Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Ah yes, friends.   And when I note 'friends', it is in no way a reference to that nauseating, sickly sweet American television 'shitcom', I mean 'sitcom' show, 'Friends'.   That would be the show that had Jennifer Aniston amongst the galaxy of stars.  Yes, the same Jennifer Aniston who was devastated when I told her I wouldn't marry her.   So, yes indeed,  to try and get over her heartache, she married and then divorced, Brad Pitt.  I guess she never really got over me turning her down.  Which reminds me, if you're reading this Brad, no I won't tell you the secret in regards to my stunningly good looks.   Or, is that stunning or stunned look...Anyway, whatever, Brad, deal with it.
So nothing to do with the television show, Friends.  The show that also featured Courtney Cox.   You may recall her in a certain Bruce Springsteen video.   Yes, his video for 'Dancing in the Dark', where he beckons a very young Courtney Cox to come and dance on the stage with him.   And judging by their dancing, I wish they had danced in the dark, total dark.
Before I completely digress from the actual theme of this posting.....I suppose there might be a bit of a clue in the above photo.  Teresa, over at this friendly site : A Likely Story  has very kindly bestowed the 'Friendly Blogger Award' to me because she considers me to be a friendly blogger.   Teresa, I'm most honoured that you would think of me as a friendly blogger friend.  
Okay, I'm supposed to forward this award onto a few friendly bloggers.   Of course, you are all friendly and during an extremely difficult time in my personal life, your friendship has been a lifeline.  However, even though I consider you all to be my friends, I wish to pass on the award to the following for their ongoing kindness to me that goes beyond any words.  To all my blogger friends, I am truly grateful.

2:   THE SNEE         
3:   Austanspace    
4:  thefeatherednest       
7:  browndogcbr     
10:  Soundoff    
11:  CindyLu'sMuse      
12:  It's A Lollipop World     
14:  The Manic Chef  
15:  joanne rose  

To all of those friendly bloggers I have forwarded this award too; please do not feel any obligation to acknowledge this award or, if you do, to not list as many friends as me.
I am going through the toughest time of my life.  I've been in the background and not very proactive.  I cannot think straight and I'm exhausted.  My dear friends, all of you, I hope you understand.


  1. Aw, Gary, you make being a friend very easy. I'm honoured. Thank you.

  2. Hm. Typical American press, they've kept that bit of a secret about you and Jennifer out of the news. Poor Brad, he didn't stand a chance, did he?

    I have to echo @Austan - you make it easy. If there were any one person in this world who could be named Best Friend Ever, it would have to be you. Thank you for thinking of me, and really it's difficult to return the many favors you bestow upon us. You have a golden heart. Please take care, may tomorrow be brighter for you. Have Penny give you a hug for us!

  3. Dear Gary,
    Ah, friends indeed. Maybe Penny (mentioned above) is also one of your best friends, which kind of gives me "paws" for thought.
    Thank you for mentioning me in your very long list of pals. It seems one thing you will not be running out of is mates. Which really makes sense, as you are such a kind, good-hearted, friendly person yourself.
    Gary, I sympathise with your current difficulties, and just know, as I mentioned earlier on the 'phone, that you are quite welcome to ring, email or even come round (oh God, what have I let myself in for!) any time.
    Wishing you all the best, peace and tranquility (but hopefully without the tranquilisers),

  4. To the friendliest of friendly bloggers, sorry to hear that life is especially tough right now. I hope this stage passes soon, and you can recover your energy and good spirits.

  5. Hi Gary...first let me thank you for considering me a friend..it is an honour.
    Now, please know that I think of you and your son daily (and Penny of course) and I send hopeful positive healing wishes your way daily. I will spare you all the "darkest before the dawn" crap. Sometimes life just stinks and that's all there is to it. Here's hoping things get better soon..you deserve it. If you don't mind just one tiny word of advice...holding things in is harmful...talk about what is going on....we are here and listening. All the best....Delores

  6. Hey Austan,
    Laura, thank you for your friendship and sincerity. You are most assuredly welcome for the award.
    In kindness to you, my friend,
    Gary :)

  7. Hi Kim,
    Aha, poor Jennifer never recovered from my turning her down. And Beyoncé wants to be my fiancée. Well, she has no chance :) Brad needs to get over his 'jealousy' of me :) Deal with it, Brad.
    Kim, you are very kind to me and your warm friendship during these heartbreaking times, have meant the world to me. I do endeavour to be friendly and caring of others. I hope that those who have been not included in my list, realise just how grateful I am to them.
    Dear lady, you are, most definitely a "Best Friend Ever". You are very welcome for this award.
    I shall get Penny to give me a hug on your behalves. Penny and I send big hugs back to the both of you:)
    Thanks, dear friend.
    In kindness and warm wishes, Gary

  8. Did you just pick on one of my favorite shows? Oh. That just makes me sad. Next thing you know, you will be picking on Opie!
    Peace Baby!

