Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Letter Box, Ladder and Love?

Can you believe it? There were some people who doubted that the 'wee folks' invaded my kitchen, took liberties by drinking my coffee, and had the sheer audacity to use only the finest in 'Royal Doulton' china. So some might think that I imagined that whole magical moment. Perhaps they reckoned that I had consumed one too many 'Pot Noodles'.
Well, I witnessed the aftermath of there merrymaking. Did they clean up their mess? Sadly, no. I suppose in their haste to leave and not get caught; they overlooked the fact that they should clean up the evidence. A fairy using 'Fairy Liquid'?
So there they had been and now they are gone. Since then, when I go to the kitchen, I think about our little friends, and I smile. Ah, the beautiful fairy princess, the garden gnome, and the ever-present entourage. Pixies in the pantry? An elf on the shelf? An oven with a 'Hob' goblin? If you had doubts and thought this ongoing story was just the ramblings of some delusional man; the above photograph is proof that they did indeed enter my house, via the letter box, using a string ladder.
If you believe that love conquers all, you can believe that the magical love between the beautiful fairy princess and the garden gnome grows ever stronger. Letter box, ladder and love? What some wee folks will do for a bit of warmth and a cup of coffee.


  1. Gasp! Does that mean they are coming to my house now?! I'll put the kettle on.

    Julie xx

  2. Never mind the wee folks, I think we are very similar... :-) Hugs from a not-so-wee folk....Carole.

    p.s. do you enjoy Terry Prachett and his wee folk?

  3. Hi Julie,
    I shall be giving them directions to your place. Evidently they will motoring down in Noddy and Big Ears' car. I'm sure they will appreciate a warm drink and a 'fairy'cake:-)
    Thank you for commenting, Julie.
    Magical wishes, your way, Gary.

  4. Hi Carole,
    I think you may just be right about us being very similar:-)
    I have never actually read anything by Terry Pratchett. I think there was a recent television documentary on him. Shall go and check him out.
    Thanks, Carole.
    Magical wishes to you, Gary.

  5. We have our own 'wee person'

    Our Granddaughter who has a complete repetoire of her own 'friends' who live within her mind.

    Quite enchanting. She takes us on some wonderful journeys.

    On a serious note it is that ability to keep something of the child that helps us ll cope and makes us, I belive, better people.

  6. Hey,Gary,Iapologise for doubting your sincerity ,the evidence is underwhelming.Make sure your Royal Doulton, is not chipped.Do you think the national elf service can help?Is this a bad hobbit they have/or not.Another escapist blog ,full of charm and wit.PEACE.Dave.s

  7. Hi John,
    I have been reading your wonderful blogs and the ongoing adventures that you have experienced with your Granddaughter. Most enchanting stories in their own right.
    To maintain and keep that 'inner child', I believe, like you, makes us better people.
    Thanks for your comment. I look forward to more of your fascinating tales.
    Enchanting wishes, your way, Gary.

  8. Hi david.s,
    I thought you believed in the magical moments that occurred in my kitchen. I did not think you were one of the doubters.
    Still you have seen the 'proof' with the overwhelming evidence of them sneaking in through my letter box:-)
    Thanks David for your comment. If they ever visit your home, I hope you don't catch them 'goblin' all the biscuits.
    In peace and magic, Gary:-)

  9. Well, Gary, you've been having great adventures, and I've missed them all!(smile)

    Your words were a magical delight!

    Blessings to you,

  10. Hi Mattie,
    Thank you for dropping by and participating in the magic.
    I hope you are better. My thoughts are with you.
    Warm, magical wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hello Gary,
    I apologise for the deletion. I was climbing the ladder when I realised I'd left an inappropriate phrase, and

  13. Hello Gary,
    (I'm back now, forget the ladder.)
    When I first saw the photo I thought: "Brilliant". Yes, the thought of coming in for warmth and a fine cup of coffee felt, well... realistic.

    I wouldn't mind a Pixie or two, an elf on the shelf, or a hot goblin. I contrue that as magically delicious.

    If I believed that "love conquers all," someone else would be doing the nightly dishes.

    An oh-so-cute read Gary, from your incredible mind.

    Wee warm wishes,

  14. Hi Dixie,
    Even though your original comment was a delight; I do understand your reasoning behind that deletion. You have my respect for that.
    Glad to see you found the ladder. As usual your comments, like your blogs, scale new heights.
    I shall see if our 'wee friends' can perhaps come over and help you with the dishes.
    Magical wishes to you, Gary :-)

  15. Gary

    You should leave them a bottle of Hobgoblin and see what happens.

    Best wishes.


  16. Hi Fee,
    Very good. Elves on ale or what eh?
    Thanks for that:-)
    In magic, Gary:-)


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