Thursday, 25 November 2010

'The Blog'.

You may have seen that classic film, 'The Blog'.  Here is a brief synopsis of the beginning of that marvel of 'Sci-Fi' films.  A teenage couple, Steve and Jane, are out watching the stars.  They see a meteorite falling from the skies and it lands nearby.  Before they reach the meteorite an old man finds it.   The old guy pokes it with a stick.  The meteorite cracks open and a small, gooey, reddish, slithering slime, attaches itself to the old dude's hand and crawls up his arm.  The man runs out into the road, in a state of hysterics.  Steve sees him and takes him to the local doctor.
They get to the clinic when the doctor is just about to leave.  The doctor gives the old man an anesthetic and sends Steve back to the site of the crash to collect further information.  The doctor decides to amputate the man's arm, which is being completely consumed by the slithering slime, that becomes known as, 'The Blog'.  Unfortunately, The Blog consumes the old man, eats the doctor and his nurse, while ever increasing in size.
The Blog, grows bigger and bigger, consuming a mechanic, a janitor and a bar full of late-night drinkers.  Not satisfied with doing this, The Blog decides to ooze through the local cinema and eat the projectionist.  Folks begin screaming and rush out of the cinema.  Next stop for The Blog would be to trap a bunch of folks in the diner.  What would happen next?
Now, a brief interlude before we continue with this fascinating story.  Here are the catchy lyrics to the opening theme tune to 'The Blog', written by, 'Burt Blogarach', 'Beware of 'The Blog', it creeps and leaps and glides and slides.  Across the floor.  Right through the door.  And all around the wall.  A splotch, a blotch.  Be careful of 'The Blog'.'
Okay, I wont tell you what happened next.  Just in case, on the very remote chance, that you have not seen this intriguing tale.  Let me just say that it has a very cool ending.  Or was it 'The End'?
For, even though they thought The Blog had perished, little Blogs, had slipped out from The Blog.  These little Blogs, spread far and wide.  Some of the little Blogs became insecure.  Others became arrogant.  Some of them wanted attention, needed love. Some little Blogs declared that they were better little Blogs than other little Blogs, and all other little Blogs, should shower them with praise   Some little Blogs wrote poetry.  Others wrote of love and passion.  Some of them swore just to fucking shock.  Diversity has many fine attributes.  Self-obsessed and thinking that one little Blog is somehow superior to another, does not.
Some little Blogs became concerned.  Concerned that some little Blogs would become like 'The Blog'.  All consuming, with no regards for the validity and thoughts of the other little Blogs.   Indeed, many little Blogs decided that they would grasp what they considered the true ideal of little Blogs.  All different, all equal, in a great little Blog community.
Be careful what you poke a stick at.  You just never know what might happen......


  1. I'm a blogger. Do you suppose...? Nah, I'm the good guy. I would never. ... Hmm.

    I love that you're so weird you now have me worried that I may turn into slime and infect all the good people in my neighbourhood by spreading my slimy green substance and ...

    I better stop before I have nightmares. I never did finish watching that movie. It scared me too much. Is it the one starring Steve McQueen? Or am I thinking The Body Snatchers?

  2. Hi Joylene,
    Yes, you are a 'good guy' and you 'ooze' with kindness and positive interaction:-)
    It was Steve McQueen and yes, I'm trying to be so clever by changing the title.
    Wishing your neighbours well. This could be a 'slime of the times'.
    Hope you are staying warm, Joylene.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  3. Did you see the Body Snatchers? Can't remember what happens so I probably chickened out of that one too. Who starred in it, do you remember?

  4. I think this film has been remade and is now available in 3D, CGI enhanced with dolby surroundsound and blue-ray improvements for optimal optmimum effects and hi-definition dual layer digitisation for a guaranteed unforgetable movie going experience for the discerning movie-goer!

    :-) Take care

  5. Hi Joylene,
    I've seen some sections of the film, 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers',(1956) starring Kevin McCarthy.
    Of course, there was a version made in 1978, starring that fine Canadian actor, Donald Sutherland. It was based on the novel, 'The Body Snatchers', written by, Jack Finney.

  6. Hello Old Kitty,
    Yes, the film, 'The Blog', was remade in 1988:-)
    Hope you, Charlie and Tracy the fridge, are having a pleasant evening.
    Kind regards, Gary:-)

  7. Brilliant Post Gary! The jello jiggly truth rings too true...I have a jello head from too much turkey, gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pies, and fear that I too am susceptible to the dangers of THE BLOG! AAAHH! Is there an antidote?

