Thursday, 18 November 2010

Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast?

Oh my, I haven't put up an article for a few days.  I'm sure you've been anxiously waiting for my next deeply profound and poignant posting.  So here you go, and much to your relief, is my latest attempt at articulation.
I've been multi-tasking.  You read correctly.  Here's some overwhelming proof.  Not only can I think about sex every seven seconds, but I can type this and drink a cup of coffee, all at the same time.  And yes, this dude can read a map.  You remember maps?   Clever me even knows what 'maps' spelt backwards, is.
I want to thank you for reading my postings.  The blogging community has been a lifeline in my ongoing quest to work through my mental health issues.  Blogging, and those involved, has proven to be a most positive resource.  For this, I'm deeply grateful.
I've been blogging since February 21st, 2007.  Yes, I know, I really should get some sleep.  It all started out when I got my blog set up with an Organisation named 'Media Action Group for Mental Health', (MAGMH).  I was involved in a blogging 'library', within MAGMH, named 'Mind Bloggling'.
The concept of Mind Bloggling was to have a group of bloggers (the blogging library), each with varying degrees of mental health concerns, demonstrate, that our mental health issues, were only a small part of who we are.  I was honoured in representing the noble concept of Mind Bloggling on the B.B.C.'s Radio 5 Live.   Sadly, the Mind Bloggling library, lost momentum and folded.  Only two of us remain and continue to utilise the therapeutic benefits of blogging, on a consistent basis.  The other blogger, and a good friend, continues to provide us with his intelligent and thoughtful blogs, over at this site,  A Day in the Life.
Writing is a passion.  My writing tries to convey an intimate, one to one style.  I visualise just the one person reading and never think that I'm writing to an 'audience'.
So thanks 'everybody', whoops, thank you, for flattering me by reading my postings.  I shall endeavour to remain proactive by supporting and encouraging you.  We are different, yet we are equal.  Each finding inspiration through the power, the magic, the beauty of the written word.

Now then, you may have been wondering what the heck the title of this posting had to do with what I'd written.  Well nothing.  However, I went into my kitchen and look what I saw.  I've got a hunch that the 'wee folks' may be considering giving me exclusive permission to do a Christmas special about the inspirational and non-judgemental world they live in.   If you have never read about the wee folks before and have a bit of time; clicking on the label 'wee folks', will take you to their stories, from the very beginning.


  1. Gary, it would be a catastrophe if you stopped blogging. Not only do you love writing, but we love reading you too. So, no pressure ;)

    You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, I suppose. But, I sincerely hope to read you again when you’re ready.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. Multitasking thoughts is definitely a rare skill!!! I think more than one thing and my head hurts and demands I feed it chocolate! I oblige of course - it calms the beast down!

    Anyway!!! I love these wee folk!! I remember once losing a pen (or was it a pencil - something mundane) at work and raging at my workmate at the injustice of it all when he turned to me and said "the burrowers took it". He then told me that burrowers were wee folk who liked to take things so if you are missing a sock you put in the washing machine - it's not the machine wot done it, it's the "wee folk"!!

    I don't know if your wee folk and my theiving ones are one and the same but I like having them around!!

    Please continue blogging - your posts and Penny's! are always always a pleasure to read! I'm very grateful for Sharon K Mayhew for introducing your blog to me!!

    Take care

  3. Dear Masked Friend,
    I was just working my way through my blog list and commenting. However, I thought I'b better get back here and respond.
    I'm sorry for any confusion. This posting was merely a reflection on how my blogging got started. I was also trying to show how I am here to support and encourage others. A real community spirit.
    I thank you for your very kind words but I'm not going anywhere. This might seem like a 'catastrophe' to some, however lol
    Mask, you are a great writer and an ongoing inspiration. Thanks and happy writing.
    In kindness, Gary.

