Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Dog And The Hedgehog.

Hi there, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.  Klahanie, or as I call him, 'Gary', is allowing me to write this posting.  He needs a short break before the silly old dude attempts to come up with some really clever Christmas posting.  I've told him to take his time because, whenever I do a posting, the hits on this site, go through the 'ruff'.  Maybe he should take a hint,  'Arf, arf!'
Do you like the title of my posting?  I think it sounds like the name of some quaint British pub.  Pictured with me is, 'Haiden' the hedgehog.  Note how thrilled Haiden is to have his photo taken.  I think Haiden is kinda' sleepy.

Actually, Haiden is so sleepy, that I've decided to snuggle up to him on the living room carpet.  I feel so warm and cosy.

Enough of  this.  Enjoy your sleep, my little hedgehog friend.  I'm off to the garden.  My 'snow ploughing' talents are needed, again!

Gary has received another award.  Yes indeed, he has been given 'The Versatile Blogger' award.  However, the old dude has realised that I, Penny the Jack Russell, talented writer and 'pawblisher', was truly worthy of this award.  Thus, he has bestowed this award upon me.
Misha at My First Book, originally passed this award onto Gary.  Misha writes really neat stuff and she lives in South Africa.  I have been told that is very far from England.   I do so hope that you check out this marvellous blog.
So, in perhaps a rather unprecedented move I, Penny, will take over this award and adhere to the rules of receiving this award.  First of all, I have to tell you seven things about me and then pass the award onto seven more bloggers.  So, here goes....
1.  I was born in early October in the year 2000.
2.  Tristan, the son of Gary, chose me, just before Christmas, to come and live with them.  Ever seen the eyes of a little boy light up with gleeful excitement?
3.   I remember going for my first few walks.  I was limping and in a lot of pain.  Gary and Tristan took me to the vet's.  The vet performed emergency surgery on me.  I had a degenerative bone disease and all the bones in my back left leg, were shattered.  The friendly vet removed the bone fragments and took out my back left leg, hip bone.  Now that truly makes me 'one hip dog'.  I'm okay now but I do occasionally limp.  The vet says I'm just fine.  
4.  As a little puppy, I remember going for a walk with Tristan and instinctively pulling him back, with my teeth gently tugging the bottom of his trousers, from the edge of a hill.  I worried about his safety.  He was okay.  Thank goodness.
5.   I love to snuggle up to the central heating radiator.
6.   I am a happy, loving and playful dog.
7.   I have an award with my photo on it.  It is named The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award and has, hopefully, spread peace and joy wherever it has landed, in the wonderful blogging community.

I now forward this award onto the following seven excellent bloggers.

1.  fairyhedgehog :  A beautifully written blog that clearly demonstrates the author's love of our wonderful creatures.
2.  Ten lives and second chances :  The ongoing stories of Charlie the cat and the human he lives with.  A clever and witty read.
3.  Basket of Dreams :  Kamila, at this excellent blog, is embracing the possibilities of a more positive life.
4.  love of the loveless :  This transparent and thought provoking blog, is a new discovery.  I highly recommend you check this honest and raw blog, out.
5.  Bits of Paper and Glue :  Lynne, the writer of this superbly written blog, writes with such beauty and honesty.
6.  Inside the Chicken Coop  : Diane, at this delightful site, writes about the wondrous adventures of her birds.
7.  W.M. Morrell's Musings From Down Under  : Wendy, a blogger who lives in New Zealand, is a brilliant writer and has been very supportive.  I, Penny the Jack Russell, am very grateful.

Well, that's just about it.  I note that, Haiden the hedgehog, is still asleep.  So, I Penny the Jack Russell, on behalf of Haiden, wish you a peaceful and pawsitive Christmas.  'Arf, arf!'


  1. Wow... that's a great post you have their Penny. I know I know your such a lovely playful dog... and such a great friend to Haiden too. I was wishing for Santa for a dog, but Santa won't approve it for now, but if ever someday I'll have my dog.. I'll never fail to let you know..!

    Well congratulation Penny that Gary is generous enough to bestow you this award!

    And I'm flattered that you passed me this award! I'm very much honored Penny!!

    Thank you!! Wishing you and Garry a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Oh Penny!! You are just so adorable!! And so is your sweet Hedgehog stuffie Haiden!

    Congratulations with your amazing award! And thank you for sharing these fab things about you! You know I always believe that animals choose the people they live with and never the other way round! I think you saw Tristan and knew it was meant to be!!!

    I am sorry to read about your hip but I'm glad that you are now ok!

