Saturday, 4 December 2010

Pawsitive Wishes.

Hi there.  It's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.  Gary aka 'klahanie', has allowed me to put up this posting.  He's very tired and thus, I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to let you know my feelings.  Gary has been very sad, but I want him to know that he is loved.
The weather has been cold and bleak.  We've been running out of vital food supplies.  In other words, my dog food.

I have tried to give Gary a bit of a hint of just how hungry I am.  Note my fascination with 'Tails' the fox.

I told you I was hungry.  Get me some food dude, or the fox gets it!

Okay then.  So I went outside to survey the situation.  Could I possibly work out a plan so Gary could get to the shops and purchase some dog food?

Aha!  I've got an idea!  I shall become a very handy 'snow plough' and clear a path down to the street.  That'll do it.  Clear a pathway, Gary walks to the road and heads to the shop for some urgently needed dog food.  Fantastic!  I'm such a clever little dog.  I state ever so modestly.

Yikes!  It was bloody fffreeezing out there.  I had a look out Gary's bedroom window and realised that it was going to be a heck of an undertaking.  I mean, really, was I going to snow plough the entire street so that the old guy could get to the shops and obtain some vital dog food?  Hmmmm..maybe not.  I shall have to give him that sad puppy look and thus he will brave the bitter cold and head for the store.
So off Gary went.  It was so cold that he couldn't open his car doors!  Undaunted, he eventually trudged to the store and came back with those vital supplies.  Yes indeed!   I now have plenty of dog food and Tails the fox has been spared from my thoughts of knocking the stuffing out of him!

Gary has asked me if I would make this announcement.  Coming soon, to a computer near you, the eagerly anticipated, 'The Wee Folks Christmas Special.'  I'm really looking forward to that because the wee folks are kind and gentle creatures.

I went back out into our garden.  I looked way up at the icy chimes.  Beautiful music echoed through the naked branches.  Cold, crisp and haunting tunes, rang out, on a bitterly freezing, late autumn night.
I went back inside to our warm and cosy home.  I saw Gary looking so sad as he lay on the sofa.  I snuggled up beside him. I wanted him to know that all would be just fine.
Now my tummy is full and I am content.  It is time for me to go and sleep in his son's bedroom.  I want his son to understand, that no matter what, I shall always love him and will do whatever it takes to make him smile.
Thank you, my friend.  I, Penny the Jack Russell dog, send you pawsitive wishes.


  1. Penny is so cute.. I was wishing for a dog.. but probably that will not happen now..

    I love penny!

  2. Hi Kamila,
    Penny here. I do still hope that you manage to get a doggie. I know how much it means to you.
    Have a really nice weekend.
    Love Penny x

  3. Le Sigh* Oh my Gary.. first the dog is precious and I must say a darn good typist and storyteller..
    Now you my new-friend..oh please release the sadness and accept this long distance smile from the sunshine state (Florida) and a warm handshake. I am no stranger to sadness and loneliness..learned traits from an abusive marriage.. I am free of that now, but remnants of those emotions flare up every so often. And a friend alays pulls me back.. So please see my smile?


  4. Penny, you are simply the cutest, smartest little dog - well, apart from my three Shih Tzu's. It's only fair I include them in the mix!

    It's hard to fathom you're wading through snow. Here in NZ, we are basking in sunshine.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Gary.. a song for you:

  6. I have never written to a dog before, so this is a first. :)

    Penny, your storytelling abilities are indeed remarkable.Do you have an agent, yet?

    Also, please tell Gary, I dropped by and said hello.

