Thursday, 22 July 2010

The 'Wee Folks' Honeymoon.

Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess, and Geoffrey, the garden gnome, have returned from their honeymoon.  They kept the exact location a secret because they wished some privacy from the 'pixiearazzi'.  Fidelina and Geoffrey have very kindly forwarded me some exclusive photographs of their enchanting time away from my garden.

I was originally led to believe that they were going to the Island nation of 'Lilliput'. Then, I heard little whispers in the garden suggesting that they had gone to Micronesia.   However, I have now learned otherwise.  In the above exclusive photo are Geoffrey and Fidelina taking it easy amongst the flowers of their actual honeymoon destination of  'Gnome', Alaska.

Here is another exclusive picture of the happy couple.  The magic of their love is so very plain to see.

All the above photographs were taken by a resident of Gnome.  There had been rumours that, 'Better Gnomes and Gardens', had tried, in vain, to discover their secret location and negotiate an exclusive photo shoot with the magical lovers.
Fidelina and Geoffrey had a brilliant time.  Nothing could be more perfect than sailing to Gnome on a 'Fairy' boat and listening to 'Pixieland' music.
And so, the captivating and heart warming story of the undying love between the beautiful fairy princess, Fidelina, and Geoffrey, the garden gnome, continues to inspire and enchant us all.

If you have not seen ,or wish to relive, the wonders of the 'Wee Folks Wedding', you can click on the link below.
The 'Wee Folks' Wedding.

If you click on the link for 'labels', just below the title of this story, you can, if you so wish, read the 'Wee Folks' tales from the very beginning.
I thank you.  True love, in their world and our world, knows no barriers.


  1. You named one of your gnomes after me???? 'Beautiful Fairy Princess'???

    Awww, I heart you too fucker!

  2. Ah Ashley,
    Gee, that were fast. I only just published it. Still, then again, you idolise me!
    Ashley, I don't think a gnome would be named after you. We are talking about fairies being named after you.
    From now on, princess-type chick, you will be called 'Fidelina'...
    I see you are still maintaining your fine usage of Anglo Saxon derivatives. Then again, your writing skills would make Willie Shakespeare think that he got it all wrong. 'Me thinkest I should have writeth like that fine damsel, Crazy Brunette'.

  3. Ah, the splendor and magic of love between a couple obviously made for each other. It appears they're having a wonderful, enchanting honeymoon. They look so happy. I was kinda hoping to see photos of them "doing it", though. But these fine pics warm the heart and soul, indeed.

    Gnome, Alaska? Oh yeah, I went there the other day. It was great because I was so much bigger than the rest of the little pointy-hatted townsfolk. Would you believe they worshiped me as their god? They have good taste that way, ya know.

    Ashley will be called Fidelina? Hahahaha... oops, I wasn't supposed to laugh, was I?

    Great post, Gary. Seriously, it did lift my spirits. Take care.

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  5. hi mr gary!
    im real glad they had a nice honeymoom. the pictures show how much they love each other. i hope they dont ever stop.
    ...smiles from lenny

  6. I hope Alaska's mosquitoes don't pick them up and carry them away!

    Gary, I've nominated you for The Versatile Blog Award. You can check out the rules on my blog later today.

  7. I'm glad they have safely returned. There's no place like gnome.
    Your correspondent Stela James (obviously spam) says she has 'learned lots of useful stuff here'.
    Blimey! What must her world be like!

  8. Wow, Exclusive photos of the magical garden gnome and fairy princess! Me likey! My good Canadian friend, Gary, thank you for sharing these exclusive shots with us.I feel quite tempted to go on a vacation myself! =D

    I have to say that maybe the sun has been waking up later, and setting even later these couple of days. But then, I have not seen any news about it here. Ha Ha. Crazy person will go now.

    Peace to you Gary :)

  9. Brilliant. I want to be a fairy princess gnome.

  10. Hi Kelly,
    I have mentioned to the lovely wee couple that you would like to have seen some rather, shall we say, a gnome goblin a fairy type pictures.
    Apparently they have a couple hidden away in their mushroom hideaway in the garden. They will forward the pictures to you via 'elfmail' :-)
    When you say, 'so much bigger', I assume you are referring to your physical stature. I've been told that those garden gnomes in Gnome having very impressive 'rods'.
    Ashley as Fidelina. I can see Ashley in the starring role of the 'wee folks' upcoming movie, 'The Knobbit'.
    Glad you enjoyed this wee story.
    The good wee folks of Gnome, all hail your idol, Kelly:-)

  11. Well howdy Stela,
    "I have found lots of useful stuff here."
    Well, that's just magical. So glad you enjoyed this story and discovered stuff that will make you appreciate the wonders of the world of the 'wee folks'.
    Oh hang on, wait a second, thinks there is some blatant self-promotion going on here. Naughty Stela.

