great diversity of mankind and generate an appreciation for our 'electric friends', who are indeed, an 'electronic tonic'.
    Thank you, Susan.
    With respect, Gary.

  46. Hi Madeleine,
    Hey, thank you so much. I have, as you will now know, checked that out. Very thoughtful of you and I shall put up the award in an upcoming posting.
    Cheers, Gary :)

  47. Hi GigglesandGuns,
    Thank you and may I say how special it is to have you as an electric friend:)
    A very nice analogy by you. We can sense the fully charged friend and the friend whose a bit low in energy, can be recharged through the kindness and caring of electric friends.
    Take very good care.
    In kindness, Gary

  48. Hi Gary.

    As usual, a very witty, wordy, wonder, of wattage. I conduit, can't keep up with the sizzle at my fingertips,sssss; yes, I went wireless... blew me top right off.

    Enjoy those eclectic, electric vibes. I'll be here at the wastecan, tossing in the batteries; I killed my mouse!

    Zap, Dixie

  49. Hi Dixie,
    Very kind of you to zap up a comment. I would say you have electrically exquisitely excitedly exuberantly enunciated extra electronic exclamations!
    Sorry you killed your mouse. That's enough to make one cursor....
    A zap and an electronic tonic, your way, Gary :)

  50. whether on the same side or the other side of the screen, caring doesn't have geographical requirements...i'm so happy to know you feel less alone knowing there is always a circuit of care all around the world that leads right back to you... :)

  51. Hi joanne,
    Well, on this side of the screen, I have a son in his bedroom playing video games. And on this side of the screen, we have the marvellous and loving Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. On this side of the screen is a grateful me who's inspired by my circuit of friends who light up my world and in turn, I endeavour to light their's :) Thanks joanne, indeed, you are an 'electronic tonic :)

  52. I know how you feel, Gary. I have been in that dark place myself.

    And I also want you to know that you'll always have love, support, and friendship in me. <3

  53. Hey LilPixi,
    And just beyond that dark place are the glowing wishes of genuine friends.
    Likewise, dear lady, you can rely on my love, support and friendship.
    Electronic tonic thoughts, your way, Gary :)

  54. What a heart-warming post! Friendship that keep us going, inspire us, are electric indeed :)

  55. Hi SprigBlossoms,
    Thank you, my friend. Indeed, our electrical interaction is an electronic tonic :)

  56. I have been gone for awhile and have to as far back as this post to catch up with your writing, my friend :)

    I believe you absolutely nailed it with this one, and couldn't agree more. After years spent in loneliness, I now find that I hate being 'disconnected', whether in zeroes and ones, or in 3D.

  57. Hi Chris,
    My dear friend, I'm honoured and flattered that you would go back a couple of postings to leave your thoughtful comment. Very kind of you to do that :)
    Chris, I can very much relate to the loneliness, the isolation. It's so healthy that we wish to connect and interact with each other via our electronic tonics, and even have the confidence to socialise with those we know in 3D reality :)
    Delighted to see you and I really must come and visit your excellent site.
    In peace and kindness, your way, Gary

  58. I'm afraid you'll have to say farewell to loneliness my friend - the electric avenue of friendship travels straight to your screen without fail!
    Cheers to you, your son and your furred-four-legged friend!

  59. Hi Samantha,

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to comment on this archived posting. Your electronic tonic is just what was needed. Thank you.

    And thank you from my son and yes indeed, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

    In kindness,



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