Sunday 24 April 2011

Airing My Clean Laundry.

Ah yes, my washing machine.  I consider the friggin' thing quite agitating.  I did struggle the first time I used it.  The instructions made my head spin.  Couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work.  I pulled it away from the wall three times and had a look at the back to see if a pipe or something, had a kink in it.  No kink, nothing kinky at all.  Still it wouldn't work.  Then I noticed that I had somehow switched on the timer delay.  If only I had concentrated, but at least figuring it out took a load of my mind.
Anyhow, now that I've got your attention in what will prove to be a thrilling posting, I thought it vitally important to inform you that I did three loads of washing today!  There you go, an exclamation mark for dramatic impact!  Gosh n' wash!

And thus, for your delight, is some of my laundry hanging up on my clothesline.  Note the upside down trousers.  Please try and control your excitement!

Here, for you viewing pleasure, is yet another photo of my clothesline.  Note the upside down t-shirt with some writing on it.  Can you figure out what the word is on the t-shirt?

If you weren't sure what the word is on the t-shirt, maybe you now know.  Actually, you can see there are two words and five moose (mooses?) sitting at a bar.  Okay one of the moose is actually sprawled out on the ground.

Can you see the white garden chair off in the background?

You may also observe that the trees are now sprouting forth an abundance of leaves.  Of course, if you click on any of these photos, you can see all these intriguing pictures in even more detail.
Yes indeed, I'm a multitasking or is it 'multi-tasking', single dad who has proudly raised his son on his own for over ten years.   And speaking of proud, I am honoured to have received the following award.

I was flattered that 'Count Sneaky', who can be found over at this delightful site, full of amusing anecdotes and thought provoking musings and narrative.  If you have never visited this site, I would highly recommend you do so.  Here is the link to the site:  Count Sneaky's Journal  and here is what his award stated and I quote.

I am pleased to announce the newest blog on the block,

My very own award, soon to be coveted; or ignored; or despised.
It will be awarded(?) from time to time to anyone I deem worthy  for
 reasons of my own. There are no requirements whatsoever.
You might, if you like, write an acknowledgement or a decline of award
 statement, or nothing at all, if you prefer. The first recipient of the
Award is my friend, Gary Phillip Pennick of "Klahanie."
for being Gary, a good friend!

I consider myself to be most fortunate that my good friend, Henry, over at Count Sneaky's Journal, thought of me as his first ever recipient for what I just know will be a highly sought after, highly treasured award.  Thank you Henry and thus, it gives me much satisfaction to forward this award onto one very worthy blogger.  I shall now dip my hand into my hat and pull out a randomly selected winner.  And the winner of the 'Bronze Award From Count Sneaky's Journal For Whatever...2011 is Grandpa who can be found here : 
Life on The Farm     Grandpa does the most fascinating stories about his life and adventures living on a farm set in a tropical rainforest at the foot of the Malaysian mountain range.  If you have never visited his farm, I would kindly suggest that you do so.  

And there you go.  This posting is 'clothes' to finishing.  Some, or all may consider it, to use a British expression, 'pants'.   Go on, take me down a peg or two.  Then again, maybe we're on level pegging.  And what about 'Jake the Peg with his extra leg'?  If you click on the following link in red, you can also delight in the wonder of   Jake The Peg    Could Jake have been the first ever 'goody three-shoes'?  And what of the pegs on my clothesline that have broken?  Glad you asked.  I shall be forwarded them to a synchronized swimming team, so that they can stick them on their noses.  


  1. Congratulations on your single-dadness, that is indeed something to be proud of.

    I like the wee folks peeking from the trouser legs. It's like a little carnival there, all upside down and inside out.

  2. Good heavens, Gary - you are awash ;) in awards! You, if anyone, should always be on the top of the list for them, that's for sure.

    Vancouver: visited once, had to be dragged back to the airport. Although, in fairness, it was extraordinary weather - 70's and sun all week. Just the same, it's an amazing place.

    The creativity you possess is fabulous! Who else could come up with this post? Cheers!

  3. Congratulations on a) the award b) figuring out how your washing machine functions c) knowing where your garden chair is d) having a shirt that says Vancouver on top of delinquent moose (mooses?) and celebrating wash day with the wee is lintly sudstastic, soapalicious and entirely cling free. Happy Easter!!

