Friday, 11 May 2018

Scaffolding! The One Year Anniversary.

As of May 8, 2018, the scaffolding outside my apartment window reached its one year anniversary.  I'm up there in the top apartment.  Instead of going on about how such a monstrosity structure has impacted on my mental health, has cloaked my apartment in continual darkness, has meant that the window cleaners have not been able to get to my exterior windows for more than a year, or that during stormy weather, the damned thing creaks and keeps me awake, I shall not bother to mention that, or that I'm feeling Seasonal Affective Disorder, or that it's making me feel claustrophobic in this heat-trapped apartment, nope, most certainly wont mention that, or the fact I've just done a run-on sentence.

Baffling beyond any adequate adjectives to describe how  totally unamused I am that an almost brand new apartment building has issues with the roof.  Yes, I have stains on the living room and bedroom ceilings.  And no, I'm not bragging about the stains.  The stains were caused by rain leaking in from the roof.  Thankfully, well, hopefully, the leaks have stopped.  In the meantime, I wait and wait and wait while they try to settle an insurance claim dispute.

Living in such dull surroundings made me try to get another place.  Unbelievably, when I actually got to check out another place via my housing association, the place was left in an awful state.  It would of taken me a few weeks and a whole load of cash to sort the place out.  This was most unfair and I had to decline what should of been a good opportunity.

In other news, I've been experiencing the irony of physiotherapy.  Yep, you go get some physio and the physiotherapist makes the pain even more excruciating.  I've been told the extra pain is a good thing.  I'm hoping this to be true because it's a nightmare to try and type.  I've been told that by the start of June I should just about be okay.  Which June of what year, I've no idea.  I'm so looking forward to the day when my left shoulder actually allows my left arm to raise above my head without me screaming out like some spoiled diva.

I realise I'm getting repetitive but, once again, the comments section is switched off.  I shall try my utmost to comment on other blogs.

In conclusion, despite the ongoing issues with my apartment, I do know how lucky I am.  For yes, I have a roof over my head.  Having worked with the homeless, the rough sleepers, I realise that my problems are minor compared to the plight of some very noble people.