Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Aftermath.

It's been a drab and dreary summer in this 'green and pleasant land'.  Day after day of dull skies and torrential downpours.  And now the remnants of Hurricane Katia has cut an angry swath across this battered isle.  You may note the aftermath of the storm and how it has blown over my patio table and parasol.  That would be the parasol that has only be opened twice this summer.  So much for lazing about on a sunny day and enjoying the delights of a barbecue. 

And yet, despite it all, I know I've an abundance of  positive aspects in my life to be deeply and profoundly, grateful for.  I have a warm home and the raging storm was but a passing phase.  There have been many affected by storms that have turned their lives into personal chaos. 
Ten years after the day the world witnessed the worst and the best of humanity, I embrace the thought that beyond the storm, the aftermath, mankind will see the sun, once again.


  1. Hi Y'all,

    Wonderful post. So glad Katia was not more wicked as she made herself known.

    Sniffs and licks to Penny.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. We can only hope Gary, we can only hope. Any luck with finding the boy a job? I've been sending positive vibes your way.

  3. Oh, my, you've had a dismal "summer". So glad you're safe and sound - and despite the mess Katia left you with, I sure wish some sunny days ahead for you! Thanks for your ever-positive thoughts :)

  4. Hi Hawk,
    It's pretty well died down now. Compared to some, we've not had it too bad.
    Penny sends you pawsitive wishes....
    Take good care of yourself and your humans :)
    In kindness, Gary

  5. Hi Delores,
    Hope keeps us going. We appreciate your positive vibes. Sadly, at this point, there has been no improvement in the job searching for my son.
    Take good care, my friend.
    Positive wishes, your way, Gary

  6. Hi Kim,
    Ah yes, summer, the warm part of the British winter :) And thanks. We are indeed, safe and sound and grateful that all we have to do is just a bit of cleaning up in the garden.
    Thank you for your sunny wishes and thank you for your ongoing positive thoughts to us :)

  7. Yes. Even in the worst of tragedies, humanity so often rises above and shows us the best it can be. Thankfully.

    So glad you're safe.

  8. I was saddened at the scene of your 'wonderland'in a bit of a shambles, but I can see it was NOT major damage, I'm happy for that. And I'm sure all your gnomes and fairies were nestled away in the borrows of the deep grasses, huddled together in unity, comforting one another with songs of hope for another brilliant day to come bouncing on the horizon......or they could have been cursing you for NOT taking them inside your home warming the cockles of their hearts by a flaming hearth, drinking mugs of my infamous Hot Buttered Rum Toddy! I mean really.......how heartless of you, for shame.......later!

  9. Since we can't argue with Nature, it's better to head for the storm cellar. When I think of the sun coming out, I always think of Annie and Tomorrow. It's good the storm has passed.

  10. Glad you are all ok!! That was some wind yesterday!! I gave up trying to steady my pot plants in the end!! But they're ok now! Yay!!

    Take care

  11. Some seasons are like that. They don't become what they are supposed to become. But soon change will be in the air. The cycle continues.

  12. Very inspirational post, Gary.
    Hope is the gift that keeps us going.


  13. Things are only things; it's hope and love and good people that matter, and those can't be taken away by any storm. Bright faith and hope to you, and resolve to carry on, with a defiant smile and some wee people winking,

  14. I hope you're saving all these posts for some future book. I'm hoping because I'd love to have that book next to my bedside table. I'd read from it every day and feel comforted.

    Hugs to Penny and you and your son and to next summer. May we both experience enough sun that we can't stop ourselves from complaining.

  15. Hi thanks for stopping by. Great post. It's sometimes hard to look past the rain and storm to see the beauty however even in your pictures I could see the power and beauty that even a storm can bring.. Nicely done.