  4. You've got a huge garden!!!

    Three loads of washing?! What a man! :-)

    Congratulations with being the first recipient of this brilliant award!! Yay!!!!

    Happy Easter! Take care

  5. Hey -- I've actually been to Vancouver, I've hung laundry, AND thirty-six years ago, I was a single parent. Wow, I think we're related, Gary! I'd be proud to call you bro.

  6. (Panting...) Hey Gary, sorry I'm late. Just back from the jungle to get me more Ali staff to boil. Now if you don't have the slightest idea of what I'm talking about, it means you've not read my post for 'T'. And you don't know what you are missing...

    Your clothes are hanging up (side down) with some pretty pegs in a nice garden. They remind me of the Olympics...

    Vancouver...another city I have not the pleasure of visiting...

    And thanks so much my friend for the Award ( and thank to the creator Count Sneaky, whose quotes I enjoy, too).

  7. Hi Chris,
    Thank you. I've done my very best, as a single dad, to provide a warm, safe and loving environment for my son and for Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! :)
    What? The 'wee folks' are peeking out from the trouser legs? What the heck! LOL
    Hope you have a lovely Easter.
    Kind wishes, Gary :)

  8. Hi CindyLu,
    Very good, 'awash' in awards:) I've noticed these award seem to go around in cycles. Thanks for the compliment, but I'm still in a spin over why anyone would consider me worthy of awards :) Gosh n' wash. Or wash n' gosh.
    I'm glad you've had the great experience of visiting Vancouver. Indeed, one of the world's most beautiful cities. Sunshine all week in Vancouver? My, you got lucky! :)
    Someone once mentioned that I could almost make mundane, or as that intellectual noted, "quotidian" aspects of life, seem almost thrilling, or something like that :)
    Thanks CindyLu. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star and my shy and humble self, wish you and your human friends, a pawfect Easter :)

  9. Hi mybabyjohn,
    Why thank you for the congrats on the award, my amazing ability to work out the mystery that is the great British washing machine, being aware of just where my garden chair is, having a shirt with Vancouver, Canada and a bunch of inebriated moose (mooses?) on it and discovering, after the fact, that a trio of 'wee folks' were like hanging out in my upside down trousers :) It 'peggers belief' :)
    And happy Easter to you.
    Kind wishes and some used pegs, your way, Gary :)

  10. Howdy Old Kitty,
    Yes, I'm very lucky to have a huge garden. It's bloody hard work to maintain, but most definitely worth it :)
    Three loads of laundry and I made sure to keep that one red sock away from the white clothes :) Are you impressed? LOL
    I was stunned that Count Sneaky would make me the first ever recipient of his terrific award. To think, my shy, humble, rather unknown blog, would get such an honour. I'm very flattered :)
    Here's hoping you and the lovable Charlie the cat and yet another modest internet star, have a wonderful Easter.
    Kind wishes and some extra laundry, your way, Gary

  11. Hey becca,
    Why thank you and may you have a happy Easter, also.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  12. Hey Joylene,
    How's it goin' eh 'sis' ?
    Actually, some extraordinary coincidences :) However, thirty-six years ago? Joylene, that must be a typo. Heck, as I've told you before, if I owned a beer parlour and you ordered a drink, I'd be asking you for some picture ID.
    I'm proud to know you, my much younger little sister :)
    Hope you are having a lovely Easter.
    In kindness and brotherly wishes, your way, Gary :)

  13. Hi Grandpa,
    "Panting" eh. Nice one, my friend :) Grandpa, I shall duly check out your post in the great 'alphabet challenge'. I shall see what you have done for 'T' if 'U' know what I mean :)
    You do know that you can use those photos and turn them from upside down to right side up and yet, somehow, the photos would be upside down. No, I have no idea what I'm talking about :)
    Go to Vancouver. I will make sure there is a parade in your honour, with lots of balloons, crazy clowns and a variety of folks dressed up as exotic fruit :)
    You are most welcome for the award so kindly bestowed upon me by my thoroughly delightful friend, Count Sneaky. Isn't he a marvel?
    Now then, take your time with this award and do as you wish with it. I do understand that you are still working your way through the alphabet in that 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!' Yes, complete with the exclamation mark for dramatic impact! Gosh and wow!
    Take good care, my friend and happy writing.
    With respect and bag of used British pegs, your way, Gary :)

  14. Congrats on the award!

    And the trouser gnomes chillin on the clothesline made me laugh. Great post, and much-deserved award!

