Thursday, 4 November 2010

Me Funny? Now That's Funny.

Fred Flintstone meet Homer Simpson.   'Yabba dabba....doh!'   Wahay and yay, I've received the above award. And to think I've received this award from someone who is one of my heroes.  Almost as big a hero to me as the greatest 'off the wall' comedian, of all time, 'Humpty Dumpty'.  Yes, I know, his comedy is fantastic, but he's been known to crack under pressure.   And no, 'Humpty Dumpty' is not a euphemism for the euphemism 'one-night stand'.
Sam at  Rot Du Jour, has considered my attempts at humour (or humor), to be worthy of 'The LOL Award'.  Now after checking out what 'LOL' meant, I have discovered it means, 'Laugh out Loud' as opposed to 'LOQ', which means, 'Laugh Out Quiet'.
I wish to thank Sam, very much, for passing on this much cherished award to shy and unassuming me.  In the fine tradition of such an award, I now pass it on to five very worthy recipients, who make me 'ROFL' whilst 'PMSL'!!

1.  The Snee: 'The Sometimes, Never, Eventually Express', is a most hilarious outlook on our crazy world, the internet and a 'pumpkinhead full of treats'.  If you like to have a good old chuckle, then this site is a highly recommended, must read.  I shall sob, uncontrollably, if you don't check it out.
2.   Psycho Carnival:  Kelly, the blogger at this awesome sight writes some of the darned funniest stuff my lil' ol' eyes have even seen.  His humour is of a rather adult nature and, if you are an adult, please check out this fun and varied site.
3.   Nefertiti has her say:  This funny and witty blog is a new and very pleasant discovery.  I would urge you to go and have a good read and a good laugh at this terrific site.
4.   Flieder Floxx:  Brilliant, humorous and very clever, observational humour by this excellent blogger.  A real good laugh and if you have not checked out Tracey's site yet, you must do so or I will be forced to scream out my window and startle my neighbours.
5.   Lenny's World:  Our young friend, Lenny, does a positive and fun-filled blog.  Lenny likes a good laugh and his funny stuff makes me laugh.  The title of his latest posting, says it all, ' bout a laugh!'.  If you have not already had the great pleasure of checking out Lenny's blog; you really should go and see what this inspirational young dude is all about.

So there you have it.  Five fine fantastically fabulous fun-filled folks.   Thanks again Sam, for considering my blog  for such flattering recognition.  It really is greatly appreciated.  Heck, even the 'Aliens who hate clocks' aka 'Race against time', are thrilled for me.  I'm just wondering if those folks who love to 'chase tornadoes' are having a 'whirlwind romance'.....


  1. Dear Gary,
    Yet another award, then, eh. I can't say that I'm bitter or jealous or anything, but didn't someone mention the words "self-congratulatory" and "incestuous" when speaking of such awards?
    Still, I don't think they're like that at all, and you thoroughly deserve this one because you really are a funny guy. Peculiar or haha I haven't quite decided yet!
    Which kind of reminds me of Joe Pesci in the "funny how?" scene in Scorsese's "Goodfellas", which really was funny, in a scary sort of way.
    Anyways, I ramble.
    Hope you get some well-deserved zzzzz's tonight.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  2. Dear Gary,
    It seems I can't even get my f****** name right, so I'll try again.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  3. Congratulations on your award, very well deserved! Hugs and love... xx

  4. Congratulations Gary, and thank you for tickling our funny bones.

  5. Congrats on the award, no remember to not let this get to you're head and start thinking you're bigger then Jesus.........well then again mabye you are. People were a lot shorter 2000 years ago.

  6. Gary, I always come away from your blog smiling, so this must be a well-deserved award.
    You will have to invest in a giant sized trophy cabinet now.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  7. LOL!! :-)

    Congratulations with your brilliant award!!! Yay!!! Humpty Dumpty will be falling about with glee!

    Now all I have to do is discover what PMSL means! LOQ! Take care

  8. Hi Gary, You really deserve the LOL award! My lips inevitably curly up even on your darker days(for that matter my darker days too). You have a way with the absurd that is unique, poignant, and definitely LOL! On that note, I'm flattered that such a master of the funny would think of THE SNEE as an LOL site too. Thank you so much! Now, I'm going to go tickle my funny bone and see if I can come up with anything even remotely LOL for my next post-YIKES! Congratulations again Gary and make sure you frame this one and put it next to Penny.

  9. Congratulations, Gary. Another well deserved award :) Keep up the good work!
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  10. Congrats on the award. I have to agree, you are a funny guy.