    (And on a side note, don't your little paws get cold in that snow? Maybe you need some doggie shoes or mittens? :) )

  7. hi miss penny! im glad your belly is full up and youre content and foxy didnt get unstuffed. its hard being cold and hungry. for sure mr gary was soooo nice to go out in that snow and get you some chow. thats love for sure. im sorry mr gary is feeling sad but im just real happy hes got you to snuggle up with.
    ...hugs to you and mr gary from lenny

  8. Hello Penny. A 'Gary' for your thoughts, eh?
    You are such a thoughtful dog and very lucky to have a caring master (or maybe you are the master and Gary is the pet).
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  9. Hi Penny,
    I'm so glad Gary managed to get to the shops to replenish your food supply.
    Give Gary a huge hug from me and remind him that he is loved by lots of people. When he is sad, give him your toothy grin, that always makes me smile.
    I miss you both and hope that we will make it down to see you very soon.
    Take care of Gary. XXX

  10. Awww Penny you beautiful thoughtful and ever so clever doggie!!! Me and Charlie are in AWE at your amazing ploughing skills!!! Look at you go!! But we are glad that you used your sweet charms to get the ol guy to trudge to the shops and get you your food!! We hope you had extra treats too for sparing Tails' stuffing - it's cold and Tails needs his stuffing!! Yay!!!

    We are also so glad that you are there to keep Gary and his son company!! It really does sound like they both need cheering up! And what better way to let them know that they are both loved and cared for than with lots of doggie snuggles!!!!!!

    We look forward to the wee folks' christmas special!! It sounds ever so fun and exciting!!

    Take care gorgeous Penny!!! And extra doggie tail wags to Gary and son!! x

  11. Bazza's cat Ginger4 December 2010 at 13:41

    You dogs are so daft Penny! You would catch a feline being so adoring of his or her master.
    Didn't you know that you just have to look at them (with a stern stare in my case or doe-eyed in yours) and they feed you?
    Humans are here to serve us; you won't catch me out in the snow thank you very much!
    Ginger’s so-called master Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Snow’

  12. Hi Penny,
    The snow will soon be gone and so Gary will be able to get your supplies far easier! Meanwhile, can I pass on a word of advice? Don`t eat yellow snow!
    In all kindness,
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  13. Very good of you to wait patiently for your dog food rather than help yourself to the sausages in the larder. Is Penny short for Penelope?

  14. Well we've got a thaw for a couple of days, so hope your supplies reach you! Lots of pats...

  15. Well, you dogs do make us feel loved, even at the worst times.

    When you see Gary, say hello from me, and wish him a good weekend :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  16. Penny, sounds like you love Gary as much as he loves you. That is glorious. And that much love is sure to melt the snow. Soon! Keep warm.

  17. Hi Penny
    Great blog Penny, perhaps the "Old Hoser" could take a leaf from your book and write as entertaining a piece!

    Pups friend


  18. Penny's so adorable. I wish I could throw snowballs playfully at you, Penny. Do you think you'll like that? :p

    Maybe I should spare you and use Gary as the target instead.

    Let this be our secret! shhh!

  19. Nice post, Penny. You're a thoughtful and cute little friend. Keep giving that love and making people smile!

  20. Hi Lynne,
    Gary here. I was going to let 'Penny' respond to comments. However, as she read this, Penny thought it best that I respond.
    Firstly, Penny thanks you kindly for noting her writing and typing skills. I have much to learn from Penny.
    Every once in a while, the pain of a brutal past immerses and comes so very close to overwhelming my usual positive outlook. This shall never come to pass.
    You, my new friend, have reached out with a warm handshake. This is most gratefully accepted, and, in turn, I send you kind, caring and positives wishes.
    You are an example of sheer determination and resilience in the face of outrageous and unacceptable behaviour from a weak and abusive bully.
    Lynne, stay strong and continue to embrace that positivity that fills your world. We all have the right to be happy and live life, the way we want to live.
    Thank you Lynne. Kind wishes and supportive smiles, your way, Gary and Penny:-)

  21. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for thinking I am such a cute and smart dog. I think that Shih Tzus are very clever and loving dogs. Gary has told me you have to be careful how you pronounce the name:-)
    Yes, we have been getting loads of snow. It has started to thaw and my 'snow ploughing' abilities will soon not be needed. Gary has told me that in New Zealand it is nearly the summer.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend in sunny NZ.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny..'arf, arf':-)

  22. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for that video. 'These are the days', by Natalie Merchant. "these days you might feel a shaft of light
    make its way across your face
    and when you do
    you'll know how it was meant to be
    see the signs and know their meaning.."
    Most profound and I thank you.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary :-)

