Saturday 30 July 2011

Chocolate Blog Cake.

I have been honoured with such a sweet award.  That really does take the cake.   Please don't dessert me, because it wont be a long posting.  Actually, it will be a trifle short.  Sure, I could attempt to come up with a whole load of sweet, food related, plays on words.   No, that would be silly.  Now where did I put my puncakes?

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award was forwarded onto me by a Canadian published author who recently had a book launch for her latest novel, 'Broken but not Dead'.  Thus, I wish to thank one of my writing hero's, Joylene Butler, for passing this award onto shy and humble me.  Joylene a brilliant writer who does and informative and supportive blog, can be found, here :  Joylene Nowell Butler, author A MOMENT AT A TIME ON CLUCULZ LAKE  

Here are some rules n'stuff.

1.  Thank and link back to the person who like gave you the award.
2.  Share seven random facts about yourself.
3.  Pass the award onto five deserving recipients.  (Okay, it's supposed to be fifteen, but I'm too lazy.)
4.  Contact those who you have forwarded this award onto.

Seven random 'facts' that you are thrilled to know about me.

1.  I was invited out of the audience at a high school function to perform with a touring group of South Korean gymnasts.  I joined my hands together to make a circle with my arms.  You know, kinda' like a hoop.  This one dude was supposed to jump through my arms.  He missed and knocked me to the floor.  I wasn't hurt, but a lot of high school kids had a right good laugh.
2.  I can blow between my index and middle finger and making a farting noise.  I'm in demand at all the best parties.
3.  I went to a formal dinner party dressed in a pink bunny suit.  I was lied too.  
4.  I know how to use my washing machine.  
5.  I went to a friend's wedding and at the reception, when we were introduced to the bride, I noticed that nobody had kissed the bride.  And thus I went to kiss the bride.  There was a ghastly silence and some shocked looks.  It turned out that in their religion, whatever it was, you were not allowed to kiss the bride.  I was told I could kiss her sister, but she gave me this really evil look.
6.  I had a bicycle with two flat tyres (tires) and no handle bars.  I used it to deliver newspapers when I was a kid.  Times were tough.
7.  I was born in England, but went to live in Canada when I was nine.  I was on the elementary school 'soccer' team, but I was lousy at football.  Strangely enough, I was very good at baseball.

Now I pass this award onto the following five, oh so irresistibly sweet bloggers. 

1.  CindyLu's Muse  Ah yes, now CindyLu does a wonderful and highly informative blog.   The human who co-stars with her, Kim, is a thoroughly decent lady and it reflects within their postings.  Here's what it notes on their site,  "Welcome!  We're passionate about pets, rescue and adoption, and animal welfare.  Enjoy your visit!  Kim Thomas and CindyLu"
2.  the feathered nest   A delightful, witty, thoughtful and varied blog.  It's my great honour and pleasure to interact with this kind and caring lady.  I hope you will go over and say 'hello'.
3.  A Likely Story    Teresa writes a charming and very clever, thought provoking blog.  And Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star has admired her dog Tilly's writing skills.  
4.  browndog cbr    And then there's Brown Dog, better known as Hawk.  Y'all should check out this site and marvel at the adventures and photos of that there talented dog.  Penny is a big fan of Hawk, y'all.
5.  Four Legged Views    May I suggest you check out a very thoughtful blog admired by Penny and me.  Here is what it notes, "Welcome to My Blog Page.  My name is Bert and I am so excited to share my life with you.  I am a Search Dog with American Search Dogs, and a Therapy Dog.  Vickie and I have many great adventures as well as a very fun day to day life here at Canine Country Club.  I have lots of friends I would like to introduce you to so thanks for checking in now and again, feel free to sign up as a follower and please send me comments when you get the time.  Enjoy."

Oh gosh, speaking of irresistibly's Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star......

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Supporting Each Other.

