Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The A to Zed Alphabark Challenge.

Greetings.  Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.  Gary aka 'klahanie' is quite busy in his preparations for his upcoming trip to British Columbia.  He claims there are going to be loads of parades in his honour.  I would suggest he's deluded.
And thus, I have agreed to write this posting and give the old chap a break.  I note that after over four years of blogging, he has just passed the 200 'followers' mark.  I think he should give me my rightful credit for even having that many.  Whenever I do a posting, this site gets way more 'hits', whatever that means.  Maybe Gary should take the hint and let me take over.
Anyhow, I have observed that a lot of you seem to be participating in something called the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!'.  Evidently, you write a topic that starts with the letter of the day.  'O', I believe today's letter is 'O'.  Which means, I can go down the blog list and see loads and loads of blogs who are writing about 'O'.  'O' no.

Although, I've got much better things to do, like posing on the lawn, I thought I'd submit my own alternative to that fascinating other 'challenge'.  Here is my 'A to Zed Alphabark Challenge'.  Today's letter is 'P'.  P is for p*ss.  Whoops, P is for Penny, as in Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.

P is for paws.  Would you like to shake the paw of me, the famous, yet modest internet star?

P is for pondering.   As in pondering why Gary expects me to stay still when he takes my photo.

P is for proud.  I'm very proud to be a friend of the 'wee folks'.  Just like me, the wee folks display unconditional and non-judgemental love.

P is for placid.  I feel very calm and relaxed when Gary's son, Tristan, gently strokes my head.

P is for peaceful.   Tristan has fallen asleep and I know I make an excellent blanket.

P is for pleasure.  It's my pleasure to please.  I know I am loved and the love I share for you is conveyed through my photos and through my words.
I wish you humans well in your own 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!'  I enjoyed doing my very own 'A to Zed Alphabark Challenge.'  However, that's it for me.

P is for peace.


  1. Oh Penny..it is good to hear from you. You are a true friend to Gary in that you did this post for him. Listen, I have been thinking about getting a dog like you. I do have one question though, are you afraid of black labrador retrievers? That is what our black dog daughter is. Well, that is all. I hope you get a steak for dinner tonight.

  2. Peace Penny...pawtastic posting. Gary should let you type more often.

  3. P is also for perfect, as in this perfectly charming post! Congrats on hitting the 200 mark, as well--and enjoy British Columbia!

  4. Watch out for the lazorz in that last picture. If you don't feed Penny, you will be melted...

    Great post, and gorgeous pup. I'm jealous.

  5. Hello there, my post for 'O' (a double o actually) has Money Penny in it - I wonder if she's related to you?

    There're lots of fabulous P's there Penny. Well done!

    Say "Hi" to the Old Chap for me, will 'ya

    Life on The Farm

  6. Bazza's cat Ginger says:
    You Pulchritudinous Pooch, Penny! Presently is the time to Perpetrate a Pinching of your Person's Pathetic Publishing and Perpetuate his Procrastinating Pause.
    You dogs are so daft; we cats have long had control over the household! Today the blogosphere tomorrow the world! Unless I’m catching up on my sleep.
    Oh well, perhaps another time.....
    Ginger’s owner, Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  7. P is indeed for Pretty Penny!!! Penny the pawsome pooch!!!!


    Take care

  8. Great job Penny. I have not chosen to play the A to Z game but you did a masterful job.

    Plus it is always nice to see the wee folk.

  9. The animal loving Sir Tom Eagerly says:
    Penny, people are often asking me why don't I get my own blog but I have lots of fun by gatecrashing others. You could do the same. There would be no need to push Gary out - just go into competittion with him.
    Wag that tale madam!

  10. P is for Penny the purfect puppy. Yay, Penny!

  11. what a pretty post pennt. you should be very proud.

  12. Sir Tom Eagerly says unto you:
    As I sit here with my glass of whisky in my hand and my cowboy-booted feet on the escritoire, I think to my self what a wonderful world.
    But I'm not as think as you drunk I am.
    Goodnight to you.

