Friday 9 April 2010

Where Do They Come From?

There had been several sightings.  Dazzling, glowing orbs of light weaved patterns over our darkened horizons.  For seventeen revolutions of our planet; these mysterious visitations had amazed us with a visual display beyond anything we had ever witnessed before.
They made us wonder.  For what purpose did they visit us?  Where do they come from?  Why were they here?  Yes, for now, we are scared.  Yet our curiosity; our hunger to embrace new knowledge and new realities; overcomes our fear of what we do not know or understand.  We believe that when you stop learning; you stop living.
We like to think, that through all our times of conflict and war; that finally, we are drawing ever closer to being a world of peace and compassion.  Were these visitations symbolic of  that new hope?  Perhaps, they will bring lessons  from a distant world where kindness and goodwill, is cause for joyful celebration.

Those seventeen revolutions of our planet have come and gone.  On that seventeenth darkness; the glowing lights were seen heading towards a brilliant globe-like object.

Such was their velocity; that our imaging machines struggled to capture a final picture.  That was two planetary rotations ago.  Would the glowing orbs return?  Or, maybe that was it.  During those seventeen periods of dark and light; there had been reports of seeing the beings within the glowing lights.  There have been tales that one of the lights landed and the occupants strolled our terrain.  The occupants of the glowing light were described as being creatures larger in stature than us. They had two oval eyes, two ears and two arms that were smaller than their two legs.

I stared up into the darkened sky.  A neon storm raged and distorted the view of our two purple moons.  I thought of what our world had witnessed.  Would the lights and the beings within, return?  Where do they come from?  If they do return; will they come in peace?


  1. Let's not be afraid, unless god sent them. If, as we must suppose, they were intelligent, then we have nothing to fear because they will not be coming back.

  2. "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary, most extraordinary craft!". Listen here:

  3. Gary, I happened to notice that you list 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' as your favourite film. This is clearly a subject that excites your imagination.
    Corfubob's assertion that, 'if they are intelligent' they won't be back, made me chuckle.
    I also see that my new shadow 'Tom' got here before me this time! He must really enjoy this blog too!

  4. Hi Bob,
    Of course it has nothing to do with us being afraid. The visitations in this posting refer to beings we are all too familiar with. Indeed, this posting is actually an alien account of beings we know all too well.
    Thanks for commenting, Bob. Much appreciated.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  5. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for that. Personally, I much prefer the original version of that song by the legendary Canadian band, 'Klaatu'.
    Thanks for your comment, Tom. Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Kind regards, Gary.

  6. Hi bazza,
    Yes, I do like that film. I would like to mention that this posting actually comes from the observation of beings from another world. The visitations they are witnessing are by...
    Ah 'Tom'. Good to know that he recognises talent. Yours, of course:-)
    With respect, Gary.

  7. These sightings fascinate me. I saw something strange when I was a child and I never forgot how eerie it felt. Eerie in a frightening yet exciting way. The experts say nothing can fly fast enough to reach us. And why would they? I say why not? We're fascinating.

    Great post, Gary.

  8. Hi Joylene,
    Thanks for sharing your own fascinating and intriguing experience.
    Of course the experts are referring to travel though known means within this dimension. Then again, who knows the truth?
    Without giving too much away about this posting; the 'being' talking in this blog is from a future time when they had a visitation from beings from a planet we know very well....
    Thanks Joylene. I greatly appreciate your comment.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  9. Visitations. Oh yeah. That is one reason why I never sleep out in the open. There is always the threat of mosquitoes. But aliens can sometimes be friends or lets say, not so friendly!

  10. Hi Gary. I too prfer the Klaatu version of Calling Occupants but never knew they were Canadian. Always thought they were Dutch!
    Anyway, this is to let you know that I have presented my Beautiful Blogger Awards.

  11. At Christmas I saw something that I thought was a magical UFO, unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the millions of chinese lanterns that are all the craze just lately. I am not being a kill joy, I love anything that lights up the sky and gives us a bit of magic for a few moments, but in these numbers, they are a danger to animals, when these things have finally burned out from their journey, they land in pastures for our beautiful animals to eat by mistake, with sometimes fatal results!
    A great post Gary, I loved the purple moons!

