Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cheese And Thank You.

'Ooh, that's why I'm cheesy.  I'm cheesy like Sunday morning.'   Or to kinda', sorta' quote the Beatles, 'Cheese, cheese me, whoa yeah, like I cheese you....'  Did you know that the week of  September 24 until October 2, is 'British Cheese Week'?  If you weren't aware of this and wanted to find out all about it, there's a link in regards to the campaign to promote, yes, you guessed it, British Cheese.  Here's the link : British Cheese Week  
I love cheese.  I've mentioned in another posting, just how much I love cheese.  The stronger, the stinkier, the better.  Cheese so smelly, so ripe, that just the aroma wafting up, heading directly for your nose, is enough to singe your nostril hairs.    
Dogs love cheese.  Well, every dog I've offered cheese too has gone into a frenetic fun-filled frenzy.  Note Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star's enthusiasm over the pack of cheese.
I love cottage cheese.  I have noted that folks here in England are not that keen on cottage cheese.  That's very good.  This means, at the 'reduced price' section in the supermarket, the army of 'old rage pensioners', who clear out everything else, by the trolley load, leave me the tubs of cottage cheese.  
At this point, I would probably attempt a few predictable cheese puns.  I know, you Gouda be kidding.  Instead, I leave you with a series of films, and no, not the film on really stinky cheese, but movie type films that were dedicated to cheese.  'The Big Cheesy', 'Cheesy Rider', 'Five Cheesy Pieces', 'Cheesy Come, Cheesy Go' and of course, who could forget this classic British cheesy movie,  'Cheese Sir!'.
Now, I have no idea what kind of cheese you like.  Maybe you hate cheese.  Perhaps the idea of being overwhelmed by the fumes of really strong cheese, makes you think of these lyrics, 'cheese release me, let me go...'    Then again, to kinda', sorta' quote John Lennon, '..all we are saying is give cheese a chance...'

Penny wants to take your photo.  'Smile and say 'cheese'......


  1. Oh, yes, CHEESE!! I am a Cheesehead, even though I only lived in the state of Wisconsin for a couple of years. I cheer for the Cheeseheads, even though I'm not into sports (probably a smart move, given the record of the teams I'm supposed to cheer for). Everything tastes better with cheese. Think I'll move to England to get the deals on that cottage cheese! p.s. - CindyLu is quite jealous of Penny right now!
    Cheesy Peace :)

  2. Cheesy for you to say!

    If I could live on cheeses and fruits, I would. My old friend Princess Wendy is moving back to Bratt and will open a cheese shop in the Spring. I can't wait!!!
    :D - cheesy grin

  3. Cheese, glorious cheese ... I'm salivating just thinking about it. And like you, the stinkier and bluer the cheese the happier I become. A pig in mud springs to mind :)

    On that note, I'm going to peel open a lovely packet of ripe Stilton, pour myself a glass of wine and savour the aroma :)

    Deliciously cheesy post, good sir :)

  4. Cheese, love it. Did you know that Vanderhoof is the Gouda capital of the world? I lived here 13 years before I heard that on TV. Amazing. Right here in my backyard. I love cheeze.

    I thank you, kind sir, for your cheese and thank you.

  5. Dear Gary,
    Strangely enough, the make of cheese Penny is posing with in your photo is exactly the same type of cheese I eat at home. Could this be a case of Jungian synchro"cheese"ity, or just a plain "cheddary" coincidence?
    Like you, I love cheese, but do not eat much of it as it has about the same fat content as a block of lard. Still, being, as you are, a slim, hirsute male in the prime of his life, this shouldn't be of much concern to you!
    Wishing you many wonderful cheesy moments,

  6. I love cheese too Gary! Your puns are as always entertaining. "Cheese release me, let me go" tickled me for some reason. Penny's looking mighty cute posing by the Lake District cheese. Talking about cheese, I'm going to make a cheesy toast now, yum! Off I go. Have a lovely weekend cheese-lovin' awesome person! :)

  7. Hello Gary:
    At some point, and we really cannot think at what point it was,we seem to think that photographers stopped using "say cheese" as their catchphrase and replaced it with "say sausages". Now, from where we are standing, or indeed smiling, that was a very good thing as we really rather prefer sausages to cheese and, we secretly wonder if Penny might too!