    Thank you so much for the nomination!!! Thank you! I truly think your Gold Frame Dog Award did so much to spread some positiveness here in blogworld!!! I wouldn't have found you if the lovely Sharon K Mayhew had not passed this on to me and Charlie!!

    Take care

  3. O.M.G. I got an award?? From a dog?! Excellent! - they're the best kind!

    I'll do my best to follow the rules but these new fangled ideas are testing my abilities - it's all very stressful..

    Thanks so much Penny - hope you and G have a cool solstice!

  4. Hi Kamila,
    Thank you for liking my post. I sure am playful and Haiden is my really good hedgehog friend. He just seems to be sleeping a lot:-) Even more than me.
    Kamila, I do so hope, that one day soon, you have your very own loving dog.
    It was very good of Gary to forward the award on to me. I guess he finally realises I'm a very good writing dog.
    You were most welcome for the award. You are a very nice lady.
    Please stay pawsitive and keep smiling.
    Pawsitive wishes and cuddles, your way, Penny xx

  5. Ok I will fly to the UK just to have abrew with penny in the pub.. That little dog is one smart cookie(err, puppy)..
    I love these posts.. so clever, uplifting..

    Now you Mister win all the awards.. Congratulations and you picked me again.. I know I better get that peanut butter and mini marshmallows in the mail right away.

    I just think you are the greatest..really!!!

  6. Hi Old Kitty,
    Thank you so much and I want you to know I love visiting your site and leaving comments to your lovely, clever cat Charlie.
    Thank you for the congratulations on the award. I think it was very nice of Gary to hand it over to me. I'm very pleased you read those facts about me. I recall looking up from all my brothers and sisters and seeing little Tristan. He had this huge grin and I knew that he would be the human I wanted to live with. So, you are so right!
    If you had seen the x-rays of my leg you would have been amazed I could even walk. These days, I go for such amazing runs and I'm so happy:-)
    You were welcome for the nomination. Your love of us in the animal world is very plain to see.
    My very own award's intention was to spread peace, happiness and pawsitivity. I like to think it has achieved its aim.
    Sharon is a very nice, caring lady. She has given both Gary and I, loads of support and encouragement. I just love her dog Macy:-)
    Thank you and have a peaceful and pawsitive Christmas. Cuddles from Penny xx

  7. Greetings Wild Animal,
    You know things are good when you get an award from a dog:-)
    And please don't worry too much about the 'rules'. Do with it as you wish. There is no pressure at all. There is no obligation, whatsoever. I just want you to know I respect you and what you are writing. Gary and I both like to think we are all in this together, supporting each other.
    So you take very good care of yourself and may the solstice be a peaceful and positive time for you.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny

  8. Dear Lynne,
    That would be very nice if you had a brew or two with me in some quaint little British pub. Some folks think I'm one smart cookie. Or, as they say here, I really take the 'doggy' biscuit:-)
    I'm so happy you love these posts. I try to make you humans smile:-)
    Gary, for reasons beyond me, has won a few awards. I know he is very flattered. Still, he did the right thing by passing it on to me. I mean, I'm led to believe I write better than him. And now a paws for thought...
    Lynne, it was my great pleasure to bestow this award upon your very good self. I have had a read and I agree with Gary that you have a very special writing talent.
    Ah yes peanut butter, real peanut butter..yummy! And marshmallows, oh yes, if only you could get white miniature marshmallows over here. Very difficult to come by. Gary uses them in a secret side dish to go with turkey. Yes, you read correctly.
    Which reminds me. I think Gary should get his butt over to your site and leave a comment.
    Thank you for such a nice compliment. I think you are even more greater than me:-)
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny and co-starring Gary

  9. Penny, the Jack Russell and modest internet star, you are such a little darling! So thoughtful of you to think of me amid such esteemed company! And thank you for the most gracious words. You are too kind :)

    Sorry to hear about your injury, Penny. One of my wee ones (Coco) had her hip replaced when she was but a pup - at great expense. Saying that, I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather have spent the money on. Like you, she (and the other two) are much loved.

    Please pass on my seasons greetings to dear Gary and wish him well for the coming year. Doesn't time fly by? I suspect age has something to do with it ...!

    Well, you gorgeous creature, thank you and Merry Christmas to you both!! xx

  10. Hi Penny;
    You probably already know this but you are quite loved a lot. I think it's wonderful that you and Gary ended up together. I think you have helped each other so much and you will continue to have a long and loving relationship. I consider you both very lucky. Have a Merry Christmas and a lovely New Year!!

  11. Hi Penny, I know where you get that writing flair from... :) I like 'pawblisher'. Well done on the Award!

    But I think we need Gary to tell 7 things about himself too, don't we all?

