Wednesday 19 September 2018

Typing With Torn Tendons.

Hi there!  Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!  You may have pawhaps noticed that my human dad, Gary, has done very little blogging over the past several months.  Well, it transpires that he has a very good reason for not doing much in the way of typing.

Yep, my human dad has finally found out that he has torn tendons in his left shoulder.  His silly shoulder situation has been happening since the beginning of January.  He was using his vibrator and noted he'd yanked something.  Oops, I'll rephrase that.  He was using a vibrating exercise machine and was a bit too enthusiastic with his exercise regime.  He then realised that something wasn't right with his left shoulder.

He had hoped that the pain would go away by itself.  Alassie, sorry, alas, it obviously didn't.  So, my human dad went and saw a doctor in early May.  The doctor sent him for some physiotherapy.  That didn't help.  The doctor had him get an X-Ray.  That didn't show any problems.  The doctor had him get a blood test and the results came back normal.  In fact, it took an ultrasound to reveal the torn tendons.

My human dad has now seen a consultant.  The consultant got him to do a variety of poses.  She even asked him to try and flex his biceps, "Just like Popeye!"  My human dad, being a bit of a poser, was, no doubt, well into doing that.  She informed him that it was best he continued to keep his left arm and shoulder as flexible as possible.  He's told me that it might take about eighteen months before the tendons have fully healed.  If the pain continues to be extreme, he has the option of a steroid injection.

Oh, I would also like to tell you that my human dad is going to have the surgical glove routine that relates to a certain dude-type problem.  He told me he's okay with that until he found out that the doctor with the surgical glove is an ex-pawfessional basketball player, famed for his gigantic hands and fingers....

Now then, I've observed that he hasn't been commenting on blogs very much.  I'll do my best to come and visit your blog.  Of course, I'll type one of my highly collectable comments that have been known to cause bidding wars on eBay. 

Please note that the comments section is switched off.  I mean, really, my human dad might struggle typing with torn tendons.  However, imagine what it's like for me to type.  It's kinda' like you trying to type whilst wearing mittens.

Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!