  11. Hey Gary, you very much deserve this award. Your humour (see, I spelled humor the English way... That means I'm making an effort-or something) is pure, good clean fun and your genius at wordplay tickles the funny bone. And by funny bone, I'm not suggesting the one that you pee out of. So, yes, gosh darn it, you deserve this award. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, SIR.

    Btw, 'PMSL' sounds like something a female person will get once a month.

    I want to also thank you for considering me a worthy recipient of this award. I'm glad that I can make you roll on the floor, laughing while PMS-ing and Laughing or whatever that's supposed to mean. I can't keep up with all those witty little texting abbreviations folks continue to come up with.

    In closing, I'd just like to say...
    Beebolickalottapus! Which is code for HAVE A NICE DAY... Your most favorite American expression- tee hee.

  12. Dear David,
    I know, yet another award. Another one I shall now proudly display along with my other numerous and thoroughly well deserved awards.
    Shit, I'm starting to sound like one of those really popular bloggers. You know the ones. They have like a zillion followers and get like a zillion comments because they have posted up something like they've got a tummy ache.
    Thanks for thinking that I deserved this award. I'm sure some might think it's all just stupid crap. What do they know.
    Anyway, David, you have received two awards from me. Now that you are putting up new applications on your new template; you too can post up your well deserved awards.
    Thanks David.
    Very best wishes and a bowl of chicken soup, your way, Gary

  13. Dear Dvaid,
    Trying to keep the comment count even. So I tell you that is was understandable making that typo. I mean, you get star struck by my awesomeness. Yikes! I'm doing it again LOL eh
    Talk soon.
    Kind regards, Gray :-)

  14. Hi Carole,
    Thanks for your kind words. I was really surprised to get this award. Seriously, funnily enough.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary x

  15. hi mr gary! wow what a cool award you got. for sure you get people loling. and wow i cant believe your giving that to me. for sure im not so funny but for sure i love to get laughing til i fall down. ha ha. thanks for giving that award to me. mostly i like it cause it came for YOU! that pretty special for me.
    ...hugs from lenny

  16. Hi Sally,
    Thanking you kindly. I do appreciate that. All the very best with your very clever and very funny blog.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary

  17. Congratulations, Gary. You are funny, so being awarded the LOL award makes perfect sense. Shish, I thought LOL meant "Lots of Love". LOL, just kiddin. Though, you deserve lots of love too.

  18. Hello The Wolf,
    Thanks for the congratulations. Ha ha, very good! Hey man, at this rate, I'm gonna' have a 'Beatles' moment. If you know what I mean.
    Nah, not really. Then again, how much more can my ego take, what with all this idolising of my humble self
    LOL eh.
    Have a good day in Vancouver. You know you want too.
    With respect and a Canucks hockey puck, your way, Gary:-)

  19. Hi bazza,
    Hey, that's really nice to know. It really heartens me to know that my silly postings can bring a smile to your face.
    I've just be checking through the Argos catalogue to see if I can find a new trophy cabinet. Hopefully one that will fit into my home without having to remove any doors. LOL
    Cheers bazza.
    Kind regards, Gary :-)

  20. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you. You are very kind. Wishing much success with your 'blogfest'.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  21. Hello Old Kitty,
    Thanks for the congratulations. Good ol' Humpty had better not get too gleeful:-) His brains are already scrambled.
    'PMSL' means, 'Please Mate Send Lemonade'. LOQ!
    You take care and much happy writing on your excellent and much admired blog.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary

  22. Hi Rebecca aka THE SNEE,
    Thank you for your very kind and encouraging thoughts. All joking aside, being very insecure and rather lacking in self esteem, I am very touched to have received this award. It means so very much to my fragile and vulnerable state of mind. Thus, I'm very grateful.
    Rebecca, you are an extremely clever and funny lady. Your blog delights my senses with your surreal and quirky outlook on this hectic world we live in. You were a most worthy recipient of this award and I so hope that more people go and discover the wonderful world of THE SNEE.
    You have a gift, a real talent for humour (humor). I'm sure, just like all your other postings, you will thrill and amuse with your zany and yes, thought provoking perspective on life.
    I've put this award up on the side of my site. Maybe, someone might send the award I created, back to me, and then I could have a gold framed dog picture nestled beside 'The LOL Award'. LOL or LOQ.
    Thanks Rebecca.
    Peaceful and positive wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  23. Hello Masked Friend,
    Thank you so much. Your kind words are much appreciated.
    Here's wishing you continued inspiration through the power of the written word. You have my total respect and admiration.
    In kindness, your friend, Gary :-)