  13. Hi middle child,
    Yes, I'm Gary's friend. I think he's a cool dude :)
    I'm not afraid of any dog. Gary's former wife has a golden Labrador and her Labrador is my big buddy :)
    Must go now and see if my steak dinner is ready :)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

  14. Hi mybabyjohn,
    And peace to you, my friend :) I've told Gary that my creative paws produce pawfect prose :)
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, Penny :)

  15. Hi Raining Acorns,
    Thank you for a 'pawfect' comment :)
    And, indeed, if it wasn't for me, Gary would not have nearly as many 'followers' :)
    I will miss him when he's over in British Columbia. I'm sure he will have a great time there.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny :)

  16. Hi Lost.in.Idaho,
    Aha, you noticed my eyes! :) I have special powers to make Gary stop posting and let me take over.
    Gary has told me about Idaho. He said there is a city there named Boise. He also tried to make a silly gardening joke. 'If Idaho, I'd dig the garden.' That Gary needs professional help.
    Thank you for liking my post and I will agree with you that I'm gorgeous :)
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny :)

  17. Hi Grandpa,
    Ah yes, your 'O' had some Money for Penny? :) 'Penny's from heaven'. To coin a phrase.
    Gary, who does try to keep up with so many bloggers doing that 'alphabet challenge', did manage to note that you were 'desperate for a 'P' :)
    I shall pass on your "Hi" to the old chap. He thinks of you as his hero.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny :)

  18. Hello Bazza's cat Ginger,
    Do you feel better now, Ginger? Quite the attempt at alliteration and not bad for a cat. And yes, I'm physically beautiful and the pin-up pooch providing pleasurable pondering perhaps. And Gary needs to take a longer break from dogging, I mean blogging. I am the true talent.
    Yes, you might consider us "daft". Yet we dogs know that your thirst for power and the desire to take over the world and have yourselves portrayed as cute little bundles of fur, is getting very boring. Soon, the world will become very aware of your evil plan to turn humans into slaves, producing dairy products for you in a factory in Switzerland. This will not be allowed to happen.
    Sleep well, Ginger. Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to crap in some vegetable patch :)

  19. Hi Old Kitty,
    Thank goodness. A cat that makes some sense! :)
    Take note, Ginger!
    And you, my adorable kitty friend, take very good care and would you and gosh, Charlie, have a discreet word with Ginger.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny x

  20. Hi R. Jacob,
    Thank you and nicely said :)
    Pawesome wishes, your way, Penny.

  21. Hi lifeshighway,
    Thanks for that. Gary and myself have not chosen to do that 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', either. But, we sure are having fun with our alternative to the darned thing :)
    The 'wee folks' send you magical wishes.
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes from Penny :)

  22. Hello,The animal loving Sir Tom Eagerly,
    I would never ask you why you don't do a blog. Of course, I'm not a 'people' :) However, based on your comments, I think you might as well keep gatecrashing and amazing those people with your incredible wit.
    I should compete with him and set up my own blog. I don't think he could handle the competition.
    Kind wishes and wagging tails, your way, Penny :)

  23. Hi Joylene,
    Awe, thank you. I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, think you're a really nice lady eh :)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny x

  24. Hi becca,
    Thank you for that. I'm very proud and pleased you liked my posting :)
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny :)

  25. Why hello,Sir Tom Eagerly says unto you:,
    Really pleased to know this. You wear cowboy boots and enjoy line dancing. Do you think that your American cousins would take up Morris dancing?
    Thank you Sir Yoda....
    With kindness and concern, your way, Penny :)

  26. Dear Gary,
    As is so often the case, Penny proves perfectly pleasurably that she is a way better writer than most humans.
    Love the photos Gary.
    See you soon and with many pawsitive wishes, your way,

  27. Sweet n' Lovable Insane Bastard Kelly is here to say, "Hey hey Hey, Penny, You Babe... What's cookin'? What shakin'? Do smell turkey bacon?"

    Penny, you marvelous doggy, you- Tell that Gary fella I think he might be smokin' somethin' when he believes there's gonna be parades in his honour when he finally gets his keester back to Oh Canada. That reminds me... it's 420 Day. A reason to celebrate! Tell Gary for me (I know you can speak fluent Human) congrats on passing the 200 follower mark. Woo hoo. That A to Zed challenge sounds exciting, too. Seriously, I enjoyed the pics of you and Tristan. You look very Peaceful together. And it's been a real Pleasure getting to know all of you during our shared blogging experience. Take care!

  28. Penny is certainly a smart dog, getting through the entire alphabet with only one letter. Why didn't I think of that?

    Fun post, and great pictures!

  29. Penny is Precious. I love the casual way she watches TV on the posh chair, too :O)

  30. I can understand why you get all the attention. You are positively the premier puppy I have ever gazed upon. Gary should pander to your every need.

    Great post!

  31. Hi Gary, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was visiting yours last night but got called away from my computer before I could say hi. So I'm saying it now. Hi! :) Cute post!

  32. Aw, Penny! You are such a wonderful pet! I'm glad you are helping Gary get hits on his blog. Macy does the same thing on my blog.

