Monday, 19 July 2010

The Families Of The Dead Have Been Informed.

So many coffins draped in flags.  Mothers sob, fathers cry, old and young, solemn and sad, watch as the coffins go by.
The stories are many of the pain of war.  War, the horror of war, has ripped at the heart and soul of those who seek a gentler world.  Children who will never know their mum or dad.  The anguish, oh the anguish, beyond description, of  parents told their precious child's life has been snuffed out by a roadside bomb.  The grieving widows and widowers.  The motherless child.   The fatherless child.   'Why is daddy sleeping in the coffin, mummy?'
War and for what reason?  Greed?  Ego?  Self interest?  God?   God is on our side?  How many more casualties of barbaric wars?   How many more children sent to war and never return alive?  How many more innocent lives, on all sides of conflicts, will be lost in the name of the cause?  How many more people will live in fear of that phone call, that dreaded knock on the door?  'I'm sorry to inform you....'
What the hell is wrong with man?
'Four members of Britain's armed forces have died in southern Afghanistan within 24 hours, the Ministry of Defence in London said Saturday.
The families of the dead have been informed.'


  1. I don't think there's any other way around it war is hell and sucks. I trained for it, I was ready to go, and lost freinds over there. I hope theres a day that we don't need to, I just don't think were going to see it in our lifetimes.

  2. Hi Wolf,
    I know you lost friends over this. You would reckon that man would have learnt there are other ways to settle things besides war.
    Sadly, you are probably right. It most probably wont happen in our lifetimes.
    Take care, Gary

  3. There are no acceptable reasons for war, be they for greed, oil, ego, religion and any others you named or did not name. Kids losing parents. Parents losing children. And for what? All that is gained is a lifetime of depression and longing for that person who was taken from you. Humans are and will likely continue to be barbaric in nature no matter how far we have and will have advanced technologically.

    Great post, Gary. Concise, poignant and to the point.

  4. I suppose there is the part of mankind that thrives on maximum competition, and that war is the outlet for it. People fight everyday, just to stand by an idea that they perceive is right. They'd die for it, do whatever for it. I fight personal demons and I am certainly not the person who loves to compete. Your post about war, for some reason, made me think of inner spiritual war. Who wins at the end? And does it matter really.

    Thank you Gary for sharing with us. =)

  5. War has been the scourge of mankind since cavemen first fashioned the first axe, and as others have pointed out before me will probably not cease in our lifetime, and as the competition for natural resources and space increases as the worlds population expands and natural resources diminish I fear that we will see more and not less violent conflict. I fervently hope that we as a race will find a way to tackle the problems we face in a co-ordinated and harmonious way, but I fear that on past form this seems unlikely. Simon

  6. Oh for a world without war. A world where mankind can live together without taking life.
    My own son tried to join up but was not able to because a problem with his bones, he was very disappointed, I am so thankful. He was 16 when he applied..he is now 21 and every time I hear of another soldier killed I thank God for Michael's bone condition.

    My heart goes out to all those who have lost someone through war, to those men and women who have lost quality of life through being wounded.

    War in the name of God? I thought God was about love.

  7. Yes, that comment, night after night, gets to me too! Feel the same way.

  8. I find you in a very sober and reflective mood today Gary. Thank you for verbalising what a lot of us think.

  9. It breaks my heart thinking about what those parents are going through. Not to mention the wives and husbands and children. War is stupid. And to think after 2000 years we can't figure that out is downright disgusting. My nephew is in Afghanistan again. Our son says he won't be going for sure. But I don't trust the army.

    Thank you for posting this, Gary.

  10. i dont think i could ever get why people gotta kill each other in a war or any where else. if we got problems why cant we just talk about them and get it worked out so everyone could be happy. it sad for moms and dads to raise up a kid and then lose them in a war for no good reason.
    ...hugs from lenny

  11. Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for adding your articulate and thoughtful response to this most tragic and emotive subject.
    I'm saddened to think that mankind, would not strive to be 'man kind'.
    We are barbaric creatures. And the cost of such barbaric tendencies is the ongoing misery of too many families torn apart by grief.
    Maybe, one day, we will see there are alternatives to war. I live in hope.
    Thank you Kelly. In peace, Gary.

  12. Hi Shanaz,
    A most profound angle you have submitted.
    It is a pity that man's competitive warlike spirit could not be channelled into something much more positive. The ideals of the Olympics and the World Cup, are examples that we can be as one in harmony and unity.
    The 'inner spiritual war' can be cleansing and inspirational. Of course, it is not about winning but finding inner peace and contentment. Perhaps if more humans were at peace with themselves; peace would transcend our world. I can dream.
    Peaceful thoughts, your way, Gary

  13. Hi Simon,
    We had a lively discussion about this and I thank you for our conversation at my place. Always good to see you.
    We both wish so much that the human race comes to its senses before it is too late.
    A coordinated and harmonious way forward through debate and trying to understand the differences would go some ways in bringing our planet that little bit closer to some semblance of peace. Oh, how we wish.
    Thank you, my friend. In peace and kindness, Gary.

