Friday 30 September 2011

A Cacophony Of Confusing Chatter.

For too long, I've been feeling like I'm the solitary figure, sitting in a crowded room.  Off in the corner, listening to the voices, blending together like garbled gibberish.   Not one voice discernible amongst the cacophony of confusing chatter.  
Yet, I felt this way as I sat alone in my living room, trying to battle against the negative energy that has battered my fragile ego.  I needed calm.  I needed peace.  I needed the mixed up voices of the inner critic to hush and let me breathe again.  Then I remembered just how beautiful it is in the world just outside my front door.  I needed to go out.  The above photo is a view of  The Roaches, just four miles from the town of Leek.  The photograph was taken from a vantage point just a few minutes walk from where I live.  

 Three miles north of where I live, you can get this magnificent view of Rudyard Lake in the foreground and a hill named, The Cloud, in the background.   You can click to enlarge any of the photos.

And now I observe the view on offer from the road that runs along the side of The Roaches.  Off in the distance, the sleepy town of Leek can be seen.  

You may be aware just how sunny and warm it has been here in Britain.  Here is the sun almost set beyond yonder hill.  The view from The Roaches, on this most gorgeous of days, left me feeling alive and refreshed.

 The sun had almost sunk beyond the horizon.  I sat there alone and reflected upon the day, that glorious day I decided to go out and learn to breathe again.  The cacophony of confusing chatter had been replaced by the soothing calm of a gentle voice.  The voice that told me that the negative energy would never defeat me.  
And tomorrow?  Well, based on today, I shall endeavour to live my life embracing the magic of a positive reality.    

Sunday 25 September 2011

Cheese And Thank You.

'Ooh, that's why I'm cheesy.  I'm cheesy like Sunday morning.'   Or to kinda', sorta' quote the Beatles, 'Cheese, cheese me, whoa yeah, like I cheese you....'  Did you know that the week of  September 24 until October 2, is 'British Cheese Week'?  If you weren't aware of this and wanted to find out all about it, there's a link in regards to the campaign to promote, yes, you guessed it, British Cheese.  Here's the link : British Cheese Week  
I love cheese.  I've mentioned in another posting, just how much I love cheese.  The stronger, the stinkier, the better.  Cheese so smelly, so ripe, that just the aroma wafting up, heading directly for your nose, is enough to singe your nostril hairs.    
Dogs love cheese.  Well, every dog I've offered cheese too has gone into a frenetic fun-filled frenzy.  Note Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star's enthusiasm over the pack of cheese.
I love cottage cheese.  I have noted that folks here in England are not that keen on cottage cheese.  That's very good.  This means, at the 'reduced price' section in the supermarket, the army of 'old rage pensioners', who clear out everything else, by the trolley load, leave me the tubs of cottage cheese.  
At this point, I would probably attempt a few predictable cheese puns.  I know, you Gouda be kidding.  Instead, I leave you with a series of films, and no, not the film on really stinky cheese, but movie type films that were dedicated to cheese.  'The Big Cheesy', 'Cheesy Rider', 'Five Cheesy Pieces', 'Cheesy Come, Cheesy Go' and of course, who could forget this classic British cheesy movie,  'Cheese Sir!'.
Now, I have no idea what kind of cheese you like.  Maybe you hate cheese.  Perhaps the idea of being overwhelmed by the fumes of really strong cheese, makes you think of these lyrics, 'cheese release me, let me go...'    Then again, to kinda', sorta' quote John Lennon, '..all we are saying is give cheese a chance...'

Penny wants to take your photo.  'Smile and say 'cheese'......