  9. Dear David,
    Indeed, Penny is a 'pawsitive' influence in my life.
    You are very welcome to have been included in this fine list of friendly folks. You, good sir, are the epitome of genuine friendship and have been a vital lifeline during these moments of great anxiety. I was most grateful for your call and yikes, amongst other things, I suspect a visitation of me at your house, is imminent.
    Thanks David. You're a good dude.
    With very kind and positive wishes, your way, Gary

  10. Hi Ian,
    Thanks buddy and support from good people like you is very much appreciated.
    I shall remain steadfastly resilient that a more positive future is on the way, for all of us.
    In kindness to you, my friend,

  11. Hi Delores,
    You are very welcome and your ongoing support and interaction has been very much treasured.
    I'm very touched that you think about us and Penny the Jack Russell, daily. Your positive healing wishes are gratefully received. And yes, life can seem so daunting, so overwhelming. It's not pleasant feeling so helpless when you see a loved one in so much turmoil. As you know, when our loved ones hurt, we hurt.
    I appreciate what you are saying and I have to be very delicate in how I phrase my postings. For he has occasionally read them and he feels embarrassed when he shouldn't be. We all can experience situations that make us feel helpless.
    I bottle it up to some degree, because if he noted how it's impacting me, it might make him feel even worse. I have to be very careful.
    Thanks Delores your kindness and support is very much valued.
    In kindness and friendship, your way, Gary

  12. Hi middle child,
    Whoops, it appears I did. Next will be my picking on 'Glee Club'. I'm such a 'Gleek'.
    Good old Opie...'Happy Days' are here again :)

  13. I have to echo, Austan - you make being a friend very easy.

    I am privileged also. Thank you.

    Take care of the the lovely Penny, your loved ones, and last but not least, you :)

    Oh, and thanks for the award!

  14. Just one more thing ... sorry ... I just love the new look! Gorgeous background :)

  15. Well, dang it... That's just too bad. I'm gonna acknowledge this award, accept it, thank you for it and refrain from proudly fondling myself while I place it upon my blog mantle. Hooray.

    Seriously, I thank you for this award. It is one of those kind that mean more to me than a "you're a funny blogger" or "you're so darned irresistible" award. Sure I should get that last one but that's beside the point. ahem.

    The point is is that you've been a been a great friend and supporter in my times of woe, as well. You don't find too many folks on the net who will take the time to email you with a plethora of encouragement and understanding you have offered, unselfishly, Gary.

    This might as well have been called, "The Humane Award."

    Stay cool. Stay well. This is Kelly, signing off.

  16. Hi Gary .. thank you so much for including me in your list - very much appreciated.

    I've been thinking of you .. and hope that all will be well and won't take too much more energy and time from you ..

    Look after yourself and I'm sure Penny does as good a job as she can - animals are brilliant and are always there ..

    With many thoughts and a big hug - Hilary

  17. You are one of the friendliest bloggers in Blogland and I do hope things are better and brighter for you soon. I shall come back soon and visit those on your list.

  18. Hi Gary! And YAY for your wonderful award!! Thank you for nominating my silly blog too!! I never took to Friends. I was more a Frasier woman - I don't think I ever found a Friends episode funny but I just thought it was because I found the way they hogged the one sofa in the Coffee place really really annoying! LOL!

    Take care

  19. Hi Gary,

    No wonder Jen has been in a tailspin all these years! Seriously though, thank you for the Friends Award. The feeling is very, no extremely, mutual. Sneedom would not be a very rewarding world without you. Even in the virtual world, you radiate a sincerity that is unmatched, and extremely rare. I treasure that about you.

  20. Confucius (might have) said "He who lists good friends is a friend himself"
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  21. You do respond nicely to everyone and I admire that. But sometimes it is ok to do a group thank you. We will understand. Cheers Gary!


  22. Hey there friend! I had no idea about you and Jen.

    Congratulations on the well deserved award. You are a great friend. :)


  23. Yay for friendly bloggers! You are definitely deserving!!!

  24. Gary, I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to respond, but much is going on, and I'm in a manic mode and my thoughts are everywhere. It's an honour to be your friend, and I'm sorry you are going through dark times for the last little while, but let me tell you, I should come over and cook you and your son Breakfast, lunches, and dinners! I have a nurturing personality, matter of fact I'm so nurturing, after about a week of it
    I would have driven you both so crazy, you would be past this dark period and fly me back to Canada with a grateful heart....that I'm gone! You think you have problems now.......ha, ha, ha, just you wait!!!! LOL!!!!!! Thank you for this honour, coming from you who gives so much, I shall return it back to you....ok, maybe not....I'm obsessing...and emotional. It's a pleasure to be a friend, you make it so easy to be one. Now I will go and cry....Later.....

