Sunday, 7 November 2010

Embracing The Ambience.

I sat on the sofa and absorbed the view, that snuggles in my mind, through a rain splashed window.  Tis a sight to behold, that wondrous tree, tree of tinted brown and orange leaves.  I listened to the garden's symphony.  And the wind, such gentle, playful wind, danced merrily through creaking branches and rustling leaves.  The rhythm, the music of nature, the orchestra of wind, trees and the tap, tap, tap of the rain, that cascaded upon yonder window, created such tranquil melody.   What a beautiful world we live in.

And thus, this early November day, was transforming into night.  The sun, that glorious glowing orb, bid a fond farewell and drifted away.  Drifted away to that magical place where the earth, the sky and our star, meet as one.  I lit a candle.  A symbolic beacon of hope.  Hope that one day, we all live in a world full of peace and joy.

It was now very late.  I stared at the eerie shadows cast upon the wall.  The pendulum swung back and forth. Soothing music absorbed my senses, and I travelled.  Travelling through thoughts, destined to arrive at that place called happy memories.   Calmness immersed me, washed over me, like a tender wave from tropical seas.   It was such a lovely evening.

It was now a new morning.  Outside my kitchen window I noted the quiet hush of a sleepy town.  I looked at the street lamps through rain splashed window.  Each lamp, a ghostly, glowing apparition.  Soon sleep would beckon me, call my name.   Time to sleep and dream beautiful dreams of the day just gone.
A positive environment starts from within.  I have been embracing the ambience, the wonder and the marvel, that life presents to me, in so many enchanting ways.  I hope you do the same.


  1. Hi Gary,

    It appears that I have an empty comment pallet to write upon. I really felt this post and love the photos, especially of the eerie shadows in the room. You captured the mood beautifully. Fall is an excellent time for reflection, and hunkering down for a cozy winter. As I am not a huge winter fan, I have to look to warm tea, slippers, hot chocolate, and sun-filled windows....Fortunately, I like snowmen and icicles. Leek probably doesn't get too many icicles, right? Hope you get more days of looking at those beautiful rust colored leaves.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I thank you so much for your wonderfully descriptive comment.
    I have a real cosy mood setting into the very fibres of my being.
    I'm glad you loved the photos. I was hoping they would fit well into the ambience that I was alluding too.
    "Warm tea, slippers, hot chocolate and sun-filled windows.." seems most inviting. Although, sun-filled windows can be a bit of a rarity around here:-)
    And icicles? Well, yes we do get them here in Leek. Last winter was one of the coldest in years.
    And those beautiful leaves are gathering momentum in falling. Time to grab the rake!
    Thanks Rebecca.
    May you have a peaceful and cosy weekend.
    In kindness, Gary

  3. Lovely. I could read on and on. Your prose are soothing. Hope you realize that. You have such a wonderful gift. Beautiful photos. Sleep tight.

  4. Your words and description of the trees, the rain and all that surrounds you, have a real calming effect on me. This is a great way to enforce positivity in everyone, Gary. You do it very well.

    And I liked your nature pics. They were pretty darn cool.

    Take care, dude and have a great tomorrow.

  5. Gary my friend, this is very nice to read but do you know what is the most amazing thing?
    Well, your pal Kelly (above) has also posted about wind today. Isn't that wonderful synchronicity?
    Peace to you, sir!

  6. Dear Gary,
    Tis a sight to behold. Gary in contemplative, wistful mood.
    I love your descriptions and the whole ambience of your ambient piece. Leek seems very peaceful (despite bonfire night), reflecting your own inner peace.
    Wishing you many more peaceful and evocative evenings,

  7. Hi Gary;
    I too wanted to read more. I could hear the rain playing on the windowsill and the wind rippling through the trees. I almost felt like shivering just a little because after all it is November. As I said before, you have an incredible talent and what a joy to read. Looking forward to more of you letting your creative spirit fly. Hugs!