    Speaking of English pubs, grandpa's favourite bitter used to be 'Adnums' - not sure if they still have that around

  12. May you and all of your loved ones, including Gary, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with best wishes from Bazza's cat, Ginger, of ‘To Discover Ice’

  13. Penny, you sound like an awesome dog.

    (And yes. South Africa is very far away from England, although we used to be British.)


  14. Hi Penny. I hope you let Haiden sleep, he really should be hibernating by now!
    Congratulations on your well-deserved award!
    May I wish you and Gary a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  15. oh wow Penny, the girls are delighted to be given such an honour, it has really cheered them up as their coop looks a bit more like an igloo at the moment!
    Love the picture of you snuggled up to your little prickly friend, it's lovey to see you too find friendship in the most diverse way.
    (please say HI to Gary for me and hope to hear from him soon too)

  16. I really can’t work out why you don’t have your very own blog, Penny. I’m sure the awards would come flooding in fast and furious.

  17. I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Penny. You look nice and festive next to your tree.

  18. Hi Penny,

    I think that Haiden's amnesiac twin is living with our pooches Luke and Callie. Has Haiden ever mentioned a twin brother or sister before. We're having a difficult time with gender identification here. Have a merry Christmas, and wear something to protect those precious paws out there in the snow. Also, Congratulations on yet another fantastically well deserved award. You are indeed versatile.

  19. Penny, the Jack Russell extraordinaire is truly worthy of this gift. She's beautiful, charismatic, talented, and wise. And famous! Congratulations, Penny, you darling girl.

  20. Well hi there, Penny. How good of you to give Gary a break from writing and some time to think up another clever and pawsitive posting for next time.

    You look very cozy, snuggling up with your hedgehog pal. I hope he doesn't fart in his sleep like my wife.

    You sound like a spectacular companion. I was especially impressed with your "tail" about the time you pulled Gary's son back from possibly going over the hill. That and also the part about your degenerative bone disease and leg/hip bone operation. You must have a lot of inner strength to get through those obstacles. Now that's keeping a pawsitive outlook, for sure.

    I congratulate you, Penny, on a well deserved award. I hope you, Gary, Tristan, The Wee Folk and Haiden all have the best Christmas yet. Tell Gary I said, Peace, dude!"

  21. Dear Wendy,
    Thank you so much for thinking I'm a little darling:-) I was really happy to include you in the list. I think you are a very nice lady and you write so very well.
    I'm sorry to read that Coco had her hip replaced as a puppy. The vet said that my hip bone would be replaced my muscle. And he was right! You can hardly tell which hip was missing. I know how much you love your wee dogs. And for sure, you get loads of love back from them.
    I shall pass on your kind wishes to Gary. He will be most grateful. Gary is so old that he's already half way through 2011. What with time seeming to move faster when you get older. lol
    You are very welcome, Wendy. Pawsitive wishes for a wonderful Christmas and peaceful New Year, to you, Coco, Cabana and Oblio.
    In pawsitivity, Penny xx

  22. Dear Heather,
    I know I am very much loved by Gary and by Tristan. They are a source of comfort to me, and I, to them. I would say, humans and dogs, are for life, and not just for Christmas. Thank you Heather.
    May you and your loved ones have a pawsitive Christmas and a New Year filled with the inspiration of Hope.
    With pawsitivity, your way, Penny xx

  23. Dear Grandpa,
    Originally, I read some of Gary's writing and thought, 'hey, I reckon I could do that!' Thanks for congratulating me on the award. I'm liking all this 'pawblicity':-)
    Gary has won this award, before. He mentioned some real interesting stuff, such as, "I won a beer chugging contest and received a set of Bavarian cowbells as a highly coveted prize."
    Gary has told me that the bitter you mention might be named 'Adnams' and is still produced.
    Pawsitive wishes and merry Christmas from Penny xx

  24. Dear Ginger,
    Hello my cat friend. Thank you for the kind thoughts. May you and all your loved ones have a pawsitive Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
    Pawsitive thoughts, your way, Penny xx

  25. Dear Misha,
    Thank you for thinking I sound like and awesome dog.
    That was very nice of you to bestow the award to Gary, who, in turn, passed it on to me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star:-)
    May you have a most peaceful Christmas and happy writing.
    With pawsitivity, your way, Penny xx

