Thursday 12 November 2009

'Daft As A Brush'?

'Daft as a brush'? So what proof is there that a brush is 'daft'? Now that's quite the sweeping statement. Should we go over the meaning behind, 'daft as a brush' , with a 'fine-toothed comb'? Next thing you know; we will all be 'tarred with the same brush'. Do 'beginner witches', 'fly off the handle'? Yes I know, that feeble attempt at a joke does have broom for improvement.
Right then, I'm cheating here, just a little. I'm posting up some of my past musings, along with a few 'Farcebook' profile statements. So if you are really, really bored you may just wish to continue reading on. Then again.... However, this blog is about to go colourful. No, not that kind of colourful. I've got this urge to 'paint the town red'. Knowing my luck, I would get caught 'red-handed' and end up 'red-faced', as I try to explain to the police officer, why I have an opened tin of red paint, complete with a paintbrush covered paint. So then I would feel 'blue' and would be 'green with envy' over those who have managed to get away with 'painting the town red'. Well, at least I can take some comfort in knowing that I can go into my garden and use my 'green thumb'. So you see, it's not all 'black and white'. They are always 'grey areas'.
Sorry about that. I wont try to 'chew your ear off'. Hopefully, you wont try to 'bite my head off' over posting another ridiculous blog. But, then again, be happy. I've been told that 'Bob's your uncle' and that makes you 'happy as Larry'.
Okay, if you were looking for real comedy; may I suggest you check out the legend that is 'Humpty Dumpty'. As far as I'm concerned, Humpty was the greatest 'off-the-wall' comedian..ever! 'Humpty Dumpty', now that sounds like a euphemism for a 'one-night stand', which is, of course, a euphemism for..well you know what I mean. Which reminds me, I wonder why it's called a 'one-night stand'.
Okay, this posting is about to end. If you are still here, thanks and well done. Now, I going off on a 'wild goose chase', dressed as a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. Me thinkest that I have 'misplaced the allotment'..whoops..I mean..'lost the plot'. You want proof? Go ask any 'Tom, Dick, or Harry'. 'Daft as a brush'? Doesn't seem very fair on brushes. Perhaps we should 'sweep the whole thing under the carpet', 'make a clean sweep' and start all over again.


  1. This post is so funny!

    Language is a great thing and when you sit down and look at some of the phrases we use in everyday life they are quite often nonsensical gibberish!

    Cheers for bringing a smile to the day.

  2. Dear Gary,
    And so the evidence continues to pile up- the fairy princess, the garden gnome amd the "wee" people. The talking dog. The toy monkey and hedgehog whom you refer to as your "friends". And now, a post which can only be described, to use Steve's words, as "nonsensical gibberish".
    I know you have a nice garden, Gary, but stay away from those mushrooms, they're turning your brains into mush!
    With great respect (and in jest, of course),

  3. Humpty Dumpty 'Off the wall'! Stunning, Gary!

    Made me smile

    Julie xx

  4. Hi Steve,
    You are too kind. We do have some rather silly expressions and common statements. For instance, you tell someone you are going on holiday. They ask: 'are you going anywhere nice?' No, of course not, I mean why would we go anywhere nice on our vacation? lol
    Thanks Steve. Kind wishes, Gary:-)

  5. Dear David,
    I greatly appreciate your noting my continuing decline into the realms of what might be considered a world of surreality.
    'Nonsensical gibberish'? Perhaps. Then again, have you listened to your member of Parliament lately?
    David, I have been in my garden, and this might surprise you, there are no mushrooms. Not like I was looking of course.
    With great respect (and never a truer word was said in 'jest')your friend, Gary:-)

  6. Hi Julie,
    "Stunning Gary!" Hmmm...perhaps that might work. lol
    'Humpty Dumpty', the world's greatest 'off-the-wall' comedian, cracking up at a venue near you.
    Thanks Julie and happy writing.
    Warm wishes, Gary x

  7. Hi Gary,
    So many things here that I didn't know. Spent some time researching and now I feel pretty daft myself.

    You're right though. I don't know why a brush would be considered daft? It's simply an object.

    This is a fun post and I enjoyed it, thanks for sharing your daftness. I'll be off now, dragging my teddy behind me.

    Dixie :o

  8. Dear Dixie,
    Funny how expressions that are common over here are not known over there.
    I remember an expression that was said to me in Canada quite a bit. Folks kept saying, 'get outta' town'. Apparently, they didn't really want me to leave:-)
    Have fun dragging 'teddy':-)
    Yours in daftness, Gary x

  9. Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you for your great comment. It is most appreciated.
    Think I might just arrange an interview with a 'brush':-)
    Happy writing, Suzanne.
    With respect, Gary x

  10. Hi Gary,

    I am not sure about the brush but if the people I have been dealing with lately are related to it, there may be a genetic connection.

    For anyone with a mind they are looking to lose, might I suggest they become involved in political debate. If anyone happens to find mine, hang onto it. I will not be needing it until the elections are over next year.

    It is always great to stop by for a quick chuckle offered by a man who is turning gibberish into a form of art.

    Namaste my friend,

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. One thing I like about your blog Gary is that you never make sweeping statements or attempt to sweep anything about yourself under the carpet.

    I'm being serious too however, I have been swept up in your style my friend.

    PS; I need to brush up on my typing skills. Had to sweep away my previous post owing to mistyping.

  13. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for dropping by. And no, I'm not going to attempt some silly joke about you 'dropping' in:-)
    Speaking of politics, Roger. Didn't you guys have a president named 'George Dubbya Brush'? Sorry, that's not fair of brushes.
    So glad you stopped and left a comment. Pleased to see you have posted up another excellent blog, Roger.
    With peace and respect, Gary.

  14. Greetings John,
    Thank you for such a nice comment. I can see no broom for improvement in what you say.
    No worries about you deleting your other comment. Sad as it is, I figure it looks like I have more comments this way.
    Do you remember the song by those legends of rock, Herman's Hermits? I recall they did a song with the lyrics: 'There's a kind of brush all over the world tonight.......
    Thanks John. Happy blogging and good luck with your novel.
    Kind regards, Gary


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