Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Emergency Blogcast System.

Hi there!  Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!  You might have noticed that my human dad, Gary, has been rather absent from the blogging world.  Actually, I've been rather absent from the dogging, oops, the blogging world.

The reason being is that I've been looking after Gary while he's been subjected to the pain that can be physiotherapy.  Since he started going to physiotherapy, the pain in his left shoulder has actually gotten worse.

I paw this pawst whilst using the "Emergency Blogcast System."

According to the "Blogger's Information Hotline", which after pawing the several options to actually get through to a real talking human, I've been informed that while Gary and I have been away, IWSG aka, "I Was Seeking Gary", aka, "Insecure Writer's Support Group", was up and running last month.  I was also informed  that the "Alphabutt Barrage, 2018", has reached its conclusion.  We now wait for the dreaded reflection pawsts about reflecting back about writing about the Alphabutt.  I reckon that might well take up the rest of May. 
"Hey Penny!  Thanks for writing this article on my behalf!" 

"You're very welcome, human dad!  Soon, well hopefully soon, you can write about the scaffolding outside our apartment window that, as of May 6, 2018, will have been up for one year."

Once again, the comments are switched off.  I hope you understand that, what with looking after my human dad, I would struggle to comment back.

Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny and co-starring my human dad, Gary.