  26. Dear John,
    Gary has told me that Haiden is hibernating. That would explain why he wasn't moving. Then again, he is a stuffed hedgehog:-)
    Thank you for the congratulations on the award. May you also have a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  27. Dear Diane,
    Your girls are ever so cute and they, and you, are most worthy recipients of the award.
    I hope the weather gets warmer soon. Your girls are most likely getting a bit fed up with an igloo-looking coop:-)
    Haiden is lovely, but doesn't seem to be interested in playing. Of course, I have found out he is hibernating. Better let him rest.
    I shall let Gary know you said 'HI'. I think he is trying to figure out what to write for some kinda' Christmas story. We shall see.
    May you, your loved ones and your girls, have a lovely Christmas.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny xx

  28. Dear Masked Friend,
    I've contemplated the idea of setting up my very own dog blog. However, I do like to take over Gary's site and give him a bit of a rest. The old guy gets tired and runs out of stuff to write that's worth reading. That's where I step in and place me paws on the keyboard and go for it:-)
    Gary has, rather surprisingly, done well with receiving awards. I'm very modest and try not to steal any limelight he has gotten in his deluded world. 'Arf, arf!'
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    Pawsitive thoughts and happy writing, Penny xx

  29. Dear Julie P.,
    Thank you and I hope you have a lovely Christmas. I'm ready to have a festive time and try to stay away from the tree:-)
    Pawsitive wishes and may you have continued inspiration through the magic of the written word.
    In kindness, Penny xx

  30. Dear Rebecca,
    Sadly, Haiden has not mentioned having a twin brother or sister. Haiden has not even spoke. All I hear from him is 'ZZZZZZZZ' :-)
    I've been getting a hint from Tristan that I might be getting something to keep me warmer when I go outside in this awfully cold weather.
    May you, your family, Luke and Callie, have a most pawsitive Christmas.
    And thank you so much for the congratulations on my thoroughly deserved award:-)
    With kindness and pawsitivity, your way, Penny xx

  31. Dear Joylene,
    Awe shucks:-) Thank you so much for such flattering compliments. I'm very humble in realising that I am indeed, an internet star.
    Gary has told me that you are a really famous writer and he is in awe of your talent.
    Thanks Joylene.
    Pawsitive thoughts and please stay warm, your little doggy friend, Penny xx

  32. Well howdy Kelly,
    Thanks, I could see Gary needed to take a break from his writing. I know he wants to come up with a hopefully profound and pawsitive posting. Hmmm...that might take some doing. I think he is getting jealous of me. 'Arf, arf!'
    It was very cosy snuggling up to Haiden. And, I think he has been letting out some pretty awesome farts. That might explain why he always seems to be sleeping. Knocked out by his own fumes. Yikes! I'm feeling kinda' drowsy. Oooh dirty hedgehog. lol
    I vividly recall that 'tail'. I sensed danger and, even as a puppy, I just wanted to protect him.
    I was in so much pain. The vet stuck a needle in me and the next thing I knew, the pain had gone. I live my life with pawsitive 'dogged' determination and resilience.
    Thank you, Kelly, for the congratulations on my award. I shall tell the old fart that you said, "Peace, dude!" I'm sure he would say the same to you, my human friend.
    May you and your loved ones have a most pawsitive Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
    In pawsitivity, your little friend, Penny xx

  33. Hey you..this has absolutely nothing to do with this post..I found this to be so darn interesting and I thought of you..This young woman creates these illustrations..check this out..I think I want to try it sometime..something different to do..

    It is for "how I like to Paint" post

  34. Penny, please tell Gary that the comment above this one is definitely spam!
    Sir Tom knows about these things.

  35. Congratulations Penny! You are "pawesome!" (ha! ha! I'm trying to steal some of your dad's "punny" limelight!) And your hedgehog is supah-cute! I'm glad Gary decided to share the award and pass it along to you - not enough talented dogs in the world get the recognition they deserve. =) Wishing you and Gary a Merry Christmas from across the pond!

  36. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for letting me know. That seems very interesting and I reckon, with your talents, you will be awesome at it. Always good to pursue positive distractions. I can see a 'porpoise' to it all:-)
    Cheers and take care.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  37. Hi Sir Tom,
    With respect, Sir Tom, Gary and myself have had a lot of positive interaction with the lady who left the comment above you. Thank you for you concern.
    Take good care, Penny

  38. Dear Michelle,
    Hey, thanks for the congratulations. "Pawesome", very good :-) I shall have to hound Gary and seem if he can come up with some more puns! 'Arf, arf!'
    Haiden the hedgehog is cute, asleep a lot, but very cute.
    Yes indeed, it was neato that Gary passed on this award to me. Us dogs should get more recognition for our writing prowess. Say hello to doxie for me, please.
    Yikes, must go now, my paws are wet. I just stepped on a poodle.
    Wishing you, doxie, and all your loved ones, a peaceful and pawsitive Christmas.
    Cuddles from Penny xx

  39. What a well-deserved award, Penny. I hope your human looks after it for you and polishes it up nicely now and then.

    Yes, that would be an awesome name for an English pub. The kind with a big open log fire, 400-year-old cracked beams, and sawdust on the floor. And a keg of Theakstons Old Peculiar sitting on the bar.