  8. You make me want to embrace the rain, the cold and the shadows! LOL!!

    Luckily the sun has decided to have a last minute peekaboo to end this week in glorious autumn sunshine!!!

    That tree outside your window is lovely. I have one ash tree outside my window that was brutally hacked (I think the estate managers called it trimming!) but luckily I'm still able to hang my birdfeeder and luckily the birdies have not been scared off - so the dawn chorus is a joy to behold. There was a month of silence (mid Sept- Oct) when the birds fell silent and I feared that the "trimming" has put them off. But they're back!!!! And they sing as beautifully as ever!!!

    Have a lovely Sunday!! Take care

  9. I can see why The Masked Blogger awarded Sir Tom an award for witty comments!
    I was right with you there Gary while you were describing your environment and feelings. Nice piece of writing again.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  10. The colours of autumn are wonderful aren't they, and this year we've had lots of bright, clear days to show them at their best.

    I don't relish the cold march into winter, but your post reminds me that every day holds something we can savour. Thank you for this little bit of tranquility in a busy world.

  11. Hi Joylene,
    Thank you for such an encouraging comment. It really means a lot to me.
    I do like to try different styles of writing and this form can be most emotive.
    Thanks for liking the photos. Hope you are having a nice weekend.
    With respect, Gary

  12. Hi Kelly,
    I'm very pleased that my description instilled a calming effect on you. I know that you, my friend, are very much into focusing on positivity.
    Thanks for liking the nature pics. I'm really enjoying your new photo site.
    Hope you are having a chilled out weekend.
    In kindness, Gary:-)

  13. Sir Tom, my friend, thank you so much for such fascinating information.
    Of course, you being obsessed with all wind related topics, would note some form of synchronicity.
    Me thinks that you are feeling under pressure after receiving that award, old boy. I was really looking forward to a witty comment. Oh well, we continue to wait...
    Hope you are having a truly delightful weekend.
    Peace n' stuff, your way, Gary

  14. Dear David,
    As you know, I do like to variate my styles. I know we both realise just what a therapeutic resource writing can be.
    Thank you very much for your kind comment. Here's wishing you a peaceful and positive, week ahead.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary.

  15. Hi Heather,
    Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful and encouraging comment.
    I had been contemplating doing such a posting. So, after our pleasant chat, I switched on the computer and just let the ambience of my feelings formulate into words. I enjoy writing like this and it's a most liberating experience.
    Thank you for your very nice compliments. You inspire me, Heather, and, in turn, I like to think I inspire you to keep on writing in your own wonderful way.
    Hugs, your way, Gary:-)

  16. Hello Old Kitty,
    Happy embracing:-)
    We have indeed had some glorious autumn sunshine. The way the sun has been shining on the autumn leaves, has been spectacular.
    I'm glad that, despite the hacking of your ash tree, the birds are still there a chirpin' and a singin'.
    Hopefully, next spring, your tree will have recovered and fill your garden with wondrous delights.
    Enjoy those beautiful singing birds and the wind and the rain and yes, the shadows:-)
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, also.
    Peaceful wishes, your way, Gary

  17. Hi bazza,
    Well, I'm glad you can see why our 'Masked Friend', awarded Sir Tom an award for witty comments.
    I'm not sure which site his witty comments are happening on. I know poor old Sir Tom, tries, but I think the pressure of the award is getting to him. Never mind:-)
    Anyway, thank you for liking my piece of writing. It was my attempt at a bit of serious articulation. Hope you are having a good Sunday.
    In kindness, Gary.

  18. Hi Joanne,
    We've had, yet another, brilliantly coloured autumn. And those sunny days have most certainly highlighted the colours.
    Indeed, everyday there are those magical moments we can savour.
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment.
    Wishing you a peaceful week.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  19. Hi Gary,
    What very descriptive writing of what is my favourite time of year. The tree colours have been truly astounding this year and they are all laden with berries, just waiting for my feathered friends to devour them! The world in which we are lucky enough to live is truly beautiful, I just hope we ALL realise it!
    Follow me @ Hedgeland Tales
    (You know you want to!)