  16. Hi Gary,
    We have had it easy in dear old Blighty compared to our friends over the pond.
    Nature has a way of reminding us that we may think we can control her, but in reality there is no man-made force that can!
    Roll on a nice dry Autumn with lots of `crunchy` leaves to walk through!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  17. happy to hear you and your family are well

  18. Hi Jemi,
    Thanks and in the face of great adversity, humanity can move beyond the indifference of apathy and demonstrate such profound and selfless bravery.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts.
    In peace and hope, Gary

  19. Hi The Manic Chef,
    Exactly. My garden, my sanctuary and home to the 'wee folks', has come out of it all, relatively unscathed. And now, as the wind settles down and the wind chimes get back to playing a gentle tune, the wee folks dance and sing in the knowledge that tomorrow shall be a better day.
    My friend, the wee folks had the option of coming indoors. There have been times and postings to prove it, that they did indeed visit inside my house and kept themselves warm and cosy. For goodness sake, they drank all my tea and used my finest Royal Doulton china :)
    Peaceful wishes, your way, Gary

  20. Dear David,
    And now the wind has settled down. We should consider ourselves lucky that we only got the remnants of the hurricane. Imagine what it must be like for those who get the full wrath of nature.
    Thankfully, Fidelina, Geoffrey, Einahalk and the rest of the 'wee folks', took shelter under what was the remains of giant psychedelic mushrooms. No David, don't even think it.
    And yes your eloquent and thoughtful posting resonated with a sentiment so many, I know, would be able to relate too. Here's to a better and kinder future for all of us.
    The plight of my son, like so many in these tough times, goes on. I'm doing what I can to cope, but it's taking every ounce of my resolve to keep myself together.
    Cheers David.
    Kind wishes and a win on the lottery for you.

  21. Hi Manzanita,
    Indeed, not much we can do when Nature has wild and windy plans. And thus, we weather the storm. Now the storm has passed and we even had some sunshine! :)
    Thank you, my friend.
    In kindness and good wishes, your way, Gary

  22. Hi Old Kitty,
    Thank you, we are okay and you are okay. And yikes, what a wind! You've got 'pot plants', my bloggy friend? Gary....leave it :)
    Look after yourself and Charlie.

  23. Hi R. Jacob,
    For sure, Ray. Although, we're no longer quite sure what season we're in. Seems almost like a continuous month of October. Oh well, there is always next summer, over here, in lil' ol' Britain :)

  24. Hi GigglesandGuns,
    Thank you, Mary. I know that the gift of hope and being grateful for my life, keeps me going :)
    In peace and kindness, your way, Gary

  25. Hi Austan,
    Laura, when I wrote this posting, I thought about you. You have endured so much recently with the wrath of Nature and the aftermath. Yet, you embrace the love and caring that is bestowed upon you. And in turn, you bestow such love and caring upon others. Indeed, storms come and storms go. Together, with sincere and heartfelt inspiration, we carry on. The wee folks say 'hello' and they smile :)
    Take very good care, Laura.
    With respect and admiration, Gary

  26. Hi Joylene,
    What a lovely and encouraging thing to say. That would be a good idea to just put my posts into a book. Would be quite the strange book if I had everything I ever wrote in such a book. I like to do variety. So one night you'd be reading my attempt at surreal humour and another night, my attempt at endeavouring to be profound and hopefully inspiring. I do thank you, for yes, my main purpose with my writing is to try and convey some comfort. Thanks for that, Joylene. You've made my day.
    I shall duly pass on your hugs to Penny and my son. Be interesting to see how they react to that :) Here's to sunny days. Maybe next summer...
    Take care, my friend.

  27. Greetings Craziness abounds,
    It was my great pleasure to drop by your marvellous blog that encapsulates the very ethos of a kind and caring blogging community.
    And thank you for seeing the underlying theme within this posting. Your thoughts resonate with the ideals of my posting just before this one. I have seen beyond my window, beyond the rain. And after the storm clears, the lights in the sky shine down again.
    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary

  28. Hi John,
    Indeed, despite it all, we have been most fortunate over here. And you have alluded to the thought within my posting. Thank you.
    You know, I know and many know, that Nature will do whatever it dictates. We also know that we must live in harmony with Nature, rather than try to tamper with her.
    I'm looking forward to the beauty of the resplendent Autumn leaves.
    Peaceful wishes, Gary

  29. Hi becca,
    Thank you and we are indeed, just fine. We have much to be grateful for :)
    Take good care,

  30. Oh, no, a hurricane in England, too! It seems, though, that not too much damage was done your way, and that's good indeed.

