Friday, 30 September 2011

A Cacophony Of Confusing Chatter.

For too long, I've been feeling like I'm the solitary figure, sitting in a crowded room.  Off in the corner, listening to the voices, blending together like garbled gibberish.   Not one voice discernible amongst the cacophony of confusing chatter.  
Yet, I felt this way as I sat alone in my living room, trying to battle against the negative energy that has battered my fragile ego.  I needed calm.  I needed peace.  I needed the mixed up voices of the inner critic to hush and let me breathe again.  Then I remembered just how beautiful it is in the world just outside my front door.  I needed to go out.  The above photo is a view of  The Roaches, just four miles from the town of Leek.  The photograph was taken from a vantage point just a few minutes walk from where I live.  

 Three miles north of where I live, you can get this magnificent view of Rudyard Lake in the foreground and a hill named, The Cloud, in the background.   You can click to enlarge any of the photos.

And now I observe the view on offer from the road that runs along the side of The Roaches.  Off in the distance, the sleepy town of Leek can be seen.  

You may be aware just how sunny and warm it has been here in Britain.  Here is the sun almost set beyond yonder hill.  The view from The Roaches, on this most gorgeous of days, left me feeling alive and refreshed.

 The sun had almost sunk beyond the horizon.  I sat there alone and reflected upon the day, that glorious day I decided to go out and learn to breathe again.  The cacophony of confusing chatter had been replaced by the soothing calm of a gentle voice.  The voice that told me that the negative energy would never defeat me.  
And tomorrow?  Well, based on today, I shall endeavour to live my life embracing the magic of a positive reality.    


  1. Dear Gary,
    I do so love that word, "cacophony". As for "confusing chatter", you can get that anytime you call me!
    Seriously though, it is nice that you can stave off your "inner critic" with a nice trip out. It's always good to get outdoors a bit, especially when the scenery is as nice as in your pictures. I shall have to take some of my own locality. As you have seen yourself, we have some wonderful sunsets here too. And, of course, there is that great construction which is Mecca, aka Port Vale football ground!
    Thanks for the inspiration, Gary, and I hope things are not too bad at present.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  2. Nothing like the earth mother to calm the mind; the beautiful colours and gentle sounds, the clean air and the whispering wind. She blows all confusion out of the mind and replaces it with order and reason. Oh I can't hold on to this forever...a good cup of coffee helps too. Glad you're feeling better Gary.

  3. Aah! England's green and pleasant land. Certainly a sight to soothe the troubled soul, Gary. Glad you remembered all this beauty just outside your door.

  4. What a wonderful day you had. I myself feel calm and at peace - just from viewing your photos. It must be all-encompassing to be in those places, taking in what Nature offers so generously. Wishing you continued positive and peaceful moments!

  5. I am glad you went outside. I go outside when ever I need to release my inner demons....

    I lean back and look into the night sky or the blue cloudless day.

    Fresh air feels my lungs and I imediatley feel better.

    Your post today reminded me of all that.

    I think I'll go outside now.

    Bert's My Vickie

  6. beautiful photographs. There's nothing like I good walk in the countryside - and it looks like you have some particularly lovely places near where you are! I always find a long walk helps me put things into perspective when life starts getting me down :-)

  7. Hello Gary:
    Nature is, we believe, a great healer of the troubled mind and how lovely it is that you have such a wonderful landscape such a short distance from your home.

    A change of environment, to countryside as lovely as this, cannot be other than beneficial whatever the season. We do so hope that you will enjoy a restful and peaceful weekend.

  8. I love where you live! Roaches! Leek! Wonderful!!

    These shots says it all really! Despite the criss-cross of wires the beauty of the landscape overwhelms!

    Despite the chaos and rush around us, the power of peace and love triumphs always. Take care

  9. It is the small things that can be the most rewarding. And they are easy to do, not much effort involved, and priceless.

  10. "There's nothing a walk in the woods won't help," they say. I'm taken by how alike England and New England look right now. And glad that you've found a new avenue to peace. It's really beautiful out there. Enjoy it.
    Best always,

  11. Hi Gary,

    I'm with David. Cacophony is a fabulous sound bite! You live in such a gorgeous place. I'd like to see it one day. Your words and pictures really capture the magic. Bah! humbug! to that inner critic of yours. Stay well Gary, and many magical, and funny(since laughter is fabulous medicine too) thoughts your way.