  23. Hi Wendy,
    I've given dad a hug. It made him smile:-)
    Hugs to you, Penny :-)

  24. Hi TK Richardson,
    Thanks for your very nice comment. I suspect that this is the first time you've had a dog comment to you then:-) 'arf, arf'
    I'm really happy that you like my storytelling abilities. I don't have an agent. I shall let you know that I am actually my very own 'pawblisher'.
    I shall let Gary know that you dropped by. He will be very pleased you said 'hello'.
    I'm okay being in the snow for a few minutes. Gary brings me back in a warms up my paws with a nice clean towel. Well, it was clean. I could use some shoes, now that you mention it. Maybe some 'Hush Puppies', or, some 'Penny Loafers':-)
    Have a really nice weekend.
    Pawsitives wishes, Penny...

  25. Hi Lenny!
    Yep! My tummy is full and Tails the fox, has been spared lol
    The weather here in Britain has been really bad and I appreciate Gary braving the ice and snow to make sure I could have some decent food. That stuffing would not be very tasty:-)
    Mr. Gary will be okay. He gets loads of affection from me and he always ends up smiling and laughing.
    He tells me you are a really neat kid and thanks you so much for your kindness. I think you are really neat, too.
    Hugs and doggy smiles, your way, Penny! :-)

  26. Hi bazza,
    Aha, very good! Gary has told me, that for a human, you are reasonably clever:-)
    Gary is indeed the pet. He should be thankful that I allow him to live with me. Now, if only I could get him 'house trained'. 'Arf, arf'!

  27. Dearest juliet,
    Yes, Gary was very good and even remembered to buy my favourite brand of dog food. None of that cheap stuff for me!
    I shall give him a huge hug and remind him that he has some truly loving human friends.
    Julie, we both miss you, loads and loads. I love it when you come to visit and we have those special cuddles:-)
    We hope to see you soon. I promise to look after Gary.
    Loving wishes and a toothy smile, your way, Penny XXX

  28. Dear Old Kitty,
    Wow! What flattering compliments. I'm really pleased that you and Charlie are amazed by my 'snow ploughing' skills. Then again, if needs must. I needed to get the old dude out there and get me some dog food. I did stop ploughing and the 'sad puppy' look, worked a treat:-)
    Gary gave me some extra doggie bone treats as a way of showing his gratitude for my snow ploughing prowess. And Tails' stuffing will be spared for the Christmas turkey. Okay, I'm kidding. lol 'arf, arf'...
    Gary and his son, Tristan, mean so much to me and I love them loads. I do my best to make them happy and my cuteness factor, works every time. I'm a really excellent snuggler!
    The 'wee folks' are amazing little creatures and like us loving beings in the animal world, they have much to teach humans. I do hope you manage to visit when their Christmas special is broadcast :-)
    Thank you so much, Old Kitty.
    Please give Charlie an extra special cuddle from me.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  29. Hello Ginger,
    Ummm..thanks a lot Ginger. Being called 'daft' by you is a compliment. I know you cats have this evil plan to rule the world. I tell you, us dogs, in between fireworks going off, will turn you into adoring creatures who will warn humans of a fire instead of taking off through your silly cat flaps.
    And, after I helped Gary by 'snow ploughing'; I gave him the final incentive by giving him my 'sad puppy' wants feeding look. That worked and we are all pleased.
    No, you are probably right about not catching you in the snow. You will wait until it thaws and then proceed to shit in our garden. You felines can be so uncivilized:-)
    You know I love you Ginger.
    Pawsitive wishes, your friend who worries about you, Penny xx

  30. Hi John,
    Yes, it is starting to thaw. Today, Gary went out to the store and, this time, remembered to buy some human food. I don't think he's a big fan of 'Winalot':-)
    "Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat no yellow snow..." Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention...
    Have a pawsitive weekend.
    In kindness, Penny...

