Thursday, 5 February 2009

Mist Opportunity.

When the mist rolls in, it takes every ounce of my inner strength to challenge my haze, my fog. When the mist rolls in.
So how do I contend with the mist that clouds my positive thoughts? I look at this lingering sensation as a chance to work through the negative speculation that sometimes engulfs my mostly positive outlook. There are lessons to be learned, there are thoughts to be challenged. The self doubt that invades my thinking will be worked through.
I envision wonderful opportunities just beyond the latest onset of the mist. I can see through this mist, this haze, this fog. It is just a minor setback in my journey along the path that leads to more understanding of just who I am. For I know that, despite the battle with my inner critic, the mist will rise and the sun will shine. So I recognise that this bout of negative thoughts is an opportunity. A mist opportunity.


  1. You're absolutely right. When the mist comes the only option is to fight your way through it to clearer skies ahead. Not always easy though.

  2. In my opinion this blog is like a purification of your mind and body, as surely as your empathy reaches your readers, beckoning them to partake of the same process. Well done.

  3. Hi Julie,
    Grasping for positive outcomes when the 'mist' clouds the mind with negative speculation, is certainly not easy. I think that the determination and resilience to work through the dark moments, inspires us to stay strong.
    Thank you for your comment Julie.
    Positive wishes klahanie aka Gary.

  4. Hi Dixie,
    You are a lady of wonderful qualities. Your genuine empathy, caring and altruism is inspiration for me to do blogs that I hope others will relate to.
    It is vital that we help each other. Through the power of empathy, we know that our recovery grows ever the stronger.
    Thank you for your very kind comment.
    Positive thoughts, klahanie aka Gary.

  5. The Mist, or as I once thought as you do What I Mist (LOL) than i figured it out what mist was all about and its rather quite simple: A billion minisquel droplets, of Hopes endearing grace,
    comes washing gently over,
    persistent in their claim to cleanse sorrow and confusion from those who know its meaning.
    Those that don't, only annoyance rains. Flee they do from mists persistent struggle, to renew their hope to the world. But I can see you have found the key. Its all on approach and your approach here was a window opening and the breeze came from everywhere....!! Suzi

  6. Dear Gary,
    Once again you write insightfully about challenging your "inner critic". I think you do rather well at it and this no doubt inspires others to do the same.
    Anyway, hope to see you at the end of the tunnel, where the mist rises and things seem clearer. Oh, just thought of a song to go along with your blog- "I can see clearly now the mist has gone, I can see all obsticles in my way, gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day" etc, etc.
    Yours with Warmest Wishes,

  7. Hello Suzi,
    I though I might of 'mist' something. However, your comment has cleared things up. I'm glad that you noticed that upon opening the window, the 'breeze', that refreshing breeze, bestowed upon me the clarity of seeing beyond the dark clouds of doubt that invaded my tranquil thoughts.
    Thanks kindly for your comment on my 'fog blog'.
    Kind thoughts your way, klahanie aka Gary.

  8. Dear David,
    Thank you for you comment. Indeed, I hope we can marvel at the light at the end of the tunnel. As opposed to the 's**te' at the end of the tunnel.

    "Look all around, there’s nothin?but blue skies
    Look straight ahead, nothin?but blue skies...." I remember when this song first came out. Johnny Nash, 1972. Guess I'm showing my age.
    Thanks for your kind interaction David.
    Positive wishes, Gary.

  9. Great way to look at it Gary.

    Often the mist is so narrow we only need to move our attention a little bit to see clearly. Having spend much of my life with my head in the fog, I need to remember this as well.


  10. Greetings Roger,
    Thank you kindly for your comment. May the glow of your inner light shine though any 'fog' you encounter.
    Positive, peaceful wishes your way.
    klahanie aka Gary.


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