  8. Hello THE SNEE aka Rebecca,
    Tis much truth to be seen in jiggly Jello. I know I will never think of strawberry or cherry Jello, in the same way. I've got dreams of it crawling up my spoon. Yikes! lol
    Rebecca, Beware of The Blog! An antidote? 'Pepto-Blogsmol'. Sorry, Rebecca, that response by me was crap and it's given me a tummy ache just thinking about it.
    Hope, despite your 'jello head', that you had a really nice Thanksgiving.
    Take care n'stuffing, Gary :-)

  9. This was great! I remember that movie and I could NOT finish it. I'm a wimp.
    But, the cleverness of this posting was great and made me smile and chuckle at the comparison! =)

  10. Aah! It all makes sense now, the blogs are most certainly taking over.

    Ooh...I'm all a-quiver with anxiety...or is that a bad sign?

  11. "The Blog consumes the old man, eats the doctor and his nurse, while ever increasing in size" careful mate!
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  12. Wow Gary, what a wonderfully elaborated story about The Blog. I have no idea there's a movie called The Blog and the blog is some kind of blob. But on the other hand I get the much spiritual wisdom you have so carefully and subtly include here - The Original Blog Was A Real Jerk, and little blogs don't need to elevate his presence just to find meaning in their very bloggey existence!

    I've never liked poking a stick at anything, except for sticking a poke or more on FB.

    Take care my dear friend. Good day and thank you for making me smile!


  13. Hi Gary, haven't seen or heard about it. Very curious to know the ending.

    Btw mine is the one that needs ATTENTION and LOVE - hmmm.. I thought that would have been obvious by now...

    Thanks for sharing, Gary. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Hi MaDonna,
    Thank you very much for your nice comment.
    It was some movie with a rather cool end. Or was it 'The End'?
    Yes indeed, there can be comparisons made with that film and 'The Blog':-)
    Have a lovely weekend, MaDonna.
    In kindness, Gary.

  15. Hi Ian,
    Oh yeah! Must watch out to see, in case some of those 'little Blogs', end up being like 'The Blog' :-)
    If you are 'all a-quiver', that might mean you are becoming a jelly-like mass. I shall keep any stick, well away from you. lol
    Enjoy your weekend, Ian.
    Kind wishes and a bowl of strawberry Jello, your way, Gary:-)

  16. Hi bazza,
    No problem bazza, because 'The Blog' is given the opportunity 'To Discover Ice'....
    Have a good weekend, bazza.
    Very ice of you to drop in.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  17. Hi Shanaz,
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.
    'The Blog' is some kind of 'blob'. Well, it surely is:-)
    I did try to be rather subtle and perhaps a little cryptic with this posting. What you have so eloquently noted, Shanaz, is indeed the heart of what I was alluding too.
    Ah yes, 'Farcebook', that's one place where a 'poke' and a bit of 'stick', can be so much fun:-)
    My good friend, thanks for your superb response.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Warm wishes and much respect, your way, Gary :-)

  18. Hi Grandpa,
    Perhaps there isn't an ending. Maybe there are lessons to learn from 'The Blog'.
    And Grandpa, my dear friend, your blog is kind, informative and thoughtful. I'm so glad that I've had the great privilege to interact with you. I do maintain the ideal that we are all in this, together.
    May you have a tranquil weekend.
    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary.

  19. hi mr gary! i saw that movie and its pretty scary. for sure im not gonna poke anything with a stick. ha ha. righ now im just a small glob of blog so you dont gotta worry about me taking spreading and over. you got the most fun posts!
    ...hugs from lenny

  20. By darn it, I think I just hit on the analogy. lol. I think that story you told might be based on true events. Spooky. Stranger things have happened. Very gentle way of putting it all, Gary. Very cool way of getting your point across.

    I think every blogger should read this post.

    I'm glad I was able to survive another family gathering in order to come over to comment. Take care of yourself and keep on thinkin'.

  21. Dear Gary,
    I remember "The Blob" very well, as it must be one of the very first films I saw as a kid.
    But now it's "The Blog" that we have to worry about, becoming ever larger and threatening other, smaller blogs.
    Is this what they call an "allegory" then, Gary, i.e a story whose moral is represented symbolically? Methinks it kind of is.
    So, it seems your blog is growing evermore funny and sophisticated, swallowing up comments and followers as fast as it can!
    Yours with All the Best,
    P.S. Hope that the weather is not too bad in old Leek. We've had snow here for the first time this year today, so one can only guess at what it's like "up your end", if you'll excuse the saying.

