Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Are Spiders Narcissistic?

Cobwebs.  Now the cobwebs I'm referring too, have nothing to do with a cob as in, corn on the cob, a thickset, stocky, short-legged horse, a roundish lump of coal, or even a male swan.  Although, I've no doubt, that a male swan may well have its own web (webbed) site.  There are many definitions of cob to be found.  Some might even be slightly suggestive.  Anyway, I'm not going to get a 'cob on', over it.

Of course, I'm referring to cobwebs or spider webs.  Have you ever noticed that your car can be nice and clean, except on the side mirrors?  You washed the car yesterday and it was spotless.  You go out the next morning and note the cobwebs on the side mirrors.  So, you remove the cobwebs.  You go back in the house.  Five minutes later, you decide you need to go back to your car.  And once again, there are cobwebs on your side mirrors.  Then you look at the row of cars on your street.  You notice that everyone of them has cobwebs on the side mirrors.  Out of frustration, you decide to wash your car again.  Five minutes later, the cobwebs have returned to your car's side mirrors.
So, I'm wondering if spiders are narcissistic?   Do they love to pose and admire themselves on your car's side mirrors?   Maybe it's posing, showing of its 'daddy long legs'.  Maybe, just maybe, it's a plot by spiders to piss us off.   You are driving along and realise that the cobwebs you forgot to clean off have caused you to not see the really angry cop who is trying to get you to pull over.
Then again, I've never actually seen a spider on the side mirror.  Only the cobwebs.  Oh how I wish to see a spider on a Fiat Spider.
If you had an ear of corn lying on a spider's web....would that be 'corn on the cobweb'?

For your consideration.  Here's a web sight.  And yes, Spider-Man has his very own website.  You may have realised, if you actually read this posting, that I obviously need to 'clear away my cobwebs', have another cup of coffee and go outside, to yet again, clean off the cobwebs on my otherwise clean car.  That would be unless I mention the bird shit, but that's another story.....


  1. Can't say as I have noticed any spiders on the car mirrors BUT when it comes to the bird stuff...well..we are on a flight path for Canada geese. Nuff said. Sorry officer, I forgot to wipe the bird stuff off the mirrors and I didn't see you. Yep!
    Actually the bird stuff reminds me of something funny that happened to us...

  2. The spider is hiding deep down inside where the glass meets the bonnet. Next time, clean off the cobwebs, then sit and wait. The little bugger comes creeping out, then proceeds to rebuild what you just destroyed.

    How do I know?

    Oh, uh, I, ah... read it online.

  3. Hi Delores,
    Oh no, well in my case, I've noted bird poo on the cobwebs.
    And Canada geese, eh? They were over here, just recently, hmmm....I wonder if they are the culprits? :)
    Say 'hello' to the friendly officer dude who might be riding a horse...but that's another story...
    I hope you post up some stuff about bird stuff :)

  4. Hi Joylene,
    Gosh, you called it a 'bonnet' instead of the 'hood':) That is good.
    Thanks for enlightening me on the spider mystery. And here's me thinking they did a pose in the mirror when nobody is around and then proceed from car mirror to car mirror, all the way down the street.
    Amazing what you can find on the World Wide 'Web' eh? :)

  5. I vote for spiders plotting to piss us off - I'm sure of that one. And hey, Gary, thanks for the tip! Next time I get pulled over, "Sorry, Officer, I couldn't see because of the cobwebs" ;)

  6. Hi Kim,
    Great idea! Then the officer asks you why you didn't hear the siren!:)
    'Whoops officer, I guess I was playing that CD of Spider songs a bit too loud....the itsy bitsy spider....'

  7. Dear Gary,
    "Corn on the cobweb", now that's a good one.
    Personally, I quite admire the old eight-legged freaks. How they manage to turn up in my bath tub every morning is a wonder to me. As well as being narcissistic, perhaps they have a touch of the old OCD, and have to wash themselves every five minutes. Or perhaps it's all part of the same web of conspiracy (geddit?), the OCD leading them to look at themselves in the mirror, then wash themselves in the tub.
    Very funny, though, Gary. My, I do so wish I was as funny as you. Ha ha.
    Very Best Wishes, via the inter-web, to your very own computer,

