Friday, 8 June 2018

I Can See The Sky!

Finally, at long last and then some, I can actually see the sky outside my apartment windows.  I also noted just how filthy the exterior of my windows truly are.  Then again, that makes sense considering the window cleaners haven't been able to get to my windows for over fourteen months.  As of June 6, 2018, the scaffolding was removed.  Thirteen months to the day that myself and the two neighbours below me, had to endure this most unfair, stressful farce.
No more of this view, from my bedroom window with its sky full of planks.
No more feeling trapped in by this scaffolding monstrosity. 
I can now look out the windows properly from my top floor apartment.
The view from my bedroom window has vastly improved.

The past thirteen months, feeling like I've been imprisoned by the scaffold monster, has taken considerable toll on my mental health well being.  My apartment was constantly trapped in dark shadows and was very hot, very stuffy.  The light has returned and the air is noticeably fresher.  

I shall be seeking compensation and expect a full apology for treating me and my other two neighbours in such a deplorable fashion.  All because of an insurance dispute as to who was responsible for the shoddy roof on an almost brand new building. 

And yep, once again, I shall endeavour to visit other blogs.  I'm certainly feeling better now that I can see the sky!  If only my left shoulder would actually get better so I could type twice as fast......