  31. Hi Gorilla Bananas,
    Yikes! Now why didn't I think of that. Next time, I shall look at Gary, with the 'sad puppy' look and direct him to the fridge. I'm sure I could convince him to make me a nice pizza, topped with delicious sausages.
    It turns out that Gary's ex-wife named me 'Penny'. He did not know this, at first. She thought it would be really neat to name me 'Penny' because Gary's surname is Pennick. Thus, I'm Penny Pennick
    Thank you, Gorilla Bananas.
    May you have a peaceful and pleasant weekend.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny :-)

  32. Dear Carole,
    Gary is going to take advantage of this thaw and make doubly sure we have all the essentials. Dog food and more dog food:-)
    Have a nice weekend and please stay warm.
    Cuddles, your way, Penny x

  33. Hi 'Masked Friend',
    We do try to show you humans love and genuine, unconditional love. We want to see you folks happy and not feeling sad. Our snuggles can work wonders.
    I shall pass on your kind wishes to Gary. I do so hope you have a peaceful and content weekend.
    In kindness and pawsitive wishes, Penny:-)

  34. Dear Joylene,
    He and his son are very much loved by me. They both show me lots of love and I am a very happy little dog:-)
    I think the warmth of my love is working. The snow has begun to melt. Yay!
    We shall stay warm. Hope you manage to stay warm where you are. Gary has told me it gets very cold where you live.
    Pawstive wishes, Penny x

  35. Hi Philip,
    I've tried to tell him how to write in a more entertaining style. Does the "Old Hoser" listen to me? Of course not! He really could take a 'maple' leaf from my book. 'Arf, arf!'

  36. Dear Shanaz,
    I think that would be well cool if you chucked snowballs at me. However, I like your idea of throwing them at Gary.
    I shall keep it a secret. What fun it would be!
    I know. What's the difference between snowmen and snowwomen? Snowballs.....
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny xx..'arf, arf!'

  37. Hi Connie,
    Thank you for your nice words. I will continue to be a kind and loving dog. I want to see you humans smiling and happy.
    Hope you have a really neat weekend.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny:-)

  38. Gary is lucky to have a dog like you, Penny, my dear. He braved the harsh elements to get you your much needed food and supplies so you are, in fact, lucky to have him.

    Please tell Gary that I think his pics of you and the outside area, wind chimes included, are cool looking (and by that, I don't mean just the cool temperature outdoors). Also tell him I hope he is able to cheer up soon. I know it's easier said than done but...

    Anyway, Penny, Wee Folk and Gary... I hope to hear from you soon as possible and can't wait for the Wee Folk Christmas Special. Will the Jolly Old Fat Man make an appearance? Take care!

  39. Hi Kelly,
    He is a very lucky guy to have an awesome dog like me living with him. And yes, you're right, I'm lucky that the old dude went out in that really bad weather to get me some much needed dog food.
    I will pass on your message that you thought the outside photos, including the wind chimes, were 'cool'. You like mean cool as in well cool. He will be thrilled cause he told me you take some super nice photos.
    Gary and his son seem better. Hey, one look and a snuggle from me, does the trick, every time. It is nice of you to wish him well.
    The wee folks Christmas special will be, well, I reckon, special. They are so cute and Gary has told me that I'm not supposed to chew on them:-)
    And jolly fat man? I don't think Gary will be in the photos lol 'arf, arf!'
    You take care, Kelly.
    Pawsitive wishes and a sample of my dog breath in a jar, your way, Penny :-)

  40. LOL, it's 8:40 am your time, friend!

    Penny, I'm glad you didn't have to plow the roads. I've done that and do you know what it leads to? More plowing of the roads!

    Gary, I hope you see how your words reach all over the world. We all struggle. We all fight. Pets are a great ali (yep, I can't spell).

    Look for peace and for laughs where ever you go.


  41. Hey Penny!

    "Max and Paddy here, Juliana's 2 JR's. Can be darned hard work sometimes living with an alkie, she may not drink but sometimes she is more barking than us two!

    We have loved the snow, we enjoy peeing on it and watching it melt. being boy dogs, we can melt a lot!

    Tell Gary that whatever is going on in his head is just that, it's in his head. When 'ours' goes all maudlin on us, we drag her out for a long walk in the countryside and remind her, life is pretty beautiful with a JR in it"

    smiles and blessings my friend..