  8. Dear David,
    Can this be true? Are you actually awake at such an unearthly hour?
    What the hell am I saying? Almost five in the morning and I'm replying.
    Which reminds me, no, I haven't forgot you've posted up another award winning posting. Tomorrow, today, I shall delight you with one of my award winning comments.
    Anyway, back to your comment.
    Glad to see you have gotten into the spirit of this posting and attempted some added semblance of spider humour.
    You've added some further dimensions to what will, no doubt, cause a great debate. You see, not only do they like to admire themselves in the mirror, but they like to keep nice and clean. Nice and clean, every five minutes.
    Web of conspiracy, nice one. Web of deceit, even. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!" There you go, cause your into quoting, have a bit of Sir Walter Scott...
    David, thanks for thinking this was almost, perhaps, kind of, somewhat funny. And you are very funny. Of course, neither one of us could ever be as funny as the one genre 'comedy' bloggers. Oh no, that could never happen.
    Kind wishes and a 'daddy long legs', your way, Gary

  9. I don't have a car but I do have many many many spiders making webs outside my windows!! I never thought about the narcistic aspect of it but you may have something there!! They do tend to gravitate to mirrors/glass!! Clever creatures!!!

    Corn on the cob?

    Take care

  10. Interesting concept...and very true, since our car side mirror, too, has spider renderings on it come morning. Clever--your blog, that is.

  11. Hi Gary

    I hear you....I've noticed this last week the exact same problem on my car. Both wing mirrors every morning adorned with cobwebs yet no spider in sight. I clean them off which just seems to give more space for more cobwebs. My head is spinning as to know what to do about it ;)

    Very clever and witty post. Thanks.

    Take Care


  12. Minneapolis is in the process of getting ready to freeze its spiders, so there will be no more cobwebs for us until spring.

    Unless you count the ones in the basement.



  13. Hi Gary .. and there are going to be loads of the little things this year - ripe for reproduction!

    My car has its fair share of little cobwebs and spiders .. I am worried that you have a fetish for your spiders and their webs and possibly even for cleaning the car .. I just wondered if you'd borrow Gull and pop down here to do a car clean for me? You've got a fair wind one way at least .. not sure about getting back!

    Cheers .. old cob .. see ya soon .. Hilary

  14. i always manage to find them hanging ffrom trees and only notice after i've walked through them and i'm covers with that sticky web

  15. Hi Old Kitty,
    I think you have come up with more proof that spiders are narcissistic posers who just love admiring themselves. 'Oooh...look at my daddy long legs....!',said the spider. No, not me :)

    "Corn on the cob?" Yep, a fact to 'a maize' you! :)

    Take care eh,

  16. Hi hi hi, Heidi-"Heidi in Real Life",
    And thank you for adding your experience of the dreaded car side mirror draped in morning cobwebs.
    The evidence in this web of intrigue, mounts up :)
    Take care and happy cobweb cleaning.

  17. Hi GEM,
    Oh my, you know, all too well, the mystery that is the cobweb and the missing spider. Although Joylene has informed us that the spider is hiding down inside where the glass meets the bonnet. I still think that's one spider going from car to car. 'Hey spider! Would you like to go for a 'spin' in my car?'
    Thanks GEM and now my head is spinning from reading your comment :)
    In kindness, Gary

  18. Hi Pearl,
    You do realise that the spiders in Minneapolis are actually Canadian spiders brought in disguised as American spiders.....
    I bet you are looking forward to spring and the thought of removing cobwebs, yet again and again and...
    Good luck counting the ones in the basement. Anything over ten spiders aint good :)
    Thanks Pearl and take care, eh.

  19. Hi Hilary,
    Oh yes, thanks for reminding me of the abundance of spiders that will be delighting us! :)
    No, the only fetish I have is staring at myself in one of my several full-length mirrors and admiring the cobwebs artistically draped along the edges....Okay, I'm kidding, there aren't any cobwebs...
    It would be my pleasure to send a flying Jack Russell your way to clean your Rolls Royce :) I'm sure Penny would have no trouble flying back on her own power. An amazing dog.
    Me thinks this has be a load of cobblers...:)
    Cheers Hilary.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  20. Hi becca,
    Oh yuck! Nothing worse than webbed trees. Would be awful if said webbed tree was a maple tree. Maple syrup and sticky web. What a combo :)
    Take care,

  21. Well you've gone and done it! It's another 'web' which you have woven! So it happens over there in London land also! It's a plot to take over the world! I see it all rather clearly now, from one web to another, it's one helluva 'sticky situation' run for your lives, the spiders are coming......eeeeeeeekkkkkkk! Thanks for the laughs, you're a great funny friend and I 'wuv' you from a distance! LOL!!! Now that I've got your attention weave that one into your wicked web......later.....

