Monday, 16 November 2009

Write Stuff.

After the 'nonsensical gibberish' of my last two, somewhat surreal blogs; I thought it might be a good idea to get back to a posting that was a bit more serious. I would have included a third, but 'Penny', the Jack Russell dog, would not be pleased if I thought of her interview, as just a way to exploit her genuine thoughts and concerns.
There have been a number of people who have said they: 'wish they could write like me.' Although flattered, I proceed to ask: 'Why not write, like you can write?' Their responses usually go something like this: 'I just don't know how to express myself.' I then ask: 'So tell me. What is it you find so difficult in explaining yourself through the power of the written word?' At which point, all the reasons they can't write come flowing out. With great verbalisation, with great articulation; they explain all those reasons that stop them from writing. 'There you go,' I state, 'now write it down.'
Writing, for me, no matter what style I use, is therapeutic, and is very much, a positive resource. I write for fun, for pleasure and to share experiences. This isn't a contest and comparisons are not needed. So those that tell me they can't write; can write. If one gets satisfaction from tapping away on the keyboard, and getting it out; then that is an excellent outcome. It doesn't matter the style, the formulation, or the flow of the sentences. What matters is that those who thought they could not write; realise that their words have a powerful validity. If it is cathartic, it is good.
I feel the passion. Comforted in the realisation that my writing transports me to wondrous place; a place that illuminates the magic of the imagination, recalls the good times, the sad times and the deeply profound times. So those that have told me that can't write stuff; have proven that they can write stuff. They know who they are, and I wish them well in their fascinating journey of discovery, through the ongoing tales of their lives. Happy writing to you.


  1. Thank you, Gary, and you are correct of course, we all must write about the world and comment as we each experience it. So, I write for children and I know that answer to that one...:-)
    Well, I listened to the broadcast, thought it cowardly if I didn't, and thanks to the kind help of the interviewer, it came over well and my husband gave me a big hug and said 'Well done, I'm proud of you!' but glad it is over....x

  2. Hi Carole,
    Thanks for that. I thought you would relate to what I was trying to convey.
    I have met a number of people who are nervous about writing. This posting was my way to hopefully inspire them to continue on and articulate their thoughts.
    So pleased to note that your broadcast went well. I knew it would:-)
    Kind wishes, Gary x

  3. Dear Gary,
    I think what makes people admire your blog so much is its openness, friendliness and wit. I can understand why people would come to you for advice, as your blog makes you feel as if one knows you. It would also seem to get across the complexities and contradictions of your character, going from the seroius and sometimes sad, to the outrageous, funny and surreal. I know from attemptimg to write a blog in your style that it isn't easy, so I think you do have something of a gift for it.
    So, I hope you continue to enjoy your writing and continue to find it therapeutic and cathartic.
    This is also great advice for your disciples, erm, sorry, "friends", aswell.
    Yours with all the Best,
    P.S. You will notice that I have neither insulted you nor stolen your material in this comment. I wanted to, but a serious blog demands a serious response!

  4. Dear David,
    Thank you for such an encouraging comment. I am truly flattered by what you have noted.
    From our chats out there in '3D land', I know that you realise that this posting was my way of encouraging those who have concerns that there writing 'isn't good enough'. Well, I don't know what that means. All they need to do is write from the heart. In fact, next week, a good friend who worries about his writing, will be setting up a blog. If writing is a therapeutic resource; then, no matter how we write, the end result will be positive, thought provoking and indeed, cleansing.
    David, your good natured banter is always welcome. Thank you for a serious response to this somewhat more serious blog.
    Happy writing, my friend.
    All the very best, Gary

  5. Dear Gary,
    When I began writing, it was about subjects that made me happy. I wrote lots of ‘cutesy’ poems, and included photos of my nieces and nephews. I wrote about worship, and where my life was currently at. Then I spent some time writing about politics. What I found is that no matter what I wrote, being true to me was the key. So to read this too, in your post, lets me know I am in good company! Good company and not ‘good competition’; what a relief for ‘dc’.

    I am always grateful to see another “writer, blogger, or journaling person”, has decided to share; everyone has their life. Everyone has their way of telling that life to others. How grateful I am that they chose to allow a comment box, for me to share me, with them.

    May your encouragement be accepted by the ones who worry how the writing world will accept them. Hopefully they’ll realize that the best acceptance only comes from them, for themselves! Once again, I thank you for the ‘positive interaction’ you and I have shared. It has, like your many postings, made a difference in my life.

    Peace and love, Dixie xx

  6. Terrific post, Gary.

    And there's an award for you on my blog.


  7. Dear Dixie,
    What a wonderful comment. It sums up very nicely how much writing can be such a positive resource.
    I think that's the beauty of the 'company' we share. All supporting, all encouraging each other to write as best we can, without passing judgement.
    I know we are both there for those who have doubts about how their writing will be perceived. The most important element is that, firstly, one writes from the heart. If writing helps them make sense of it all; then that is indeed a most powerful result.
    Your positive interaction has been an ongoing source of inspiration to me. I thank you ever so much.
    With respect and gratitude, Gary xx

  8. Dear Suzanne,
    Thanks and a big wow for the 'Lovely Blog Award. That was very kind of you. Happy writing.
    Positive wishes, Gary x

  9. Spot on Gary.

    Each person's style is unique to them.

    I couldn't write like you.

    But then you couldn't write like me.

    An if we both wrote like each other what would be the point of reading each other?

    The beauty is in the difference.

  10. Hi John,
    Quite right. Lets celebrate the differences.
    Thank you John.
    Happy writing to you, Gary.


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