  42. Hey Penny, Gary sure is lucky to have a lovey dog like you - you sure do take good care of him (guest posting on his blog and all...). And I'm sure you do a good job of helping him keep "the sads" at bay. =) Tell Gary to hang in there and virtual hugs are going out to him from across the pond!

  43. Hi G
    Your dog jokes are as brilliant as your photographs
    where I am the snow slowly melt in the daytime just enough to make it runny then at night it freezes and the whole canal and pathways are like an icerink. it really cheeses me of after awhile but then I dont have a dog so I dont have to go out and brave the element to buy food. so I just stay in and ...god what to I do I dont know! the days have just melted by maybe I should get a dog

  44. Hi Penny
    Sasha (typing) and Star (thinking up the words) here. Glad you got food, we have had chicken for the last few days because the dog food hasn't arrived, stuck in the snow we're told.

    Mum has been a bit sad too, we have done our best tail wagging and face licking and think she is starting to feel better. Hope Gary is feeling better after your hugs.

    With much doggie love
    Star and Sasha

  45. Gary love the word Pawsitivity!

  46. I'm glad you got your meal, Penny. How lovely Gary is, battling the elements to go to the shops for you.

    Looking forward very much to the Christmas Special.


  47. Ey gary I have a little something for you on my blog..please try to check it out.. click HERE!!!

  48. Penny! My favorite canine internet star I do so enjoy your posts! You are very fortunate indeed that your kind hearted friend Gary braved all that snow to get your kibble! Horrid nasty looking weather you have going on there! Why is Gary so sad I wonder? Please tell him I hope he cheers up soon-I'm glad you're there at least to keep him company. Love the pictures too! xoxo-Sam

  49. Hi Penny!

    Moppet here. Since my Mom says you are an internet star I thought I might try my paw at this computer thing.

    My pet has been down too, it's taken all of my attention to see to it she's all cuddled up. I think the weather and the season have a hand in this.

    We don't have the snow here, but it does get cold in the winter. When we run out of my food it's usually a matter of money, but I don't worry because Mom will just give me some of what she's eating, and truthfully, I like that better anyways.

    She says to send warm wishes for happier days to your Gary ... nice talking with you.

  50. Hi Sharon,
    I don't really understand time zones, but Gary has told me you must have been awake in the 'wee small hours', whatever that means.
    The 'ploughing' of the roads would have been pointless. There has been so much snow that it started landed on the pathway I had cleared. Oh well:-)
    Gary is really glad to know that his/my words reach all around the world. I know that you humans have your struggles. Us pets aka family members, show you love and complete affection. We just want you all to be happy and give us some great big smiles! :-)
    I have gone for walks with Gary and he makes people laugh and smile. If only he would be like that more often when he is alone with me in the house.
    (((hugs))) to you Sharon.
    Pawsitive wishes Penny and co-starring Gary.

  51. Hey Max and Paddy!
    'Arf, arf!' You are really nice Jack Russells. It is so wonderful to know how much you care for Juliana. You bring much 'pawsitivity' into her life.
    I'm aware that Gary had a serious drink problem and he nearly died, sad and alone, in a hospital. I came into his life a couple of years after he was in hospital. I know that my love and caring for him has been most inspirational therapy.
    And speaking of snow, I bet you two were excellent 'snow ploughs', in between peeing on it, that is:-)
    I know that Gary is just trying to be there and support his son. Gary struggles to cope on his own but he does stay very positive that all will be just fine.
    I too, do what you two do. I drag Gary out of the house and we go for such soul cleansing walks. I'm looking forward to our Christmas day walk when Gary takes me to Rudyard Lake.
    Us Jack Russell dogs, rock n' rock!
    Kind wishes to you two and send some of my 'pawsitive' blessings to Juliana.
    Hugs and smiles, Penny x

  52. Hey Michelle,
    He sure is one lucky dude to have me living with him. I quite like occasionally 'guest dogging', I mean blogging on his site. Now, if only he could learn a few tricks from my writing. I've 'read' some of his postings and I do worry about him:-)
    I have this great ability to cheer him up. A cute look and a wag of my tail, does it, every time!
    I know he really appreciates your virtual hugs. On behalf of Gary, I send you a nice cuddle back.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny x

