Friday, 20 February 2009

Well, Hello Trolley!

Staring at my front door, I battled my anxiety and headed off for my regular jolly journey to the supermarket. Off to the store, this man was destined for his ritual of bizarre extremes. In my home, I am the lonely recluse who chats to the dog and observes the four walls. Once outside, I become this zany, friendly, enthusiastic dude who tries to bring joy to the lives of the people I meet. I am indeed, a walking, talking contradiction. A painful paradox.
So off I went, a twenty pound note and a one pound coin tucked safely in my wallet. Upon arriving at the shop, I noticed a row of trolleys. I usually use a hand basket, but today I decided that using a trolley might be an interesting experience. As I got closer to the trolley, I noticed that you had to put a pound coin in the slot. "Hmmm", I thought, "you have to rent the flippin' thing." Well, hello trolley!
Ofcourse, as luck would have it, I had that pound coin in my wallet. Into the slot went the coin and the trolley was released from the shackles. Wheeling the trolley into the store, I got to thinking about the days when trolleys had 'minds of their own'. You wanted to go way, the wheels had other plans. So guess who had the one trolley that was a relic of those days when trolleys planned to rule the world?
As I 'white-knuckled' the handle; an out-of-control trolley, took me on adventure down the aisles I had definitely not anticipated. In front of me was the produce section. The 'folly' trolley crashed into the bananas which proceeded to spill onto the floor and worked wonders on greasing the out-of-control wheels. Now in slippery overdrive, the trolley crashed into the neatly stacked tins of beans, smashed into the jars of syrup, banged into the 'buy one get one free' bottles of pasta sauce and proceeded to wipe out the entire section of free range eggs. Oh mercy, mercy me, the trolley stopped.
With extreme caution, I went to the checkout. I waited patiently for an hour in the 'express', cash only checkout. Finally, yes finally, it was my turn. With the remainders of bananas on my boots; syrup, pasta sauce, and perhaps appropriately, egg on my face, I waited for 'Lucy' to tally up the goods, or is that damage?
I reached into my wallet and grabbed the twenty pound note. "That comes to just twenty one pounds sir." I stared at the slot in the trolley and saw my pound coin trapped. "Uh...Lucy...I'll be right back."
Alright, you may have figured out that the above 'tales of the trolley', never really happened. Yet it does relate to how my own life has been a series of 'out-of-control' wheels. Wandering aimlessly, wondering if my life meant anything. Yes I do go out my front door and I do bring smiles and happy times to others. One day, not so very far away, the smile inside and the happiness I seek will be my reality. I send you positive thoughts and may you have inner peace.


  1. Well, you certainly gave me a smile with your story. It sounds like something that might happen to me.(smile)

    I don't get out much anymore. It is not that I don't want to travel and visit different places. I just don't have the strength, nor energy, to do it. I do enjoy reading about others' experiences, though.

    May you soon experience joy within your own heart, Gary. You bring others enjoyment...I know that one day you will find that same joy within yourself. Hold onto your dreams, and always stay strong!

    Your friend,

  2. Great story, we've all been there! I hate shopping, particularly in supermarkets - too many people and too much noise for my liking, and don't you find some people in them are sooooo rude?! Well done in your trolley quest, stepping outside the door is the hardest bit sometimes.

    Take care. Julie.

  3. And there was me thinking it was only me who got the one with the wonky wheel. My usual used to be to get to the tills and find I'd left my credit cards at home and all I had was 50p in change. Now I have an emergency credit card in purse just in case. Entertaining and thoughtful (round of applause) :) xx

  4. Dear Gary,
    As ever you give us another entertaining and funny blog. I really think your writing is at its best when you do this sort of thing. As for the trolley's, I know they can drive you mad- you want to go right, they have a mind of their own and go left. Anyway, I hope you remain the zany dude who brings joy and laughter into other people's lives and that someday, inevitably, it will be reciprocated and you can have a little joy and laughter of your own, which is so richly deserved.
    Yours with Warmest Wishes,

  5. Dear Mattie,
    Thank you very much for your comment. It makes me smile that it made you smile.
    I send you very positive wishes. I have been reading your blogs. Your courage and resilience is much admired.
    Empathetic wishes, Gary.

  6. Dear Julie P.,
    Thanks for your comment. I sure agree about some folks being so rude. I once did a blog about having the misfortune of being stuck near the reduced item section, just before store closing. The looks of disgust I got from the 'team' of people who were taking everything when I had the audacity to try and get a reduced item. Still they did leave me a tub of cottage cheese.
    Right then Julie, I must now prepare myself for another trolley torment.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  7. Dear jewel,
    Much obliged for your comment. So you also have experienced the trolley with the wonky wheel.
    A round (wheel)of applause to you. Trolley good show!
    Warm regards, Gary.

  8. Dear David,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I reckoned you would relate to the trolleys having 'minds of their own'. Still, nobody has mentioned about being 'off ones' trolley'.
    Yes I do rather enjoy writing in this style. It is loads of fun. I wonder what I have 'in store' for my next blog?
    Joy and laughter to you, my friend.
    Warm wishes, Gary.

  9. We yanks still have free trolleys but I can relate to the rest of your story all too well.

    Very entertaining and well written. Perhaps there is a lesson in wobbly trolleys. Life never wants to take us on a straight course. We just have to decide what to do about it.


  10. Dear Roger,
    I greatly appreciate your comments and our positive interaction.
    In Britain, we do not have to put coins in trolleys at every shop. Those that do, are ofcourse trying to prevent folks from taking trolleys away from the store and abandoning them. So you return the trolley to the trolley rack, lock it in to the trolley in front and at that point you get your coin back. Hopefully.
    Thanks Roger, positive thoughts your way (I will not be sending them in a wayward trolley) :-)
    Warm regards, Gary.

  11. Dear Gary,
    I really enjoyed the sequence of the tolley's crash. It was enhanced by the colours, textures,truly the epitomy of "trolley folly." Oh golly Gary, great blog!
    Alas,no dolly for this trolley. I return to the basket case I so enjoy.
    Warm wishes with syrup,
    Dixie x

  12. Dear Dixie,
    How did that song go? No, not the one with Carol Channing. The other one: 'Good golly, miss trolley, sure like to roll...'
    Thanks for your comment Dixie. What was that other song? 'Aisle' be there..'
    Keep smiling my friend and stay positive.
    Warm wishes, Gary :-)


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