  15. i like your laundry makes me wish for enough wide open outside space to line dry my laundry... to let the wind run its fingers through my clothes, and then to to sleep and dream with the sunshine in the sheets...


  16. Congrats on your award! And I love the pics. The little people peeping out of your trouser legs made me smile.

    I could make out one word on that t-shirt - Vancouver. Couldn't read the other one though.


  17. Very impressive! Laundry posts are always exciting. Fortunately my wife insists on doing all of the laundry--she won't let touch it. Of course, that means I'm in charge of the dishes, but since we rarely cook it's not so bad.

    I too was a single dad for many years raising 3 daughters. They turned out okay considering and are exceptional mothers. And I used to do all the laundry back then.

    Tossing It Out

  18. Happy Easter Gary!
    The award winning Grandpa scooped me on the pants pun! Now what kind of cleverness can I possibly come up with? I really giggled through this. Really, the whole way through! The laundry theme resonates with me. Now how's that for a clothesing line?

    Congrats on the Count Sneaky Bronze award. Count Sneaky's truly picked the brightest blog on the block!

  19. Congrats on the award, my friendly friend of friends. Mighty prestigious!

    What in the heck are those wee folk doing doing in your trousers? Juggling your balls? This fine posting was, indeed, exciting, but never agitating. In fact, it took me for a tumble- and then I had to dry out from working up a lather.

    I hope you used plenty of bleach and spot cleaner on those nasty ol' skid marks this time. Last week- you had to use a putty knife. And yes, I did notice that chair in the background. I am most grateful you took the time to point that out. I shall sleep soundly tonight. Hope your Easter basket was full of fresh clothing this year! Ta-ta!

  20. The Easter Bunny Sir Tom Eagerly says:
    Does that t-shirt say "Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity"?
    Thought not.
    I'll raise yet another glass to your expanding recognition sir.
    Where's that lazy scamp, Bazzer?

  21. Congratulations on the award - and on a most impressive clothes line of clean washing.


  22. Glad you mastered the machine. My parents once had a new machine that launched itself across the kitchen everytimne it went into spin. My dad decided to dimantle it and found packaging material still in the base, once removed it stayed put and they stopped having to hold it down for fear it would tear the pipes away from the wall. CONGRATS on the award/awardees. :O)

  23. Hi there,
    Thank you very much for the congratulations on the award. Very much appreciated.
    Ah, trouser gnomes, no wonder it seemed a bit weird when I put my trousers back on. Naughty gnome! :)
    Thanks friend and you do one heck of a clever blog :)
    Kind wishes and a friendly trouser gnome, your way, Gary.

  24. Hi joanne,
    You always come up with a descriptive delight. May dreams of open spaces and freshly aired clothes, gently flapping on a clothesline, become a refreshing reality. Sweet dreams and fluffy clouds in the sky, your way, Gary :)

  25. Hi Jai,
    Thank you for the congrats and loving the photos :) I had no idea there were 'wee folks' peeping out of my upside down trousers :)
    Did you know that if you click on the photos, that they will fill up your entire computer screen and all should be revealed. Revealed as in what's written on my t-shirt, of course :) Vancouver, C****A
    And oh Jai, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star has asked me to buy her a giant cupcake :)
    Take care eh, Gary.

  26. Hi Lee,
    Thank you and laundry posts are good, clean fun. Nice to know that you and your wife have decided on designated domestic chores. Ah, I wish I had that. If I don't do it, it doesn't get done. Never mind.
    Big respect to you raising your three daughters as a single dad and doing the laundry, also. I think it would be good to see further awareness raised about single dads and the awesome job many of them do. After all, it isn't just single mums.
    Cheers Lee and I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary :)

  27. Hi THE SNEE,
    Thank you and I hope you had a happy Easter, Rebecca :)
    Grandpa is a punny guy, for sure eh :)
    Your 'clothesing' line was 'clothes' to the whole idea of this washed-out posting that left me in a spin and made me realise that I was pegged back in my reply to you.
    Hey thanks for thinking that the delightful Count Sneaky and his wonderful award was truly deserved by me, yes me, shy and humble me n' stuff...Must go now, I think my washing machine aint working...something blogging the drainage pipe. Kinky! :)
    Thanks Rebecca and just like I mentioned to you over at The Snee and on Farcebook, I do so hope you had a lovely birthday :)
    Kind wishes and a British peg, your way, Gary.