I am a man who has been blessed with gifts of support from some very kind and special people within the great community of bloggers.  The above award I receive with much gratitude.  The award was forwarded to me because I have been considered of being support to fellow bloggers.
I wish to apologise for not responding to this award at an earlier time.  
I was given this award by GEM over at the following site, the modern day spinster....   GEM writes a cleverly written, witty and thought provoking blog that I consider a must read.  Indeed, this very kind lady has an important message within her words and if you have not already done so, I would highly recommend that you check her site out.  Thank you GEM and thank you for your support.
I also received this award from a very kind and supportive man and was not aware of it until I checked back through GEM's link.  This fine gentleman had bestowed the award upon me while I was in Canada.  And so, I wish to thank Kelly, over at the following site, PSYCHO CARNIVAL  for considering me to be supportive. If you have never visited Kelly's site, do not let the title of his blog make you assume it's all zany and surreal humour.  No, there is so much more to Kelly and he has written some of the finest postings I have ever had the privilege of reading.  Thank you Kelly and thank you for your support.

Now the rules state that I am supposed to forward this award onto five bloggers that I consider exemplify support to their fellow bloggers.  However and I think you will understand, I am going to pass on this award to just one blogger.  A blogger who is going through a very tough time and has displayed remarkable support to me and other bloggers.  A blogger who could easily find excuses to be negative, yet is resilient, strong and determined to embrace the power of positivity.
I dedicate this award to an amazing lady and a dear friend.  I would kindly ask you to visit my dear friend's site and show her support and encouragement during a time of sorrow, a time of mixed emotions and yet a time of poignant celebration. You can visit Heather' site at the following location,  Soundoff   Dear Heather, and in the memory of the man you love, this award is dedicated to you. 

Friday 22 July 2011

Down A Very Steep Hill.

Down a very steep hill, about a thirty minute walk from my mum and step-dad's home, is the shoreline of a town named White Rock, British Columbia.  If you've ever been to White Rock, you will know what I mean about that very steep hill.

When I got to to the bottom of that very steep hill, before me was the twilight vision of White Rock pier.

I strolled along the pier and looked at the twinkling lights along the White Rock shoreline.

Here is a view from the end of the pier.  I stood there and thought about the deeply profound and inspirational moments of my trip back home to Canada.

Back to the beginning point of the pier and night had immersed the White Rock sky.  I turned around and realised that now I would have to go back up that very steep hill.

Back to the house and one last sleep.  I looked out my bedroom window and knew that soon, very soon, I would be back in England.  Back to my other life, my other world, a different reality.  

Thank you Hope, thank you Vancouver, thank you White Rock, thank you Canada.  Thank you to my friends and family for making this the most poignant and profound experience of my life.  
I dedicate this posting to my friend and a man I call my brother.   Wayne, the shackles have been broken and you are free to fly.....

Monday 18 July 2011

Five Hours In Vancouver.

In Vancouver, the old blends with the new.  In the above photo, the old high-rise is named, 'The Marine Building' and is symbolic of the prevalent type of architecture of the 1930's.  The building, as a matter of interest, was featured in the film, 'Timecop', starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.
You may have seen Vancouver in many a film or television show disguised as Seattle, or San Francisco, or Los Angeles, or New York, or even Washington, D.C.   I can be sitting here watching my television and a movie comes on, that to me, is obviously Vancouver.   'Hey!', I think, 'I recognise that tree!'

Out of thirty five days in British Columbia, I only spent five hours in Vancouver.  I recall getting off the light rapid transit system to meet up for lunch with my brother.  I looked all around and was completely lost.  I did not recognise anything.  Vancouver was a city I lived in for twenty five years and here I was, lost and bewildered.  The changes in the city have been nothing short of incredible over the last few years.  
And so, with so little time, I boarded the 'SeaBus' to go over to the city of North Vancouver to get a better view of the Vancouver skyline. 

In the above photo, directly in the centre front, is 'Canada Place', complete with the 'sails' on the roof.  Canada Place is one of the remaining landmarks from the world's fair in Vancouver named, 'Expo 86'.  Canada Place has been compared to the Sydney Opera House.  The building off to the left that looks like an alien space craft has landed on it, is named, 'Harbour Centre'.  You might just notice it the next time you watch a movie or television show that is supposed to be located in an American city.

Here is a SeaBus heading over the Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver.

The Vancouver skyline as observed from Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.  If you click on this, or any photo, you can see much more detail.  

The Vancouver skyline in the background of a North Vancouver harbour.  

I shall now leave you with a few photos of  Vancouver.

