Saturday, 22 August 2009

What Shall I Blog About?

The 'Apathy Workshop' has been cancelled due to lack of interest.
What shall I blog about? I have no idea. Perhaps I should invite a million monkeys, on a million typewriters, into my home, and see what we can formulate. Maybe not such a good idea. My home is not that big.
A friend of mine shared some great news with me the other day. "Gary, I have some excellent news. Our furry friend is becoming very obedient. He can roll over, play dead, sit, stay, beg, shake a paw and the really good news is that he is no longer crapping on the carpets!" "That's wonderful", I replied. "Enough already about your boyfriend. How's the dog doing?"
The following thoughts I have posted up on my 'Farcebook' profile page. So if you have seen these before, my sincere apologies.
Here's one for the British. I have this urge to challenge a 'Staffordshire Oatcake' to a duel at a local ranch. So that would be: 'Shoot out at the Oatcake Corral'. Here's one for you football (soccer) fans. If A.C. Milan played D.C. United, would the atmosphere be 'electric'? I've heard people mention about the speed of sound. So what is the speed of silence?
I was in a pub and this lady said she wanted to do a sketch of me. I looked at her somewhat reluctantly because I'm very shy. The lady said to me, "Oh don't worry Gary, I've been sketching for several months now." I responded, "Well then, you really should get some sleep." Now here comes the predictable part. She then proceeded to say, "If you're really comfortable with it, I would like to sketch you in the nude." "Fine with me." I stated. "Go ahead, take your clothes off."
The 'Improve Your Memory' Workshop has been cancelled due to the fact nobody can remember where, when, or at what time it is taking place. 'The What Shall I Blog About?' Workshop has been postponed because I have no idea what to blog about...


  1. About how beautiful your part of the world is, about the progress of your lovely garden, about the warm and loving relationships that you have.....about your hopes for this damaged world we live in, the miracle of knowing and meeting loving people who manage to stay loving despite what happens around them and are still able to share that kindness with others.

  2. Dear Carole,
    Thank you kindly for leaving a comment. It is very much valued.
    You bring up some very good suggestions. Just lately, I have been trying to variate my writing style. Many of my past blogs have touched upon the subjects you have drawn to my attention.
    I think that soon, it would be a good idea for me to go over these topics from a new and hopefully refreshing aspect.
    Thanks Carole. You are a brilliant writer and it my honour to interact with you.
    Positive, peaceful wishes, Gary.

  3. So what exactly was your blog about ,Gary?Have you attended any of these workshops then,Gary?I thought about the apathy and ignorance workshop,I asked the tutor he said "Idont know , and i dont care".Cheers for another zany blog ,Gary.PEACE.DAVE.S

  4. Hi David.S,
    What was my blog about? Heck, I have absolutely no idea. Just the random musings of some dude who obviously needs some rest.
    Have I attended any of these Workshops? Just the one, the 'Workshop for people who like to attend workshops, Workshop'. Guess what we discussed? Workshops:-)
    Thanks for visiting, David. Great response. Much appreciated. In zaniness, Gary:-)

  5. Yes, Gary, it was your comments about your life, life in general, that I found so fascinating....hugs..Carole.

  6. Hi Carole,
    Thanks for that. I have had a most fascinating life. I am most grateful that kind people like you take the time to display such inspiring positive interaction. Hugs back to you, Gary:-)

  7. Gary,
    Thanks for a blog about humourous situations. I'm curious about the million monkeys!
    In gratitude,

  8. On the rare occasions I run out of words I'll just take a break.

    Sooner or later something in another blog or some experience will stimualate things.

    Like a lot of things the more you fret over it the worse it gets.

  9. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you for visiting. Always a pleasure.
    The million monkeys are apparently coming to my house very soon. However, due to lack of space, they are going to have to 'hang' out in my garden and get into the 'swing' of things:-)
    Cheers Dixie. Warm regards, Gary

  10. Hi John,
    My approach on writing is similar to yours. I never feel like I must do a blog.
    Every so often, I do a 'tongue-in-cheek' blog about having nothing to write about. Which of course, that actually becomes a blog.
    So I'm not fretting, that's for sure. I'm under no self-created pressure and I love it:-)
    Thanks for your comment John. Look forward to reading more of your great blogs.
    Kind regards, Gary.


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