  12. Stunning beauty. No wonder I long to visit. I could have used your wisdom last night. I couldn't sleep. Couldn't shut down my brain. And today I have to be on the road, focused and alert.

    I just remember how inspired this post left me. That should do the trick.

    Best to you, Penny and your son.

  13. beautiful pictures, and I know the feeling.

  14. Hi Gary,
    Beautiful photographs of beautiful scenery! Nature is a wonder for calming nerves and restoring peace. There is a cacpohany that I love to hear and that is of a large flock of birds, any birds overhead, it makes me feel alive!
    In peace my friend,
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  15. You live in such a lovely place. And there really is nothing better to calm the mind than sitting quietly and looking out, particularly when what you have to look at is so serenely beautiful.

  16. 'For too long, I've been feeling like I'm the solitary figure, sitting in a crowded room'.

    I know exactly what that feels like. It is indeed, a cacophony of confusing chatter.

    Beautiful photos, Gary. Clearly you live in a gorgeous part of the world. I think we should all take time out to 'smell the roses' more often.

    Take care :)

  17. Dear David,
    I knew that you, the man who swallowed a dictionary, would like the word "cacophony." I quite like the word 'indigenous'. And it reassures me that any time I wish to have some 'baffling banter', you are but a phone call away.
    Thanks David and I really needed to get out and find comfort in the great outdoors. In times of trouble, may we all reach out for those wondrous moments that can inspire us.
    In kindness, your way, Gary.

  18. Hi Delores,
    Indeed, my dear friend, when I'm struggling to make some sense of life, the wonders of nature, beckon me. And for those precious moments, I feel alive and grateful for all the good in my life.
    Time for a coffee :)
    Have a peaceful, positive weekend.
    In kindness, Gary.

  19. Hi Ian,
    And during the spectacular weather we are having here, those rays of sunshine upon the green and rolling hills, made me feel that little bit better.
    Have a great weekend.
    In kindness, Gary

  20. Hi Kim,
    It was a wonderful day. I was determined to make it a wonderful day. I'm very pleased that viewing my photos gave you a sense of calm and peace :)
    The soothing power of the great outdoors did wonders to by mood. The confusing chatter was replaced by the sounds of the gentle breeze.
    May you, my dear friend, have many moments of peace and positivity.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    With kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  21. Hi Vickie and hello to Bert,
    Exactly, getting out and not dwelling on the 'inner demons', is a magical tonic.
    I'm so grateful to be able to go outside and rejoice in the beauty of nature.
    I do hope you went out and had a most inspirational time :)
    May you all have a wonderful weekend.
    In kindness and good wishes, Gary and co-starring, Penny :)

  22. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for liking the photographs.
    I'm very blessed to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. Just a couple of minutes walk from my home and I'm immersed in lovely landscapes.
    Quite right. A long walk out in nature helps put our lives into perspective and what we can do to make them better.
    Take care and have a great weekend.
    Gary :)

  23. Greetings Jane and Lance,
    My thoughts exactly. Nature can, very much so, be a great healer of a tormented and troubled soul. I'm blessed to live near such beauty. During the really dark times in my mind, I sometimes forget. This time, I did something about it.
    A change of environment starting from within. And thus, I proceeded to go out and enjoy the inspirational environment just outside my front door. No matter the weather, I'm grateful for where I live.
    Thank you both for your kind and thoughtful wishes. May you have a peaceful, positive weekend.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary

  24. Hi Old Kitty,
    Ah yes, Roaches, as in a giant rock formation and not a large bug! And Leek, because I always wanted to live in a town named after an onion. LOL Seriously, it's very nice where I live :)
    Ah, you noticed those criss-cross of power lines in the first photo. And, quite right, the beauty of the landscape is the main focus.
    For sure, in this all too hectic world, we must take time to savour what's truly important.
    Have a lovely and very sunny weekend. Bikini weather in October. No, not me! :)
    Take care of you and Charlie

  25. Hi R. Jacob,
    Indeed Ray, the small things in life are to be cherished. Actually, I struggle to go out, but I'm very pleased that I challenged myself.
    Have a great weekend.
    In kindness, Gary.