  33. Dear David,
    Indeed I am, my human friend, indeed I am. I'm certainly a better 'writer' than Katie Price aka 'Jordan'. Then again, who isn't?
    Thank you for liking my photos. Did you know if you click on the pictures, they fill up your computer screen with my cuteness!
    Gary says he will grace you with his presence on Sunday. Aren't you the lucky human.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny :)

  34. Hello "Sweet n' Lovable Insane Bastard Kelly",
    My human friend, this here bitch shall be chomping on a bit of beef jerky y'all :)
    You may be right about him smoking something strange. There's a smell wafting through the house. Oh, it wasn't smoke, the old guy just farted. Naughty, naughty human. The only parade he will get is when they parade him back to the airport and make sure he gets on the plane back to lil' ol' England.
    Gary has noted you have done a posting on '420 Day'..cough, cough...
    I shall pass on your congrats. If he really wanted loads of followers, he could do one of two things. He could either let me write all the postings, or he could do like some do, and link into every blog in the entire world of blogland. That way you can like have a zillion followers in about six months. Gary has taken over four years to pass the two hundred mark.
    I know that Gary will be glad when that 'A to Z Blogging Challenge' is over and his blogging friends get back to their regular routine.
    Tristan loves me very much and I love him. He takes me for such wonderful walks in the beautiful English countryside and I'm very grateful.
    I thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, Kelly. It's been our pleasure to know more about the kind and decent man that writes that awesome blog 'Psycho Carnival' :)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny :) xx

  35. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you very much for that. Not only am I a pretty pooch but I'm the real talent on this blog site :)
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny :)

  36. Hi Nate Wilson,
    Thank you, my human buddy. I like to think I'm a lot smarter than those folks who set up that 'Alphabet challenge' or whatever the heck they call it. I thinking taking the 'P' has worked rather well :)
    Gary says that your postings on that fascinating challenge that brings further awareness of the alphabet, are very cleverly done :)
    Thanks for thinking this was a fun post and liking those cute photos of me.
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, Penny :)

  37. Hi Madeleine,
    Yes, for sure, I'm precious. The only time I watch TV is when the Crufts dog show is on, or anything with horses, I love to jump up at the television, whenever I see a horse! :)
    Doggy kisses and pawesome wishes, Penny xx

  38. Hi Greg,
    Why thank you, kind human. Of course, I am Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! :)
    Gary makes sure that I'm very well looked after. Between you and me, he's starstruck being around me.
    Thanks Greg.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny :)

  39. Hi Deborah,
    Yes, Gary mentioned that he checked out your very well written and thoughtful blog. He just told me he is most grateful for you visiting this site and kindly leaving a comment. Very glad you could finally say 'hi'. On behalf of Gary, I Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, say 'hi' back to you :) Happy writing, Deborah :)
    Pawesome and pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny :)

  40. Hi Sharon,
    For sure, I'm a wonderful family member. If it wasn't for me, he would get very few hits on his site. I reckoned that Macy might be quite the help on your site, also :)
    Gary says you are doing that 'Alphabet challenge'. Well heck, I'm a dog and I already know the alphabet :)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses to you and Macy, Penny xx

  41. Hi Penny, I appear to be arriving quite late, not at all punctual. I fear the A to Zed challenge is already onto s and t. I've missed so much! But to honor your Peterrific post, I must say that your photo poses are perfectly pawsome. Really! You are quite a photogenic pup. Please send my regards to your shy and humble pal Gary. He must be packing like mad in preparation for his trip. Here's a nice scratch behind your ears, pet pet, wag wag.

  42. Awwwww, Penny, modest internet Jack Russel dog 'STAR'. This was a most humorous...yet.....heartwarming, bringing forth a tear entry. If Gary ever wants to give you away...I'll take you....I'm all alone....I'm lookn for luv....later!

  43. hi miss penny! wow cool pics of you. for sure youre a internet star! is just real nice you could give mr gary a break so he could get ready for his trip. hooray for you and mr gary getting so many followers. wow 200! how cool is that! you know that means? you guys gotta do a contest. :) yippeee!
    ...pats and hugs from lenny

  44. Penny, I just love you.:) You are precious and perfect.(Now there's a pair of 'p's!) I don't know how Gary's blog would survive without you - you are his sweetest prize, his amazing pooch, his adorable pet, and so very photogenic!

    I hope you get an extra special puppy treat for Easter. You know you are puppylicious...

    An Easter blessing to you, Gary. Really enjoyed this post!

