Friday 27 November 2009

Prawn On The Internet.

I keep hearing about folks searching for 'prawn on the internet'. I really have no idea what all the fuss is about. Something about soft prawn and hard prawn. Well, I don't know about that, but I've had a deep-fried prawn. Anyway, I didn't need to 'surf', or, for that matter, 'trawl' the internet, to find prawn. No, all I did was go into my local supermarket and found prawn hiding inside a bag of crisps (or 'potato chips', if you are reading this from North America). Yeah, I know, the bag states it is 'prawn cocktail', and at this point, you might be thinking up some double meaning connotation.
A prawn is a crustacean. A crustacean is chiefly an aquatic creature. Typically, having their body covered with a hard shell or crust. One type of prawn is known as a 'king' prawn. Contrary to what I had believed was true; a king prawn is not in line for the throne of the British monarchy. Crabs are crustaceans. One type of crab is known as a 'fiddler' crab. The fiddler crab, does not, as I was led to believe, play a small stringed instrument, or indeed, entertain the various sea creatures, with tunes from 'Fiddler on the Reef'. 'If I were a rich clam...' Lobsters are crustaceans. One type of lobster is named, 'slipper' lobster. To this day, not one slipper lobster has been seen wearing slippers, smoking a pipe and sporting some tacky cardigan.
I wonder if a prawn has 'coral sex'? Do they do it 'atoll'? I wrote this story just for the 'krill' of it. I think I need 'kelp'. I know this posting was 'all at sea'. Yet, somehow, it 'warmed the cockles of my heart'. Right, that's enough, I'll 'clam' up now.


  1. hahaha. I think my buttcheeks grew dimples for laughing so hard. I didn't know where the article was heading until I almost got to the end. I think they're good substitutes for the sesame street guys - kermit the crab, snuprawnleupagus, and cookie lobster.

  2. Dear Gary,
    Yet agin you prove the multi-faceted magnificence of your brilliant (yet quite insane) mind.
    I seriously think you've lob-ster plot, this time!
    With Very Best Wishes,
    P.S. My Mum loved this post too!

  3. If we're going to fish puns I can do them until you've haddock enough & you just wished I'd clam up! Great post, put a big smile on my face!

  4. Greetings Ryhen,
    Nice response (although, I'll give the visualisation of your 'buttcheeks', a miss:-)
    Whenever I do a blog like this; it invites folks to do 'plaice' on words. Thanks for you interaction.
    I wont attempt any more fish puns. Because I'm starting to flounder.
    Kind fishes, (whoops..kind wishes) your way, Gary:-)

  5. Dear David,
    Thank you for the compliment, I think.
    Well hit me with a wet kipper; you are so right, I have 'lob-ster plot'.
    So pleased to know that your Mum loved this post, also.
    With very best fishes, Gary:-)

  6. Hi Steve,
    Glad you left your comment, just for the halibut.
    I'm pleased it 'crabbed' your attention.
    Wishing you continued happy writing.
    Best fishes, your way, Gary:-)

  7. Very, very good, Gary, as always! You have an interesting mind! I thank COD that you have such a mind as we wouldn't be entertained with out you.

    Julie xx

  8. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your response. Glad to note that you think I have an interesting mind.
    When I started writing this posting; I thought I might come up against a 'great barrier'. Luckily, after much reeling, I managed to hook a few sentences together.
    Thanks Julie. Look forward to you sharing your 'Boxing Day Eve' themed stories with us.
    Well, that's trout about it.
    Warm wishes and happy writing, Gary x

  9. You're the life and sole of blogland, Gary (I know, terrible, but all the good ones had been taken).


  10. As usual I had a Whale of a time reading your post and Floundered about a little trying Fish a few words to Plaice a suitable reply.

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many Prawns?

    Condoms come off in the water.

  11. How delightful, you made me laugh a great deal...hugs....x

  12. Hi Your Guppy-ness;
    I'm just a prawn in your oyster bed, prone to hard coral, looking for ways to affix myself and find some reef. (sigh)
    I've lost my trout of thought. I'll give you my pearls, but don't make me walk the plankton.
    Oh well, fiddle-dee-dee; great post. :P

  13. Hi Suzanne,
    Your sole comment is great.
    I think this is starting to get a bit 'seareal'.
    Best fishes, your way, Gary x

  14. Hi John.
    Some excellent sea puns. So I will let you off the hook:-)
    "condoms come off in the water" lol
    Must go now and watch my favourite musical fish TV show, 'Name that Tuna'.
    Sea you later, Gary:-)

  15. Hi Carole,
    Really pleased you had a laugh over this zany blog.
    Indeed, I'm glad it has your 'seal' of approval. That's for 'shore'.
    Sea you later, Gary x

  16. Hi Dixie,
    What a pearl of a comment. I reckon a reef might just be a bit of a painful proposition. Then again, perhaps it might not be such a 'great barrier':-)
    I'm beginning to wonder what porpoise I had with this posting.
    Maybe I should be forced to 'walk the plankton'.
    Great 'plaice on words' Dixie.
    Tanks for that. Over and trout, Gary x

  17. Hi Gary. Okay you have an incredible mind. I know I've said that before... but I really mena it.
    I do have a concern. I'm beginning to understand more of what you write. lol.
    Very, very funny.
    Dixie xx

  18. Hey Dixie,
    Thanks for leaving a second comment. I have great concerns for you, if you are starting to figure out how my mind works:-) 'Cause I sure as heck I have no idea what I'm doing..
    Thanks for thinking this blog was funny. 'Prawn to be wild' lol
    Best fishes, Gary xx

  19. I 'know' a few of your commentators Gary, they were mostly quite normal before reading this post I do declare. This comment is designed to act as a tranquilizer free of all puns. Totally free. Still this is what you get on the net....oh! damn.

  20. Hi Bob,
    Thank you for resisting making any sea-related puns.
    It would have been fine if you did, and no doubt, I would have been left reeling.

  21. Truly at sea with a loss of words here...still reeling in laughter and huge smiles. Seriously not going to try the puns, I'd pale in comparison! Gary, what would we do without you? You make the day!!

  22. Hi CindyLu,
    I appreciate you commenting on this 'archived' posting.
    Actually, you inspired me to link it back through on 'Farcebook', because I noticed that calming photo that you put up and thus it made me kinda 'koi'.
    And yet, you have come up with your own plaice on words :) Not one to carp on, but that was a tuna fun to read your comment. Thus I sea what you mean and that's for shore :)
    Some people think I'm nets, but we shall let them off the hook.
    Thanks CindyLu, you are a starfish as opposed to a dogfish :)


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