  4. Hi Old Kitty,
    I've had no choice when it comes to multitasking. Still, I'm liking your idea about concentrating on good ol' chocolate.
    Did you know that the 'wee folks' in my garden, have been into my house via the clever usage of a string ladder and drank all my tea using my finest Royal Doulton china? Seems yours have some similarities to the ones who 'visit' me.
    I did a whole series on them but I'm not one to 'self-promote' my cute little, bordering on nauseating 'wee folks' tales:-)
    Thank you for such supportive and flattering words. This old dude was just doing a reminiscing blog and I aint going nowhere. Well, maybe to the kitchen to see if the wee folks left me any 'Cheerios' lol
    Take very good care and thank you for the entertaining and clever postings on your site:-)
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary

  5. Thank you for a very deep and enjoyable look into you and your blogging world. I will follow the wee folk tales as often as they show....awesome stuff

  6. Hi Gary. After reading Mask's comment I thought I had misread your post! (Note to self: stop using so many exclamation marks!)
    Thankfully you aren't planning to stop. If you did it would have a catastophic domino effect. I have found lots of commenters through this blog. Keep up the good work please.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  7. Hi sexnfries,
    It's so nice to have you drop by. Apologies for my silly comment on your latest posting. Something to do with socks and the joy of :-)
    Thank you for your encouraging comment. I thought it might be kinda' neat to reflect upon how I started blogging.
    If you really can spare the time, you can click on the 'wee folks' label at the top of the posting and it shows all the stories. I went to a lot of trouble to take exclusive photos of the wee folks wedding.
    Cheers ladies.

  8. Hi bazza,
    Oh, superb usage of the exclamation mark! :-)
    No stopping me. I rather like this blogging n'stuff. This really was a short story, without going into too much detail, how my blog was born.
    In fact, your comment actually highlights the fact I consider this to be a most interactive and supportive community. It heartens me to know that folks with good common sense have gone over and visited your blog.
    I'm heading over to your informative and varied blog, fairly soon. I'm sure I will leave a deeply profound comment. Or, something like that! Van Morrison eh?
    Thank you for such a nice comment, bazza.
    Kind wishes and 'Gloria', your way, Gary:-)! Doh!

  9. Hi Gary, At first, I thought based on your post title that you were inviting all of us to join you for a good old fashioned English Breakfast, but then I saw the Cheerios, and I remembered that you were Canadian!(exclamation point). I love your blog, and I'm relieved to know that you're a multi-tasker too. You're so much fun to interact with, and BTW, my blog would be lost without you since most everyone who comes for silly breaking news breaks was through you!(another exclamation point). Take Care Dear Gary! You have a way with people and obviously have a big heart given that you are sharing your cereal bowl with the wee folk.

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    Of course you can come over for a good old fashioned English breakfast, complete with 'black pudding' and some greasy fried bread:-)
    The photo is of the 'wee folks' checking out my package of British made Cheerios, in my English home. Man, am I confused. Where am I? Leek? What, you live in a town named after an onion?
    Sorry, I'm back now.
    Well, I just love your blog. I sincerely consider myself privileged to interact with you and your super clever blog. Very quirky and very surreal. You might not be surprised in knowing I enjoy quirky and surreal:-)
    I'm so pleased that some of the visitors to your site have come to check you out via my blog. I have seen the usual suspects over at your site. This is the magic of the great blogging community. Positive interaction at its finest!
    Whoops, couldn't resist an exclamation point! Yikes!
    Dear Rebecca, you are a very special lady and your kind words mean so very much.
    I wonder if the wee folks left me any cereal. At least they didn't drink any coffee. Man, do I like my coffee!
    Hope all is going well in your new life.
    Kind wishes and a slice of fried bread, your way, Gary:-)

  11. Cheerios? I just ate a bowl. What a coincidence. You must have read my mind.

    I've always enjoyed reading your posts, dude. And the wee folks are a fun part of your posts. Your topics are either profound, entertaining, humorous or all of the above. Bravo for being able to keep it up for this long. The blog, I mean. :)

    Hey, I wanted to ask you... do you have this thing that whenever you drink coffee and eat a bowl of cereal with milk, you almost automatically get the poops?

    I know I do.

  12. Hi Gary, I also saw Mask's comment and had to go back to see if I'd missed something. So glad to see there's no sign of you stopping just yet. Long may you continue.

    And Cheerios is my usual breakfast tipple too!