  53. Hi kerrie,
    Thank you. I came up with the dog jokes but, Gary had to take the photos. I've haven't quite figured out how to use his camera, yet!
    I shall let Gary know you think his photos are brilliant. He will be very pleased.
    It has become extremely cold again, here. I know what you mean about the ice. I'm wondering if Gary could buy me some doggy ice skates lol
    I know that Gary is not nearly as lonely because I live with him. Us dogs are so kind and loving. Kerrie, I'm thinking about you and wish you a really peaceful time. Please know that you are not alone and that I, Penny, and the old dude, Gary, are here to try and make you smile:-)
    Pawsitive wishes and hugs, your way, Penny x

  54. Hi Sasha and Star!
    Aha, I bet you really like the chicken. I think Gary should have just let me have all his delicious 'human' type food. Then again, he had to go out, because all he had left were a few tins of baked beans and some rice.
    I hope Mum is feeling even better. I've know doubt that your love and affection will continue to melt her heart. Now, if only we could melt the snow. Hmmm..well, I know one way to melt it! lol
    I have made Gary feel better. He knows how much I care for him.
    Hugs and doggy smiles to Sasha, Star and your Mum.
    Love and pawsitive wishes, Penny x

  55. Hi Mrs. Midnite,
    Thank you for loving the word 'pawsitivity':-)
    Have a peaceful day.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  56. Dear Suzanne,
    My tummy is nice and full. I know Gary loves me. and to brave the elements, showed just how much he really cares.
    The 'wee folks' Christmas special will be a very magical time. I know Gary will be so pleased that you are looking forward to it.
    Gary says he is so glad to see you blogging, again. He tells me you are a very nice lady.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  57. Hi Kamila,
    I am truly honoured that you would consider me for an award. I will be over to your thoughtful and positive blog, very soon.
    Thanks again and please take very good care of yourself.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary:-)

  58. Hi Sam,
    I am so happy that you like my posts. Maybe, one day, Gary will be almost able to write, just like me:-)
    Yes, he braved some awful weather. We thought it was going to get better, but it has suddenly got very cold and icy, again. Yikes!
    Gary has been sad because his son is going through a really rough time finding any steady work. He senses how frustrating this is for his son and feels kinda' helpless.
    Still, they both have me and my cuddles and love. I know, because it is better to embrace 'pawsitivity', that they will both be just fine.
    Glad you love the photos. Gary will be very pleased. He has told me that you have started blogging, again, and that makes him very glad:-)
    Thanks Sam.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny X0X

  59. Hi Moppet,
    I sure hope you have a go at writing an article. You could show your human 'pet' just how good we are at typing out stuff:-)
    Moppet, I know you will make your human feel so much better. We can cheer them up, no matter the season, or the weather.
    It's very nice to know that Mom thinks about you, no matter how tough times are. And, of course, there is the added bonus of getting some of that 'human' type food. Yummy:-)
    Really nice typing to you, Moppet.
    Warm thoughts to you and your Mum.
    Pawsitive wishes and hugs, Penny xx

  60. My dear Penny Pawsitive, your compelling story of doggy needs, Mother Nature's excesses, and your ability to provide comfort and support to your master are truly an inspiration to dog owners. We have a Jack Russell in the yard behind us and they are marvelous litle dog. We have an overweight Beagle ourselves, but she provides much amusement and comfort to my wife and I.

  61. OMG! That was hysterical, Gary. Who was the poor sod staked in the backyard? Surrounded by others (stuffed animals)? I think Penny needs to make a new award...

    Just sayin'

  62. Hi Gary, I'm pawsitive that I've been huddled on my couch, freezing cold, overwhelmed by the smallest of tasks, and quite sure that absurdity has opened a doorway. Thank goodness for Penny....old pun I know, but she definitely is sending pawsitive thoughts our way. Wow! That's a ton of snow! I'm in Minnesota now and it looks just like that-yikes! Hope you are well. You are strong, and you have an inner light. See how it is shining on those wee folks in your photo.