    Of course, here in Budapest, sausages are in the front stalls where food is concerned with cheese relegated to a back seat. Indeed, Gary, although we are reluctant to say this as it may delay your visit which we sincerely hope will be a reality one day, there is no cottage cheese here at all[as well as double cream, but that is a red herring, so to speak].

    However, we wish 'British Cheese Week' well as there are so many splendid varieties of cheese in Britain and many wonderful artisan producers whose cheese deserves recognition. Perhaps you could throw a party in celebration and have cocktail sticks pierced with cubes of cheese as a centrepiece? Forget the cocktail onions, though and the pineapple chunks......!!!

  8. CHEEEEEEEEESE!! I hope I make a good photo for lovely Penny!!!

    I LOVE CHEESE!!! Is this Lake District Cheese strong cheddar?!?! I LOVE STRONG SMELLY SALTY CHEESE!! Oh yes I do!!! Extra extra mature cheddar cheese and Stilton are my absolute favourites!! Yay for cheese!

    Happy Cheese Week!!! Take care

  9. Hi Gary .. I love cheese .. and this time of year is perfect .. big pots of soup, an apple with bread and cheese - excellent lunch or supper .. I like all cheeses like you ...

    Stinking Bishop is good! Cornish Yarg is after my own heart .. Cornish Brie ... et al .. a good proper Cheddar is superb ..

    Cheers and enjoy this beautiful weekend .. Hilary

  10. Good timing, Gary. My son & I just watched "The Curse of the Were Rabbit", so all I can say now is, "Cracking cheese, Gromit."

  11. P.S. Gary, I bestowed on you the 7x7 Link Award. Please drop by to collect it.

  12. Ah, cheese. I remember the first time I had REAL Wensleydale, IN Wensleydale. There is nothing like it over here. Enjoy cheese week!

  13. All I can say is Cheese Louise!
    Cottage cheese with some fruit added is a delight!
    Heading to the fridge and of course something cold to wash it down!

  14. Gary, or "Sir Cheese Alot", how I wish I could once again enjoy la cheese. Most especially nippy white cheddar and two favourites. Ah, but I have my memories.

  15. I can barely brie-th, I'm so excited about this internationally sensitive post. Great Britain is so forward thinking giving Cheese its own week! I lived in one of the cheese capitals of the US for many years. Yes, that would be Vermont. I'd dairy to say....maybe it is the best, but Wisconsin and California might take issue, and since I'd rather like to be like SWISS (full of holes and all), I'll stay neutral. HAPPY CHEESE WEEK Gary! Please tell Penny she has a job with Cabot for such beautiful modeling.

  16. Hi Gary

    I too love cheese but not too stinky. I don't like Stilton and cannot understand why anyone would want to eat's just plain wrong!

    Did you mention cheesy feet?

    Have you ever seen footage of the cheese rolling competion held in Gloucestershire. It looks more dangerous than the "Running of the Bulls" in Spain. Check this link out

    Take Care


  17. Cheese Whiz friends!
    Usually I try to comment back to each individual person, you know, add the personal touch. However, because this would be such a daunting task, at this point, I will collectively thank you for your witty, informative, full of cheesy facts, comments.
    And thus, thank you, Kim, Laura, Wendy, Joylene, David, Shanaz, Jane and Lance, Old Kitty, Hilary, Ian, Susan, Ray, Delores, Rebecca aka THE SNEE and GEM, for taking the time to leave a response.
    Nobody does it feta than you fine folks :)

  18. Ooooh, cheese! I love cheese. Every kind of cheese. (Except, perhaps, the crap that sits around my hips.) I could live on cheese, if it didn't have a certain uncomfortable side effect. And I eat cottage cheese (and strawberries) every morning for breakfast.

    Oh how wonderful, an entire post on cheese! Why don't I ever think of doing a post like that?