  13. Hi Gary
    Your blog inspires me in so many ways, sometimes funny and the magical world of the 'Wee Folks' keep me spellbound. I am very interested in MAGMH. Your blog has helped me to work with people who suffer as you do, giving them inspiration by the written word which can help so much in some cases.
    Wonderful posting!
    Take care

  14. Aren't friends wonderful Gary? Even if they are 'virtual'. I had two imaginary friends but they ganged up together and wouldn't speak to me.
    Cheers, old boy.

  15. Dear Gary,
    As the other surviving blogger from the "Mindbloggling" project, might I say too that I am mighty glad for the interaction and good-natured banter that blogging brings.
    And, oh, Mr. Gary, I can't wait for the return of the wee folks in their Christmas special. Please, please, please do it now, I simply can't contain myself!
    Yors with Very Best Wishes,

  16. I think like-minded people are drawn together for a reason. The support we give each other is an essential part of life. I love your blogs. I love your sense of humour. Strange as it sounds, you seem able to articulate what I'm thinking. Too kewl.

  17. Hello Gary,
    I would like to thank you for cotinuing blogging activities and in especial for being one of the few who follow my humble blog. Your continued support and the lovely comments you leave inspire me to carry on, even though it is only to a small audience.
    Kind wishes,
    Follow me @ Hedgeland Tales

  18. hey man, keep on blogging! iv recently started one myself, which seems to be shaping up to be a collection of dung! please have a lttle peek and any critism is wwelcome!
    if you like it, please share!!

  19. You are such a positive role model for the real benefits in 'the arts' - be it painting, writing, music, drama etc as a dynamic therapy for people with mental health problems.
    I know so many people who have real difficulty in doing 'life' yet are able to express themselves so fluidly through other media.
    I love the whole spontaneity of your writing, I never know what to expect when I come here and that makes it fun!
    (very impressed with the multi-tasking by the way!)
    smiles and blessings

  20. Always quirky, always different and always great fun. Thanks! x

  21. Hi Kelly,
    Yes sir. Cheerios, over here, in lil' ol' England. Who'd thunk it eh? :-)
    Read your mind? I thought you were eating Fruit Loops..
    Thank you for such flattery. The cheque's (check's) in the post. Bounce, bounce....:-)
    I know that the 'wee folks' stories had drawn to a conclusion. It was a case of me respecting their wishes to have quality time with their 'wee one'. However, they have hinted they are willing to do a Christmas special. 'Better Gnomes and Gardens' had better get it through their thick skulls. I have exclusive rights! Wow, an exclamation mark! Doh!
    Yes, I have tried to keep it up for a long time. Not as long as you, time wise, but long, nonetheless:-)
    And in regards to bowels, I get quite the urge to go for a really neat and fascinating poo after about three cups of coffee and a bowl of Shreddies...Gosh...
    Thanks Kelly.
    Have a poopy and pleasant weekend

  22. Hi Ian,
    I reread my blog to see if I'd missed something. I thought, nah, I'm not concluding my blog. Blogging is my therapy and through the interaction it inspires me to write and stayed involved in this wonderful blogging community.
    Thank you, Ian, for such an encouraging comment.
    I shall go now and eat a bowl of Cheerios in your honour. Hopefully, the 'wee folks', left me some:-)
    Have a peaceful weekend on beautiful Vancouver Island.
    In kindness, Gary.

  23. Hi Diane,
    Such very thoughtful words and I thank you so very much.
    MAGMH and Mind Bloggling have been a profound and very important time in my life. Their ethos and my ethos, is to try and eliminate the unfair stigma and the labels that are unfairly attached to those with mental health issues.
    Your aspiration to help those with mental health concerns, is truly commendable. It is clear demonstration that through the power of the written word, we can move beyond the chains of a negative environment.
    I do try to live with, rather than suffer from, my mental illness. How much it dictates my life is up to me.
    Bless you, Diane.
    In kindness and respect, Gary

  24. Hello Sir Tom Eagerly,
    Yes indeed, Sir Tom, friends are wonderful. Even an imaginary friend like you.
    Kind wishes, your virtual friend, well virtually, Gary.

