Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Sadness In Your Smile.

Within you lies great beauty
Yet I see the sadness in your smile
I see it as my duty
To walk with you a mile.

'Walk a mile', as in walk a mile in your shoes, your moccasins, to try to understand and not pass judgement.  To experience what you experience.
In this all too hectic, fast-paced world, it can be easy to ignore the plight of our brothers and sisters in their time of need.  I reach out and will do my utmost to turn those tears of sorrow into tears of joy and laughter.
I know we can all be here for each other.  We can realise a better place in what should be an all different, all equal society, that embraces the diversity of mankind.  Nobody has the right to devalue your humanity.  

I see the homeless man
With the sparkle in his eye
I see the greed with the evil plan
And ask the question why?


  1. You've changed your "look" - nice! Gary, this is so touching, and so emblematic of You. You have brought smiles and sunshine to so many, myself included. I only hope that I may gift you in return. This world could indeed be a better place, if we only were to consider each other.
    Peace and wags.

  2. Love the new look, Gary. Peaceful and uplifting, to go with your uplifting words.

  3. Hi Gary; Very thought provoking. It is truly an ideal world which you refer to and absolutely possible. One might ask, what's the hold up? Unfortunately greed and vanity play a great card in this game. I hope and pray you do smile through your tears of frustration and realize my dear friend how loved and valued you are!!

  4. Dear Gary,
    These are very uplifting thoughts. Ah, if only life were more like what you describe.
    Actually, the other day I was thinking that there seems to be so much good will between us in the great blogging community, I wondered why it doesn't seem to translate to the wider world. We must be representative of at least some part of society- I wonder if our voices are being taken note of at all? If voices like your own were more recognised, the world might be a nicer place. Ah!
    Well done, Gary- keep on fighting the good fight.
    With Very Best Wishes,

  5. Beautiful words Gary and grand ideals.
    Nice new look as well.

  6. Hi Gary

    This reminds me of something I read this moring by one of my favouritr spiritulists writers, Paulo Coelho. Check the following story out on his blog:

    Lovely post Gary and beautifully written as always.

    Take Care


  7. Nice look and very refreshing Gary. Everyone needs a helping hand now and again. A post I did...
    deals with a program in Australia that address that. Cheers to you.


  8. Beautiful words - thank you! and yes, I too love your new look blog! Take care

  9. Very nice -- words more people should heed...


  10. To see ourselves in the other, and the other in ourselves. To recognize our common humanity and that our struggle is all the same-to survive and be happy on this beautiful planet. That is the great task in life, and one to which, Gary, you seem passionately dedicated.

  11. beautiful words and love the new look

  12. Wow. I like the new look. Very pleasing, peaceful type background. What made you opt for a change?

    Your words are touching and meaningful, Gary. Like you, I wonder the same thing, in regards to the last four lines. As long as we have the greedy corporations and power elite controlling how the system works, the homeless and poor will go unnoticed and not cared for, for the most part.

    I wish it weren't so.

  13. Hi Y'all,

    I had a friend who died of cancer a number of years ago. She had turned to Buddhism. We used to discuss those "whys". She had an answer for where "bag ladies come from".

    Never solved anything, but went away to ponder after our discussions.

    BrownDog's Human

  14. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for liking my 'look'. Heck, the template aint bad either :)
    You, my dear friend, have touched the lives of many with your kindness and concern. I'm grateful to you.
    If only all the world could be this way. Thank you.
    In kindness and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary

  15. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for that. May we all share in peaceful and uplifting acts of kindness.
    With respect and goodwill, your way, Gary

  16. Hi Heather,
    Ah to realise such an ideal world. If only we could eliminate the evil of greed and indifference to our fellow man. If only.
    I smile with renewed hope for a better future, for you Heather, for all of us. Thank you, dear friend.
    In peace and positive wishes, your way, Gary

  17. Dear David,
    A wonderful observation, my illustrious friend. There is a lot of power for the good within the great blogging community. If enough bloggers did articles on a theme to remove the corruption, to redress the balance in society, maybe, just maybe, we that truly care, would be heard and injustice would be rectified. A world where no judgement is made and no stigma shall be attached. I fight the good fight with you, my friend.
    With kind wishes, your way, Gary

  18. Hi Delores,
    Thank you and I'm sure you embrace such grand ideals.
    Glad you like the new look. Yes, here I go again, the template looks good, also :)
    In peace, Gary

  19. Hi GEM,
    I checked out his site and that is a most profound article. He is also extremely popular and rightly so.
    Thanks for liking my article. I appreciate your kind thoughts.
    Kind wishes and much respect, your way, Gary

  20. Hi R. Jacob,
    Thank you Ray and those who may never had needed a helping hand, may find the day when it happens, that humility is a pure sensation.
    I have had a read of your articles regarding this. R U O K? Always a nice gesture when said with sincerity. It can make a person's day.
    Thanks Ray.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary

  21. Hi Old Kitty,
    And thank you! :) Your ongoing kindness means so very much. Yes, the new look blog. I'm hoping anyone who graces my site, will be mesmerised by the sea and not notice my rubbish writing :)
    You and Charlie, take care

