Thursday, 1 March 2007

So Far Apart..So Close Together.

Greetings friends-
This is my tribute to my Family in Vancouver. You know I have been through some challenging times. You understood how lonely and isolated I became. Yet, you have always provided me with encouragement and support. You were and are my 'lifeline.'
When I had almost given up you stood beside me and helped me question my negative environment. Why should I let my guilt 'imprison' me? Why should I be stifled by past events that had overwhelmed me? You handed me 'my key to freedom' and I have nearly escaped. What's past is past. I move on. I have given myself permission to get on with my life. I have rebelled against my negative 'master.' The 'revolution' has well and truly commenced. Long live the revolution!
So to my Mother, Donald and my two supportive Brothers. I dedicate this blog to you. We may be 8 time zones and 6000 miles apart. We may not see each other as much as we would like. Yet I realise the positivity in all of this. For yes, we are indeed so far apart, yet we are so close together.
I thank you for your time. Warm regards to you all.


  1. Hi adanac,

    I found your blog very moving, it touched me deeply. The love that you have for your family shines through in every word.
    You are indeed very fortunate to have such a wonderfully supportive family.
    And they in turn, are also fortunate in having you! Dx

  2. hello klahanie,

    great to see you on the mind bloggling library!

    what a great tribute to your friends and family. its funny really how distance can strengthen connections.

    i think it may be the fact that when you see someone every day, it becomes so matter of fact that the value of that person can sometimes become overlooked because it is never bought into connection.

    top stuff klahanie
    you've really made me think!


  3. The revolution has truly begun! Family - I don't know what I would do without mine. Your blog reminds me how indebted I am to them. Telling them is so important. I heard something today and I thought specifically of you Klahanie -"if you have knowledge, let others light their candle at it" (margaret Fuller 1810 - 1850) and this is what you do. I'm very grateful to you Klahanie.

  4. Hi folks-
    Just wanted to say thank you all so much for leaving your positive comments.
    I quite like it in here. I think I shall stick around! Thanks for helping me inspire myself.
    Kind regards adanac67(Klahanie)

  5. That's a great tribute to your family and friends. Sure that they're really proud of you and love you deeply. When you are living far away from family it can never be easy.
    Once again great tribute!

  6. Hi i find you to be a warm and caring, loving person who's only flaw is consistently undervaluing your own worth and putting yourself down!! It has been great to meet you again after a few years and i hope our friendship will continue in the mutually supportive and encouraging way it has! keep the faith mate and remember you are not alone no matter how far the physical distance. We are with you in spirit my friend!!!

  7. I too found your blog very moving, and it brought tears to my eyes, especially for the love of your family. You are very fortunate to have a loving family. I only wish I could have a family like that. It is marvellous that the further away you are the more loving one can get.


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