  31. Hi Susan,
    Yes, luckily, we only got the remnants of the hurricane. Compared to what so many have endured, we have had it fairly easy.
    Thanks Susan.
    In kindness, Gary

  32. You're lucky as I am that the recent hurricane did no serious damage. So much worse happens in so may other places.

    Doesn't sound like much of a summer either, though. =/

    Glad I finally made it over, though. Not easy to keep up when you're never around the blogosphere as I'm not lately.

  33. Hi LilPixi,
    Exactly. You and I are grateful folks. Compared to what a lot have endured, we are thankful :)
    The summer over here has a been, yet again, absolute crap. So much for me posing and showing off my gorgeous body..or not, eh !
    Nice to have you visit. I know you've been kinda' in the blogging background. It was nice to have read and commented on your latest posting.
    Take care, my friend.

  34. It would appear the worlds weather has gone mad. We popped down to South Africa and then Mauritius looking for that elusive sun but it certainly wasn’t coming out to play much there either…Not sure my Investment In Solar power is looking as solid as I had first thought, if only they would invent Rain Power Panels in the UK we would be laughing….

  35. Hi Gary .. the wind was ferocious and in parts of the country deluges fell - but thankfully we weren't as damaged as many.

    We have to look on the positives don't we .. what's happened has happened .. and life goes on.

    I am so pleased I look at the world with the sunny side up ..

    Lovely sunny day here .. mind you we had an excellent BBQ c/o KarenG .. what more could we ask for in 2011?! Cheers - enjoy today and the days ahead .. Hilary

  36. Sir Tom Eagerly says:
    It was terribly windy in the south of England Gary. I heard that an apple had fallen off of a tree in Essex!
    Cheers, old boy.

  37. Give me natures wrath over the human race any old day. Saying that, she does leave a bit of a mess from time to time.

    Hope the 'wee folk' weathered the storm?

    Here's hoping the sun will shine upon you and your delightful garden real soon :)

  38. Hi BlackLOG,
    Oh my, quite surprising to hear about the sun not peeking out much in South Africa or even Mauritius.
    I should of realised the weather wasn't so great here when I realised how darned cheap we can buy solar lamps.
    Rain Power Panels. Now that seems like a better investment. Reminds me of hydro electric power. Of course, if one owns an umbrella shop in Britain, they should be guaranteed, rather brisk business. Must go now and have a word with Mary Poppins :)
    Thank you, friend.
    With respect, Gary

  39. Hi Hilary,
    And thankfully it wasn't too bad up here in the Staffordshire Moorlands.
    Absolutely and your comment echoes the feeling of my posting. We are grateful and we move on.
    I too look at life with the 'sunny side up'. Or am I thinking of a style of cooking eggs :)
    I saw blue skies today. Should of taken a photograph.
    And of course, the 'Labor Day' or in proper English, the 'Labour Day'
    BBQ :)
    Cheers and keep smiling,

  40. Greetings Sir Tom Eagerly,
    Excellent. What next? Maybe those Essex folks could rediscover gravity!

  41. Gidday Wendy,
    Ah yes, the human race leaves a lot to be desired. The mess in my garden is a minor inconvenience. The mess that humanity has made...well...
    The 'wee folks' are just fine. A couple more giant psychedelic mushrooms for them to sleep under, have suddenly appeared :)
    Thanks Wendy and we actually had a nice, sunny day! :)
    All the best and enjoy the Rugby World Cup.

  42. Where I live we have had just the opposite weather pattern from yours. We have a severe drought underway with high daily temps and rain once in a blue moon. It is very frustrating to my wife as she tries to keep her flower garden alive, global warming not withstanding. I hope your son has luck this month finding a job. We have a Beagle and the folks who live behind us have a Jack Russell, so we know each of them could write a blog, if they knew how to spell. My best

  43. Hi Count Sneaky,
    Oh my, your frustration in regards to the weather is the exact opposite to ours. Haven't had to worry about the flowers getting watered. Just would of liked them get a bit more sunlight.
    Thanks for your kind wishes in regards to my son. Greatly appreciated.
    Ah yes, I'm convinced that dogs are better writers than humans. Penny, can use the spell-check, but rarely needs it. Clever Jack Russell :)
    My best to you and your loved ones, Henry.
    In kindness, Gary


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