  22. Clearly you’ve missed not just one, but several vocations; film maker and lyricist. Particularly the latter.

    But the film and music business’s loss is our gain.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off contemplate the lesson of The Blog and its offspring.

    Have a great weekend, Gary.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  23. Great little parable of blogging (or I suppose with a capital "B" Blogging.) I hope bloggers can see themselves in the satire. I love blogging and bloggers; it gives old-timers something to do. There are many other reasons for being a Blogger, all legitimate.

  24. I love to blog
    but my baby just loves dance he got dance!
    whoa I love to blog
    but my baby just got to dance
    he loves to dance
    oh I love to blooooog but i never get the chance oh no

    hope I go the words right
    you certainly got the film right
    cheers you hip hop happening blogger

  25. Hi Lenny!
    I wonder if you saw the original version or the one that was made in 1988.
    Yes, we must be careful at what we poke a stick at. lol
    I know you would rather be a 'small glob of a blog' than a 'Big Blog' that tries to consume all that get in its way:-)
    Thanks Lenny. Keep doing what you're doing. You are sincere and caring. That's what really matters.
    Hugs and smiles, Gary:-)

  26. Hey Kelly,
    I was hoping you might relate to the underlying tones of my analogy.
    I do try to be gentle. I do embrace an equal and positive interaction community. Some 'up their own ass butt wipes', seem to think it's a one-way street, and that street, leads to just them. I think that is a pity.
    I am flattered by you saying, "I think every blogger should read this post." However, and I do appreciate your sentiments; I reckon that I'm nothing particularly important. I just want to be part of supporting and encouraging community, in a two-way street. You sir, are the epitome of kind and caring interaction. For that, I'm most grateful.
    I'm relieved to know that you survived the family gathering. Thanksgiving eh:-)
    Cheers, Kelly.
    Kind regards and a bowl of gooey cherry Jello, your way, Gary.

  27. Dear David,
    I figured you, a lover of films, may just have seen that film.
    It's an allegory, a rather abstract way of looking at underlying meanings. Just what 'morals' are learnt from this symbolic analogy? Well, only the 'little Blogs' can decide.
    Gee, I hope I'm not 'swallowing' up comments. Although yours is 'food for thought'. And yikes, I wouldn't want to 'swallow' up 'followers'. I do so hate the term 'followers'. For if I became all-consuming that would be one hypocritical irony.
    The weather here in Leek, right now, is bloody fffreeezing! I know you have had a bit of snow 'up your end'. I'm trying to keep 'my end', as warm as I can..
    Kind wishes and respect, Gary:-)

  28. Warm greetings Masked Friend,
    Thanks for that. Film maker? Any suggestions who would be the 'star' of the film? No, not me! I'd be just the director and would never appear in my films. Okay, maybe an opening cameo, kinda' like Alfred Hitchcock :-)
    And lyricist? I'm not so sure I could ever do that. However, 'Burt Blogarach', went on to bigger things. 'Do you know the way to San Jose?'
    I greatly appreciate your kind comment. Yes, I'd rather be blogging.
    I just hope that not too many 'little Blogs' become the victim of their own success.
    Always good to interact with your good and wise, self.
    Here's wishing you a peaceful and positive weekend.
    In kindness and respect, Gary:-)
    ...oh no...what's that red gooey stuff crawling all over my keyboard?:-)

  29. Hi Count Sneaky,
    Yes, this was a satirical look at the wonderful world of blogging. I'd guess I could be the 'tongue-in-cheek, 'little Blog'.
    Henry, you embrace the ideals of a positive interaction community. There are many reasons to blog. I know that the reason I blog is for therapy and hopefully be there to support and encourage others.
    I'm glad that blogging gives you "something to do". I consider your blog an absolute delight.
    Take care.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  30. Hi kerrie,
    I think that song was sung by Tina Charles?
    And the film certainly 'sticks' in my mind. Ooohhh
    Do kangaroos, frogs and rabbits, like 'hip hop' music?
    Hope you have a nice weekend, kerrie, and stay warm.
    In kindness and some 'Run-D.M.C.', your way, Gary:-)

  31. Love this post Gary!

    You certainly have an interesting take on that movie. As one of the many little blogs I have just one word ...