Tuesday 20 September 2011

The Big Bank Theory.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, for submitting a guest 'pawsting', I mean , posting.  Penny has tried to teach me how to be a better writer and thus, I shall give it a try in this article.  She has already tried to teach me how to roll over, play dead, beg and shake a paw.  Thanks Penny.
I will do my utmost to formulate some semblance of credible writing.  This might be difficult because my head's all over the place, but my heart's on my sleeve.  This may explain the weird looks I get from those I walk by.
Actually, to heck with some futile attempt at some semblance of credible writing.  By overwhelming popular demand, okay, one person, I've decided to do a nonsensical, disjointed post.
I keep hearing about 'the big bank theory'.  The theory goes something like this.  First of all, become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a big bank and get rewarded for incompetence, whilst your millions of loyal customers are thinking about such trivial things like, will they have a roof over their heads, a job tomorrow, or food on the table.  And to top it off, as a CEO, you will get a nice hefty bonus, at the end of the year, for a job not well done.  Great stuff!  A bonus for buffoonery.  An incentive for idiocy.  And when you become the epitome of incompetence, it gets even better.  Apparently you morph into a 'Fat Cat'.  What's that you say?  It aint no theory, it's fact ?  Say it aint so......
Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star is now working on the'big bark theory'.   She's working on the theory by yapping really loudly in my ears.  She tried her theory while I was having my nap.....
I've also heard something about CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.  From what I've been told 'Post Control Officers' are now monitoring articles and you can be punished for the over-usage of CAPITAL LETTERS.  the punishment can involve a 'long sentence' as you wait for your inevitable punishment and of course, this long sentence must not have capitals in it and you will notice that at the very beginning of this long sentence, there is no capital letter to start this long sentence, whatsoever!

The above photograph is a venue in London, England named the 'O2 Arena', formally named the 'Millennium Dome'.  The building was 'completed' in late 1999 and officially opened on January 1, 2000.  Now then, to me it looks like it hasn't been completed.  Look at all those 'cranes' sticking out of the roof.  Or maybe it's supposed to look like the world's largest pincushion.  The O2 Arena?   'O 2 see it actually finished.

Here's a photo from the opening ceremony back on January 1 2000 when it was called the Millennium Dome.
Gosh, brings a tear to my eye, as the Queen and Tony Blair, hand in hand, sang the words of "Auld Lang Syne".  Oh, the lady on the right is his wife, Cherie Blair.
There you go, a ridiculous, nonsensical post.  Full of my moronic musings.  Something tells me I needed a longer nap.  THE END....whoops!

Friday 16 September 2011

My Human Has Gone For A Nap.

Greetings, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.  Gary or 'klahanie', the human that I so kindly allow to live with me, has gone for a nap.  The old fellow is exhausted and thus I said I'd take over and do a posting for him.
This creates a bit of a doggy dilemma for me.  Whenever I do one of my thought provoking posts, the amount of visits to this site, increase dramatically.  I feel terrible for the poor human knowing that my articles are perhaps more highly regarded than his.  It has even been suggested that I set up my very own dog blog.  However, if I were to do this, Gary's site would probably be forgotten.  So, to keep you visiting, I will not set up my very own blog and just do the occasional post on here.

I've sensed that my human has been somewhat like this animal I know.  Half cantaloupe, half dog.  Yes, he's been like my friend the 'melon collie'.  Sorry, Gary's been melancholy.  Being the loving, caring Jack Russell that I am, here's a photo that I hope will cheer him up.  For yes, I have decided to forget about the football, jump down from my comfortable seat and pick up my dog hairs!

Now I'm back in my comfortable chair.  Maybe if I stick out my tongue and make a funny face, that will make  my human smile :)   You can click to enlarge these lovely photos of me :)

Recently Gary received this award from one of our dearest blogging friends, Joylene Butler, who if you've  never visited her site, can be found here:  A Moment At A Time On Cluculz Lake   However, because I recently did a similar posting about this in a slightly different format, thanks to Delores at the following location: thefeatherednest , I thought it best to just acknowledge and thank Joylene on Gary's behalf and not repeat myself.  The posting that I did was titled:  Penny's Seven Links.    

Now I lay here on a nice warm blanket.  My human, so very, very tired, is still asleep.  Rest, my human, rest and awaken refreshed, with a smile on your face.
Until next time, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, bids thee a fond farewell.  Ah yes....a nap seems like a very good idea........                                  