  26. Hi Austan,
    Or, "if you go out in the woods today, you're in for a big surprise...":)
    For sure, 'Old' England and New England, do have some startling similarities. I can imagine how resplendent the fall leaves are there, now.
    It's a wonderful world outside our front door.
    Laura, may you and your loved ones, have a wonderful weekend.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary

  27. Hi THE SNEE,
    Ah Rebecca, you're with David. I agree with both of you that 'cacophony' has a nice sound or sounds, to it. I do hope you get to see this place, one day. If you do, I shall inform the media of your arrival :)
    I shall 'Ebenezer' my inner critic. It was refreshing to get away from the negative chatter and listen to the voice of nature.
    Thanks Rebecca. Magic, inspiration and laughter, your way, Gary

  28. Hi Joylene,
    It really is lovely place to live and despite my fears of when I first moved here, I'm grateful to be so close to nature.
    I do so hope that you managed to get some relaxing moments where your mind drifted off to that place of gentle thoughts.
    Thanks Joylene. Here's hoping you do have a peaceful and contented weekend.
    With respect and gentle wishes, your way, Gary

  29. Hi Sy,
    Thank you for liking the pictures. I truly wish you a calm and soothing weekend.
    With peaceful wishes, your way, Gary

  30. Hi John,
    Thank you and coming from a man that takes such magnificent photos of wildlife, that is quite the compliment.
    I know how much you relate to the wonders of nature. It resonates from your brilliant postings. And now I have heard the sounds of a cacophony of various birds! :)
    Peace and respect, my friend.
    In kindness, Gary

  31. Hi Susan,
    Indeed, my friend, being out there in that beautiful serenity was just the change I needed to refresh my feelings of positive well being.
    Here's wishing you a lovely and peaceful weekend.
    In kindness and respect, Gary

  32. Hi Wendy,
    My dear friend, I know you have experienced such a sensation. And yet I know you also get out there and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. The great outdoors, a wonderful, positive tonic, to quell 'the cacophony of confusing chatter'.
    Thank you for liking the photos, Wendy. And soon, those roses will be in glorious bloom :)
    May your weekend be wonderful.
    With respect and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary

  33. Hi Y'all,

    Oh what a beautiful world you live in there in England. You have made day so much happier for it...and yes you shared your peace all the way over here across the pond. Thank you.

    BrownDog's Human

  34. Gorgeous pictures, beautiful scenery - I am a great believer in the healing power of nature. Hope your good feelings stay with you for a long time.

  35. This was another beautiful post that gave me misty eyes. The photos were great. And you're right, the constant struggle between the dark passenger and your self is always a difficult one, but when you've seen the consequences of having given into what the dark passenger says, you never want to do it again.

    Have a great weekend good sir, I hope you're enjoying the weather!


  36. You live in a beautiful country. Glad it can still your mind.

  37. Gorgeous! Nature has a way of healing and giving us calmness and hope. Thanks for sharing :)

  38. Howdy BrownDog's human,
    Wow, how encouraging that you felt the determined peace and calm I tried to convey in this posting.
    You folks also live in a very beautiful location and I always admire the photos and stories you share. I thank you.
    Happy thoughts your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star's human, Gary :)

  39. Hi Teresa,
    For sure, nothing like getting out there and experience the healing powers of nature. Thank you for your kind thoughts and I do so hope you had a lovely weekend.
    In kindness, Gary

  40. Hey Nas,
    Thanks, my friend and well said. I have been overwhelmed by "the dark passenger", in the past. I'm doing my best to kick that passenger out of my transport :)
    I hope you enjoyed the weekend, complete with the hot, sunny weather.
    In peace, Gary

  41. Greetings Alex J. Cavanaugh,
    The serenity of the scenery helped me to realise a calmer state of mind.
    And, a more serious response to your posting. I'm considering going to watch 'Final Destination Five'.
    Take care and happy writing.

  42. Hi Jemi,
    Why thanks, but you don't have to call me 'gorgeous'! LOL :)
    In seriousness, to take time out from our hectic lives and appreciate the beauty of nature can be a most profound and inspirational experience.
    Kind wishes and a copy of 'Battlefield Earth', your way,
    Gary :)

  43. Truly inspiring, Gary! I, too, live in a breathtakingly beautiful place with hills and mountains, the cold Sound and placid lakes. I've been here for 7 years next week, and still, each time I leave my home, I marvel at the beauty of the place I call home. Sometimes we should all go out and take a look at what exactly it is we all call home.