  24. Hi lifeshighway,
    That's very nice of you to note. I just want to thank you for your wonderfully interactive site. It's a marvel and I make a regular visit to check out your latest posting.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  25. Hey Kelly,
    Thank you for thinking I'm worthy of such an awesome award. And thank you for spelling 'humour' correctly:-)
    Of course, when you mention 'funny bone' and for that matter,'tickles', I knew that you would not even slightly hint at some innuendo that might refer to my 'todger'. Yes a very British euphemism for 'dick' or 'cock' or...So gosh and shucks....thanks a lot eh for thinking my humble and hardly known blog is worthy of such a profound award.
    Speaking of females and a certain time of the month. The local bus system used to be named 'PMT', which we all know means, 'Potteries Motor Traction'.
    WTF eh. You were a most worthy recipient of this highly prestigious award. No doubt, your site deserves all the glowing accolades that comes its way. I know what you mean about all those abbreviations, and yeah, I know that old question that has kept many a person awake, all through the night, why is 'abbreviation' such a long word? IMAO LOQ!
    Wow wee and yippee! Y'all have a nice day eh! And 'favorite' is spelt, in the correct form, 'favourite'. Ha ha.
    Take care dude and enjoy.
    Kind wishes and a bag of hedgehog dung, your way, Gary :-)

  26. Hey Lenny!
    It is a cool award and I'm really surprised to have got it.
    And you, my young buddy, deserve it cause you know all about LOLing and realise just how good it is to laugh. Your last excellent posting, proved that to me.
    I'm really happy to have passed on this award to you. Lenny, do as you wish with it. I hope you proudly display 'The LOL Award', on your terrific blog.
    I hope you are having a good day, full of good laughs. Take very good care of yourself.
    Hugs and smiles, Mr. Gary :-)

  27. Congratulatons Gary! I think now you should get an award for receiving so many awards, like in football when they have the cup winners cup winners cup or something like that! Seriously though ( although this award is for being funny) it just shows how diverse your blogs can be, not many writers can do that!
    Well done.
    Best wishes
    Di x

  28. Hi Joylene,
    Actually, I was going to use 'Lots of Love' as to what I thought it meant. Then I noticed that a blogger had already used that in a recent post. So, I thought better of it.
    Anyway, we have discovered that 'LOL' means 'Laugh out Loud' and I'm 'chuffed' to have received such a fine award.
    Hey, thanks for thinking I deserve lots of love, also. That is a really nice thing to say. Gary, loved and adored by all....hmmm, maybe not...LOL eh.
    Thanks Joylene and I hope you are having a peaceful and positive day.
    In kindness and respect, Gary :-)

  29. Hi Diane,
    Thanks and what a great idea. Maybe would could have a play off system to see who could win the 'So Many Awards Award'. Although, no doubt, it would be rigged in favour of one of them thar really popular bloggers:-)
    I take that as a great compliment that you think I display some semblance of diversity. That is indeed my endeavour. I write for a bit of positive therapy and any acknowledgement is very much cherished. Thanks Diane. Please take good care of yourself and your adorable chicks.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary

  30. Another fully deserved award Gary! Congratulations to you and ofcourse Penny!
    Follow me @ Hedgeland Tales
    (You know you want to!)

  31. Hi John,
    Why thank you. You, good sir, are most kind. Really though, Penny must take most of the credit.
    She's one funny dog. 'arf, arf...' :-)
    Cheers and kind wishes, Gary and Penny

  32. Looks like you'll have to expand your trophy cabinet, Gary. Another well-deserved one to add to the collection.

  33. big yay for another deserved award... you inspire smiles in everyone who comes here... a very generous gift to give so freely :)

  34. Hehehe you crack me up (hence the award) I have never heard the phrase "todger" before but you can be sure that I've added it to my lexicon-ROTFLMAO! That is such a funny word. I'm not even over it yet...Todger, Todger, Todger. Ok ppl are going to think I have
    issues I should stop. Congratulations my friend! Another very well deserved award! I can't wait to check out the other deserving recipients. Take it easy and have a good night/day eh?