  22. Hi Pearl,
    That's very kind of you. If only the words would become a reality.
    With respect and happy writing, your way, Gary

  23. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you, dear lady. I want you to know you have been an ongoing source of inspiration :)
    Enjoy your new adventure.
    In peace and good wishes, Gary

  24. Greetings nothingprofound,
    And you, my friend, have encapsulated, rather nicely, the ethos within this posting. I know that you embrace such dedication for a better, fairer, more caring world. Thank you.
    In peace, Gary

  25. Hi becca,
    Thank you for your words. I'm glad you like the new look. Notice I didn't mention anything about the template looking good, also :) Whoops...
    In kindness, Gary

  26. Hi Kelly,
    Glad you like the new look. Well, the candle on my site looked like it was about to go out :) Actually, I thought it was time for a change. If you 'sea' what I mean.
    Yes, those last four lines have direct bearing with the greed of the corporate monster. The homeless man with the sparkle in his eye, was a man determined to believe in a better future.
    Kelly, you are a man of high integrity with sound moral values. If only more were like you.
    Thanks friend.
    In peace and hope, Gary

  27. Howdy BrownDog's Human,
    Ah yes, pondering and wondering about the whys. A lot of folks wonder why you never see a baby pigeon:)
    Take care and keep smiling.
    With respect and positive wishes, your way, Gary

  28. Since I starting blogging, I've marveled at the closeness and love we can accumulate with words. Many of you have already mentioned this, but why can't this spread and spread like an electrical currant.

  29. Hi Manzanita,
    I've noted you have left your comment as a collective pronoun. Indeed, many have alluded to the good we can create via our communication. An electrical're 'raisin' a good suggestion :) Let's just think of each other making this world a better place via our electric friendship. An electronic tonic, if you like.
    Thank you, my friend and happy writing.
    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  30. You're a credit to the human race, and god knows we need them. Do you know the quote from To Kill A Mockingbird, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view--until you climb into his skin and walk around in it"? You do that here.

  31. Hi GigglesandGuns,
    Thank you for commenting. Greatly appreciated.
    Glad you like the new look. Now, if only I could do something about my own :)
    In kindness, Gary

  32. Hi Susan,
    That's very heartening of you. I'm a firm believer that if enough of us took positive action, we can make this world a better place.
    Very flattering to equate my article along the lines of that quote from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. I'm familiar with that quote and it does indeed encapsulate the ideals of this posting. Thank you, Susan.
    With respect and positive wishes, your way, Gary

  33. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. Knowing that others have gone through this and made it out ok, really helps. So sincerely thank you Gary. Its much more appreciated than you probably even realize.

  34. WHOA.......WOW......GEEPERS.....! What a "shut my mouth, I'm lost for words" look in your design choice for your Blog. The design stole my glance first before reading the lovely, and moving sentiments of the text written. A wonderful match! A sensitive heartfelt expression of love, your just nothing but a "BIG" softie, aren't you? Hey....hey....hey, thanks for being so warm and sensitive to others friend, now I'm all misty eyed....see what you have done! Later......

  35. Hi MoniqueS,
    And thank you, my friend. I'm heartened and encouraged by your comment. It's okay to be real, to be transparent, to show the world that we struggle, yet we try to cope as best we can.
    The unfair stigma still attached to mental health concerns must be eradicated. For mental health issues can happen to anybody. Together, with compassion, trying to understand, we can be here for each other. That is most powerful.
    I would have responded back sooner, yet I have been going through a dark patch and only just emerged.
    Your comment is testimony to the gift of empathy. I appreciate that.
    May you try to live your life with realistic positive anticipation, rather than, negative speculation.
    You are strong and you have my utmost respect.
    In kindness and support, Gary

  36. Hi The Manic Chef,
    Aha, that's my plan :) Never mind the writing, but be distracted by the sea that you see, if you see what I mean.
    Seriously, thank you, my friend. Indeed, it was heartfelt and I have this dream that one day, we will live in a world where no judgement is passed. Where within this great diversity, we are all different, all equal.
    Yeah dude, I'm a "Big softie". And now I'm going all misty-eyed. Laters, you Big softie :)

  37. Gary, I am not always kind and thoughtful, but when I read your blog I WANT to be.

  38. I like the new look. Very true respect and courtesy should be paramount.

  39. Hi Donna,
    I think we are all guilty of lapses in taking the time to be there for our fellow man.
    I appreciate your encouraging thought.
    Thanks Donna.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary

  40. Hi Madeleine,
    Thank you and it would be nice to live in a world where stigma was eliminated.
    Much respect, your way, Gary

  41. A very nice post. Love new blog look.
    Hope you'll feel better soon; positive thoughts, to you.

  42. Hey Dixie,
    Thank you and thank you for liking the new blog look. It's nice to see the sea :)
    I shall stay positive and upbeat that all will be just fine. Here's wishing you, my dear friend, much peace and happiness, in your new adventure.
    In kindness and peace,

  43. "Sadness in your smile" is courage breaking through the clouds. Loved your short poem :)

  44. Greetings SprigBlossoms,
    Thank you for your perspective on this. And thank you for your kind words in regards to my two part, short poem.
    In kindness and appreciation for your interaction, Gary :)


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