And for five hours out of thirty five days, I spent a few fleeting moments to reflect and reminisce on the Vancouver of now and the Vancouver I once knew.  Yes, a lot has changed in this beautiful city, the 'Evergreen Playground', also known as, 'Hollywood North'.  It is a city that has been brought to worldwide attention for all the right reasons, Expo 86 and the Winter Olympics.  It is a city that has been brought to worldwide attention for all the wrong reasons, the taser shooting of a man by the RCMP at Vancouver airport, which sadly led to him dying and the riots after the Stanley Cup finals.  
Vancouver, a city of great diversity, will always have a special place in my heart.  Until next time, Vancouver. It's see you later,eh......

Sunday 10 July 2011

Watch The Sasquatch.

I have been asked why I don't have more photographs of my shy and humble self on my postings.  So, for your viewing pleasure, here's a photograph of a Sasquatch who so kindly posed on this bench for me.  And no, before you ask, it's not me, it really is a Sasquatch.
Now some folks insist on calling this magnificent beast, 'Bigfoot'.  Get it f**king straight!  It's the legendary and awesome creature, Sasquatch,  and here's a brief history.  "In southwestern British Columbia, on southern Vancouver Island and nearby islands, live some five hundred speakers of Halkomelem, a Central Salish language in the Salish tribe language.   And there is also said to be, somewhere in the mountains and woods known to the Halkomelem, a creature called in their language 'Sasquatch' or 'hairy man'." (Source Answers. Com).
There is some confusion in regards to the Sasquatch.  Some may think of the Sasquatch as a Yeti with a suntan.   Well, that's just plain ridiculous.  That's like saying a brown bear is a polar bear with a suntan.  Some may believe they have seen a Sasquatch or two, playing a gig at a rock concert, such as the dudes below.

However, I can assure you that a Sasquatch would never wear such clothes, or hats, or sunglasses and only plays classical Spanish guitar music.

Some may believe the Hollywood hype and think that the beloved Sasquatch would hang out with a bunch of humans and a cute lil' ol' dawg.   Why would any respectable Sasquatch be involved with this nauseating collection of folks?  And according to science, 'Bigfoot'  doesn't exist.  For f**k sakes, it's a Sasquatch and of course,  it does exist!

And do not let this fool you.  A Werewolf, I repeat, a Werewolf is not a Sasquatch.  Pictured is Michael J. Fox, a legendary Canadian actor and a guy who thought he was doing a movie about a Sasquatch.   Maybe the title of the film, Teen Fox, sorry Teen Wolf, might have given him a bit of a clue.  Ah....Beavers...sorry, where was I?

Okay, back to my new friend who kindly posed for me on that bench.  You will note that the car space is reserved for the Sasquatch.  So not only do I have overwhelming evidence of the existence of the Sasquatch, you can clearly see that the space is for a Sasquatch to park their vehicle.
He was now waiting patiently for his Sasquatch wife to return in their car with their Sasquatch kids.  Apparently, the wife and kids were shopping at the local supermarket and being in British Columbia, they would, no doubt, be in the shop conversing with other customers about important things like maple syrup and ice hockey.
So that's it.  Remember, do not disrespect this noble creature by calling it, 'Bigfoot'.  For f**k sakes, one more time, it's a Sasquatch!

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Hope Amongst The Mountains.

I would go out for a morning stroll and be awed by the mountains that surround the home of Heather and Wayne.  I marvelled at such majestic wonder.  Indeed, there I was in a town named Hope and hope was there, amongst the mountains.  This a view of Mount Hope that I took front outside their front door.
In case you are not already aware, if you click on the photos, they will enlarge and fill up your computer screen.

And this a view of another mountain that can be seen just outside their front door.  This breathtaking mountain is Mount Ogilvie.

A few minutes away from their house is this picturesque lake with a magnificent mountain backdrop.  This is Kawkawa Lake and the mountain in the background is Mount Ogilvie.  I spent a most reflective hour there, listening to the wind as it gently flowed through the valley.

And as day turned to night, one last look at Mount Hope.

One last glimpse of Mount Ogilvie, as the final moments of another day in Hope, drew to another profound and inspirational conclusion.

I looked out the bedroom window and watched as the moon set behind the mountains to the west.  I sensed hope amongst the mountains and I know that such feelings of hope resonates in the hearts of Heather and Wayne.  May hope and positivity embrace your heart.