  44. Gary, the pictures are so lovely and thank you for sharing them. As for the noise and chatter, I think we all have times when it seems that it is endless. Be at peace, my friend because there most definitely is a silver lining on those dark clouds. Keeping strong for yourself will rub off on those around you even when you think it isn't being heard. Big hugs, always!

  45. Absolutely beautiful!! <3

    I can so relate. =/ Confusing chatter & negativity attempt to defeat me everyday. It never will, though.

    That place is amazing, and this post is inspiring.

  46. Ah, those days! I love being able to get past it. Sometimes if only accomplished in moment by moment increments. Well said, Gary; lovely photos!
    In peace,

  47. Wow! That lake shot is simply breathtaking! I'm glad you were able to clear out the chatter with nothing but the soothing sounds of nature!

    p.s. Any word on Grandpa? I've tried, but I can't find him! I even sent his son a message via Facebook! Nothing!

  48. Absolutely glorious! Glad you stilled those chattering voices. I know all too well what they sound like.

  49. Hi Nancy,
    That's very kind of you. And I'm very familiar with where you live. It's one of the most beautiful and inspirational locations I've had the pleasure of visiting. Happy upcoming seventh anniversary of living there :) A wondrous location you will never tire of.
    We all need to go out and appreciate the positives than can be found. Thanks Nancy.
    In kindness, Gary

  50. Hi Heather,
    Glad you like the pictures and it was my pleasure to share them.
    Indeed, my dear friend, I know we can both relate to that noise and chatter that can swirl through our minds. And we both understand the benefits of positive distractions to get that chatter to go away, or at least, down to a whisper.
    We both embrace the power of this positive interaction. I do so hope that this posting was clear demonstration that we can turn what may seem to be a negative into something very positive. We can be here for each other. That is very profound and powerful.
    Big hugs back to you.
    In kindness and warm wishes, your way, Gary

  51. Hi LilPixi,
    Thank you, my lovely friend :)
    Confusing chatter and negative thoughts will never defeat you. You are strong and you are good. And I know that we can gain strength from each other's support and encouragement.
    I am blessed to live in an amazing place. LilPixi, you inspire me! :)
    Warm wishes and peaceful thoughts, your way, Gary

  52. Hi Dixie,
    And when we manage to get past it, savour those moments of magical calm, we rejoice.
    Thank you Dixie and all the very best in your new adventure. I wish you well:)
    In kindness and respect, Gary

  53. Hi Samantha,
    Thanks and Rudyard Lake is only three miles from my house. I marvel at the scenery. And thank you for your kind and supportive words. To be out there amongst the wonders of nature, did indeed, calm the noise that had been shouting in my head.
    I've tried to contact Grandpa, all to no avail. I'm going to email him one more time, to see if I can get a response. Lets just hope he is taking some time out from blogland.
    Take care, Samantha.
    With kind wishes, your way, Gary

  54. Hi Madeleine,
    Thank you, my dear friend. May we both rejoice in the calmness that nature has to offer.
    In peace and positivity, your way, Gary

  55. My dear friend I must thank you for the opportunity of learning a new word! 'Cacophony', how in the world did you even think of it?! I mean really....I had to look it up, and once I did, I realized it's a much more glamorous word usage then 'harsh' or 'discordant', but still from whence did it arise? Hmmmmm. Now to the topic of this entry, I totally relate to the thoughts expressed, for I have been there many times in my life. Something about God's created earth that brings a calming, peaceful affect. Why? Because it is much bigger than we are, it surrounds us everywhere we go, even in a large city, there are always parks to get lost in, a place to breath in life, it breaths, and causes us to look up, and find that we are not alone. My thoughts are with you Gary, be well, this was a touching post, thank you for sharing. Later....

  56. Hi The Manic Chef,
    My dear friend, delighted that you have increased your knowledge of words by one. Nothing like upping your vocabulary. And thanks, now I shall have to look up 'discordant':) Wonder if it has anything to do with 'disco' music!
    And thank you for your thoughtful, heartfelt articulation in regards to this posting. Indeed, if we can find sanctuary, even amongst the concrete jungle, savour the oasis of beautiful nature and for a few moments, quell the cacophony of confusing chatter, that has got to be a most positive result for an even better future.
    My dear friend, here's some peaceful, positive wishes, your way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    In kindness and respect, Gary

  57. one touch of nature and the cacophony is replaced by a symphony...

  58. Hi joanne,
    by a symphony and an orchestra of gentle thoughts...


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