Saturday 3 April 2010

Something Beginning With 'J'.

It has been quite some time since I have been invited to a party.  So it was very nice to receive an  invitation to a birthday party.  All I need to do is get into my 'Chevrolet' and drive for about three hours northward.  Indeed, remembering the really important bit; to steer my car on the left side of the road.
It is going to be a themed event and I have been asked to dress in something beginning with 'J'.
So what could I possibly wear?  Maybe I could go dressed like I am in the above photograph.  Heck, that way, I could be doing a bit of a double 'J' theme.  I think I look rather awesome as a 'jack' rabbit wearing a 'jacket'.  Yes, it is a rabbit, so please don't go splitting 'hares' over it.
There are lots of options regarding the letter 'J'.  I could be very cheap and go dressed as a 'jumper'.  When I state, 'jumper', I mean as in a 'sweater' and not some guy who goes to the party and just jumps around all night.  I might go as a 'jack'.  Plenty of things start with 'jack'.  Here are some examples.  Jackdaw, jackal, jackboot, jackhammer, jackknife, Jack Frost,  jack-o-lantern, jack-in-the-box.  Or, maybe I could kinda' cheat and go as a jack-of-all-trades and end up looking like a jackass.

The above photograph is another possibility.  One time I left the above item at home.  Not a good idea to play goalie in an ice hockey game without wearing the above item.  I played the best game of my life that night.  Yep, I could go to the party as a 'jockstrap'.

So there are loads of things beginning with 'J'.  I might go as a jam jar; a jester; or a grab a pen and paper and pretend I'm a journalist.  I've even contemplated going as a 'Jack' Russell.  Grab the nearest Jack Russell and slap it on top of my head.  I'm only kidding 'Penny'.  You can come back now.
So I think I've got a few ideas about what to wear at the 'J' themed party.  There is an outside chance that I may go as a 'jacket' potato.  That's right, if you are reading this from outside Britain; what you may know as a baked potato is called a jacket potato here.  See, I'm ended this posting with some useless trivia. Then again, maybe I know 'jack' all.


  1. Jumpsuit, jodphurs, jeans, jumper, Jackson (Michael) afro-wig, jersey knitwear, jogging shorts,etc. Should be no problem at all!

  2. Hi bazza,
    Just going to make a call on my 'Yodafone'. See if there are any 'Jedi' warrior suits available:-)

  3. Jelly Bean, Jack of all trades, Jack'o'lantern. I still think jockstrap is brilliant. LOL.

  4. Ah yes, 'jockstrap'....the one pictured really is the one that I forget to take to the ice rink.
    I could where it on my head at the party...I can imagine the predictable comments...:-)

  5. That was a JOY to read, but it's a shame they didn't pick K, you could have gone as Klahanie and been proud to do so!
    Have fun whatever you choose .Wishing you a very happy Easter.

  6. Dear Gary,
    "Jerk" and "jack-off" also begin with "j", but if I were you I wouldn't go as either of them. I think, as my Mum might say, a nice "jacket" or "jumper" might do the trick. Then again, that "jock-strap" keeps popping in to my mind. The thought of you wandering about in just one of those. Thanks for the nightmares, Gary!
    Hope you enjoy the party,
    With Very Best Wishes,

  7. How about 'just yourself' and have fun? Pin a big photo of yourself to a tee shirt, paper crown, whatever, and be yourself? Hugs... xx

  8. Here in the desert we dress as jackalopes for special events. Have fun!

  9. Hi Diane,
    Awe thanks. That is very nice of you.
    Hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Easter.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  10. Dear David,
    I had contemplated using 'jerk' and 'jack off', in my blog. I reckon that going as a 'jerk' would be quite appropriate. In other words, just go as myself:-)
    A jumper with a jacket over top, would be a good idea.
    Now then, please get that vision of me wandering around in just a jockstrap, out of your mind. What a frightening thought...
    Thanks David. With kind wishes, Gary.

  11. Hi Carole,
    Now why didn't I think of that? Have a photograph of myself adorned on a tee shirt and go to the party like that.
    Enter the party and state: "Hi, it's 'just' me" :-)
    Thanks Carole. Kind wishes, Gary x

  12. Hello 'Me-Me',
    Now there's a fantastic idea. The legend that is the 'jackalope'. If I went dressed as one of them thar critters; I bet I would be the talk of the party:-)
    Thanks and hope you enjoyed Easter. Loved that chocolate bunny picture on your latest blog.
    Kind wishes to you in the desert, Gary

  13. What about jerky, as in beef jerky? Or jam? You could dress as a jar of jam. That would be great, as long as there are no jackasses around to flip your lid. Of course, there's always the option of dressing as jism but some folks might think you're just trying to be "slick". That might prove too Icky for the rest of the party.

    Hee Ho and Ha.

    Funny post, Gary. You were really jammin' with this one. Take care, friend.

  14. Dear Gary,
    Just thought I would tell you that I now have the "jock-strap" image well and truly out of my mind and that no homoerotic undertones were intended in either of these comments.
    Yours With Very Best Wishes,

  15. Hi Kelly,
    Beef jerky. Now there's a thought. I wish beef jerky was easy to get in Britain. Can just imagine purchasing a bunch of beef 'jerky' and taping it to myself. Maybe not such a good idea. The party host and hostess have a dog:-)
    I have been giving the idea of going as a 'jar of jam'. Folks could note how 'well-preserved', I am.
    Speaking of 'jammin''..maybe I could go as 'Bob Marley' and sing 'we're jammin'..we're jammin'..'
    Thanks Kelly and I hope you and your loved ones had a great Easter.
    With respect, Gary:-)

  16. Hi David,
    I never even thought their was any undertones to your statement. I was making fun of myself and the thought of me wandering around and scaring folks and giving you nightmares:-)
    So the 'frightening thought' was actually referring to me dressed in such a way. Apologies, I could have phrased that better.
    Hope you and your family had a good Easter. With respect, Gary

  17. I love your use of photography on your blog! As well, your humour is refreshing and a gift! Continued thanks for your efforts in the blogosphere.

    Warm regards, Sonya

  18. Hi Sonya,
    Thank you for an encouraging response. I appreciate your kind input.
    Here's wishing you further awareness of your inspirational and transparent blog.
    With respect, Gary:-)


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