  12. Hi Ajit,
    I'm not a big fan of mosquitoes, either. Although, I am as sincere as a mosquito at a blood donor clinic:-)
    I wonder if they have mosquitoes or similar creatures on the planet that was written about in my posting?
    Have a great day and watch out for little biting creatures or relatives, for that matter:-)
    With respect, Gary

  13. Hi bazza,
    Oh yes. 'Klaatu' were a Canadian band that hailed from Toronto. Their version, the orgiinal version, was recorded about a year before the 'Carpenters' did a 'cover' version.
    I've noted that you have done a 'Beautiful Bloggers' award. Thanks for that and thank you for mentioning me.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary

  14. Hi Diane,
    You bring up a very good point in regards to our precious creatures. Folks should be mindful of the consequences of their 'fun'.
    I wonder if they have similar things to 'Chinese lanterns' on the planet mentioned in my posting?
    It must be an awesome sight when they look up and see their two purple moons. Does anybody know where the lights in their sky have come from?
    Thanks Diane. With respect and peace, Gary:-)

  15. Dear Gary,
    "Doctor" Dave here. You have obviously extended your delusional frame work to include UFO's and so-called "little green men". Thus, the answer to your question, "where do they come from?" is easily answered- inside your own warped and deranged mind.
    Please "contact" me (excuse the word) if you need any further help.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  16. A really original take on 'extra-terrestrial' activity Gary I would be very nervous of our visiting other worlds if as an alien being I had any knowledge of our war-like capabilities and tendencies. Two moons and a neon storm does explain the fact that it is from an alien perspective which you disguised well until the very end. Keep up the good work your blogs are always thought-provoking. Simon

  17. Dear David,
    I'm not sure if the being who was giving an account of the sightings; was green, or indeed, little.
    I attempted to make this a thought-provoking story. A different angle of the UFO discussion. I was talking about a future time when the 'glowing orbs' in the sky witnessed by that being; were actually humans surveying their world.
    I could not reveal too much in this story because it would have given away just where they came from.
    So all I'm doing is using my imagination. Even if it is warped and deranged. Thanks David.
    With kind wishes and respect, your way, Gary :-)

  18. Hi Simon,
    Thank you. Your input on this is greatly appreciated.
    My friend, you are spot on. I just hope that man's war-like and conquering traits will have been have been a thing for the history books. I was, like you understood; trying to say would the 'glowing orbs' and the beings within them (humans), visit another world in peace. We can only hope that our future generations are people of peace.
    Excellent Simon. With respect and kindness, Gary

  19. Dear Gary,
    So, someone has finally properly understood your blog. I, however, being a little thick and slow on the uptake, did not. Instead, I egregiously mistook your genius for a bout of insanity, a mistake I will never make again!
    So, well done to Simon, and I hope that you, Gary, have a great time in Durham. Stay safe on those motorways too!
    From your Friend,

  20. Dear David,
    You are most definitely not thick. You are a highly intelligent chap and that comes across in your well written, informative and 'food for thought' blog. That is why you were a most worthy recipient of the blog awards you have received.
    Some might argue that genius and insanity are intertwined. This posting was my attempt at showing what it might be like if a distant world, in a future time, was visited by aliens that were actually human beings. I suppose my tale was not written well enough to get across what I was trying to attempt.
    Will future man visit other worlds in peace? 'Where do they come from?'
    They come from planet earth.
    Thanks for your kind wishes regarding my trip to Durham. My friend, that is most appreciated.
    With respect and peace, Gary.

  21. wow Gary, amazing images of mysterious glowing orbs. I wish I could see those with my own eyes. Where did the sightings occur, I wonder.

    I wonder what they are, really. Thank you Gary for sharing this!

    Have a wonderful day and send my regards to the wee folks! :)

  22. Hi Shanaz,
    Those sightings 'occurred' on another planet; in another time..far, far away.
    This posting was an account of beings on another world witnessing mysterious sightings in their skies.
    Those 'glowing orbs' represent visitation of man to another world. Thus man becomes the 'UFO's' to the beings on that planet.
    I shall soon reveal what the glowing orbs in the photographs really are.
    Thanks for 'visiting' my blog, Shanaz. I shall pass on your good wishes to the 'wee folks' :-)
    With respect and peace, Gary

  23. Personally, I do believe that alien lifeforms exist and that we are being visited. I'll be point blank about it -and not beat around the little bug-eyed grey dude. I think too many people have witnessed them and to put it simply, the odds mathed by the sheer numbers of people who've seen them/their craft or whatever are pretty huge not to be easily dismissed. I have a bunch of ancient paintings on my own blog depicting that obviously, people for hundreds of years have seen these things that can't be fully explained. Are they friend or foe? Either way, if they ever fully come out into the open to the world, just like anything else we should be cautious but not overly so until we know their intentions. Just my two and a half cents.

    And with that, I shall leave you with a pungent, yet delightful fart. Good day! :-)

  24. Hi Kelly,
    Couldn't respond right away. Your fumes had covered my screen and it took ages to clear:-)
    I totally agree that dudes from planets or dimensions have been visiting us.
    In this posting; I was attempting to show what it might be like if some beings on another planet saw glowing orbs in their skies. The glowing orbs in this case came from planet earth. I was going to go all political and say that the beings on that planet noticed that the glowing orbs had a flag on them which looked liked 'stars and stripes'. Now that would have been a heavy thought. Were they visiting in peace or were they there to 'police' and sort out another world?
    Thanks Kelly. With respect and a repulsive fart back atcha' :-)


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