Sunday 22 November 2009

Glowing Optimism.

I sat in my dimly lit living room. Three flickering candles cast dancing shadows upon the walls. The ambience of this tranquil setting filled my heart, my soul, my mind, with peaceful, contented gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for.
I sat there alone, yet I was not alone. I stared at the candles and within their glow, I saw the smiling faces of friends afar and friends nearby. I knew that they would be pleased, I knew they would be comforted. For they realise that such simple beauty, as the reassuring flame of a candle, would fill my being with a sense of inner peace.
I sat there and I smiled. I am so lucky. I have a lovely home, a beautiful garden and genuine, honest friends. My positive thinking of the world around continues to grow in strength. I will never, ever again, allow negative speculation to sabotage my right to a peaceful and happy life.
I sat there and I listened. The wind blew through the branches of the trees. The rain pelted upon my windows. I was warm and I was cosy. The candles, with one last moment of brilliant flicker, faded away and the room became dark. It was time for me to sleep. It was the end to a perfect evening.
The candles had glowed and I to shall glow. For glowing optimism for a better life, a better world for you, for me, is an ideal that I embrace.


  1. A beautiful and inspiring post, Gary. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lovely.

    Just the sort of thing I do. To sit and soak in the mood of the day can be almost spiritual.

  3. You sure know how to use autosuggestion and the visualization technique pretty well. Such a nice post for reflection. =)

  4. Gary, that is why I love the use of candles when taking a church service, the peace that it brings, and why, whenever we have visitors, I fill the rooms with lit candles. A wonderful feeling, at peace with the world beyond, however you personally experience it.....

  5. Dear Gary,
    No wonder you won the "lovely blog" award, for this is a lovely posting.
    Your positivity and sense of humour is inspiring, Gary, and I am proud to be, hopefully, one of the good friends you mention in your blog.
    With (inner) Peace and Respect,

  6. I love candles and I think they do bring an ambience of peace and a feeling that all is well with the world when I view their light. I think we should light a candle at night when we want to reflect on something or the day we've had. We can become at peace with ourselves and the world then.

    Julie xx

  7. "...flickering candles cast dancing shadows...".
    That's a delightful bit of prose Gary. Your 'glowing optimism' spoke volumes to me. How much richer my own life is when negative speculation is embraced by my action to practice a positive attitude.

    Indeed I give you credit for being a resource who has helped me understand, what to do and where to look for optimism. You're one of the few who walk the talk.

    In empathy and peace,

  8. Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you for such a nice comment. I'm wishing you much success in your ongoing writing endeavours. You do a fantastic blog.
    Kind wishes, Gary x

  9. Hi John,
    Thanks. From reading your excellent postings; I knew you would most likely relate to this blog. To savour and reflect upon the mood of the day can be inspiring and comforting.
    I'm very much enjoying reading your postings, John. Your site is a superb read.
    Best regards, Gary.

  10. Greetings Ryhen,
    The 'visualisation technique' is a most positive resource in my life. Living life with a sense of optimism, rather than a negative inevitability, certainly works wonders.
    I've just started checking out your site. Incredible blogging, my friend.
    With peace and respect, your way, Gary:-)

  11. Dear Carole,
    Thank you for your comment. Indeed, I must totally agree that candles resonate a sense of peace.
    The ambience they create can be most comforting.
    Thank you Carole. Continued happy writing.
    Warm wishes, your way, Gary

  12. Dear David,
    Wow, thanks David. What a lovely compliment.
    I really do try to make my blog a place that hopefully inspires others, which, in turn, inspires me. I love the positive interaction.
    David, you are most assuredly one of the kind, decent, genuine friends I allude to in the posting. It has been a great honour to associate myself with such a decent chap.
    I'm glad to note that more folks are becoming aware of your articulate, highly thought-provoking and transparent blog. Wishing you continued success with your excellent blog.
    With very warm wishes, Gary.

  13. Dear Julie,
    Thank you. I really like what you have stated. To light a candle as a symbolic reflection on something, or the day we've had, is a brilliant idea.
    Wishing you glowing inner peace.
    Kind wishes, Gary x

  14. Dear Dixie,
    What a truly inspirational and most encouraging comment you have submitted.
    It warms my heart to know that 'glowing optimism', rather than negative speculation, is an ideal you try to live.
    I am so pleased that you consider me a resource that has helped you embrace a more optimistic outlook towards your life.
    In turn, you have helped me stay on track. You have been a wonderful positive part of my life. For that, I am grateful. Help each other, we help ourselves.
    Always a pleasure to go over and interact with your lovely blog.
    In peace and empathy, Gary x

  15. Wow, Gary. You gave me tingling shivers all the way down my spine. What a wonderful blog and so descriptive. I felt like I was there with you. Thank you. I believe we all need to meditate in a peaceful manner and soak up the positive energies just waiting for us to acknowledge. Thanks again. Looking forward to more.

  16. Hi Heather,
    When I gazed into the candles; I saw the faces of friends afar. Indeed, I saw you and the rest of your lovely family.
    I know you will continue to soak up all those beautiful positive energies. I am grateful to have you as a friend.
    Positive thoughts to you and Wayne.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  17. A lovely way to express a moment of peace and positive solitude! Your writing is very eloquent and inspiring. I aspire and endevour to put a bit of this calmness and "tranquil abiding" in my life. Keep on being happy my friend, you deserve it! Simon

  18. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your kind message. I know you having been trying to find a more positive direction in your life. Taking the time to savour those tranquil moments can be most helpful in your own ongoing journey towards a better life.
    Great seeing you tonight. Here's wishing that inner peace that you so desire.
    Calming thoughts, your way, Gary:-)

  19. Thanks Gary,i can feel the glow of the candles next to me.It would seem you have found some deep inner peace.This is a heartwarming post,i am delighted for you.PEACE.Dave.s

  20. Hi David,
    Thank you for your encouraging response.
    I try to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. To focus on the positives gives me a whole lot better perspective on the world around.
    I am grateful for all the good in my life. Positive reinforcement has been very much the key in my onward journey of living a better life.
    Please continue to feel that 'glow', David. You will see, if you stay determined, that your life, can be so much better.
    With respect and kindness, Gary.

  21. It only takes one candle to shine the light in dark times - thank you for your reflective post xx

  22. Hi Julie,
    And the reassuring glow from a candle can create a positive magic that burns brightly in our hearts.
    Thank you Julie.
    I wish you well with the voyage of discovery that you articulate so well through you excellent blog.
    In peace, Gary

  23. Happiness is a choice one makes with every breath. And you're making it.

  24. Warm greetings 'nothingprofound',
    Thank you very much for dropping by.
    Life is all about choices. To take the time to savour those wonderful moments in life; has helped me along the path that leads to a happier life.
    Much happiness to you.
    With respect and peace, Gary.


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