Saturday, 7 February 2009

A Whether Report.

You may notice that the above photograph may seem somewhat distorted. You may observe that the houses appear to be slanted. My life has been distorted, slanted, obscured by the ominous clouds of a negative situation. Reality became perceptions. Perceptions became reality. Somewhere in that bewildering blur, a positive resilience lingered, it called out my name.
When I took this photograph, I had no idea what the outcome would be. What I saw and what the camera produced, were very different perceptions. I saw a 'normal' vision. Whilst the actual photograph revealed a new 'slant' on things. I had not taken into account that the picture was being shot through the glass window. Through the clearness of the glass; a distortion was created.
These days, I mostly have clear vision. Yet sometimes, I think I am looking at my world with clarity, only to discover that there is distortion. Much like the photo. When this happens, I realise that a past negative environment has, once again, cast a shadow on my positivity. So I seek a positive distraction, a distraction that enforces within me, just how grateful I am for all the good stuff in my life.
The good-natured person fell prey to the cynics. All the good they did was met with derision. The good-natured person became a cynic and preyed on the good-natured person. In my life, sadly, there were folks, who saw my kindness as a sign to take advantage. They were never my friends, just cynical people in a cynical world. I moved on to a place where people embraced the concept of empathy, with no strings attached. I reached for that place that took me to an ultimate test. I had to learn to trust those who truly were sincere. So to those of you I have had the privilege of experiencing genuine kindness; I salute you.
If your life has been one negative heartache after another. If your trust has turned to rust. Please know, there are people out there who are good for your mental health wellbeing. Seek them and immerse yourself in the power of being here for each other.
This has been a whether report. A question of whether of not. Whether is all about alternative possibilities. In the depths of my illness, I grasped the alternative possiblity of learning to love myself. Despite, so many years of being undermined and disrespected, I am nearly there.


  1. Dear Gary,
    Our perception of things is indeed most important. If we see only negative stuff, then I believe we probably will only get negative in return. But by thinking positively we can break that cycle, as you so eloquently say in your blog.
    It is still a shame, though, how cruel people can be when we ourselves, through no fault of our own, already feel down and low. I spent years wondering abot why this was and really got no answers. The only answer seems to be to move on with positivity. As you suggest, something, somewere would seem to keep us afloat. So keep thinking in the positive and, as always, thankyou for your continued interaction.
    Yours Sincerely,

  2. Greetings David,
    Thanks very much for your comment. Indeed, we can break the negative cycle. We do have options. If we allow a negative situation to continue to dominate our lives; then the negativity contols us.
    I realise that this also relates to the 'nature, nurture' debate. To challenge mental health issues, both genetic and environmental, shows remarkable resilience.
    David, your continued interaction is most appreciated. Warm wishes, Gary.

  3. My friend Gary,

    May the Empathetic Power that moves you along in your positive resilience embrace your being. May you be completely filled with the inner love and peace, that you so richly have shared with us, your friends. ~Very beautifully said, Gary.

  4. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you so much for your positive comment. I know you embrace the power of empathy. As we each embrace this power, the empathy grows stronger.
    Inner peace and contentment to you.
    Sincere thoughts, Gary.

  5. Gary,

    The depth and honesty of your writing shows that you see things pretty clearly. The cynics of the world will continue in their quest to drag the rest of us down with them. Knowing this allows us to decide not to follow.

    Our experiences are the glass window that distort our view. What a great way to put this. Seeing clearly is all about angles.

    Thank you for sharing this


  6. Hi Roger,
    We, ofcourse, shall not let the cynics drag us down. For if we allow this, we too become cynics trapped in a cynical world.
    Thanks again for your positive contribution Roger.
    I send you empathetic wishes, Gary.

  7. as usual, gary,your timing is perfect,and your compassion transparent, and true,i know you to be one of the few completely,open people to be true to yourself[a battle in itself,as ican attest]you are one of the only true inspirational people,and continue to give me strength and wisdom. D.S.

  8. Hi D.S.,
    Thank you so much for your heartwarming comment.
    I have always tried to display genuine and compassion. It is my great privilege to know you. D.S., you are a sincere guy who has demonstrated kindness towards those who needed a helping hand.
    Stay strong my friend. You have my complete respect.
    Empathetic wishes, Gary.


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