  35. Hi Ian,
    That is very nice of you. Thanks. I'm just checking through the Argos catalogue to see if I can find a large enough trophy cabinet:-)
    Cheers Ian. Have a super weekend eh.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  36. Dear Joanne,
    That's very sweet of you. It really warms my heart to think that I can inspire smiles. My intentions, no matter the writing style, is to sense the profound and inspirational interaction between us all.
    Joanne, your blog is a visual and verbal delight. You have my utmost respect and admiration. May you have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)

  37. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for that. Although, when it comes to 'cracks', I present to you, my other hero, 'Humpty Dumpty'.
    Ah, so you have been reading through the comments. I think the comments are the best part of this. I just love the interaction. Ah, so you had never heard of the word 'TODGER'. Mine is very talented. I'm known as the 'artful Todger' LOQ!
    Thank you for so kindly forwarding 'The LOL Award' on to me. I really was surprised and flattered. I do hope you manage to check out the recipients I forwarded this award on too. Dey is good or what eh.
    Anyway it is the afternoon, here. Which means, it's morning where y'all live. Although, if and when you read this, it could be, well, it could be, well, it will be, sometime within the 24 hours of a day, or 86,400 seconds.
    Have a great weekend and thanks again.
    With respect and kind wishes eh, Gary :-)

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  39. Hello. Am i too late to join the party? What's going on?

  40. Congratulations on the award, Gary! I can't wait to check out your funny friends. Lenny did a post about grown ups not laughing enough. He's totally right, I know I need to laugh more. I'm looking forward to hopping over and meeting your friends....

    Have a lovely weekend!

  41. Yes, sir Tom, you are late, tardy even. Now go home and furiously flog yourself until you've learned your lesson. And by 'flog', I don't mean that you wank your doodle dandy.

    Hey Gary, I got your award on my mantelpiece now and did the nice guy thin by electing other worthy recipients. I've been a good boy and I deserve a special treat. Well, I'm off to polish my todger.

    Hooray. Have a dandy weekend!

  42. Well howdy Eric aka postzoom n'stuff,
    So, you are looking for great blogs eh? So why are you here then? You wouldn't be self-promoting, would you Eric? Nah, that would be most cynical of me. Silly me.
    Have a super duper weekend.

  43. Ah Sir Tom Eagerly,
    Tis such a pity, old chap, that you arrived just when the party was winding down and all that was left to drink were the half empty beer bottles that have now been conveniently used for the disposal of cigarette butts and some rather unsavoury liquids that we shall not mention here.
    Cheerio, old boy. Someone get security.....

  44. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you very much for the congratulations.
    Yes, Lenny did a post about grown ups not laughing. Well, although I understand what he was trying to say; I have not found that at all.
    Maybe I'm lucky but I have a good laugh and a good giggle with most folks I meet that are grown ups. I know that having a good laugh has really helped me maintain a positive attitude and it is infectious.
    Have fun with my choices. I could have chosen plenty more. No doubt, they have an excellent chance of getting this award from someone else.
    Smiles and grown up laughs, your way, Gary :-)

  45. Hi Kelly,
    I have tried to explain to Sir Tom, that this really is poor form, showing up so late. I might go as far as to say he should be shackled in yee olde town square and bombarded with rotten tomatoes for such tardiness.
    Hey man, I shall be over shortly to check out mantelpiece. Did I mention that I have a bulging trophy cabinet? Too much information?
    You are a good lad for forwarding on this award. In fact, I shall be sending you a special treat. A weekend pass to the 'todger massage parlour. Enjoy! :-)
    Take it easy.
    Cheers n' stuff, Gary

  46. Oh Gary, you're too kind. Thank you so much for the award! I shall try to find my wit again post haste, but am preparing for a long winter of crocheting socks and pink pom-pom slippers!
    Talk to you soon!

  47. Hi Tracey,
    Hey no problem eh. You are very welcome for the award.
    Now crocheting socks and pink pom-pom slippers, sounds like a real fascinating blog topic.
    All the best and have a wonderful weekend in wonderful Winnipeg!
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  48. Congrats on the award.

    Fred Flinstone meets Homer that'd be the day.

  49. Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for the congrats. I've heard a rumour that Bob and Doug, the McKenzie brothers, are going on tour with the 'Friendly Giant'.
    Have a pleasant weekend in B.C.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  50. HI G
    congradulation you are defintatly LOL and LOQu - you make crappy coffee taste better, you make a cold flat warmer and lousy tv bearable background noise... Not that my flat is not well heated as I have on of the many photgraphed heater blogged about. And not that I dont have music to playin the background. But if I did have a cold and drafty flat and was bereft of an Iplayer then reading you blog would make that more than bearable...thanks you for the award it means more that any joke or smart A comment can is so nice to have an apreceiative audience
    your avid follower
    cheers K

  51. Hi Kerrie,
    You are too kind. Such encouraging comments from your good self. I'm really flattered to know that I can invoke such thoughts.
    You are most welcome for the award and I do hope more folks go and check out your excellent, funny and clever blog.
    Thanks for being a part of this wonderful and kind blogging community.
    Have a lovely week.
    Warm wishes and respect, your way, Gary :-)


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