Tuesday 13 September 2011

The Aftermath.

It's been a drab and dreary summer in this 'green and pleasant land'.  Day after day of dull skies and torrential downpours.  And now the remnants of Hurricane Katia has cut an angry swath across this battered isle.  You may note the aftermath of the storm and how it has blown over my patio table and parasol.  That would be the parasol that has only be opened twice this summer.  So much for lazing about on a sunny day and enjoying the delights of a barbecue. 

And yet, despite it all, I know I've an abundance of  positive aspects in my life to be deeply and profoundly, grateful for.  I have a warm home and the raging storm was but a passing phase.  There have been many affected by storms that have turned their lives into personal chaos. 
Ten years after the day the world witnessed the worst and the best of humanity, I embrace the thought that beyond the storm, the aftermath, mankind will see the sun, once again.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Together, With Hope, We Cope.

I gazed out my window.   And the rain wept down,  tears filled my eyes, as the rain wept down.  Yet through those windswept droplets, through my own distorted view, I heard a gentle voice, the voice of my inner child.  "See beyond the window.  See beyond the rain."  And thus, no longer street lamps on a desolate road.  The glowing lamps became twinkling stars in a cosmic fireworks display.
There is many a day I wake up and I feel I cannot breathe.  Waves and shivers of panic immerse my very being.  It's a constant battle with the inner critic and the inner child.  I'm struggling.  Oh, how I'm struggling.  I have done my utmost to maintain a positive environment.  An environment that has been attacked by indifferent people who caused such stressful problems.  And with the remaining remnants of my dignity,  they leave me to pick up the pieces of many a shattered dream.
Yet, I know I must, with every fibre of my positive self, stay strong, stay resilient, stay determined.  If you are feeling helpless and hopeless.  Alone and isolated.  Please know that I am here for you.  I have seen beyond the window, beyond the rain.  I know that what appears to be a negative, can be reborn and nurtured into a heartfelt positive.  It's what our inner child would want.  Together, with hope, we cope.

Friday 2 September 2011

"Follow You, Follow Me"

For reasons beyond any fathomable comprehension,  I have been honoured in receiving the above award which you might have guessed is called the "One To Follow Award".  Now then, the award was created by Kate over at the following site : The Scribbling SeaSerpert    Kate created this award in celebration of her passing the 200 mark in followers and forwarded on the award to bloggers she thought should be followed, if you don't already follow them.  Do you follow what I'm saying, so far?  To of the bloggers who received the award from Kate, proceeded to bestow the award onto shy, humble and oh so unassuming me.  Thus, I wish to thank Madeleine, over at the following blog :  Scribble and Edit .   If for some reason you have never checked out Madeleine's site, I would highly recommend her blog which has lots of variety and poetry and romantic type writing and suddenly I've noticed I've used 'and' a lot and realise that this has turned into a run-on sentence and so, I will bring this sentence to a screeching halt!  
Now then, I noted that Madeleine forwarded on the award to three bloggers, okay two bloggers plus me.   So, I have decided to do the same thing.  I have always maintained that you cannot judge a blog by the number of followers it has.  As far as I'm concerned, some of the most interesting and thoughtful blogs have few followers.   Here are three bloggers I believe should get further recognition for their writing and I do hope you consider them worthy of following.  Each one is one to follow.  

Here they are.

1.   Heather writes with passion, honesty and transparency.   Here is the link to her site :  Soundoff   
2.   David articulates an intelligent and informative blog whose underlying theme is to eliminate the unfair stigma that still surrounds mental health issues.   David can be discovered here :  A Day in the Life     
3.    Laura writes on a wide variety of topics.  Sometimes serious, sometimes witty and sometimes with a touch of irony.   Well worth checking out.   Here is the link to her site :  Austanspace 

In keeping with the theme of the posting, I leave you with the 1978 song by Genesis from the album "And Then There Were Three", titled, "Follow You, Follow Me"