  28. OMG! That is a totally FUH-RESH washer, Gar!! Super high tech looking and whatnot. Some of us are still operating with our "top load" washers - nothing fancy like what you're rollin' with (you're "big pimpin'" in washer-ville! LOL). And I have to say, I've never been a fan of hanging the laundry outside - mostly because when my parents made me do it - during the hot summers down in Louisiana - 100 degrees and like 97% relative humidity - it was like heat-stroke inducing, and that's not fun. So, I just stick to dryers now. But, there is something to be said for the smell produced when laundry dries in a nice breeze outside. Super FRESH! =) Congrats on your award.

  29. Why howdy Kelly n' stuff,
    Thank you so awfully much for the congrats on my receiving that thoughtful award from the truly delightful and clever, Count Sneaky.
    Yes, what indeed are those 'wee folks' and 'Scarecat' doing in my trousers? I had no idea that they were there until you and those other observers kindly pointed it out. Thank you.
    I'm glad this tumbling posting 'wrung' true with you. I'd much 'lather' be watching a 'soap opera' than doing a laundry.
    You sir, were in fine 'foam' with your comment. And yes, getting out those monster truck-sized skid marks out of the trousers, was a 'job' that took a long time, in fact, it took me 'scours' and 'scours' to complete. Life's a 'bleach'.
    I knew you would like that chair in the background. Hope you were sitting comfortably when you noticed it. Pretty exciting stuff.
    My Easter basket was full of dried rabbit droppings. Doesn't that just figure!
    Hey Kelly, thanks for spinning by and I shall cycle over to your blog.
    Kind wishes and a peg with genuine British bird shit on it, your way, Gary :)

  30. Greetings, The Easter Bunny Sir Tom Eagerly,
    My good chap, for your information, although maybe in your world they do, 't-shirts' do not 'speak'. I 'say', old chap.
    Thank you for noting my expanding recognition and my trophy cabinet is most assuredly, bulging.
    And 'Bazzer', 'bazza', or whatever he's called, is probably formulating another 'fascinating' posting about his musical choices such as 'The Osmonds' and 'The Archies'. Or maybe he's writing about something as 'exciting' as the architectural merits of Stoke on Trent. How delightful.
    Toodle pip, old boy....

  31. Hi Suzanne,
    Why thank you :) And indeed, for thinking my washing on the clothesline was actually clean :)
    Happy writing, Suzanne.

  32. Hi Madeleine,
    Thanks and I almost figured out what all the different lights on the machine, actually indicate. Wash n' gosh :)
    Oh my, your parent's washing machine seems like it could have made for a good mode of transportation. At least your dad found out what the problem was. Not good desperately clinging to a washing machine in hopes into wouldn't take apart the pipes, or for that matter, the entire kitchen. Spin cycle nightmares, I reckon.
    Thank you for the congrats on the award and I know that Grandpa was just as delighted as me to have gotten such a great award created by the wonderful Count Sneaky.
    Thank you Madeleine. And hey, I'm glad you're enjoying that amazing 'alphabet challenge' :)
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  33. Hey The Reckmonster,
    Good to see the high-tec Reck over here, eh :)
    Because of lack of space in kitchens, and not that many have laundry rooms here, in lil' ol' Britain, most washing machines are front-loaders. Now, this a pain in the butt when you notice the stray sock and the soiled undies one forgot to put in the machine.
    I am the washing machine gigolo.
    Well, it's usually quite rare to actually hang up the clothes and evidently gnomes, on the clothesline, over here. Usually pissing it down. And yep, you're right, there's nothing like the smell of fresh laundry dried outdoors. Driers just don't create the same aesthetic quality.
    Thanks for the congrats on the award, Michelle :) And, by the way, I do and many do, including most Canadians, pronounce 'Z' as 'Zed, as opposed to 'Zee' :)
    Take off eh :)
    Kind wishes and a truck load of rice, your way, Gary.

