Saturday 24 March 2007

Satisfaction, Skateboards and Solar Lamps.

Satisfaction. "Hey, hey, hey, that's what I say." Well any reference to a certain song by the 'Rolling Stones' is out of the way.
My eighteen year old son has a great time on his skateboard. I know he gets tremendous satisfaction out of mastering a new trick. "Hey dude! watch this move!" yells my son. I see the look of contentment on his face. I sense the satisfaction in his accomplishment. "Well done son ,well done!" I praise him because I realise the significance of what he has achieved. He is pleased and I am pleased for him.
I get satisfaction from the reassuring glow of a solar lamp. I have become a bit of a collector of solar lamps (not sure if their is a name for such a hobby.) I have started to accumulate so many of the glowing lights that I reckon I'm close to competing with Blackpool. It has reached the point that I anxiously await a call from Air Traffic Control. "Mr. Adanac, would you please rearrange or remove your solar lamps. Pilots flying into Manchester Airport are confusing your garden with a runway."
Late at night I wander through my illuminated garden. I look at the way the gentle light from my solar lamps glow upon the plants. Inside me 'glows' as I cast my eyes upon the little beams.
It is such a simple pleasure to be out there and observe the wonders of my glowing 'sanctuary.' Yet this simple pleasure is another statement in my continuing journey towards a more positive life.
My son gets satisfaction from skateboarding. I get satisfaction from my solar lamps. We both have our ways of expressing satisfaction. We have both discovered contentment in our interests. That is, well and truly, satisfaction.
I thank you for your time. Kind regards adanac67.


  1. How about crepuscule-solariste - one who enjoys the glow of solar lamps in the twilight?
    It sounds enchanting - a garden bathed in a gentle light derived from the sun... Tone x

  2. Hi adanac67
    I like your blog so much I have made it my featured blog - - hope that's OK?
    Very best wishes and happy blogging... Tone x

  3. Hi Tone-
    Thank you very much for your wonderful comments regarding my latest attempt at therapeutic writing.
    I am honoured that you would feature my blog on blueshawkblog. Continued happy blogging to you good sir. Kind regards adanac67 (aka Gary)

  4. Sometimes you just completely know what people mean - I look out over my garden and have a tremendous satisfaction at the glow of the solar lamps. It's the measure of the day - the more sun light, the longer they shine. What an apt metaphor for life - the more positive energy you receive, the more energised you feel. Adanac67 - you are a marvel. You hit the nail on the head everytime.

  5. hello,

    so true what you've said about achievements all being reletive. one persons mountain is anothers mole hill!!

    but ain't it great when you get to the top of ya own mole hill!

    top stuff


  6. Hi adanac67,
    How does the saying go -
    "Teach us the pleasure in simple things" - how very true! and you seem to have achieved that. You are absolutely right,there is so much pleasure to be gained from the simplest of things,if we stop, really look, and open ourselve up to the wonder of everything that surrounds us.
    May your light(inside and outside)continue to glow. D x


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