  12. Hi Lenny,
    Fidelina and Geoffrey show us that true love is never ending.
    I hope you managed to click on the link at the bottom and saw the pictures from their wedding.
    Smiles back to you, Lenny:-)

  13. Hi Joylene,
    Ah, very good. I bet they never thought about them darned Alaskan mosquitoes.
    Might explain how they got back to my garden so quick. Those darned mosquitoes flew em all the way back here. I guess that would be a lot quicker than a 'Fairy' boat:-)
    Thank you for the nomination. I shall be over to your site to respond to this honour. I am well flattered, what with you being a published author and a very nice person.
    Magical wishes, Gary :-)

  14. Hi bazza,
    Yep, gnome is where the heart is.
    I was so delighted that Stela found lots of useful stuff here. I couldn't resist responding to her 'heartfelt' comment. Information on the wonders of the 'wee folks' must obviously be a must read in her world.
    Cheers, bazza.

  15. Hi Shanaz,
    May I suggest 'Gnome' Alaska as an excellent holiday choice. You know, Alaska, 'land of the midnight sun'.
    And speaking of sun....have you checked to see if your watch and your clocks in your house are working properly? ha ha
    My other watch is a digital and that's not a 'wind-up'..
    Thank you for leaving a comment, you 'crazy person' :-)
    Peace be with you, Gary

  16. Hello Gucci Mama,
    You are already a beautiful fairy princess. Fidelina and Geoffrey understand, that the magic that beats in your heart, will make you know this even more.
    Keep smiling, beautiful fairy princess:-)

  17. Looking forward to those special photos. :)

  18. It's so lovely to see the happy couple again, glad they enjoyed their honeymoon, they look so cool in those little sun glasses very cute! A lovley post Gary.
    Magical wishes

  19. Sir Tom Eagerly23 July 2010 at 10:01

    Mr Klahanie, sir: I am deeply touched, but that's another story!
    One feels a tear welling-up at the thought of this young couple setting out o'er the rough seas of married life.
    I must stop putting whisky on my cornflakes.....

  20. Oh, I'm so glad they had a wonderful time - and don't they make a glamourous couple, obviously so much in love - I'm welling up! they look so happy.

    Julie xx

  21. Hi Kelly,
    Fidelina and Geoffrey hope you get quite the thrill. Might be a good idea to hide the photos under your bed:-)

  22. Hi Diane,
    They look well cool in those sunglasses. I think it might also have had something to do with them trying to fool the 'Pixiearazzi, on the off chance their secret honeymoon location had been discovered.
    Thanks, Diane. Magical wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  23. Greetings Sir Tom Eagerly,
    Tis a wondrous thought to behold that such a loving couple shall sail through the stormiest of seas and drift into the gentle waters that lap upon the island of hope and serenity.
    Perhaps one should try whiskey on their Weetabix. What a 'rye' sense of humour you doth have, Sir Tom.

  24. Hi Julie,
    I have just read your comment and I find that I must now wipe the tears from my eyes.
    There obvious love for each other is such an inspiration. Bless them.
    Magical wishes, your way, Gary x

  25. The photos are indeed enchanting. I love this mystical place!

  26. Gnome is where the heart is...

  27. This post inspired Sturdley Shinglehammer, the world's worst poet to write this gem:

    We sat under the paw-paw tree,
    All gimlet-eyed from the poke-berry tea,
    Sitting and watching the doodle bugs,
    Tookey-Doo with the salted-slugs,
    On a jaybird day of frogrumpery.

    I don't know what the gnome it means either.

  28. Hi Cher,
    I too love this mystical place. If only our world could not be a bit more like theirs.
    Thank you and here's wishing you a magical weekend.
    With respect, Gary.

  29. Greetings Count Sneaky,
    'Gnome, gnome and deranged..' would probably sum me up:-)
    Well, I must say that the poetic wonders of 'Sturdley Shinglehammer' are deeply profound and caused my already confused state of mind to be further enhanced.
    Where for art thou mental elf
    Have the fairies left thee
    On the shelf.
    Thank you and may you have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect, Gary :-)


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