  14. Dear Julie T.,
    A thoughtfully articulated and very poignant response to my posting.
    It is every families' nightmare to think that a loved one would be taken so cruelly and so unjustly away from them.
    The pain and the anguish of those who have lost a family member is horror beyond description.
    We both have sons of the same age and like you, whenever I hear of another young hero dying, my heart goes out to those who have to live with that awful pain for the rest of their lives.
    It's amazing how people can justify war in the name of God. War is hardly conducive to the ideals of God and love.
    Thank you Julie. In peace and warmth, your way, Gary

  15. Dear Carole,
    Every time I hear that dreaded announcement; I become deeply saddened by the insanity of it all.
    In peace, Gary.

  16. Hi bazza,
    I have been in reflective and saddened mood for those caught up in the tragedy of war.
    That all too frequent news bulletins naming brave young people who have died and the disclosure that the 'families have been told, or notified or informed..' is sobering and heartbreaking.
    Thank you bazza, With respect, Gary.

  17. Hi Joylene,
    Thank you for such a heartfelt response, Joylene.
    War is stupid and disgusting. Your family feels the direct emotional angle and that must create some worrying moments.
    Let us hope it concludes soon. Too many young people, too many families have felt the needless pain of too many outrageous and brutal wars.
    Your emotive comment is truly thought provoking.
    In peace, Gary.

  18. Hi Lenny,
    You have put into words what so many decent people truly wish for.
    You are young and there are those who could learn from what you say.
    There is never a good reason for war and you have stated that in a way that I hope others will note.
    Thank you Lenny.
    Hugs, smiles and peace, Gary :-)

  19. It is all for naught, these untimely deaths. I read a report yesterday that more American troops are committing suicide than ever before. For what cause? And why are these stats so hushed-up? It is greed, oil, corruption and nothing that will ever make sense to me. My sorrow for all the troops.

  20. Heraclitus and some of the other Greek philosophers thought that war was the "father" of us all. They had never known of a time without war. Neither have we. Perhaps, it is not possible to live without it. I don't know. Thanks for following my blog, all I can try to do is give a smile or two. You are quite a writer. Most interesting. My best.

  21. Gary!! Hello, hahaha, I had to just post a reply here in respond to the comment you submitted on my blog. Oh so you had another car, one that got wiped out by an ambulance? Nobody got hurt, I hope..!

    And here's a mini electric car for you to put on your big car's dashboard. :p

    Peace thoughts back at you again,

  22. Sir Tom Eagerly20 July 2010 at 20:33

    I usually visit you for a laugh sir but you have hit the spot this time.
    My old regiment (The 47th Royal Complete Bastards or something like that) have done their bit for King & Country.

  23. Dear askcherlock,
    You have added more sad and worrying points to ponder.
    The adverse and tragic toll on the mental health of those who would be subjected to the madness of man's barbaric and disgusting behaviour.
    Too many cover-ups. Too many lives lost. Too many families destroyed.
    Like you, my friend, sorrow for all troops and all the innocents caught up in the evil and corruption of the powers that be. The shame. The outrage.
    Peace and respect, your way, Gary

  24. Greetings Count Sneaky,
    Thank you for submitting a comment. I appreciate your input.
    It seems that in all recorded history of man that there has always been a war somewhere. Is it part of our nature? Sadly, it appears to be so.
    Maybe, one day, before it is too late, mankind will see that their is an alternative called peace and goodwill. If only, my friend, if only.
    Today, I read your blog and smiled.
    I thank you for that.
    With respect and peace, Gary.

  25. Hi Shanaz,
    Yes, my other car got ploughed into by an ambulance. Luckily, nobody was hurt. It did make for an interesting blog, however. Imagine the puzzled look I got from the ambulance driver when I said, you've given me an idea for a blog. 'Ambulance and Irony'.
    Thank you for the mini electric car to go on my big car's dashboard. I got a real 'buzz' out of it:-)
    In peace, Gary

  26. Hi Sir Tom Eagerly,
    You and I, good sir, have had some superb banter.
    Today, my friend, you have just about summed it up.
    In peace and respect, Gary.

  27. Dear Gary,
    This is a very powerful post and the comments about it similarly so.
    It seems to me that there are times for so-called "just" war, when, for example, the likes of Adolph Hitler rear their ugly heads. The fight, in that instance, seemded wholly worth it, and we, as a generation, should be entirely thankful to those who gave their lives defending us.
    However, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan seem to be there for spurious reasons, and one cannot, therefore, seem to avoid the futility of lives lost.
    I think it was, in fact, Wlilfred Owen, the World War I poet, who wrote a poem actually called "Futility". It was also he who wrote the lines, "The old lie: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori". Which translated means- "The old lie: That it is good and honourable to die for one's country".
    I think that just about sums it up.
    Thanks Gary for being a good friend,

  28. Dear David,
    This is, of course, a highly emotive topic.
    It was excellent to note such articulate comments and folks' own added dimension to this.
    I am glad you brought up the point in regards to a 'just' war. We owe much gratitude to those fallen heroes who protected our freedom and our way of life.
    I just hope that someday people will not allow such evil as Hitler be given the opportunity to wreak havoc and terror on innocent lives. One day, maybe we shall fulfil that dream of a civilised society.
    The words of Wilfred Owen are poignant and do most certainly, sum it up.
    Peace and kindness, good friend, Gary.


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