  25. Dear David,
    We have had some wonderful times in blogland. And, to clear things up, I look forward to further interaction amongst the good folks within the great and good, blogging community.
    I'm glad that you and I have continued to carry the 'torch', in our own different ways, the ideals of what the Mind Bloggling concept was. I even noted your good self in this posting.
    After some wee negotiations, it appears that a contract will be drawn up between the 'wee folks' and myself, to post up some kind of wee folks Christmas special. You know, I'm starting to sound like one of them self-promoting types. Stop it, Gary! lol
    Best wishes and see you soon, Gary.

  26. Hi Joylene,
    I think you are right. The positive interaction, support and encouragement, is inspiring.
    As a man who struggles to cope, such thoughtful words as yours, mean so very much.
    It is truly an honour to have gotten to know a dear lady such as your very good self. Thank you Joylene.
    With respect and kewl thinking, your way, Gary :-)

  27. Hi John,
    Thank you. And, I would like to thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog.
    My blog is almost four years old. It took over three and one half years to get past the 100 'followers' mark. I hate that word 'followers'.
    Mine is a humble blog that endeavours to be real and sincere. I hope I have achieved that.
    Your blog is thoughtful and beautiful. It is my privilege to interact and comment on your blog. More will visit because there are many like you who share in the wonders of nature. You have only been on blogger since April and I think you are doing well. A lot better than I did. Carry on, my friend.
    Have a peaceful weekend.
    In kindness, Gary:-)

  28. Hi Mark,
    Hey dude, I will keep on blogging.
    Congratulations on starting up a blog. I'm sure your collection of 'dung' is most excellent dung:-)
    I've had a brief look at your blog and shall come back over and let you know what I think of your stuff. Nice of you to ask.
    Have a good weekend.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  29. Hi Juliana,
    Thank you so very much for another kind, supportive and encouraging comment.
    What you say has come across so profoundly. There is so much positive therapy being involved in varying forms of arts. I know that writing has been a vehicle for me to try and make some sense of my life. It has driven onwards to an even better life.
    Like I know you understand, there is a deeply powerful message that comes through that most significant of words, empathy.
    Indeed, like you, I wish to demonstrate and extend a hand to those who suffer the plight of mental health concerns. We are all in this together.
    I get a lot of enjoyment out of doing various writing styles. I never know what to expect from me. lol
    You are an excellent and thoughtful writer. Your most insightful postings resonate with me. For that, I am truly grateful.
    Yep, I can multi-task. Think about sex every seven seconds and umm...oh, I forgot:-)
    Have a peaceful weekend.
    With respect and positive wishes, your way, Gary.

  30. Hi Carole,
    I do like to keep you guessing. I mean, the title and the blog, almost didn't relate:-)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Gary x

  31. blogging serves so many of us in so many diverse ways... people all around the world who can connect who have nothing... and everything... in common with one another.

    I am grateful for the friends it has brought into my life over the last five or so years of my starting and stopping and starting over again. like you, i think i'm sticking with it too (at least for today anyway..haha), and am so glad it brought another friend into my wee blogging world in you...

  32. Hi joanne,
    Beautifully said. There is a common bond in such diversity within the great blogging community. All different, all equal, all here, for each other. That is profound and that is powerful.
    I am grateful for your kind and thoughtful interaction. I do so hope you stay for a least another day. Wow, that rhymed! Poetry, poetry, must try poetry. We shall see, we shall see....
    Happy writing, joanne. Tis a true honour to have a friend such as thee.
    Gary :-)

  33. Gary, my cousin and her husband from Vancouver are staying at our place next week. What do you think I should offer them for breakfast, Cheerios?

  34. Hi bazza,
    Cheerios along with some Marmite on toast, perhaps?
    If you are lucky, they will bring over some Red Rose tea.

  35. HI to you G
    I like your blogs I enjoy reading them and will continue to do so
    I dont have any jokes to write the breakfast kind of threw me I am not that great at breakfast

  36. Hi to you K,
    I'm really flattered that you enjoy reading my blogs. It's very nice that you will continue to do so. Thanks.
    I'm lousy around breakfast time, or any time, for that matter:-)
    Maybe you might consider starting the day with your very own breakfast cereal, 'Special K'.
    Have a really peaceful week, kerrie.
    With kindness, Gary :-)

  37. special K that is really funny

  38. Oh K, I'm glad you liked it:-)


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