  25. Congratulations Gary and to all those friendly blogging awardees.

  26. I'm late, late, late. Sorry, Gary. Thank you for the award. You are such a gentle soul. Jennifer is bound to suffer for many many more years, dear friend. You can't fault yourself.

    Oh, and happy Thursday.

  27. Hi Wendy,
    Why thank you. And to echo you, you make being a friend very easy :)
    Your ongoing kindness and friendship is highly cherished. Thank you.
    I shall do my very best to take care of Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, my son and even me :)
    You are very welcome for the award. Do with it as you so wish apt :)
    Glad you like the new look. Heck, the template aint bad either! :)
    Take very good care of YOU and your loved ones, Wendy.
    In kindness and friendship, Gary :)

  28. Howdy Kelly,
    Dude, you are darned well worthy of this here award n'stuff. I nearly had a visual of you changing your mind and proudly fondling yourself. Then I realised you would never do such a thing. Just be careful with your heaving blog mantle :)
    Kelly, shy and humble Kelly, there are awards just waiting to be created, especially for you. 'The Let's All Go To The Rodeo And Throw Rotten Fruit At The Clown In The Barrel, Blogging Award', would be just an awesome and profound award for you, my esteemed friend :)
    Seriously, thanks Kelly. The interaction and support we have shared, has gone beyond the blog and is testimony to your kind and caring spirit. I am truly grateful for your friendship.
    I feel a bit bad that I overlooked an awful lot more worthy, friendly bloggers. I hope they know that their friendship, along with your friendship, means the world to me.
    I have much respect for your genuine humanity, Kelly.
    May you and your loved ones realise a more peaceful and positive life.
    In kindness and friendship,

  29. Hi Hilary,
    You're very welcome and it was my honour to include you in this list. As you know, there is no obligation to make note of this award. It's just my way of showing my appreciation for your friendship.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts, Hilary. Indeed, I'm exhausted, emotionally and psychically. Will admit I'm struggling to focus and my interaction in the blogging world has been rather lax as of late.
    I shall try very hard to look after myself. And yes, Penny has gotten me through some times of despair with her non-judgemental affection.
    Take very good care of yourself, Hilary. Here's wishing you a lovely weekend.
    With respect, hugs and friendship, your way, Gary

  30. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks Teresa and I was truly touched by your bestowing such a thoughtful award to me. I'm very grateful for your kindness and friendship.
    And thank you for your positive wishes for a better future. May we all realise a better and happier future. Those on my list are remarkable people. And those I didn't include will know how much I admire them also.
    With friendship and peaceful wishes your way,

  31. Hi Old Kitty,
    Hey, thanks for that. You are very welcome for this award. Your blog is very thoughtful, okay, sometimes silly, but darned good fun. And Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star thinks you and Charlie are well cool! :)
    Frasier, a better show, me thinks. I've been to Seattle where the show was located. 'Cheers' old Kitty.
    Oh yes, let's all hang around 'Central Perk', drink coffee and giggle a lot. Gosh! :)
    Take care, friend.

  32. Hi THE SNEE,
    Indeed Rebecca, it's all my fault that Jennifer is all mixed up :) To think she had to settle for second best and was with poor old Brad.
    You were a very obvious choice. Your kindness and support, during some very trying times, has been cherished. I sincerely believe we can be here for each other. We both know that's what real friends do.
    You're a lifeline, Rebecca and I'm grateful to know you.
    Warm wishes and ongoing friendship, your way, Gary :)

  33. Hi bazza,
    Hey, I like that. I certainly think of you as a good friend.
    Take care buddy.
    In kindness and friendship, Gary

  34. Hi R. Jacob,
    Thanks Ray and yes I do endeavour to reply, if possible, to every comment. Thanks for understanding that I'm struggling with all of this, lately.
    It can be time consuming and I'm very flattered to get so many comments. And after this, I shall try to go round and leave comments on my friend's postings.
    Thanks Ray. I appreciate your friendship.
    In kindness, Gary

  35. Hey Sharon,
    My dear friend, indeed Jen has never fully recovered from my very politely telling her she had no chance :)
    Thanks for the congrats and I've heard a rumour that Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star wants to mention a few more friends in an upcoming, eagerly awaited posting by her :)
    Your ongoing interaction and friendship is very much valued.
    Warm thoughts to you, my friend.
    Gary :)

  36. Hi Susan,
    Thank you, my dear friend. Your continued kindness means an awful lot.
    In friendship and respect, your way,