  63. Hi Penny;
    so nice of you to give your partenr gary a break. I'm giving my partner Heather a break too. Actually I'm hiding cause I keep finding really good thinga in the garbage that I can't resist and Heather is annoyed. I loved your article and I'm glad Gary got you your vitals. It's needed on a cold day for sure. How nice to hear the chimes ring out though. Looking forward to more of you. Take care and arf arf!


  64. very impressive storytelling... on an empty stomach, no less!

  65. Dear Gary,
    Apologies for the lateness of this comment, but I've been "busy doing nothing", as the saying goes.
    Anyway, I would just like to extend my very best of wishes to you, Penny and all your family as the dreaded Christmas period encroaches.
    Stay warm, but chill, if you know what I mean.
    Wishing you All the Very Best,

  66. Hi Count Sneaky,
    Thank you for your very nice comment, Henry.
    It has been a difficult few days, but Gary knows how much he is loved. It was very good of him to brave the horrible weather and get me some yummy food.
    Us Jack Russell's are playful and brave little dogs. Please say hello to your special little Beagle. You and your good lady know how much your beagle loves and adores you. That makes me very happy.
    Kind and pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  67. Hi Samantha,
    Penny here. That 'poor sod' is 'Scarecat'. Gary put Scarecat up in his vegetable patch, back in the Summer, to keep cats from doing their kitty cat business in the vegetables. It worked!
    There were a few of the 'wee folks' out in the garden and they will be a part of a Christmas special.
    I should create a new award. I think it would be funny if my created award, 'The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award', returned to this site as an award for me:-)
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  68. Hi Rebecca aka The Snee,
    Penny has allowed me to comment on your comment. Thanks Penny.
    I want you know that is a wonderful piece of writing you have so thoughtfully left here. Yet, I take heart in knowing a warmth glows within you that overcomes the cold and the absurdity that life throws your way.
    Penny's from heaven and she does indeed send you pawsitive and caring thoughts.
    We had a most significant amount of snowfall. And to think it compares to Minnesota where cold is so common this time of year. Even the 'Vikings' think it's cold in Minnesota:-)
    I have been bed-ridden for three days. And when I say 'bed-ridden, it has nothing to do with fun. lol
    I am strong and I'm resilient. Just like I know that a kind and caring lady, such as you, is also one who embraces the wonders of a positive life.
    The 'wee folks' make me shine. For they and their beautiful, simple ideals, make me glow with the thoughts of a brighter future, for you, for me and for all of us.
    Peaceful and pawsitive wishes, your way, Gary and Penny xx

  69. Hi Bean,
    How you been, Bean? 'Arf, arf!'
    I think it's a great idea to take over and do the writing. Hey Bean, we can show them humans how to write 'propawly'.
    Bean, you really must stay out of the garbage, which I would call rubbish. Tell Heather that you would trade going into the garbage if she offered you a juicy steak! No, actually, try to resist such temptations. Just remember how loved you are:-)
    Thanks for liking my article, Bean. It was so good of Gary to go out there in that nasty weather and get me some vital vittles.
    And the wind chimes echoed hushed music out there in the snow swept garden. A very peaceful time.
    I think I shall do another 'guest' posting, very soon. The old guy really needs to learn about 'pawfect' prose:-)
    Doggy cuddles, your way, Bean.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  70. Hi Creepy Query Girl,
    Thanks and I loved being a 'snow plough'. 'Arf, arf!'
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  71. Hi joanne,
    Thank you. Gary is impressed and a little jealous in regards to my storytelling talents!
    My tummy is now full and I shall write, even better. Gary, be warned:-)
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  72. Dear David,
    There is never any need to apologise. I gratefully appreciate your comments, but please do not worry about it.
    Thanks for your seasonal wishes and I extend peaceful thoughts to you and your loved ones that 'Boxing Day Eve', is a time of calm and quiet reflection.
    Also, dude, I've lost your phone number. Bloody mobile phone broke and your number was stored in the SIM card. Would you be so kind as to phone me or Penny. Thanks David.
    Pawsitive wishes and kind thoughts, your way, Gary and Penny xx


I do try to comment back to each commenter individually. However, I might have to shorten my replies or give a group thank you. That way, I can spend more time commenting on your blogs. Thank you and peace, my friend.