  19. Hi Nancy,
    Ah, now that I've caught up, I can leave you an individual comment.
    Cheese, you sound like quite the hip sort of lady :)
    And cottage cheese. They just struggle to sell it in lil' ol' England. Excellent news for me, because I can get it very cheap. I tried explaining to the folks here that the cheese isn't really made out of a cottage :)
    See, there's no such thing as 'bloggers block'. Always some subject to bring a big cheesy grin to folk's faces :)
    Thanks Nancy and take it 'cheesy, eh :)

  20. Oh for 'cheesie sake'! You are creaming us with your cheese talk, I mean you're creaming us here!...(get the pun)LOL! This one thing I will say is; stay away from me when you eat those high aromatic cheese grandfather ate this German cheese, Limburger cheese, this cheese had the aromatic presence of cow dung and human defecation mixed with chicken manure, with the essence of 'toe jam' really old 'toe jam'. He would place that cheese between two slices of Rye bread, layered with sliced onions, then topped of with mustard.......I'm mean we are talking major! The whole house would reek of this most disgusting aroma, which would make rotting flesh smell like perfume.... I mean can I talk here.......oy that was disgusting! Don't go around trying to freely give out kisses to me after eating that piece of swill! you see what you have have brought back a decidedly wicked, and traumatic 'cheese' trauma! YOU BEAST!!!!!!! Go smell wicked, unkind cheesy stick! Later.....luv ya!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! (p.s. I thank you for the opportunity of expressing myself dealing with the subject of this article, I had one swell "smelly" time....really!!!!!) ;-)

  21. I also love cheese Gary but as Basil Fawlty said to Sybil "That's another little avenue of pleasure that's been closed"!
    It's a rare treat these days as I'm trying to shed a few pounds but I still enjoy the occasional Port Salut, Saint Paulin or almost any British hard cheese.
    Try not to Cheddar tear....
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  22. OMG, cheese is life. <3 I'm a cheese FREAK, Gary, and I love cottage cheese. Just finished off a container. lol. I wish I could cut a piece of that cheese right through the monitor right now.

    What a great thing to celebrate! And Gary, no one could ever pull the puns off as good as the king of puns.

    Hugs for you & Penny. She's just so darn adorable.

  23. I love cheese-- all kinds of cheese! I live in the land of stinky cheese! But the stinkier, the better...they say!

  24. Cheese :O)))
    Doesn't Penny look lovely.
    I love cheese too. My favs are hard goats cheese, Cheshire and Wensleydale (Esp when Peter Sallis says it) I'm not so keen on the bries and the stiltons except the stilton with apricots and I loved the old-fashioned motorway cheese sandwiches on white sliced bread. Mmmmmmm

  25. Hehehe I like cheese, but I can't really say that I love it with a passion. It's just something that never grew on me.


  26. Hi The Manic Chef,
    Oh yes I get your pun. And wouldn't you say that those "high aromatic cheese bombs" have a 'pun'gent smell? Boom boom! :)
    I want to thank you for that detailed description in regards to your grandfather's love of Limburger. You have put me in cheese heaven and I thank you kindly for that. Although, I certainly would hate to think this brought back such cheesy bad memories for you.
    And my word, can't you entertain us with a long comment. I 'Camembert' any more.....laters and a truck load of smelly cheese, your way, Gary :)

  27. Hi bazza,
    And thank you for your faulty, I mean, Fawlty comment.
    If you are trying to shed a few pounds, you can always send your spare British money my way :)
    Seriously, glad you like almost any British hard cheese. Try not to 'Gorge' on it...

  28. Hi LilPixi,
    Aha, I bet you are very creative with your cottage cheese. I'll spread the curd. And here you go, have some Lake District Cheddar Cheese :)
    Thanks LilPixi, this has be pun and to celebrate, I'm going to shred some cheese. Oh grate!
    Penny the adorable dog and my shy, modest self, send hugs back your way :)

  29. Hi Samantha,
    And now we know the real reason you moved to France. You wanted to be surrounded by stinky cheese. And don't be scared if you bump into a Munster! :)

  30. Hi Madeleine,
    Penny thanks you for your compliment :)
    That's quite the variety of cheeses you like. Never heard of cheese made out of a motorway. I guess one must drive Caerphilly :)

  31. Hi Misha,
    Whoops, I've not been to your blog in ages. Hides head in shame. Must rectify that soon and leave you one of my 'award winning' comments :)
    I'm certainly glad that cheese isn't growing on you :)
    Thanks Misha


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