    Enjoy the day,

  45. Hi THE SNEE,
    Hey Rebecca, pawesome to see you:) You know, that 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', complete with an exclamation mark for dramatic impact, is finally getting to the 'tail' end or is the 'tale' end? If I was a cynical dog, I might suggest that the challenge had a hidden motive to turn those bloggers into writing slaves...
    I thank you for going into alliteration overdrive :) It has been suggested that I do the centrefold for the next issue of 'Puphouse'. Then again, I shall not succumb to be ogled over.
    I shall pass on your kind wishes to shy and humble Gary :) Yes he's packing like a mad..man! I've told him that the brand new underwear he packed might just be needed, now! The man has to realise that we dogs have a sensitive noses...
    Hey Rebecca, thanks for the scratch behind my big ol' loppy ears :) Did you know I can curl up my ears and look like 'princess Leia'?

  46. Hello The Manic Chef,
    Thank you very much for thinking my 'tails' about 'P' and the 'Alphabark Challenge' was heartwarming :)
    I'm sorry to hear that you are alone. This is my home, however, might you not find a dog that can be your friend and demonstrate unconditional, non-judgemental love.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny :)

  47. Hey Lenny! :)
    Why thank you, my young human buddy :) I am indeed an internet star and so are you!
    Glad you liked the photos of my gorgeous self. And yes, Mr. Gary needs a break so he can get ready for his trip to Canada. I will sure miss him when he's gone.
    I know that Mr. Gary did a contest when he reached the four year anniversary of his blog. Yes, a contest might be a good idea. And to even have 200 followers after four years is okay. If he let me do more of the writing, this shy and humble site would have had a lot more than that after four years. A contest may happen when he returns. Although, I know he is shy about such things as 'followers'. I wish they could find a different word for 'followers' :)
    Thank you for the pats and hugs, Lenny :) Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx 'Arf, arf! ! :)

  48. Penny, tell your pet human, Gary, that I sent my congratulations on passing the 200 follower milestone.

    Tossing It Out

  49. Hi M,
    Awe thanks for that love :) And you are perfectly precious for thinking I'm precious and perfect :)
    It's amazing Gary gets any visitors when I'm not doing a post. I guess the visitors must have stumbled upon this blog by accident whenever he writes :)
    And thanks for thinking I'm photogenic. My adoring fans are forever trying to photograph me.
    May you have a peaceful and joyous Easter and thank you for your lovely comment. Gary will be most pleased, but a little jealous, that you enjoyed this post :)
    Pawesome wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star x :)

  50. Hi Arlee Bird,
    Wow, how neat is this. I've gotten a comment from humans, cats and to top it off, I know get a comment from a bird :)
    You know, Gary has been doing a blog for over four years. If he'd seen sense and let me paw away on the keyboard, on a regular basis, he would have had way more followers :)
    Anyway, I shall pass on your congrats on his, our, milestone. Although being in metric, we now call it a 'kilometrestone'.
    Thank you for the congratulations. Seriously, it's most appreciated.
    And well done in your ongoing 'alphabet adventure'. Gary has something satirical planned on his alternative to your challenge for the letter 'X'. Hmmmmm.....
    Oh, did you like this posting?
    'Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star x :)

  51. Penny- Tell Gary to have great trip back home! And you really are a star to cover for him!

  52. Greetings your highness, Samantha Vérant,
    I shall tell the old fart that you have passed on your wishes for him to have a great trip back to British Columbia, eh :)
    Thank you, indeed, it's my pleasure to cover for him and show him what real writing is.
    I do so hope you have a lovely Easter.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny :) x

  53. Hi Madeleine,
    Why thank you very much. I'm on my way. I assume it's for me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star :)

  54. I see you've succumbed to the lure of the alphabark challenge, Penny. That puts you way ahead of me in the global blogging stakes. Well, that gives me paws for thought :o

    Tell Gary I hope he has a safe and pleasant journey to Beautiful BC.

  55. Hi Ian,
    I decided that I would do a spoof on that 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!' I reckoned that I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, could show those involved, that I already know the 'Alphabark' :)
    I have passed on your wishes for Gary to have a safe and pleasant journey in beautiful British Columbia. He's hoping he might be able to make it over to the Island. He will let you know :)
    Thanks for pawsing and leaving a comment.
    Pawesome wishes, your way, Penny :)

  56. Omg, Penny is just too cute! =)
    Adorable pics of Penny & Tristan. I love the one where her head is resting on his leg. =)

    Congratulations on your 200 mark, my friend!! Awesome. You deserve such an abundance of readers.

  57. Hello there, LilPixi,
    Why thank you, my lovely human friend :) I will totally agree with you that the photos of me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, and my cute human Tristan, who I allow to live with me, are so adorable! :) His leg makes an ideal pillow.
    And if it wasn't for me, Gary wouldn't have that many followers. Over four years of blogging and if he had let me write, from the very beginning, he would now be up there with the so-called 'very important' bloggers. I do thank you for the congrats on him actually getting past the 200 mark :) I am, and Gary is, most grateful for your kind words.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx


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