  32. Hi Gary;
    A very poignant blog. I agree about not being arrogant. After all who am I blogging for really? I came to the conclusion that I blog for myself so if I am pleased then I reached my goal. If others read it and get anything good out of it, then so much the better. I used to write my blogs and impatiently wait to see if someone would comment, then I discovered that sometimes people who commented had not really read it. Only to get my attention so that I would comment on theirs. It can turn into an ugly circle. I am a positive poster but really the bottom line is that I write for myself. Love your blog and thank you!!!

  33. it is amazing what you can find on the end of a stick - these blogs are lethal :-)

  34. Oh my.. I think I'm a good blog-girl..Never saw that movie because scary movies really scare me.. I know, chicken I am. Ha!!

  35. love that movie... i must watch it again...

    and oh yes... spreading a blog of green slime in the attempt at self expression... i think that's why i keep obliterating my blogs over and over again with a sudden shock of cold air... to keep the green slime under some semblance of order.


  36. Hi Sally,
    I'm glad you loved this post.
    Yes, let the 'little Blogs' who embrace the ethos of, all different, all equal, unite in a great little Blog community.
    The REVOLUTION has begun!
    In peace and respect, Gary :-)

  37. Hi Heather,
    Exactly! A very poignant response to my posting.
    Yes, I agree, we blog for ourselves first. If others relate and find comfort and support from your writing, than that is a most encouraging and profound outcome.
    It can turn into an 'ugly circle'. You follow me and I follow you, mentality. Yet is that real? I like to think that anyone who interacts is being genuine and is not visiting just to self-promote themselves and does not even care what you wrote. I find that insulting and sadly superficial.
    I greatly appreciate your two-way positive interaction in what I like to think is the true ideal of the blogging community.
    Thanks, Heather.
    Kindness and respect, your way, Gary:-)

  38. Hi Glen,
    It's amazing and sometimes, a little scary, what you can find at the end of a stick.
    So that's why we embrace the ethos of a 'Real Blogger'.
    Take care dude and have a good week.
    In kindness and sincerity, your way, Gary:-)

  39. Hi Lynne,
    Yes you are a 'good blog-girl':-)
    You write some wonderfully thoughtful postings which I greatly admire.
    Hmmm...scary movies can be scary. 'The Blog' could be one of the scariest of them all:-)
    Have a peaceful and positive week, Lynne.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  40. Hi joanne,
    Glad you love that movie. If you watch 'The Blog', again, see if you can note the 'Little Blogs' that had slipped out from The Blog. :-)
    Green slime eh? A blast of cold air keeps your blog, under control. That is indeed, an interesting thought:-)
    Take very good care of yourself and your blog, joanne.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary.

  41. hey! you've put me off blogging, but you may comment on my last poem out there...

  42. Hello Smita,
    Me thinks I have not put you off blogging:-)
    I comment on several blogs. I shall get around to your poem.
    In peace, Gary.

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  44. Hello anonymous,
    Gee whiz and good golly gosh! Now what the hell are you talking about?

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  46. Hello anonymous,
    I am indeed 'free of charge'. Who in their right mind would 'pay' to read this rubbish eh?

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  48. Anonymous said...
    Thank you for the great information! I would not have discovered this otherwise!.

    Oh really? And what information would that be? How to make the perfect cheese omelette? How to apply your mascara just right?
    So what was it then? Gosh and golly gee whiz....

  49. I am NOT going around sticking things into any blobs - oops, blogs! Too many dangerous things can happen! :)

  50. Hi Jemi,
    Hey thanks for commenting on this archived blob, I mean blog! :)
    Dangerous things can happen, indeed.
    You are so right and we don't want any more sticky situations :)

  51. I love visiting new blogs.... but will never ever poke a stick at one. I just enjoy all the different kinds of blogs,... but have you noticed some bloggers form a clique and only like blogs like themselves. Anyway.... great post. Now I am really getting off here...

    1. Hi Terry,

      Me also. Poking a stick at a blog could cause a gooey mess :) Like you, I like the great diversity out there. Those clique blogs are something I can do without.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this old post. You are most kind and so much better than those self-obsessed bloggers who wouldn't 'lower' themselves to interact with me, yes me, shy and humble me. All the best, my friend. Thanks again for commenting on this.

      Gary :)


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