  22. LOL! Yes i have that problem with my car at the moment. Maybe they just want their caught dinner to be magnified in the mirror to get their tastbuds working!

  23. My dad had a robin who used to peck his car mirror with great aggression because he thought it was another bird on his territory. Dad had to cover the mirror in the end to stop him.

  24. I am very fond of the little spider that lives inside my driver-side car mirror.
    And it gives me an excuse not to wash the car!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’
    PS: this web thingy - I think it's World-Wide.

  25. Hey The Manic Chef,
    Okay, "London land". Of course, everyone knows that England is somewhere in London, eh :)
    Absolutely, it's a web of mystery created by sinister spiders. And no, I'm not weaving you a yarn. Beware the self-obsessed spiders and their self-obsessed web sites. Heck, at this rate, I reckon those evil spiders could become mighty popular bloggers!
    Oh my and eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!, the spiders are a coming....:)

  26. Hi Madeleine,
    You might just have a point. Maybe they do like to magnify their meal in the winged mirror. This web of mystery is spinning out of control :)

  27. Hi Madeleine,
    Was the mirror your dad covered on a 'Robin Reliant'? LOL

  28. Hi bazza,
    Thank you for sharing your affection towards that little spider that lives inside you driver-side car mirror.
    Any excuse not to wash your car. I think you are just overly fond of your little spider friend :)

  29. LOL! Nope. Those cars shudda been called Robin unreliant!

  30. Hey Madeleine,
    Completely agree and those darned cars have a wheel 'missing' :)

  31. WOW! WOW! WOW! I love the new look. Take me out to sea. Are there any cobwebs there? We have had many spider encounters of a third kind since we live in the deep woods. Makes for so many spidery tales. I really love your blog. You make me smile.

  32. Hey THE SNEE,
    Thanks for loving the new look. I have no idea how I did it because I'm a total technophobe. Although I was hoping seeing the sea would have folks stare at the sea and take their mind of my futile attempts of any semblance of some kind of sensible writing. If you 'sea' what I mean. And that's for 'shore' eh :) There might just be cobwebs in the sea. Evidently, crabs are spiders with really fat legs.
    That sounds really spooky where you live out there in the deep woods. I'm sure you could weave us a scary tale or two :)
    Thanks Rebecca. You are just too kind. Smiles and positive wishes, your way, Gary

  33. Hi Y'all,

    My Human complains that spiders are vindictive 'cause they always put their webs too high for her to reach them.

    Evidently English spiders are more interested in their appearance...

    Sniffs and licks to Penny and snuggles to you Gary.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  34. Howdy Hawk,
    How true, the cobwebs are often in those unreachable corners of the ceiling.
    English spiders are a vain lot. Never known so many posing spiders as the ones we have here :)
    Penny sends you some extra special doggy kisses xx. This human thanks you for them thar snuggles :)
    Have a good weekend.

  35. I am terrified of spiders, but when I see one gritting its teeth and clinging on for dear life to its web on the wing mirror as we speed along, I can't help feeling sorry for it.
    I have awarded you and Penny a Friendly Blogger Award over at my place if you'd like to accept it :-)

  36. Hi Teresa,
    I too would feel sad if I noticed a spider clinging on for dear life on the wing mirror. Then I had this visual of its gritted teeth....
    Penny and I thank you very much for the award and shall duly come over to collect. We thank you :)
    Penny and Gary :)

  37. We often get spiders on the car mirrors too - and in between the deck furniture. They make pretty webs, but they can drive you crazy too! :)

  38. Hi Jemi,
    Ah, those darned Canadian spiders, eh :) Make sure you keep them away from your Thanksgiving turkey. Unless, you like cobwebs on your turkey :) Yuck!
    Thanks Jemi and may you and your loved ones, have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  39. Spiders here in Florida are a year round problem and yes, cars and trucks are a target all the time. Ah yes, the warm fuzzy feeling one gets with a face full of web walking out to the car!

  40. Hey R. Jacob,
    Aha Ray, spiders in Florida would be enjoying the sunshine and weaving webs on your vehicles.
    Nothing like being covered in cobwebs as you sit in your car whilst heading for the beach...
    Take care, Gary :)


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