  37. Hey Samantha,
    Yay for friendly and caring bloggers, such as you. I know just how caring you are and you have my utmost respect. Thanks Samantha.
    With admiration and continued friendship, your way, Gary :)

  38. Hi The Manic Chef,
    Dear friend. No need to apologise. Your comments, if and when you desire, are always welcome :)
    I have a lot of respect for you to take the time to leave a comment, despite the concerns in your own life. That's true testimony of your friendship and I'm very thankful to know you.
    Ah yes, what a thought. To have a culinary master such as you cooking all those meals, would be totally amazing. And to have the experience of your nurturing nature for a week before having this incredible urge to fly you back to Canada, I say, I'm sure it would be great to experience you and your celebrity status for at least an hour :)
    Seriously friend, I do my utmost to embrace a new, positive reality. I stay strong and with the help of friends like you, I know there is a way. You will have my continued support and friendship.
    You are most welcome for this award. Shine it, caress it, stick it in your trophy cabinet and smile :)
    With respect, understanding and friendship, your way, Gary

  39. Hi Madeleine,
    Thanks for the congratulations. And there's a strong rumour that the awards are to be continued in a posting by Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star :)
    Take care, my dear friend.
    In kindness, Gary

  40. Hi Joylene,
    Sorry, for a second there, I visualised a white rabbit with a watch....never mind, I'm crazy...
    My pleasure to bestow this thoughtful award on a truly kind and remarkable friend like you. A most inspiring lady.
    I realise that Jennifer really must get over my rejection. I do hope she finally understands that I'm out of her league. Or something like that:)
    Ah, happy Friday. It's gone four in the morning and I'm listening to the Canucks play Nashville. Time zones, eh :)
    With respect and friendship, your way, Gary

  41. Hey, great minds think alike. I was thinking "rabbit".

    Happy Friday... and thanks again for the award. I love awards!

  42. Hey Joylene,
    Yes indeed, great minds think alike, eh. You and that rabbit :)
    Happy Saturday. Oh, those time zones....and yay, you friendly blogger you, deserve awards, lots and lots of awards....

  43. Hey becca,
    Thank you, my friend. And I do believe that Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, is doing a follow up posting :)

  44. thank you Gary for including me in your wonderful friendly list, but more than that thank you for being a such a kind friend yourself, and for continuing through the toughest of times still turning inward toward something deeper inside of yourself... i admire how even on the days when you're on the floor, you still manage to pick yourself up and walk forward and onward with transparency and compassion for others.

  45. Hi joanne,
    It was my honour and pleasure to include you in this list of kind, caring and friendly people.
    Your sincerity and humanity are a treasure to behold. For that, my dear friend, I'm truly grateful.
    These have been challenging and painful times for me, my son and for so many. I shall continue to do my very best to be here for others and embrace the ideals for a better, friendly world, for all of us.
    Thank you so much for your kind and caring comment. You are a wondrous example of all that is bright and positive within the community of friends known as bloggers.
    Please take very good care of your gentle self, joanne.
    With much respect and caring wishes, your way,
    Gary :)

  46. Gary, there is truly no one I've known more kind & noble as you. You are truly an inspiration & a pioneer to those of us trying to fight the darkness. I'm so sorry to hear how difficult this time is for you. I promise there's light at the end of every dark tunnel, and you have many folks here who love you dearly.

    Much peace, love, and strength,

    P.S. It's going right at the top of my flair page. ;-) <3

  47. Hi LilPixi,
    Wow Christina, what kind and encouraging words you have so beautifully articulated. Thank you.
    Indeed, a lot of us are experiencing dark and challenging times. Yet I know, through the compassion and understanding of dear friends such as you, we can be here for each other, inspire each other.
    I am determined that things will be better and I stay focused on that positive reality.
    You are a very special lady and your friendship is truly cherished. May positive and wonderful aspects continue to grow in your life.
    It was my honour and privilege to forward on this award to you. Delighted it's going onto your flair page :)
    Love, strength and admiration, your way, Gary x

  48. Hi Gary,

    I've been away from blogosphere for what seems to be really long time. Have not been posting on my personal blog and unable to update my travel blog. But I do remember all the friends I've met here, including you. I wish you get through whatever you're going through right now. You stay strong there.



  49. Hi Maria,
    Wow, really great to see you here. I do so hope you will be able to update your personal and travel blogs, fairly soon :)
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and I focus on positivity. My friend, here's wishing you much peace and happiness.
    Warm wishes, your way, Gary :)


I do try to comment back to each commenter individually. However, I might have to shorten my replies or give a group thank you. That way, I can spend more time commenting on your blogs. Thank you and peace, my friend.