Thursday 31 March 2016


Hi there, yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!  If you, pawchance, are visiting this site because you were eagerly anticipating my alternative to that other challenge that relates to the alphabet with 26 letters, I convey my humble apawlogies.

I got to thinking that it would be unfair to compete with the A to Z Challenge.  This is due to the obvious fact that you would be so in paw, um, awe of me.  Indeed, my human friend, if you're doing that alphabet thingy, my satirical pawsts would put you in an hypnotic trance.  A trance so pawfound that you'd forget all about the A to Z.

So, being such a thoughtful dog, I've decided my rebellious, bordering on cynically, snarky challenge, shall commence on May 1, 2016.  Besides, I'm rather busy looking after my human dad, Gary.  If only I could somehow snap him out of his chronic fatigue.
Yes, make a note in your calendar,  Circle May 1, 2016.  Heck, it might even take your mind off all those reflection pawsts about reflection pawsts about reflecting about the A to Z Challenge, 2016. Yes, those reflection pawsts that go on and on and much so, that you suddenly realise it's April Fool's Day, 2017, just in time to start all over again.....

Yep, the comment section is switched off.  If you're doing the A to Z, I sort of wish you all the beast, um, all the best.....

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Blogger Burnout.

Oh yeah, no doubt you've been noticing my lack of blogging.  It's a combination of things as to why my eagerly anticipated posts have been so sporadic over the last year.  I'm still contending with this ridiculous chronic fatigue.  I'm also experiencing blogger burnout where, even though I've got all sorts of crap I could write, I just can't be bothered.

If I see another blog hop, blog fest, or any mention of that dreaded alphabet thing, I might just find the energy to scream real loud.  Of course, I scream real loud and freak out all my neighbours.  So, I shall scream, real loud, in my head.

I do understand that you might be into all those blog hippety hoppety things.  You might say that you enjoy the interaction and the sense of community.  That's fine and I respect that.  It's just not my scene.  Never has been, despite my rather ironic take which does good natured satirising of all things, hippety hoppety.

I've been so disillusioned with blogging that I didn't even bother to let you know that as of February 21, 2016, this rather obscure blog reached its ninth anniversary.  Yep, nine years of somehow keeping this blog going.

Now, for no reason, whatsoever, I shall type away some random, bordering on inane ramblings. Hopefully, such ramblings will help shake the blogger cobwebs.
I remember when I moved to England.  I went and checked out the local butchers shop.  The sign boasted that they were, "Family Butchers."  This conjured up a rather gruesome scene in my mind. Here's "Makends Meat", operated by Mr. and Mrs. Makends, family butchers!

Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, is a very small, short dog.  Being a very small, short dog, there are times that she seems to vanish within the home. I go to look for her.  "Penny, Penny, where are you?"  Trip...stumble, fall over said dog who is loitering around my ankles.  The number of times I've stumbled over the dog.  Sometimes, I wonder if she deliberately trips me up.
Ah, there she is. Up on the sofa staring at the horse.  At least she can't trip me up when she's on the sofa.

"Oops, where did she go?"  Trip...stumble, fall over said dog who is loitering around my ankles......