  40. Great post, Penny! Wow! It's great that you sleep with Haiden...Macy likes to chew the stuffing out of any teddy bears she gets. We worry about her getting that stuffing in her tummy...

    Congratulations to Gary for the award and he always does such a nice job on describing his friends....

    I hope you and Gary and Tristan have a great Christmas and an awesome 2011...full of fun and happiness. :-)

  41. hi penny! you do the most cool posts. im glad you got haiden for a cool friend for snuggling. i snuggle with my friend mr r.a. coon. wow how neat that gary shared that award with you. now i could know lots more about you. im wishing for you and mr gary and haiden and all the wee folk and everyone that lives at your house the most fun an dhappy christmas ever.
    ...big holiday hugs from your friend lenny

  42. Dear Gary,
    Apologies once again for the lateness of this comment, but I would just like to say that I hope you and all your family have a wondrous, peaceful time this Christmas. I'm sure with you at the helm all will be fine.
    So, a turkey with stuffing and a Christmas pud with brandy sauce, your way,

  43. Gary, my dear friend, oops, I mean Penny the cutest dog ever, I love when you pawblish your postings! You're smooth with your words, I bet Gary teaches you the secrets of being a smooth blogger eh. I must say that Gary deserves the versatile blogger award and I take this opportunity to congratulate him and to wish him and also you Penny, a wonderful christmas!!

    Oh and also to the cute fluffy hedgehog, feliz navidad! :)

  44. Hi Ian,
    Thank you so much for your very nice words. I shall tell Gary, the human I allow to live with me, to get the polish ready:-)
    You describe an English pub so nicely. I thought the name of my posting would, for sure, make a really neat name for a pub. 'Old Peculiar'..hmmm...that sounds like Gary...'Arf, arf!':-)
    Have a pawsitive Christmas, eh.
    Cuddles from Penny

  45. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you. Haiden is so cuddly, but doesn't seem to respond. I've been informed he's hibernating. And Macy must be careful with the stuffing from teddy bears. I think it's best she sticks to turkey stuffing. 'Arf, arf!'
    It was nice that Gary got an award. It was really cool of him to pass it onto me. The blogging friends who I passed on this award too, are very nice humans.
    Thank you for such lovely Christmas wishes.
    On behalf of Tristan and Gary, I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, wish you and all your family, a most pawsitive holiday season.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny xx

  46. Hi Lenny!
    Hey, thanks Lenny for liking my cool posts. Haiden is really nice, sleepy, but nice:-) I think it is so cute that you snuggle with your friend, mr. r. a. coon.
    It was very neat that Gary shared this award with me. He's a nice old dude:-) And now you know loads more about me.
    Thank you very much for your Christmas wishes, Lenny. So, on behalf of Mr. Gary, Tristan, Haiden, the wee folks, and me, Penny the Jack Russell dog, we wish you and your family a really pawsitive Christmas.
    Cuddles from Penny :-)

  47. Dear David,
    David, dear friend, it's always pleasure to receive a comment from your good and kind self.
    Thank you very much for your thoughtful wishes. Gary will be doing the cooking and I just love me some turkey.
    Here's wishing you and your loved ones, a most peaceful and wonderful Christmas.
    With pawsitivity and a glass of egg nog, your way, Penny and family:-)

  48. Dear Shanaz,
    Awe shucks and thanks. I just love to paws for a moment and then pawblish my postings.
    Actually, I have been trying to teach Gary how to be an old smoothie with his words. The old dude has much to learn. 'Arf, arf!'
    Gary sort of maybe perhaps kinda deserved the award. However, he was very nice in passing it onto me. So, thanks for the congratulations for him and for me:-)
    And a lovely Christmas to you, dear Shanaz. From Penny, Haiden the hedgehog and co-starring the old dude, Gary:-)

  49. Penny's just so cute!
    Congrats on the award too Gary :O)

  50. Hi Madeleine,
    It's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star:-)
    Thank you for thinking I'm cute!
    When I see Gary, yes the silly old dude I allow to live with me, I shall let him know that you passed on congrats to him too. I know Gary will be most grateful:-)
    Thanks Madeleine and pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny. Arf, arf!


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