  20. Have you ever considered writing a book, you're description and the mood you set was really good.

  21. That was lovely and calming, Gary. Thanks for sharing. :)

  22. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures Gary-really lovely.

  23. I do love the sounds of nature, her beauty and freshly washed smell of her after a good rain ... and her sense of rhythm.

    You brought them all to mind very nicely. Very pleasant read.

  24. HI G
    embraicing the ambience is a lovely thing to read. sometimes when I am alone I forget to do just that and wallow in loniliness. It hard to feel comfortable in your own prescence espcially when you have not chosen it. I will remember you blog next time I feel such lonilness

  25. Hi John,
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment.
    It has been a truly astounding autumn. It's really good to know that there as many berries just waiting for those feathered friends, to devour.
    It is very apparent, in your beautiful pictorial nature blog, just how much you care, appreciate and marvel at the wonders of nature. Like you say, John, "I just hope we ALL realise it!"
    With respect and good wishes, Gary.

  26. Hi Wolf,
    That's very flattering of you to say that. I just don't know if I have the determination or resilience to consider writing a book.
    A lack of confidence in what I do has been a stumbling block in even trying such an endeavour. Maybe, someday. Thanks friend.
    With respect, Gary.

    Have you ever considered writing a book, you're description and the mood you set was really good.

  27. Hi Sharon,
    I'm glad this posting, instilled in you, a sense of calm. It is heartening to know this and I thank you.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  28. Hi Sam,
    Thank you for such a very nice comment. I greatly appreciate that.
    I really hope you have a calm and peaceful week.
    In kindness and warm wishes, your way, Gary.

  29. Hi Sally,
    Thank you for such a wonderfully descriptive comment. It's really heartening to know that my posting brought the sounds and beauty of nature, to mind.
    Thank you Sally and I wish you a most positive week.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way Gary

  30. Hi Kerrie,
    Embracing the ambience can be a difficult state of mind and awareness, to achieve. Especially when the thoughts of a situation, overwhelm us.
    I too, did not choose to live in a world, where being alone is the norm. I'm just trying my best to somehow focus on all the small wonders that are there on offer.
    I do try to hopefully bring some comfort to others. I am a virtual recluse, due to some very negative influences, that came so close to destroying me.
    So I write to try inspire others, and, in turn, inspire myself towards and even happier and peaceful life. We all have that right.
    Please know that you are not alone. You have my utmost respect and the genuine power of empathy.
    In kindness and warm wishes, your way, Gary.

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  32. Stela James said,
    "Thanks again and looking forward for your post on making more."

    Awe Stela, gee whiz, gosh, golly and shucks. I have missed your deeply profound and inspirational comments. Hey Stela, one question. This post on making more. Making more what, exactly? More delicious home made blueberry muffins? More flatulence than you can shake a stick at? Say, I wouldn't be so cynical to think you might be one of them thar self-promoting types. Nah, of course not!

  33. Hi Kerrie,
    You are welcome and please take very good care of yourself.
    In kindness, Gary:-)

  34. Hello Gary my friend. What a wonderful piece of writing. I am well aware of what you spoke of. Yes, I agree with you. There is order in chaos, but it's difficult to see that when you're in the midst of it. Beautiful pictures – lovely poetic writing – good rhythm and style! Even if I didn't know you, from that piece, I know you, and I think you touch on something that is every humans plight.

    Well done, and God speed to all of us who realize that we're night riders.

  35. Hi Wayne,
    Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful words. I knew that you could relate to this.
    It can be a challenge, but I do attempt to remove myself from inner chaos and marvel at the wonders that are truly on offer. This makes me grateful for all that I have.
    It has been my profound pleasure to have met you. I look forward, with positive anticipation, the time we shall meet again.
    And we both know, that a positive environment, most assuredly, starts from within.
    Thank you, my friend.
    In peace and positive wishes, your way, Gary.


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