  34. Congratulations on the award! Wow, you know how to do laundry...I'm sending my hubby over so you can give him lessons. :) Have a great week, Gary!

  35. I began reading the post hoping for a little kinky action, but alas I was soiled in my attempts.

    Congratulations on being a single Dad! Congratulations on your new award and getting your drawers cleaned.

  36. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for the congrats. By all means, send your hubby over and he can be amazed at the wonder that is the great British washing machine :)
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and your ongoing adventures of learning more about the alphabet in that 'challenge' you are participating in.
    Kind wishes, Gary :)

  37. Hi Greg,
    I do apologise for the lack of kinky chaos in this posting. I remember the last 'kinky' posting I did had something to do with the 'wee folks' having an outrageous and shocking 'orgy' in my living room. Oh dear, those naughty gnomes...
    I hope your attempts weren't too soiled :) I know my drawers are clean. The local wildlife has stopped chasing me down the street.
    Being a single dad, a single parent, for that matter, should include some kind of award for persistence and determination to get things done on your own.
    Thank you for the congrats on that really nice award. Thanks Greg. Much appreciated.
    Kind wishes and some unsoiled drawers, your way, Gary :)

  38. Ah, clothes dried on the line on a fresh spring day. What could beat that? =) Magical sanctuary you got there, Gary.

    And it seems you have given your boy quite the blessed & lucky life of having such a wonderful parent. =)

    Congratulations on your award. I really have to check out Life on the Farm. SO great to be back here & feeling a lil better each passing week.

  39. Dear Gary,
    Ah, another foray in to the land of the "quotidian", peppered with comedic flourishes.
    And, yet another award Gary. Your trophy cabinet must be bulging by now!
    Also, I greatly enjoyed your visit on Sunday. Must do it again when you return from your trip. Hope that you (and family) enjoyed your "eggs"!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  40. I knew the wee people did your laundry! I knew it! I knew it! Send them my way! And congrats on ANOTHER award! You're like the A-Z of awards, Gary.

  41. Hi LilPixi,
    For sure. Nothing like the smell of air-dried laundry and on such a fantastic spring day :) Indeed, my garden is a positive distraction away from the negative crap that sometimes overwhelms my head.
    Thanks. I have done my utmost, under very difficult circumstances, to provide my son with a safe, warm and loving environment :) I think the challenge has made me a stronger, more resilient person.
    And thank you for the congrats on that really nice award from Count Sneaky, who does such a delightful blog :)
    And Grandpa, over at Life on the Farm, is a most fascinating chap with plenty of interesting stories and adventures. He's like really into exotic fruits :)
    LilPixi, it's wonderful to see you back :) I know you will take it easy and gradually get back into the groove. Take very good care of yourself.
    Kind wishes and respect, your way, Gary :)

  42. Dear David,
    Ah yes, another journey along the road that leads to some more mundane topics to delight and amuse you?
    My heavens, another award for the shy and humble Gary. I really cannot believe that folks would heap such praise on me. At least, I think it's praise they are heaping on me :)
    Thank you and likewise, it was a most entertaining visit. I talked, you listened, you took notes, you became wiser! Seriously, it's always nice to see you, kind sir.
    Look forward to another visit upon my triumphant return from British Columbia eh! The 'eggs' were very nice and we both thank your mum, very much, for giving us those Easter eggs.
    With very best wishes and a collection of garden gnomes, your way, Gary.

  43. Hello, Her highness, Samantha Vérant,
    Heck, your highness, I didn't even realise that the 'wee folks' were hanging around on my clothesline, let alone, doing my laundry. Gosh, aren't they clever wee folks :)
    I shall send the French speaking wee folks over to do your laundry, vacuum your palace and tend to your sprawling garden estate.
    Thanks for the congrats on the award. At this rate, I might come remotely close to your incredible awards total. Highly unlikely, though, because you are the bestest eh :)
    The 'A-Z' of awards? Hmmmm...maybe I should create a very special award to those very shy and modest folks who set up that amazing 'alphabet challenge', that so many of you have been involved with. I will, as has been noted, be so glad when 'y'all get back to your normal routine. Oh yes! :)
    Take good care and watch out for the wee folks about to arrive at your palace....


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